Thursday, September 30

The Guiding Light Which Brought More Than Just Pumpkin Seeds

A story today - with thanks to JC - about talking to a Guiding Light. It's something I have touched on previously i.e. asking for help from - well, whatever you want to call it - the Universe, Universal Consciousness, Infinite Spirit, God, Angels or even, as in this instance, a Guiding Light.

See what you make of the story.

Guiding Light"Several days ago I wanted raw pumpkin seeds and went to a supermarket which sells them, but they were all out. All this past week I was in such pain that I wanted to go see my chiropractor, hoping that a 'Body Talk Session' would somehow ease my agony.

Yesterday I made an appointment to see my chiropractor at 4.00pm and left work at 3.50pm. I decided that, on my way, I would visit a certain health food store, as I knew that the proprietor always keeps raw pumpkin seeds in stock.

On the road, I was wondering whether it was wise to go to the store now as it was somewhat out of the way. Taking the longer route to my appointment would make me late. So I started to discuss my dilemma out loud with my Guiding Light. I told it what I was doing. I stated to my Light that, even if the health food store happened to be out of pumpkin seeds, it knew that I wanted some, and it would have time to help the store owner restock his supply. I even challenged my Light, saying that it could prove whether or not it was with me, by what was about to happen at the store.

I stopped at the store intending to get the seeds and hurry off to my chiro appointment. I told the store owner, who I have known since childhood, that I wasn't feeling well, that I had a splitting headache and was on my way to see my chiropractor. He said, "See that gentleman over there? He's a doctor. He's who you want to see."

I thought, "Great! What a dilemma. Maybe I should speak with him, but if I do I'll miss my appointment."

Ten minutes into my conversation with the doctor I called and cancelled the appointment with the chiropractor.

The doctor (of alternative medicine) spoke with me and told me the things I needed to take to overcome my problems. The herbs I bought will last me at least a month, and they worked as he said they would.

But, most incredible of all, just prior to my arrival the doctor had noticed that the shelf which normally held pumpkin seeds was empty; they were completely sold out. He asked the owner if there were any more available.

When he later listed the things I should purchase, he turned to the store owner and said, "Imagine! Just a little while ago there were no pumpkin seeds on the shelf. They were all sold out and I turned to you and mentioned it. And you replaced them!"

I was dumbfounded. I told him the story of my challenge to my Guiding Light, and said that I believe that my Light is always with me. He gently replied that we all have angels watching over us, guiding us."

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Wednesday, September 29

Finding The Lost Keys By Coincidence

Another reader's coincidence story today, who wishes to remain anonymous.

key ring"I went on a long walk with my friend who was visiting me from up country. We did a circular walk through the woods and countryside of Dorset and about five hours later returned to my car.

I was horrified to see that the pocket, where my keys should have been, was inside out. I panicked, the keys were definitely lost.

Sheepishly I phoned my husband to drive over to where we were stranded with my spare set of keys. He was none to pleased to say the least and eventually, following quite an ear bashing (with words only!), we reached home.

It wasn't only my car key that was missing. It was on a ring that also held my door key etc. plus other sentimental things I had attached: little miniature animals etc.

I put off getting replacements and the following weekend my parents also came to visit. I took them on the same walk. My husband was working all day Saturday so he did manage to lecture me about keeping my pocket zipped up properly and why hadn't I got any replacement keys as yet etc. etc. Yawn.

My parents enjoyed the walk, it was one they hadn't done previously. As we eventually strolled back to my car I saw a man in front of us bend to pick up something. My heart started thumping as I knew exactly what he had found. As we caught up with him he said, "Don't suppose you've lost any keys. I just found these in the ferns."

I could have kissed him because they were the keys I had lost last week. I was very happy on the drive home.

When he arrived home even my grumpy husband had to smile at the coincidence of the finding of the keys.

I suppose this is a coincidence!"

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Tuesday, September 28

Tortured Man Experienced Astral Projection And Travel

soul leaving bodyHaving read recently on the subject of Astral Projection I noticed how many of the experiences come about in crisis situations, such as while in intense pain, when seriously ill, while under a medical operation, following an accident and so on.

Not all, of course, are experienced under such conditions but I thought today I'd give a reasonably well known case which was. In this instance the astral projection came about while being tortured.

The person concerned is Ed Morrell who was tortured in an Arizona State Penitentiary. He describes some of his experiences in the book The 25th Man which shows him as the author. In fact it was his wife who actually wrote the book as he was illiterate. Jack London also made him the hero of his novel The Star Rover.

While in the penitentiary Morrell was often subjected to various forms of torture. It was under this torture that he experienced astral projection for the first time.

It appears that refractory prisoners were tied into two strait jackets which were then soaked with water. As these dried they shrank in size, so much so that the prisoners felt they were being crushed to death.

The first time this happened to Morrell he felt as if he was smothering and lights danced in front of his eyes. Suddenly he felt himself to be walking around outside of the prison as if he was a free person. He had managed to leave his pain wracked body.

He was a difficult prisoner and was often tortured in this way. When this happened the guards were amazed as to Morrell's reaction to the subsequent pain - he appeared to fall asleep. Though some say he had learned self hypnosis.

It was during this 'sleep' that he was able to 'walk' freely and explore the streets of San Francisco. In other words he became free of his physical body to travel wherever he wished.

Morrell was able to verify his astral projections by telling others of what he had seen including a shipwreck in San Francisco Bay.

His travels, while under torture, where even verified by the then Governor of Arizona, George W.P. Hunt. He was able to agree that happenings which Morrell had seen and described were absolutely true.

It's strange though that once Morrell was no longer subjected to torture he lost the ability to leave his body. It's as if astral projection in such cases is an escape mechanism when the body can't take any more.

The circumstances are similar to Near Death Experiences (NDE) such as the case of Iris Lemov which I wrote about in my post Near Death Experience Changes A Woman's Life. The difference being that with Astral projection there is free movement to travel wherever we wish. With NDEs it is usually where someone experiences what happens after, or just prior to, death.

I guess the importance of Astral Projection and NDEs is that it shows quite clearly that we are not simply physical beings. The body is just a temporary home.

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Monday, September 27

The Cat Who Just Wouldn't Go Away

This is a bit of a strange story from Lucy about a cat who just wouldn't go away.

"About four years ago I was living a few miles away from my parent's home. They had recently bought the house and with it came a cat, with different coloured eyes, that just wouldn't go away. We presumed she must have belonged to the previous owner.

As my mother is allergic to cats, they make her sneeze and itch, we tried everything to get this cat to go away.

In desperation, I'm now ashamed to say, I took the cat in my car, while on my way to work, and dropped it off about ten miles away. I can remember looking in my mirror and seeing the cat standing there looking at me as I drove away. It now send shivers down my spine thinking I could ever have done such a thing.

Anyway, it's what I did and I went on to work. That night I had a bizarre dream.

I dreamt that I was lying on the lounge floor and the cat came through the front door. She came up to, me while making a loud hissing noise, as she stared at me with those two strange eyes. It was a really clear dream which I put down to a mixture of guilt and my using nicotine patches to try and give up smoking, they seemed to make my dreams very vivid.

Three days later I was lying on the lounge floor, for real, and the cat came in through my slightly ajar front door!

It quite freaked me out. I was waiting for her to hiss at me or attack me but she didn't. She came up to me purring and looked like she was really pleased to see me.

I can't figure this out as the cat had never been to my house before. It was my parent's home she wouldn't leave. Maybe her sense of smell led her the ten or so miles to my car and house, I just don't know. Maybe it was a coincidence.

Trixie, however, is now living happily with me and me with her. We get on well and I've said 'sorry' for dumping her all of those miles away. I don't know why I didn't just take her to my house in the first place. When my mother comes to visit I make sure the cat is in another room.

I don't know what all of this means, maybe it is some sort of lesson for me."

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Sunday, September 26

Make Something Of The Moment

An article today by L.Stoddart which I first published way back in my ex-magazine Wealthy Times. It's about time and the importance of starting today to achieve our happiness. It's perhaps a bit off subject from the normal post but, erm, it is Sunday!

All you have is now. The measure of our peace of mind and the measure of our personal effectiveness are determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment.

Regardless of what happened yesterday, and what happened today, now is where you are. From this point of view, the key to happiness and contentment must be focusing on the present moment.

One of the beautiful things about children is that they absorb themselves totally in the present moment. They manage to stay involved in whatever they are doing, whether that be watching a beetle, drawing a picture, building a sandcastle or whatever they choose to devote their energies to.

As we become adults, many of us learn the art of worrying about several things at once. We can allow past problems and future concerns to crowd into our present so that we become miserable and ineffective.

We also learn to postpone our pleasures and our happiness, often developing a notion that sometime in the future everything will be much better than it is now.

The High School student thinks, "When I'm out of school and don't have to do what I'm told, everything will be great!" He leaves school and recognises that he won't be happy until he has left home.

He leaves home and starts University and soon decides, "When I have got my degree, then I'll be really happy!" Eventually he gets his degree at which time he realises he can't be happy until he has a job.

He gets a job and has to start at the bottom of the heap. You guessed it, he can't be happy yet.

As the years roll by he postpones his happiness and peace of mind until he gets engaged, gets married, starts buying a home, gets a better job, starts a family, gets the kids in school, owns his home, gets the kids out of school, retires ... and he drops dead before he allows himself to be blissfully happy. All his present moments were spent planning for a wonderful future which never arrived.

Living in the now is about expanding our awareness to make the current moment more delicious, rather than shutting off. Each of us has the choice, moment to moment, as to whether we really live and absorb and allow ourselves to be touched and affected.

Whenever we are living in the present moment, we drive fear away from our mind. Essentially fear is the concern over events which might not happen sometime in the future. This concern is paralysing to the point where we find it almost impossible to do anything constructive.

However, you are only open to intense fear when you are being inactive. The minute you start to take action and actually do something fear subsides. Living in the now is about taking action without fear of the consequences. It is about putting in our effort for the sake of the involvement, without worry as to whether we will get our just rewards.

Time doesn't really exist, except as an abstract concept in your head. The present moment is the only time you have. Make something of the moment!

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Saturday, September 25

Precognitive Dreams Seeing Into The Future

Precognitive DreamsYesterday I was thinking about re-publishing some of my early posts - mainly because at that time the blog didn't have many subscribers or readers - and was looking at one I wrote about dreaming of horse racing winners.

As sometimes happens with the world of coincidences, still undecided, I picked out a book from the many on my office shelves. It was Colin Wilson's Mysteries. I opened the book at page 147 and this was all about someone who also predicted the winners of horse races in his dreams.

So today I'll give you the Mysteries story plus my old post on the same subject, though a little updated, afterwards.

This is supposedly well authenticated. John Arthur Godley, who later became Lord Kilbracken, woke one morning on March 8, 1946 with the names of two horses running over and over in his mind. The names were Bindle and Juladdin.

In his dream the two horses were in a list of winners shown in a newspaper. Godley told his friend Richard Freeman about the dream and they checked if the horses were entered in any races that day. By coincidence they were.

As Godley was at Oxford University at the time he got together a syndicate and they placed the first of two bets.

Bindle won the one o'clock race at Plumpton.

They transferred their winnings and put it all on Juladdin, who was running at Weatherby. The horse won at ten to one and the syndicate won a handsome sum.

A few weeks later there was another dream, very similar to the previous one. This was about a horse Tubermor running in the 4 o'clock at Aintree. Again the horse won at a hundred to six .

No more such dreams for another year until Godley dreamed he was at the races and recognised the colours of the winner. He also 'heard' the crowd shouting the name of another winner: The Bogey.

On checking his newspaper he found that the colours belonged to the rider of a horse called Baroda Squadron. He couldn't, however, find a horse called The Bogey but there was a runner with the name of The Brogue running at Lingfield.

Godley placed bets on both horses and they both won.

He also dreamed of the winner of the 1958 Grand National, Mr. What, with odds of eighteen to one and winning him £400 - a reasonable sum back then.

After this his winning dreams deserted him.

Colin Wilson actually presented this case on UK's BBC television back in 1977. One of the points made was that the money placed by Godley was only small amounts when you would have thought her would have made a killing. One of the reasons he didn't was because he didn't feel 'right' about making money this way. This ties in with many psychics who think it is wrong to cash in on their powers.

Psychic powers, it seems, should be used for self advancement and not for profit. So perhaps it was the right thing that I didn't have bets on the two winners I dreamed about.

I can't prove my dreams, all I can say is that I promise they are true. Anyway, here are my two precognitive dreams:

Corbiere(1) The first goes back to 1976 but it's one that I remember distinctly because I dreamt the winner of the British Derby.

The thing about this is that I knew absolutely nothing about horse racing, I'd never even had a bet on a horse race or was aware of the names of any 'good' horses. However in 1976 I woke and told my wife that I knew who would win the Derby that day. I said it would be Empery. She just gave me an odd look, the way wives sometimes do.

That morning we went out and passed a bookies, with parking space, and my wife said that, for fun, I should place a bet on Empery because of my dream. I didn't though and said that I had no idea how to place a bet and besides, "Who believes in dreams?"

Needless to say Empery won the Derby Stakes that afternoon at ten to one odds.

(2) In 1983 I did it again. This time I dreamt the winner of the Grand National. Again I told my wife the name of the winner: Corbiere. I also mentioned this to a friend, in advance of the race.

Once more I didn't have a bet on the race and Corbiere was the winner.

There are two strange things about both of these dreams - the only two I have ever had about horse racing winners. Even though I hadn't seen a list of horses running in the races, or had the slightest interest in the races, the horses names do have links to me.

(a) Empery is my name, well sort of. I am M.Perry so that is pronounced empery.

(b) I previously lived in Corbiere Avenue.

So what does all this mean? Well there is an obvious synchronicity in the horses names and myself. Did I somehow pick up on this by some means or other?

I have also had other dreams which appear to have looked into the future, but that's maybe for another day.

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Friday, September 24

There May Be A Reason For Coincidental Meetings

Coincidences today about unexpected meetings. The first couple from a neighbour.

He and his wife had a break in Scotland for five days and during the holiday they visited a whisky factory - this is certainly the place to do so. They did the tour and afterwards relaxed in the bar - with, of course, a couple of whiskies.

He then heard someone calling out his name, turned round and it was an old friend who he hadn't seen for about four or five years. They had been on the same factory tour. What was more remarkable was that these friends had emigrated to New Zealand and were now on holiday on a coach tour of the UK, remembering old times.

Our neighbours were invited to New Zealand, perhaps that's why they were destined to meet up.

He also had a similar experience when he booked a last minute break to Benidorm in Spain. He and his wife were sitting outside a cafe in the sunshine having an afternoon coffee and cake and watching the world go by.

On the opposite side of the road they saw another couple and remarked how they looked very much like their son's wife's parents. They didn't think any more about it.

When they returned home they rang their son, their daughter-in-law answered and said that her parents had also just returned from a last minute break, yes, in Benidorm.

It's always interesting how these sort of coincidences happen. Once my wife and I made a visit to London. We were wandering around Hampton Court Palace maze and bumped into a neighbour. We joked about how we hadn't seen each other for weeks but met up in a maze in London.

With these sort of chance meetings I think it's useful to try and see if there is a reason behind the connection. Perhaps the people you meet have some sort of message for you or vice versa. There is often a reason.

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Thursday, September 23

A Talking Stick Coincidence In Hawaii

Hawaiian talking stickWhen we want something special sometimes all we have to do is ask. Gill Edwards, author of the book Stepping into the Magic, reminded me of this. Gill is also a clinical psychologist and a practising metaphysician.

Often we make life difficult when in fact we should perhaps relax, have faith and let the Universe / Spirit / God take the strain.

In Gill's case she was on a trip from England to Honolulu and put in her request, to what she calls Spirit, that she would find a 'talking stick' while in Hawaii.

A talking stick is used in many cultures. This is passed round a group or circle giving the holder the right to speak without being interrupted. The Hawaiian name for their talking stick is Paoa, which means 'talking from the tree.' The more the Paoa is used the more powerful it becomes.

Gill wanted to find a female talking stick: "curved, gnarled and comfortable to hold."

She combed the Hawaiian beaches for a week without any success. Then one afternoon she walked past the beach hut where she slept at night and stopped in amazement. By coincidence lying on the bottom step of the hut, as if carefully placed there by hand, was a beautiful talking stick.

Gill stresses that she hadn't told anyone that she was looking for a talking stick. She goes on to say, "I gave thanks to Spirit, and have used the talking stick in workshops ever since. Many people have commented on its powerful energy."

If we ask the Universe - or whatever you would prefer to call this - will do it's utmost to fulfill the request, often aided by coincidences and synchronicity.

Wednesday, September 22

The 7/7 Coincidence Which Saved Lives

7/7 bus7/7, like 9/11, was a series of coordinated terrorist attacks. These happened five years ago in London when four suicide bombers killed 52 people and injured nearly 800 more.

One of the targets was a number 30 bus which was wrecked in London's Tavistock Square: 13 passengers were killed.

As in such incidents coincidences occurred which were both good and bad.

Some of the passengers were only travelling on the bus because the suicide bomber's associates had detonated other bombs on London's underground train system. This meant some of the people on the bus were only there because they couldn't use the trains.

But, despite this, there were also two fortunate coincidences. The bus had been forced to take a detour from it's usual route and - because of this - the explosion happened right outside of the headquarters of the British Medical Association (BMA).

Attending a meeting at the the BMA HQ was a Dr.Peter Holden.

By coincidence, Dr.Holden just happened to be one of the UK's few major incident commanders. He said, following the explosion, "I thought 'I really am in it now', then I thought 'you've been trained for this - come on.'"

The right man was in the right position to handle the awful situation but there was another coincidence as well. There were also dozens of other doctors attending a medical conference so on hand were general practitioners, anaesthetists, some consultant surgeons and so on.

Doctor Du Feu explains, "Peter Holden turned up and just assumed responsibility for everything. He just started telling people what to do and people then knew who to ask and suddenly things started clicking into place. The scene was transformed from one of utter chaos into something resembling sense."

Dr. Holden added, "I still can't explain the series of coincidences that puts a bus on diversion where it shouldn't be, to blow up outside a building full of doctors."

So we here we have examples of the two sides to coincidences.

Passengers who wouldn't normally have been on the bus were injured but on the plus side the bus had to take a detour and the bomb went off where qualified doctors were on hand to save lives.

Coincidences, like God, work in mysterious ways.

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Tuesday, September 21

The 25 Ghosts Of Wymering Manor

Wymering Manor, PortsmouthI realise this isn't a property blog but Wymering Manor, Portsmouth, England is up for sale.

Why mention this? Simply because the house, dating back to at least 1042, comes with it's own set of ghosts and even includes a ghostly choir of nuns. It's extremely spooky!

The price at auction should be around £375,000 (about US$545,000) but think what you'll get for your cash, even if it is a bit run down and needing some loving care.

There's the aforementioned choir of nuns. The first sighting was back in 1958 by the then owner, Leonard Metcalfe. He regularly saw them crossing the hall at midnight and chanting as they went. It is believed these are the Sisterhood of St Mary the Virgin who visited the manor back in the 19th century.

Then there is the disembodied hand who might just touch you on your shoulder. This only happens in what is called the Panelled Room. Several have been afraid to stay in the room, especially if alone. In fact security guards, at the now empty property, refuse to work at the house alone.

The ghost of Reckless Roddy visits the house whenever there is a new wife present at the property. The story goes that, back in the Middle Ages, a husband brought his pretty young wife to the manor but had to go away on business. Hearing about this Sir Roderick of Porchester set about trying to seduce this 'lonely' young wife.

Wymering Manor staircaseThe husband returned unexpectedly and caught Reckless Roddy in the act of seduction. He tried to escape, jumped on his horse but the husband managed to catch him - and that was the end of Sir Roderick. The horse is often still heard galloping away up the lane in the early hours of the morning.

And so the stories of Wymering Manor continue. It is said that there are between 20 and 30 spirits in the house including childen laughing and whispering.

The good news is that a former owner of the property, David Scanlan, says that the spirits 'seem to be quite nice and quite friendly and it's almost like we get on with them and they tolerate us.'

Wymering Manor is packed full of history and was mentioned in the Domesday Book. King Edward the Confessor and King William the Conqueror have resided in the building.

Unfortunately if you do want to put in a bid you'll also need another £150,000+ ($220,000+) to restore the property. It is a protected Grade II listed building.

With such a long history there are bound to be strong emotions and happenings captured within the walls. Some will be just that. Similar to photos or a video from the past, it may be possible to tune in to them - if you have the right 'wavelength' or sensitivity. Other sightings may well be genuine spirits attached to the property.

There are several Wymering Manor ghost videos on YouTube but none of the ones I watched were all that convincing. But most ghosts or spirits aren't easy to capture on film. If you actually owned the property goodness knows what you might be able to prove.

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Monday, September 20

Spark Off A Kindness Chain Reaction

window kindness chain reactionI didn't intend to write about kindness and gratitude again, but when coincidences pop up it's best to follow through with what they are indicating.

My wife and I did what we thought of as a kindness for someone. I won't go into details, it's private. I'm only mentioning it as an illustration of how kindness - as with gratitude, smiles, giving and so on - can set off a chain reaction.

A couple of days later we were discussing having our house facia boards, soffits, window frames and gutters (which are all white) cleaned as they were beginning to look a bit grubby. It's quite a job as our house is detached and has high eaves at the side, which are too high for a ladder. So not something I wanted to do myself.

In the meantime one of our sons saw a business van in trouble. It had broken down at the side of the road so he stopped to see if he could help. Being mechanically inclined he actually got their van up and running again. It took him quite a while but he told them he didn't want any money or anything in return. He was just pleased to help.

The two men in the van gave him a card and said if he ever needed anything doing they would be pleased to do him a freebie in return for his help.

He looked at the card and realised they were cleaners, doing all sorts of stuff from car valeting to ... yes, cleaning house facia boards and so on.

So this morning there was an early knock on the door and two men in a van turned up to clean the exterior of our house and all for free - as arranged by our son. As the cliche goes: one good turn deserves another.

Later that day a friend brought us a big box of vegetables she had grown in her garden. Too many for just my wife and I so we passed some on to others - and so the kindness chain reaction continues.

It's so simple to do something for someone else and it's a natural law that what ever we do - good or bad - is returned. When I say this some people - who consider themselves to be a bit spiritually superior - get annoyed and say that we shouldn't give help, money etc. expecting a return.

I actually agree with what they say but the reality is that we will be 're-paid' (the Bible confirms this, if this is your belief) - and in exactly the manner and mind frame in which we gave. Well, that's what I believe anyway.

Try it! Spark off a kindness chain reaction and see where it leads. Oh, and be grateful for what you recieve.

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Sunday, September 19

Bizarre 999 Calls

A lightweight Sunday post today about the Devon and Cornwall Police and what they class as some of their bizarre 999 phone calls (the UK emergency number). These have been released under the Freedom Of Information Act - not too sure though why they would ever want to be kept secret.

Here are a few examples about UFOs and ghosts:

A gentleman from Callington, Cornwall, reported his wife and dog being abducted by aliens. Unfortunately we don't know if he ever got his wife and dog back.

Another man phoned to say he had spotted a UFO over a pie factory in Okehampton, Devon. I guess even aliens get hungry.

And someone phoned to report 'a long, white cylinder thing, like a train in the sky, with orange balls moving slowly upwards and in all different directions'. Most uncomfortable.

Officers told of an emergency call from a man who had seen the ghosts of 'two old ladies.' The police log recorded what these two ghosts were doing: 'The ghosts of two old ladies in a white Ford Fiesta came onto the A38 carriageway facing the wrong way. They stopped on the hard shoulder, trying to reverse back up the off slip.' So, do ghosts need driving licences and insurance?

Yet another ghost report was recorded: 'Caller states he has got a ghost on CCTV. Caller wanted advice on who he could contact as the footage was going to make him a million. Advised to go to the press.'

One caller claimed a spectre gave him a 'horrible hairstyle and some dodgy photos.' The ghost seemingly was Paul Newman!

The Police spokesperson said about 999 calls: 'Our call centre operators take many types of calls and the vast majority are for emergencies or relate to non urgent inquiries of one type or another. There are occasions though when a more unusual call is received. These are all dealt with professionally by our highly trained staff who access and process them in an appropriate way.'

It's good to know we can sleep safe in our beds.

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Saturday, September 18

White Feathers And A Special Beach

Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall, England
Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall
Today is very special for my wife and I as our son is getting married. The marriage, wedding reception and evening get together is taking place in an hotel. The photo above is the view from the opposite side of the road to the hotel - Fistral Beach. What could be more perfect.

I, therefore, won't be much around the blogging scene this weekend.

Though it's a happy weekend it also has a tinge of sadness too. On the way to the hotel we have to pass through the village where our daughter is buried. When we went to check out the hotel we stopped at the church and my wife sorted out the flowers while I rinsed the headstone.

As we left and closed the gate to the cemetery a white feather floated down from nowhere and dropped at our feet. I have mentioned white feathers in previous posts, links below. My wife automatically said it was our daughter saying 'thank you'.

white feathers
Sometimes we lose people we love and the space is often filled, which helps. In our case we now have a wonderful daughter-in-law who has given us the most beautiful grandson - he's now nine weeks old. We are so happy that they are in our life.

Sometimes the white feathers remind us, however, never to forget those who have gone before - I believe they are always with us.

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Friday, September 17

Kindness Plus Gratitude Equals A Trouble-Free Life

Thank you noteOn Monday - see post - I mentioned gratitude, the keeping of a Gratitude Journal and so on. I think most readers to a blog such as this will feel that being grateful is a positive trait which can be beneficial to the individual and perhaps to the larger world as well.

Likewise kindness is also beneficial and, what's more, scientists now agree - well at least some of them do.

There has been a study carried out at the University of Sussex's Mindlab, the research being carried out by psychologist Dr David Lewis.

His findings seem to establish that people who do good deeds, such as helping a neighbour or doing charity work, experience less anger and stress and feel more positive and self confident.

Dr Lewis said, "Being more considerate can reduce stress levels. Effects of stress on the body are well documented: it can suppress the immune system, lead to a rise in blood pressure, increase risk of heart attack and stroke, and contribute to infertility."

The doc's conclusion is: "Therefore to improve our chances of being healthy we should all start doing good to others today."

By coincidence I just read that Harvard University have shown that helping others also makes us mentally tougher and physically stronger. Problem is that they have also shown here that evil deeds improve physical performance as well. Though they did conclude, "Helping others may be the best way of regaining control of your own life."

Personally I feel that kindness works wonders in a positive way. Though we should probably show kindness without the thought of any reward or return I believe that the old adage about what we give we also receive is true.

Even if we don't necessarily believe this there can be no denying that when we do something good for others it makes us feel good and this is, therefore, very uplifting.

I know people who do random acts of kindness and reckon it has improved their lives no end.

I guess the thing about kindness is that it doesn't have to cost money. It can be a smile, a compliment, a helping hand, flowers or fruit from your garden and a myriad of other things.

Once we start showing kindness (and gratitude) it sets off a chain reaction. I mentioned something along these lines in my post Miles Of Smiles And Butterflies.

Whether wanting spiritual enlightenment or simply a happier more trouble-free life I would say that gratitude and kindness are two essentials.

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Thursday, September 16

More Than Just a Coincidence Reunites A Mother And Daughter

Julie WassmerOn UK's BBC television there was a My Story competition and the winner was Julie Wassmer with her More Than Just Coincidence. From the title, you will realise why I am mentioning this true story.

The story is about a mother and daughter who were 'reunited in a remarkable twist of fate.'

More Than Just a Coincidence is also available in paperback from Amazon UK.

Okay, so what is this coincidence story all about? Here's a synopsis:

"At the age of 36 struggling writer, Julie Wassmer, was about to have her first ever meeting with a literary agent. Little did Julie know how momentous this meeting was set to be.

Twenty years earlier, when Julie was just sixteen, she had become pregnant. Worried how her parents would react, Julie had kept her pregnancy a secret right up until the day she gave birth. Ten days later, she was forced to make the hardest decision of her life: to give her baby up for adoption.

As the years passed, Julie often wondered what had happened to her daughter. Now, through the most extraordinary of coincidences, Julie was about to find out. A temporary secretary called Sara had just started working in the agents’ office. Sara had recently discovered that she had been adopted, and had just got hold of her birth certificate. According to the certificate, her mother’s name was Julie Wassmer."

As you will have guessed Julie and Sara were mother and daughter. When they met for the first time, at Kew Gardens in London, they got on like a house on fire. Julie says they were like twins and were able to talk naturally right from the start.

Julie writes in the epilogue of her book, "I feel blessed to have been granted a second chance: the opportunity to know and love not only my lost daughter, but her own beautiful children, Caden and Tullulah."

And all because of more than just a coincidence.

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Wednesday, September 15

67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Stories - 5

Another set of coincidence stories today received from 67 Not Out readers - my thanks for your contributions, very much appreciated.

phone clip artThe Unexpected Phone Call
My wife recently got a phone call from Dr.B., someone she hadn't spoken to in many years.

He said he was calling because he remembered that we had been to Budapest back in the 1990s, and he wanted the name of the guide we used.

Try as she might, my wife couldn't remember the name of the guide. Suddenly, she heard the call-waiting beep on the phone.

My wife excused herself to Dr.B. for a second to answer the other call. And who was this other caller? Yes, it was Laszo F., the Budapest guide, calling to say hello after more than fifteen years.

- Joel

A Goodbye From A Friend
A couple of years ago I decided to take advantage of the Internet and search for my childhood best friend. We parted ways because of an argument we had when we were in our late teens and hadn't spoken since.

So I searched on all the obvious sites, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, etc... and couldn't find anything about her... so I figured I'd give up until tomorrow.

The next day, I was reading the obituaries I had sent to my email everyday, and there she was, she had passed away. She died of breast cancer. I felt terrible that I wasn't there for my best friend when she went through what she did... however, I felt this was a message from her to let me know that she was okay and she wanted to say goodbye.

- Christina

Baby Shows The Way To Family History
Like most families, mine wasn't too concerned with our history until the people who knew it were almost gone.

My grandmother couldn't remember anything of the story of how our ancestors came to Canada. There was no other way to find out what we wanted to know.

Then grandma's first great-grandchild was born. The baby was given his name for reasons related to the other side of the family. But when Grandma heard the name, a light bulb was lit.

Purely by coincidence, the name was also the name of the small town in Saskatchewan where her grandparents had settled. With that small hint, she suddenly remembered the name of their village in Romania and other information that allowed us to collect quite a bit of the family story that we thought was lost forever.

Grandma's first great grandchild is a very special one indeed!

Thanks for the great site!

- Carolyn

White Feathers Help Bereaved Sister
I wanted to say thank you for your post about white feathers and how they sometimes can help the bereaved - see White Feathers Comfort The Bereaved.

I had recently lost my sister and was feeling very down. I decided to got for a walk and outside my front door there was a large, almost fluffy white feather. I probably wouldn't have given this any significance but for your blog.

For some reason I felt I should visit my sister's grave. There was a bus stop nearby and as I reached it a bus, which passed by the cemetery, pulled up. I got on so I could visit the grave.

At the cemetery I could see another woman standing near to what seemed to be my sister's grave. It was too soon to have a headstone. The woman turned out to be a childhood friend of my sister and I who I hadn't seen for maybe ten years. She had read of Maggie's death and decided to pay her respects.

That was a big enough coincidence until I noticed that on my sister's grave was another white feather.

I'm not sure if this was a message from my sister but it brought me great comfort as did seeing our friend at the graveside - who I would have missed if I hadn't of decided to get on that particular bus.

Since that day I have seen several more white feathers and they bring a smile to my face.

- Yvonne

If you have a coincidence to tell, suitable for publishing on 67 Not Out, please use the Contact button at the top of the page. I'll be happy to include a link to your own blog or website as well. Thank you - Mike

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Tuesday, September 14

Alien Abduction With A Sexual Encounter

Antonio Villas BoasThis is a classic alien abduction story, perhaps one of the first to be widely noticed and circulated. It's about Antonio Villas Boas who helped out on his parents farm in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, near to the town of Sao Francisco de Salles. At the time of his abduction he was 23 years of age.

At first many wrote off the story as some kind of fantasy by an uneducated peasant but 21 years later, when the story resurfaced, Villas Boas had become a respected lawyer with his own practice and was happily married with four children. He still maintained his story was true.

To start at the beginning, it was 1957 and on the night of the 15th and 16th of October Antonio Villas Boas was working on his parents fields. At about 1am he saw what he described as a 'large red star' descending out of the sky towards the end of the field he was ploughing - with the help of his tractor's lights.

He became frightened as the red light hovered above him to within 150 feet. He then realised that it was egg shaped with a definite rim, in which there were purple lights. The upper part of the object was spinning in an anti-clockwise direction and as it landed near him it changed colour from red to green.

Antonio's natural reaction was to get away as quickly as he could but the tractor engine died after only a few yards. He jumped out of his vehicle but was grabbed from behind by four 'creatures' no more than 5 feet (1.5m) tall. They managed to overpower him and dragged him to the craft.

He was forced up some sort of ladder and found himself in a small, square brightly lit room.

His captors were wearing tight fitting suits of a thick, soft, unevenly striped grey material. They wore large helmets on their heads through which he could see their small, pale blue eyes.

He was taken to another room, this time oval shaped, and the aliens tried to communicate with him. He described their voices as, 'totally different from anything I had heard ... They were slow barks and yelps, neither very clear nor very hoarse, some longer, some shorter, at times containing several different sounds all at once ... I still shudder when I think of those sounds, I can't reproduce them."

As their attempts at communication failed they stripped Villas Boas of his clothes and they wiped his body with a liquid with something like a sponge. From here he was directed to yet another room which had an inscription over the door in strange letters (as reproduced below). The script has no link with any known language.

alien script or writing
The aliens took a blood sample from him and he was then left alone in the room. A strange odour filled the atmosphere which made him physically vomit.

After what he took to be about half an hour the door opened and in walked a nude women who was "more beautiful than any I have ever seen before." The woman's height was about up to his shoulder. The inevitable happened.

"The woman came towards me in silence, looking at me all the while as if she wanted something from me, and suddenly hugged me. At the same time I felt her body glued to mine and it was also moving."

He described the experience as a 'normal act' followed by 'another act'.

Afterwards it dawned on him that, "all she wanted was a good stallion to improve their stock"

Before the woman left the room she pointed her to her stomach and then upwards to the sky. Several interpretations have been put on this action, perhaps meaning she would have a child on her own planet.

UFOThe other aliens returned with his clothes and, after showing him fully round the craft / UFO, he was returned to the ground. From there he watched the UFO take off and disappear into the sky like a bullet. Antonio estimates he was in the craft for about four and a half hours.

Following the experience he claimed to have suffered from nausea and weakness, as well as headaches and lesions on the skin. Dr. Olavo Fontes of the National School of Medicine of Brazil examined Antonio Villas Boas and concluded that he had been exposed to a large dose of radiation from some source and was now suffering from mild radiation sickness.

The abduction wasn't widely circulated for 12 years but he appeared on a television programme in Brazil in 1978. He told exactly the same story with one minor difference. Regarding his second 'act' with the woman. He described this as her taking a sperm sample from him.

A few other alien abductions have also involved sexual encounters, most notably Betty Andreasson.

As to what people believe generally about alien abductions or even simple UFOs is an individual choice. As I have written previously Carl Jung considered UFOs to be "a symbol of humanity's state of mind, projected on to the environment.

If aliens and UFOs do exist, are they from other planets or maybe from something within our own Universe existing in parallel with it? The answers are no doubt out there - somewhere.

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Monday, September 13

Gratitude The Sacred Secret And The Law Of Attraction

A personal coincidence story today. In the 80s I was a manager of a finance company and had a very personable assistant, Ian.

I would describe Ian as a free spirit and we had a great working relationship. It was a fun time to actually go to work. Unfortunately for me Ian decided to move on to fresh pastures and eventually moved to Australia. Occasionally he would be back in England and would pop in to see me and my wife.

He was always full of enthusiasm and had some sort of new project and experience to follow. He would then fade away from the scene and move on to live in other countries: Sweden, India, Cyprus, USA. When in the UK we sometimes saw him for an update on his life. At times I almost felt quite envious.

We haven't seen Ian now for quite a few years and on our walk yesterday I said to my wife, "I wonder what happened to Ian, wonder where he is in the world and what he's doing."

We chatted about Ian and then moved on to something else.

Out of the blue, today, I received the card below from Ian. He's living in Australia and is now a home business coach and trainer.

Ian and his gratitude card
As you will see the theme of his message is all about gratitude. It's something that followers of the Law of Attraction often emphasise. In Jack Canfield's book The Key To Living The Law Of Attraction he writes:

"The best attitude you can possibly aspire to is one of gratitude ... being truly grateful for what is already present in your life will automatically and effortlessly attract more good into your life. Make a conscious decision to appreciate and acknowledge all that you have already been blessed with ..."

The book goes on to suggest that readers should start a Gratitude Journal, which is what Ian seems to be doing.

As is often the way in life, once you have a theme being directed at you coincidences pop up - in this case about being grateful.

I opened up a book just now which belonged to my best friend, He died and his wife gave me a few of his books. This was one I hadn't read. The page in front of me was about Meditation and Gratitude and read:

"Now, here is the real mystery of gratitude - it opens your soul and heart, it takes the toil out of labour, turns compulsion to willingness, transforms obligation to lovingness; it is unlocking of the spirit, a freedom from guilt, and opening of your consciousness as a faciliating function in every day matters. It is the sacred secret ..."

The book* goes on to tell of other benefits of meditation and gratitude combined.

All of this fits together pesonally: talking about Ian, recieving the card from him, looking again at the Law of Attraction, opening my friend's book to a page about gratitude.

I interpret all this as a personal message - so think I'd better take heed!

I'm sure that many of us don't always express our gratitude, for so many aspects of life, as perhaps we should.

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*The book mentioned is called The Magic Road and is a publication of The Seekers Trust.

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