Monday, January 31

7:43 A Baby Is Born And Again And Again

Police Constable Matt Rigby and his partner Lowry Dairsley, from Salford, Greater Manchester, were expecting their third child, nothing unusual there. But then a coincidence happened where the odds of it actually happening were something like 300 million to one.

The couple's first two daughters were both born at the same time of 7:43, Ella in October 2005 and Evie in 2007.
Surely their third child wouldn't also be born at 7:43. Lowry takes up the story:

"When we found out I was pregnant with Harrison we joked it would be incredible if the same happened. When I went into hospital at 5pm we forgot about it and concentrated on the labour.

At 6.30am I felt the urge to push and when we next looked it was 7.41am. I was asked to wait for the next contraction by the midwife before she delivered him two minutes later. The doctors and midwives were speechless."

Matt added, "I looked at the clock it was 7.43. We couldn't believe the coincidence."

Matt was so impressed he has had a tattoo with the words 'Seven Forty Three' on his arm. The 20th of January 2011 was, after all, a 300 million to one special day. (The times of the three births have been verified with hospital records.)

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Sunday, January 30

Two Suns Photographed In Sky Over China

Two suns in sky
A quick Sunday post today with a mysterious photo. This week two suns appeared to be in the sky over Suichuan County in China. 'Experts' say that this is a 'mock sun' phenomenon and reckon this can appear after rain or snow. Never seen this in real life myself though.

There is an interesting post about twin suns / two suns on Trish and Rob's blog appropriately called, Twin Suns.

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Saturday, January 29

Visualisation Of The Mystic Masters

I have mentioned visualisation several times on 67 Not Out and how it can bring results i.e. what we visualise tends to become reality. I wanted to enlarge on this briefly, but first an example of visualisation from the author Joseph J Weed in his book Wisdom of the Mystic Masters

Palm tree clip art'There was a young man who was out of work and needed a job badly. He heard of the power of thought and tried to employ it to create a position for himself in the business world.

He had no idea what kind of opportunity would present itself and, since he didn't want to block out any possibilities, he confined his visualisation to a picture of himself sitting in a private office, his office, just four walls, a window and a small desk, but as the days and weeks went on he continued this visualisation faithfully every day, he kept adding to the picture.

Gradually it grew larger. Pictures appeared on the wall, the desk became one of carved wood instead of the simple metal one he had first conceived. As the office grew larger his ideas about it expanded and he thought, "Why not a closet, where I could keep an extra suit in case I should have to stay in town for the evening?"

Then, having gone that far, he thought of a dressing room and bath in an annex to the office. He visualised bookshelves on the wall behind him and a large picture window off to his right. Thus his visualisation changed and expanded.

He kept faithfully to his daily meditation and never despaired as the weeks went by. Eventually little details started to creep into the picture, details he had not intended to put there. For example, although he was in New York and expected to work there, he could see a palm tree swaying outside the window. It was at about this time he got a job, a good job, with a simple office of just four walls and a metal desk ... he gave up his visualisation.

Fourteen years later, having become successful, he bought a home in Florida. It had a large living room with picture windows in it and one day as he sat there before his carved desk, which had come with the house, he idly gazed out of the window to his right and suddenly recollection struck him. It was the palm tree swaying outside the window that did it.

This room in which he sat was a replica of the room he had visualised many years before. True he had then thought of it as an office, not a living room, but the bookcases were there at his back, there was a dressing room and bath directly off it and a palm tree swaying in the breeze outside.

Joseph J Weed then adds, "I can vouch for the accuracy of this down to the last detail because the man involved is myself."'

There are several things that can be noted from this example including:

A visualisation can be built slowly, as you would a painting, gradually adding more detail and colour, until it is exactly as you wish - and the painting is complete.

A created matrix or picture is never destroyed. Bit by bit it becomes a reality depending on how much belief, enthusiasm and feeling are put into the creation. It may become a reality in stages.

I'm sure you will notice other things within the story as well.

The point I set out to make with this post was actually about releasing the picture that has been created through the visualisation. I follow something I learnt while with the Rosicrucian movement.

After the visualisation is clear and complete and I'm ready to release this I take a deep breath and while exhaling slowly say to myself, "Into the Cosmic I release this impression. It is done." I try to time the complete exhalation of my breath with the word 'done'.

And that's it - it is done! So I forget all about what I've visualised and dismiss this from my mind. Exactly as you would if you were sending a letter or an email. It is done. Though I do repeat the process over and over for a particularly big demonstration - theoretically, however, this could be done with one sitting.

Sometimes it's possible to complicate what is essentially a very simple process.

If you haven't tried visualisation think of the possibilities ... from telepathy to material things, from health to happiness ... from relationships to, well, anything.

Good luck!

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Friday, January 28

Ask And By Coincidence You Might Just Get It

When I published the post last week How To Get A Car Parking Space Using Coincidences I was reminded that this isn't the only thing to come about in this way. Terri Patrick and Trish and Rob left comments to this effect.

I remember, for instance, when my wonderful mother was in hospital in London (where she lived) after a fall and then a nasty stroke. Living in Cornwall, 300 miles away, this had me travelling up and down the motorway for weeks on end.

I'd just arrived home on a Monday, after staying in London for about ten days. There was a phone call from the hospital administration department saying the doctor had decided that my mother needed to go into a Nursing Home - and that they wanted her bed by Friday.

They indicated that my mother would prefer to be near me. If I couldn't find somewhere they would place her in a Home 'somewhere in London'. I knew finding a place locally would be difficult as a friend had a problem finding a Nursing Home near to where he lived for his parent. Everywhere is full as there are always waiting lists and not enough beds / rooms.

Somehow I got my head straight and asked the Universe for a perfect place for my mother to stay, near to my house.

I had no idea what to do next so I got the Yellow Pages phone directory and looked up Nursing Homes. There were only two listed in my town.

I again asked the Universe for guidance.

I picked out one of the Nursing Homes, made a phone call and was told that, by coincidence, in the last hour a room had become vacant. They were just about to notify the local hospital and Social Services about this, but for some reason had been delayed in doing so.

I asked if they could put off circulating the vacancy and explained about my mother's situation. They agreed, providing I could be there within the next half hour to look over the room, the Home itself and make a decision. Otherwise they would follow their standard procedure and the room would be filled.

My wife and I were there in ten minutes.

To cut a long story short the room and everything else looked to be satisfactory and quite homely. I phoned London and they agreed this would be suitable and furthermore also agreed that they would arrange an ambulance to transport my mother to Cornwall on the Friday. What's more the London Council would cover all of the costs for her stay and her transportation. Phew!

Once my mum was settled in she spent a reasonably happy time at the Nursing Home and we were able to visit her virtually every day.

Many will say it was just chance, or a bog standard coincidence, that everything worked out so well - and that this would have happened regardless. For me though, the way everything fitted together so perfectly, was a sign that there was some sort of higher power at work. I felt my request had been answered in full, with more besides.

I'm now of the opinion that there is usually an answer to most problems if, that is, we ask for a perfect solution: 'to the good of all concerned'.

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Thursday, January 27

The Elephant's Trunk And The Crocodile Coincidence

the crocodile and the elephant
It looks like Rudyard Kipling's story The Elephant's Child was all true, well judging by these photos anyway - quite a coincidence.

Below is the pic from Kipling's 1902 classic story and above is a scene caught on camera by photographer Johan Opperman in the Kruger National Park.

Kipling's The Elephant Child picture
Kipling's Just So story told of how elephants got their long noses or trunks. The little elephant was looking for a crocodile and then he found him:

"Come hither, Little One," said the Crocodile, "for I am the Crocodile," and he wept crocodile-tears to show it was quite true.

Then the Elephant's Child grew all breathless, and panted, and kneeled down on the bank and said, "You are the very person I have been looking for all these long days. Will you please tell me what you have for dinner?"

"Come hither, Little One," said the Crocodile, "and I'll whisper."

Then the Elephant's Child put his head down close to the Crocodile's musky, tusky mouth, and the Crocodile caught him by his little nose, which up to that very week, day, hour, and minute, had been no bigger than a boot, though much more useful.

"I think," said the Crocodile - and he said it between his teeth, like this - "I think today I will begin with Elephant's Child!"

At this, O Best Beloved, the Elephant's Child was much annoyed, and he said, speaking through his nose, like this, "Led go! You are hurtig be!"

But all was not lost:

Then the Elephant's Child sat back on his little haunches, and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and his nose began to stretch. And the Crocodile floundered into the water, making it all creamy with great sweeps of his tail, and he pulled, and pulled, and pulled.

And the Elephant's Child's nose kept on stretching; and the Elephant's Child spread all his little four legs and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and his nose kept on stretching; and the Crocodile threshed his tail like an oar, and he pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and at each pull the Elephant's Child's nose grew longer and longer - and it hurt him hijjus!

Then the Elephant's Child felt his legs slipping, and he said through his nose, which was now nearly five feet long, "This is too butch for be!"

The Elephant's child eventually broke free from the crocodile but with a very much longer nose from all of that pulling and stretching.

And that is why today elephants now have long trunks. According to experts, crocodiles rarely attack elephants though, perhaps, baby elephants sometimes look tasty at lunch times.

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Wednesday, January 26

A Present Received From Beyond The Grave

Wooden signA coincidence story today from the Amarillo Globe News.

Chester Smith decided that for a change he would shop early for his wife Sandra's Christmas present. He was true to his word and told his step-grandson, Brent, how he had ordered a present for her in the summer. Chester told Brent that, "He had got something that would really touch her heart." No one else knew of the purchase.

Sadly Chester Smith died on July 23rd last year following a massive stroke.

In November Gloria, Sandra's daughter, her son Dylan and niece Nikki decided to take trip to the local flea market. This was something that Chester and Sandra often liked to do themselves.

One of the first stalls they saw was one run by a man who made wooden and metal signs. Dylan noticed one of the signs in particular because in the middle of it was written 'Smith Family'. He thought this would make a great Christmas gift for Sandra, his nanny.

Dylan explained, "I asked him how much for one just like that one. The man said that someone had ordered it a while back but never came by to pick it up. He said that I'll give it to you pretty cheap. I was excited. I got my grandma a Christmas gift."

Dylan bought the sign for $20.

Christmas arrived, the present was wrapped and given to Sandra at the family gathering. She was quite taken aback by the gift and there were tears in her eyes.

It was then that Brent said, "Is that the one Chester ordered?"

The room fell silent and you could have heard a pin drop. Brent went on to explain the conversation he had with his step-grandfather back in the summer, before Chester had died.

Sandra said, "Looking back now, it was so much like something Chester would do. It just blows me away. Every time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes. When I start to try to figure the whole thing out oh, my gosh, it makes the hair stand up on your arms."

As for Dylan, who found the sign he commented, "It's just weird how it all unfolded. It just shows you how close me and Grandpa were. It was like he led me to it."

For Dylan, this was otherwise an unexplainable coincidence. Normally, when he enters the flea market, he goes the other way from the wooden sign booth. If he had followed his normal route he probably would never have got to the see the sign.

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Tuesday, January 25

The Giant Rubbish Alien Monster

The rubbish alien monster
A bit of a sidetrack with this Giant Rubbish Alien Monster. Okay, it might not be quite what you imagined but I photographed this creature when I last went to the Eden Project near to where I live in Cornwall, England (see also yesterday's post). Below is how this alien looks when standing tall.

The Rubbish Giant Alien
As you will see, perhaps more from the photo below, the alien is made up mostly of electrical items that have been discarded and dumped by us earthlings. You can probably make out a washing machine, a cooker hob, a microwave, vacuum cleaner suction tubes etc. etc. It's quite an enormous figure.

As with most things at Eden there is a message with this Giant Alien about the environment. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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Monday, January 24

The Rites Of Dionysus The God Of Wine

Dionysus Greek God
I came across Dionysus today, known as Bacchus by the Romans, so I took a few photos of him and his goings on.

Maenads dancingThe name Dionysus goes way back to the Greeks who worshipped him back in 1500 BC as the God of the wine harvest.

As a Greek God Dionysus is a creature of mystery and a personification of nature. In my pictures he is shown as a bull but is also sometimes seen as a lion, a serpent or a virile youth.

The Maenads who worshipped Dionysus danced and writhed through the vines to the sound of trumpets and the beat of the drums. The rabbits heads in the photo above show that this was also a sacrificial rite.

In the photo below he is surrounded by the Bacchanal, a group of women who roamed the mountains in a trance. At the height of ecstasy they would seize an animal, tear it apart and eat it raw. They did this to commune with the Gods' flesh and blood.

Dionysus rite
I suppose I'd better add that the figures are all made of bronze, don't want to give any wrong impressions!

The Temptation
Twist like serpents
Wines that intoxicate
And promise love
Where love is not.
- Annamaria Murphy
The Dionysus story is perhaps the most powerful which links mankind to the grapevines. It not only gives an insight into the customs and beliefs of an ancient civilisation, but also tell us something about the unchanging nature of the human condition.

The scenes of divine possession, madness, sacrifice, death and orgiastic rites echo the mayhem and breakdown of civil order when war, or other events, rips apart a country.

The Rites of Dionysus gives shape and form to the powerful forces beneath the everyday life of civilised reality; and the forces that reflect our essence and what we are capable of.

Dionysus and Bacchanal women
The photos were taken at the Eden Project near to where I live in Cornwall. This is a global eco-garden with huge biomes for tropical and other plants. A must visit if you are ever in the area.

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Sunday, January 23

The Double Slit Experiment

What follows is a simplistic video about the Double Slit Experiment and what this means to our understanding of matter.

Something very odd happens in this experiment. For one thing it illustrates (towards the end) that when we observe things this can change what actually happens.

Though the video is by way of cartoon characters the experiment itself and the conclusions are very real. We create our reality by observing it! There's also the possibility that this shows how parallel lives, or universes, are possible. Anyway, see what you think.

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Saturday, January 22

How To Get A Car Parking Space Using Coincidences

Car Park signAs you will have gathered from this blog I'm interested in coincidence and synchronicity! I'm also interested to see if it's possible to make such things occur consciously. Some coincidences don't appear have any apparent value - though many do, especially after writing them down or dwelling on them for a while.

One easy(ish) way to test out coincidences is with car parking! It's something I've done for ages.

I don't like going in official car parks (object to having to pay!) so I try to find space in side roads that are convenient to wherever I want to visit. Before I set out I 'request' that a perfect parking space will be made available for me.

Yes, it does sound a bit nutty but the strange thing is that a parking space is usually made available to me. Another car may leave at the very moment I arrive or everywhere will be stacked with cars except for one space perfect for my car.

It happens over and over again.

Arundel CastleA good example was when my wife and I visited Arundel on a sunny day when there was a street music festival taking place (that's Arundel castle on the right). The only place to park was in the official car parks as everywhere else had been made no parking areas.

We arrived after events had started and the car parks were jam packed full. People were driving round and then leaving the car park. I did a circuit once and then, instead of leaving, 'asked' for a space.

I was following another car and he suddenly stopped and waved me on - he wanted to let his wife get out of the car - I overtook him and immediately another car drove away from a parking space and I was able to drive in and park. Plus it was right near the center of all of the attractions - perfect.

I know this all sounds far fetched but give it a try for yourself.

When I say 'ask' for a parking space I mean to request one from whatever/whoever you feel comfortable with: the universe, your inner self or subconscious, the cosmic, God, an angel or saint, infinite spirit or virtually anything. As I see it the important thing is to actually ask. It can all happen inside your head or you can make the request aloud. This seems to make no difference.

Try it. It's a bit like the Bible says: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find ..."

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Friday, January 21

Manipulating Time In A Spaceship

Here's a little piece about time from Suzie. The bit I found interesting is the clock in the spaceship:

time alarm clock clip artIs there such a thing as time? Most likely we'd answer that there must be time because we can watch it tick by on our clocks, but this may not be proof that it exists.

Time is the duration between events, we measure it astronomically with reference to the sun or stars. If, however, nothing moved and there was nothing that changed would there still be time? Kant maintained it is simply something we impose on to reality in order to make the world more comprehensible.

There is so much to think about, so many questions like: Does time have a beginning and an end? Does it flow in one direction and so on. It's mysterious stuff because it can sometimes appear to be manipulated. Here's something interesting ...

Let's imagine two identical clocks, both accurate and synchronised. Now let's place one on a spaceship travelling away from earth and the other somewhere safe and sound in a secure cupboard, let's say in your office. Now when the spaceship finally returns, guess what?

The travelling clock will show that less time has elapsed than the clock sitting in the cupboard. It's true!

On a simpler level we all notice how time flies when we are having fun. It's the same period, according to our watch, but if we are waiting for something, time drags. Get engrossed in an interest and an hour can tick by in an instant.

Time is an illusion, like the rest of life. It all depends on how we see it.

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Thursday, January 20

The Book And Suffragette Coincidence

Mary Aldham picture
This is a coincidence I came across but as to whether there is any significance I'm not really sure.

I bought an old book at a car boot sale for 50p (about 70c) because of the title Natural Law In The Spiritual World and also because I simply like old books.

Mary Aldhan 1884When I got home I saw that it had been signed by the owner, Mary Aldham, way back in 1884.

I also noticed that this lady had made numerous sketches and drawings throughout the book.

As the cost was only 50p I hadn't bothered to flick through the pages previously. To my untrained eye the paintings look quite good - see at the top of this post and below.

Painting of Basle (Basel)
Sketch of the Alps Mary Aldham
All well and good but then looking through some other old bits and pieces I have hoarded - much to my wife's despair - was the poster below of a Mary Aldham!

Suffragette movement Mary Aldham
You can just make out that Mary Aldham is the photo on the left. It seems that she was part of the suffragette movement in Britain along with Ethel Cox. The story is that the two women caused damage to public art treasures and buildings and that others should be aware that they may try to perpetrate similar offences.

One of the aims of the Suffragette movement was 'votes for women' the most well known suffragettes probably being the Pankhurst family: Christabel, Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst. There is more information on the Suffragettes, which started in 1897, here.

Now I can't say for certain that the two mentioned Mary Aldhams are the same person - but the dates fit and I've got a 'feeling' they could well be.

If they are or not it's still a nice coincidence and, no matter how often things like this can happen, I find it fascinating. Coincidences sometimes seem to come about to bring 'things' to our attention.

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Wednesday, January 19

The Fortress Of Light: 24 ways to prevent psychic attack

Today we continue on from yesterday's The Fortress of Light. Today's post shows 24 ways to prevent or stop any psychic attacks. This isn't something I created myself but it does nevertheless include some interesting suggestions. It's a kind of Pick'n'Mix selection, so a deep breath and off we go with Part 2 of The Fortress of Light.

The Fortress of Light: 24 Ways To Prevent Or Stop A Psychic Attack

Dark and Lightness
1. There are four Golden Rules that you should always remember:

(a) Light is always stronger than Darkness.

(b) Darkness cannot exist where there is Light.

(c) Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

(d) A person of low consciousness cannot harm a person of high consciousness.

As Gautama Buddha said: "The fool who does evil to a man who is good, to a man who is pure and free from sin, the evil returns to him like the dust thrown against the wind."

Therefore raise your consciousness. Be good, Be kind. Dwell in the Light.

2. Take good care of yourself. Keep your body fit and healthy. Always be positive and cheerful, and don't let your mind become negative and melancholy. The world is beautiful! Life is a gift, enjoy it, be happy!

3. Sacred symbols have tremendous power, and are potent defences against evil. The two most powerful are:

(a) The Pentagram - a five pointed star symbolising the four elements, and the fifth, the spirit pointing heavenwards. It also symbolises the human body.

Satanists wear the Pentagram with the 'head' pointing downwards, representing their opposition to God and the Light.

The Pentagram has been a long standing tradition as a symbol of Light, being utilised in both Judaism and Christianity. The beautiful west window in London's Westminster Abbey is the shape of a Pentagram.

(b) The Seal of Solomon - a six pointed star. This is the symbol of God, and it is tremendously uplifting and soul strengthening. The upright triangle represents Love, Truth and Wisdom, the downward represents the World, the Flesh and Darkness.

Overall it is symbolic of life's eternal lesson that Good will always triumph over Evil.

Meditate on each of them and let your soul choose the one most suitable for you.

4.Here are two ways of mentally purging your body of negativity.

(a) On a sunny day go outside and hold your arms up to the sun. Feel yourself bathed in Light and the warmth and comfort of God's love and protection. Picture the golden rays of the sun entering your body, reaching, cleansing and rejuvenating every cell, every atom of your body. As darkness cannot dwell where there is light feel all negativity being forced out of your body leaving you as a pure vessel of Light and Love and Goodness.

(b) Mentally visualise yourself as being on a high mountain in springtime. Picture the mountain, it's peak capped with virgin snow; further down, where the sun has melted, pretty alpine flowers are in bloom on the craggy, grassy slopes. The sun is shining, the sky a gorgeous blue, the air is so vitalising and fresh, it is a beautiful day! A mountain stream meanders its way down the slope of the valley far below. Its waters are crystal clear and as pure as pure can be. Make these images come alive in your mind.

See yourself there on the mountain, visualise, as if by magic, the waters of the mountain stream enter into you, see them enter into your head and gradually go down through every part, and every cell, and every atom of your body.

Visualise every bad thing, all the negativity, all the troubling thoughts and any illness within you being washed away. See the waters leaving you, by flowing out of your toes, carrying away all the bad things, and leaving only good.

Look below, see all negativity being swept away from you and disappearing into the distance. Now look around you, all is good and pure. You are a new person. You have never felt so good you have never been so free! Rejoice!

Human Aura5. No psychic attack can harm you if your aura is strong and impregnable. The sealing of the aura is an entirely mental process. This is how to do it:

Imagine yourself as being completely encircled by pure, clear, beautiful and dazzling white light. It covers your body totally, from beneath your feet to above your head and all around your body, forming a protective shell around you.

White Light is the radiation of Spirit, of God and goodness. The White Light is the armour of the soul.

Do this exercise every day. After a while you will be able to feel the presence and power of your protective aura. You will be protected against all psychic evil.

Note: The White Light aura is the Shield of Faith mentioned in Ephesians 6:16.

6. The herb Rosemary is a sacred plant. Wearing oil of Rosemary as a general perfume will afford you divine protection and it will help create a protective force field around your aura to repel evil influences.

The plant Rose Geranium is similar in effectiveness to Rosemary. By blending the oils of them together with Cypress you can make a powerful protection oil.

7. Without doubt the most powerful plants that Mother Nature has bestowed on us in our fight against evil are those of the onion family.

Onions and their sister plant garlic absorb negativity, Malefic psychic energy and evil entities. This is why vampires are terrified of garlic! The vampire is sucked into the garlic clove and ensnared.

To clear an evil or bad psychic atmosphere strew garlic about the place. Come the morning gather it all up and burn it.

Another method, for nightly protection from bad vibes and negative forces, is to obtain two onions, cut them in half and put one half in each corner of your bedroom, or at the corners of your bed. They will absorb all the negativity that enters the room. In the morning gather them up and burn them.

Both, but especially garlic, will remove negative thought forms.

Place halved onions in rooms to absorb diseases and illnesses. Discard the onions next day.

Note: Do not touch the onion and garlic when you remove them. Scoop them up with something and burn that too.

If you are ill, or if you have a pain somewhere, try rubbing half an onion on the offending area. It could well work a minor miracle for you!

8. If you are psychically attacked never fight fire with fire. If you do you will have an inferno on your hands! Douse the flames of hate with the waters of Love. Send forth a blessing to your attacker.

"Bless them who curse you, pray for them who maltreat you", said Jesus. Such wisdom!

Your attacker is ill (madness of the soul) so to counter-attack would only increase his hatred, magnify his attempts to harm you. Therefore visualise him or her. Send forth thoughts of Love and compassion to that person. Send forth a blessing in the name of God (or Jehovah, Allah or any divine name you wish). Call for the return of your attacker's soul to goodness and Light, and the cleansing and removal of all evil and hatred. Visualise your attacker's aura and body being irradiated by the holy White Light as a result of your blessing.

9. Salt destroys negativity. If you sense bad vibes in a room or place then sprinkle salt about. It will neutralise all negativity. Basically salt is an incorruptible source for good. Salt nullifies any evil force that it comes into contact with.

10. If you are suffering from unwanted psychic interference by a black magician or similar an immediate remedy can be brought about by crossing over running water.

Running water has peculiar electrical qualities which break the psychic link between victim and attacker. Cross running water and the attacker will lose your scent and you can make good your escape - this is as true for victims of psychic attack as it is for hunted animals.

11. Another potent defence is to deny your attackers power. Say forcefully and with conviction, mentally or to his face if he confronts you, "You have no power over me!"

If you feel that someone is trying to influence you against your better judgement, with or without your knowledge, then refuse to accept his suggestions and declare that he cannot achieve his evil aims. This will return his evil force back upon himself.

12. If anyone tries to dominate you by staring intensely into your eyes do not return eye to eye contact. Instead concentrate your gaze at the spot just above the top of the nose between the inner ends of the eyebrows. Also mentally auto-suggest to yourself that you will not be dominated, unduly influenced or hypnotised by anyone. Better still walk away!

13. Ferns, ivies and palms are all useful plants to have around. Not only do they make attractive houseplants, but they also have protective properties. They drive away evil and negativity (especially ferns and ivies) and they emanate uplifting vibrations (especially palms).

It is said that no evil spells can take effect where a cyclamen grows. It is also said that if kept in a bedroom the cyclamen will ward off negativity and protect you while you sleep.

14. The herb asafoetida burned as incense or carried as a charm drives away evil and disease and destroys manifestations.

15. Repeating the Lord's Prayer, the 23rd Psalm and especially the very powerful 91st Psalm is a potent aid against evil and misfortune.

16. Jewellery made of silver is the best sort to wear. Silver is a protective metal which reflects negativity away from the wearer.

egg with name17. If you cannot keep your mind off someone you do not like; if you have several dreams about a person on consecutive nights; if you sense a persons presence about you late at night; if you find yourself beginning to agree with someone that you previously distinctively disagreed with; if you have a general feeling of being under someones spell, then it could be that the person is attempting black magic or sorcery on you to influence you - especially if they have an interest in the supernatural. But there is a solution.

Unknown to most people eggs have the ability to absorb evil energy. The following is an exercise involving eggs which is completely ethical, moral and safe to use:

Obtain a fresh egg and wash it in cold running water. Then dry the egg with a clean paper towel or cloth. Next get a soft nibbed pencil and inscribe your name on the egg. Go to your bedroom and situate the egg by your bed, at the pillow end. Place it on a table or chair so that it is the same level as your head when you sleep. Leave the egg in place for a week.

When the week is up remove the egg, take it to the bathroom, smash it in the lavatory bowl and flush it away. Repeat the exercise for as long as you see fit.

If the egg cracks or breaks before the week is through remove it immediately - don't handle it, use a scoop of some sort - flush it away. Get another egg and start the process again.

Note A: The egg will absorb and store any evil energy that enters your room - whether this be general negativity or evil psychic energy specifically aimed at you.

Note B: If the egg breaks either it is full of negativity - or has simply gone bad!

18. At dawn, or thereabouts, go out into your garden and walk barefoot in the dewy grass. You will absorb the earth's magnetism which is drawn to the surface by the rising sun. This is a tremendous exercise to do if you wish to restore and strengthen nerves and bodily defences.

19. For a refreshing nights rest, just before you go to sleep visualise the four Archangels - Auriel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael - standing guard over you, one at each corner of your bed. Visualise too an aura of White Light surrounding your bed; the two forming an impenetrable force-field of Love, protecting you from all evil and misfortune.

20. Harm no one, neither man or beast. Be good and kind to all. Cause no sorrow, pain or suffering to any living thing, not even the tiniest of insects. Become a vegetarian, or better still a vegan as meat pollutes the soul and poisons the body.

If you take care of your fellow man and the Lesser Brethren in their need, the Higher Forces will assuredly take care of you and yours.

21. If you suspect someone of psychically attacking you make sure that they don't get hold of anything personal belonging to you. Do not lend them anything and keep the full date of your birth a secret from them.

Also avoid solitude, drugs and alcohol. Take plenty of sunshine. Seek help from either an experienced genuine Servant of the Light psychic practitioner (no money should change hands) or a clergyman.

22. In New York about thirty plus years ago a number of men, for some reason or other, fell foul of a Voodoo magician. Being an evil character he set out to destroy them.

He made Voodoo dolls of each of them and carried out nightly pin-sticking rituals on the dolls. He informed the men of his actions and, not unnaturally, they were extremely frightened.

Through a combination of fear and evil psychic energy their health steadily deteriorated, to a point where they were quite literally dying. A kindly wise man heard of their plight and offered to travel to the magician to reason with him.

He visited the Voodooist and on his return he informed them the curse had been lifted and the dolls destroyed. The men immediately felt better and, within days, they completely recovered.

The extraordinary thing was that the Voodooist had refused to end the attack. It was, therefore, equally as destructive when they were recovering as when they were dying. The wise man used psychology to save the men's lives.

This story goes to show the terrible self-destructive damage generated by fear. It also goes to show the great power of the mind when rightly motivated and directed.

23. If you believe someone is trying to psychically influence you there is a simple defensive technique.

Naturally any psychic attack is going to come via the victim's psychic centres. Therefore, to block the attack, the centres need to be closed down. There is one simple way to do this - eating!

When there is food in the stomach the psychic centres are automatically closed down and all the body's energy is directed into the digestion and assimilation of the food and its nutrients.

For an effective force of psychic energy to enter or leave the body the stomach needs to be empty. This is the reason genuine spiritual healers always fast before attempting a healing.

24. Whether under psychic attack or not, always center your thoughts on God. It is immeasurably more difficult for a black magician to get a psychic grip on a truly religious person, regardless of any psychic self-defence technique being employed.

As mentioned previously the person of genuine high consciousness is immune to psychic attack, their aura being imbued with such a powerful force field of Light that no malefic energy can penetrate it.

The above knowledge can set you free - you have found a sanctuary from evil in the Fortress of the Light.

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Tuesday, January 18

The Fortress Of Light: How to prevent a psychic attack

Fortress of LightI wasn't sure if to publish the following on 67 Not Out or not as it's a little off subject. It was written by the fancy named John de Akhetaton and was amongst some stuff I accumulated from my magazine publishing days. The subject is about preventing and/or stopping psychic attacks.

Why I finally decided to publsh this was because I had an email asking if I had any information on preventing psychic style attacks and, sure enough, I had this!

The first part today is the introduction to the subject. Part 2 will follow tomorrow with more practical information.

Introduction to The Fortress of Light

Black Magic ... Satanism ... Voodooism ... the very mention of these practices makes the average person's blood run cold. The Forces of Darkness are for real and they have power, there is no doubt about that, but what is it that gives them power?

Quite simply it is our fear and ignorance. Once you have knowledge to protect yourself against psychic attack then the power of the Forces of Darkness becomes impotent against you. The aim of this article will give the necessary wisdom to enable you to negate any malefic force aimed at you.

Before I continue let me make one important point. For every person who is being psychically attacked there are about a hundred people who think that they are being psychically attacked!

The two greatest sins are to cause suffering and the practising of sorcery or black magic (bewitchments, curses, enchantments etc). Both of these incur extremely heavy karmic penalties.

VoodooUnfortunately there has been an alarming resurgence in the sinister side of the occult in recent years. This has been mainly due to the activities of certain evil and unscrupulous people who have been making fortunes by promoting and selling glamorised black magic publications and books.

What these people conveniently forget to tell customers is of the great dangers involved in meddling with unseen forces of which they know nothing.

Only unlovable, inadequate people get involved in the practice of sorcery and black magic. The deprived minds of these people are a magnet for evil entities who find such base consciousness open house. Before long the dabbler is liable to find that he has a very unpleasant 'cuckoo' on his hands.

The promoters of evil also forget to tell their customers that the end result of trying to pervert the powers of the Spirit and Nature to override another person's free-will, or to cause injury, or harm, is guaranteed disaster and destruction. This is no joke. It is an unbreakable cosmic law - the Law of Reaction.

Any negative, dominating, destructive and evil psychic energy will assuredly rebound, with magnified strength on the fool who sent it forth.

The principal reason for the destruction of Atlantis was due to Atlantean priests practising mind control black magic. If a whole continent can be destroyed by the Law of Reaction what chance has one individual got? None.

If you use the powers of the Spirit and Nature at all then use them only as they were intended, for healing and the benefit of humanity, otherwise leave well alone.

Those who are seduced by evil devolve their souls by hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of years; and they commit themselves to misery and regret in this life, and to a very rough ride in the after-life, and to numerous future earthly incarnations (as many as necessary for them to settle their karmic debts).

Keep your hands from evil, for 'they who sow evil will reap calamity', this is an eternal and unbreakable law.

Part 2 will follow tomorrow with 24 practical ways of preventing and/or stopping psychic attack.

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Monday, January 17

67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Stories - 12

67 Not Out readers coincidence stories - many thanks to the contributors.

Blaenau FfestiniogUnknown relatives meet by coincidence
My wife and our children were going on holiday to Pwllheli in Wales. As we were driving up the hill going out of Betws-y-Coed our car decided to break down. We stopped completely at the top of the hill.

This happened a few years back before mobile phones were in general use. As we were stuck I tried to flag down other passing cars but none stopped to help. That is until a young couple in their late twenties finally came to our aid.

I told them I was in the RAC (a car breakdown service) and wanted to get to a phone for help. The husband said that he thought there was a public phone in the village near the slate mines of Blaenau Ffestiniog.

They kindly offered me a lift and said they would bring me back to my car after I'd made my call to the RAC.

We found the phone, which had quite a bad line, so I had to speak quite loudly to give my name and the details of where my car was.

When I'd finished making the call the wife of the couple said that she couldn't help but hear that my surname was McLoughlin and that this was also her maiden name. It turned out that her family and relatives came from the same part of Ireland where my parents still live.

Even more of a coincidence, we found out later, was that we are distantly related.

At the time the couple told us that it was a spur of a moment idea for them to decide to pay a visit to the slate mines, and that was how they had come to see us at the side of the road.

The chances of this happening must be so remote. I thought that it was weird as though some unknown force had derived such a rescue. Since that time we have become very good friends with the other couple and still visit each other regularly.

- Pat McLoughlin (Photo source)

Great British Train JourneysWhen I had finished setting up this post it was time to have something to eat in the evening. Feeling lazy we put the television on while eating - okay I know it's not a good habit! - and the programme we watched was Great British Railway Journeys. By coincidence the places they travelled to were Betws-y-Coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog as mentioned in the above story. They are not exactly places you hear very often on television.

More jury service
I am a teacher and one day I was explaining to my young students how a jury works in a court of law. I told the class that I had only once been chosen as a juror. When I arrived home that evening I found amongst my post a Jury Notice. I had been called on to do jury service a second time.


I received the following sad little story after I published the post Where Is Heaven and thought it very apt.

GerbilGerald the gerbil goes to heaven
It was all very sad for Lucy as her pet gerbil died. She was in tears as I explained to her that Gerald would go to heaven. "Are you sure mummy? Will he be happy there?" she asked. I did my best to reassure her.

I wrapped Gerald up in a large square of material and took him to the refuse bin outside. I know this may sound heartless but, living in a flat, I had nowhere to bury him. I again explained to Lucy that Gerald would be able to get to heaven from there.

About 10 minutes later I felt a draft through the flat and noticed the front door was open. As Lucy is only four I panicked and rushed out to find her and there she was: sitting on an upturned bucket looking at the refuse bin.

I asked her what she was doing. "I'm waiting to see Gerald go up to heaven," she replied tearfully.

- Mandy

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Sunday, January 16

The Man Sitting On An Invisible Chair

Canary Island street performer
As with last Sunday here's another illusion. I did publish one of the photos briefly in 2010.

The photos are of a man sitting on nothing. I snapped the pictures of this street entertainer when my wife and I were in the Canary Islands last year. Normally he had loads of people around him, as what he does looks to be impossible. This particular time we caught up with him just as he had arrived (on the bike seen in the bottom photo). I dropped a coin in his tray and walked round and round him close up - there were no strings attached!

He appeared as if sitting on a chair, but there was no chair. Occasionally he would move himself slightly, as if to get more comfortable on his invisible seat.

Canary Island entertainer
Man sitting on nothing
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