Saturday, March 31

Weird Photo Of A Testicle With A Face

This is very weird. In February of 2011 I published a post titled The Bizarre Case Of The Haunted Scrotum. This shows a CT scan of a man's testis looking very much like a haunted face. Now here's another similar photo.

The picture on this post claims to be an ultrasound image, again of a man who had a 'mass in his testicle'. As you can see it shows what appears to be a face of a man who looks to be in pain - and in the circumstances, why wouldn't this testicle be in pain!

There is a quote said to have been made by Dr G Roberts of the School of Medicine at Queens University, Kingston: "It looked like a man screaming in pain, which I thought was hilarious considering the clinical picture of the poor guy."

And there I was thinking that doctors were a sympathetic bunch, appears not.

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Friday, March 30

The Guardian Angel Who Saved Her From A Car Crash

A ghostly sighting, or maybe a guardian angel story, today from 67 Not Out reader Gwendoline.

"I have been reading some of your white feather and ghost posts and I thought I would tell you my tale. Most of my friends don't think it's true but this only happened last month.

I had been visiting some old Uni friends in Tiverton and by the time I was ready to drive home to Lynmouth it was getting quite late and dark. Instead of keeping to the main roads I decided to go across Exmoor on the B roads.

At the edge of Exmoor I was on the B3222 and in front of me at the side of the road I saw a man dressed all in white. He stood out as it was so dark. I didn't feel frightened but as I got nearer to him he started to cross the road which made me quickly put on my brakes. I slowed right down. I knew I hadn't hit him but he had disappeared.

As I was about to speed up again a big lorry came round a bend in the opposite direction. He was on my side of the road but had time to turn back onto the left, where he should have been.

As I got to the bend I realised that if I hadn't have slowed down for the man in white the lorry would most likely have hit me head on. This shook me up and I couldn't get the mysterious man out of my mind. It didn't make sense that anyone would be walking along such a road at night and the fact that he simply disappeared was also puzzling.

When I told my flat mate about what had happened she said it must have been my guardian angel protecting me. But he didn't have any wings and was wearing what looked like a suit of trousers and jacket.

My flat mate reckons that guardian angels aren't always with wings and how we see them in pictures.

This is where my story gets more weirder as I'm sure I saw this man sitting in a chair in our lounge when I got up during the night to go to the loo. But by the time my eyes had adjusted properly he was gone.  I'm not sure what to think."
~ Gwendoline

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Thursday, March 29

Hugging Hurlers Stone Circle Stones

Stone from the Hurlers, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

This is really a P.S. for my previous post The Mystery Of The Three Hurlers Stone Circles on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

While we were walking over the moorland it was especially pleasant, despite the overcast sky, because there was no one else about. Being March the holidaymakers and tourists hadn't arrived. This meant we could wander round the Hurlers Stone Circles without any interruptions, even the wild ponies had moved on.

This may now sound silly to some readers but Karin and I chose our favourite stones.

The photo above is the one I picked and Karin's was two along from mine, more rounded at the top. I unfortunately forgot to take a photo of hers.

"Let's give them a hug," I suggested.

"You what?" said my wife.

There was no one about, other than a few sheep, so we did, despite Karin's lack of enthusiasm.

As I was next to my stone I could feel my heart almost glowing as it lay against the granite surface. There was a definite tingle - okay might just have been imagination, but the stones must have stored something over 3,000+ years. Ghosts are thought, by some, to be strong emotions locked into the buildings or rooms. That's why the some ghosts do the same thing over and over - a little bit of the past has been locked in the walls. The same could be said about stone circles.

We both left our respective stones and Karin said words to the effect of, "That's odd, my fingers started to tingle as I held the stones. Probably my imagination."

Okay, we didn't get any great meaningful insights, or see scenes from the past but the stones did seem to hold a power. If you are ever in the area go hug a stone!

Sheep on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

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Wednesday, March 28

The Mystery Of The Three Hurlers Stone Circles

Hurlers stone circle on Bodmin Moor

As I said in yesterday's post my wife, Karin, and I have been walking on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall with the prime aim of visiting the ancient Hurlers stone circles. Unfortunately it was an overcast day so the photos aren't too special but the sun did break through on occasions, as in the above picture.

The Hurlers are three stone circles in a line and are said to be dated from around 1500-2100 BC, which makes them 3500 to 4000 years old. Some experts date them from the late Neolithic period and others to the early Bronze Age. There are also two other monoliths, The Pipers, which are situated about 100m south-west of the center circle.

The Hurlers stone circle Cornwall

The Hurlers stone circles bring forth many questions such as : Why three of them, when one was enough for the likes of Stonehenge? What were they used for? Why would people want to create them? And so on, and so on.

The oldest answer comes from the late 1500s when a historian, William Camden, wrote in olde English: "The neighbouring inhabitants terme them Hurlers, as being by devout and godly error perswaded that they had been men sometime transformed into stones, for profaning the Lord's Day with hurling the ball."

Hurlers stone circle Bodmin Moor

There were always simplistic religious answers back in the 1500s and 1600s: The Hurlers are men turned into stone because they dared to play the Cornish game of Hurlers on a Sunday! The two other stones were the Pipers who played music at the same time. I guess not many people will accept this as being true nowadays! Oh, and there is one other legend about how it is impossible to count the number of stones in the circles.

Hurlers stone circle Bodmin Moor

Today we have other ideas as to what the Hurlers were all about but the truth is that no one really knows. They may have been for some form of ceremonies or perhaps they defined a meeting place for nearby inhabitants. There is also a new(ish) theory that the stones are aligned to the constellation of Orion, but more on this later.

Since the three thousand years or so of their erection some of the stones have fallen and some have become buried. The following is a diagram showing the stones formations and the position of the Pipers - which could be for astronomical purposes or perhaps simply as an entrance or boundary markers.

Map or plan of the Hurlers stone circle on Bodmin Moor

The two outer circles are just that: circles. But the middle is more elliptical. This is something I have seen with other such formations - at Woodhenge, for example.

As I've already said no one is sure as to the purpose of the stone circles. One theory put forward by Brian Sheen, a retired research chemist and astronomer of the Roseland Observatory, links the Hurlers to the constellation of Orion and that they are a primitive calender.

Orion constellation
Mr Sheen explains: "As far as I can tell these Hurlers, a series of three stone circles, actually mirror the belt of Orion. Just once a year at the winter solstice Orion passes due south at midnight.

What happened is that this allowed the ancient people to tell the half way point between the autumnal equinox and the vernal equinox. This was important because they were starting to grow things and look after animals. They were becoming farmers instead of hunter-gatherers.

It confirms that the people that built the Hurlers around 1500 BC were fully aware of day length and season and had more knowledge of astronomy than we thought."

Bodmin Moor can be an inhospitable place when the weather is bad. There is about 80 square miles (208 sq km) of granite moorland, some parts with strange names as Brown Willy (the highest point in Cornwall), Rough Tor and Stowe's Hill, with it's Cheesewring - the high ground in the photo below.

Cheesewring Bodmin Moor Cornwall

The Cheesewring has strange rock formations but they are all natural. The name is taken from it's resemblance to the piled slabs of a 'cheesewring', which was a press-like device that was once used to make cheese.

Cheesewring Bodmin Moor

And, of course, being Cornwall there has to be a legend to the Cheesewring! This is how it is described on Wikipedia:

Cheesewring Bodmin Moor Cornwall
"The Cheesewring is the result of a contest between a man and a giant. When Christianity had just been introduced to the British Islands, the giants who lived at the top of the mountains were not happy about this. The Saints had invaded their land and were declaring their wells as sacred. One of the larger giants, Uther, was given the task of ridding their land of the Saints.

He confronted the frail St Tue, who proposed a rock throwing contest. If Uther won, the Saints would leave Cornwall. If St Tue won, then the giants would convert to Christianity. Uther took his turn first and easily threw a small rock to the top of nearby Stowe's Hill.

St Tue prayed for assistance, and picking up a huge slab found it was very light. One after the other, they threw their rocks, stacking them up in perfect piles. When the score was twelve stones each, Uther threw a thirteenth stone, but it rolled down the hill. St Tue picked up this fallen stone, and as he lifted it, an angel appeared to carry it to the top of the pile of rocks. Seeing this, Uther conceded, and most of the giants decided to follow Christianity after that."

This was our walk on Bodmin Moor completed for the day: Ancient Stone Rings, wild ponies and horses, strange natural rock formations, open spaces and, of course those legends and myths.

Bodmin Moor ponies and horses Cornwall

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Tuesday, March 27

Evil Of The Devil And His Dando Dogs On Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor wild pony in Cornwall

We were walking on the mystical Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England where there are wild ponies and other animals grazing the moorland. It's good to see animals roaming free as they have done for thousands of years. The ponies happily posed for my photos.

Ponies on Bodmin Moor Cornwall

As the wind blows across the wide expanse of moorland it's easy to imagine the legends of the moor coming to life. Dando and His Dogs could well be nearby hunting for human souls. Fluffy, beautiful ponies are one thing, but Dando is something not to be messed with.

Bodmin Moor pony

Hearing Dando's baying hounds echoing over the moor is enough to make even the bravest fear for their lives. If the dogs are heard it's best to move on quickly before the hunter catches sight of your soul. One poor fellow lingered until it was nearly too late, but fortunately he remembered what he had to do to escape. Others aren't so lucky or as well informed.

Dando the hunter is evil with big saucer like eyes, horns from his head and a tail blowing in the wind, he is the devil himself. With his hunting pole at the ready his dogs snort out fire scorching the moorland surface as they snarl and snap at any unfortunate human.

Bodmin Moor Cornwall England

The man I mentioned remembered the advice his father had given him as a child about Dando and his Dogs. The only way to escape is to surrender yourself to God and pray. The man dropped to his knees and did so and the dogs fell silent. Dando called for them to move on in pursuit of another soul - one who may not be aware of the secret knowledge to save him or her from evil.

It's not only Dando to be wary of while on the moor, oh no, there is also the Beast of Bodmin or perhaps beasts. These are big black cat like creatures the size perhaps of panthers or pumas. Many walkers on the moor have seen them and sheep and cattle have been savaged by these beasts.

Bodmin Moor has kept it's mysteries for thousands of years and tomorrow's post will be about The Hurlers - three ancient stone circles adjacent to each other and believed to be at least 3,500 years old. But what was their purpose and why did the ancient people erect them in this fashion?

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Monday, March 26

UFO Seen By Sports Journalist Plus 8 Other UFO Sightings

UFO picture

I came across this video from the latter part of last year. It's about a respected UK sports journalist Mike Sewell's sighting of a UFO. He was so freaked out by this he phoned the BBC's Radio 5 station to tell presenter Nicky Campbell what he saw live on air. Campbell's is a sceptic but the video of the incident sounds genuine enough.

If you listen to the video you will hear Mike Sewell say:

"I was probably about 15 or 20 miles from Stansted at 4.15 in the morning and there was this big bright light in the sky descending towards the road.

As it got closer it then banked to the left, and as it banked to the left and went across the countryside I could see underneath it.

It wasn't an aeroplane, and it wasn't a helicopter. Certainly of a kind of - and I dread saying this - disc shape. It had several lights flashing all around it.

Underneath there were at least two large panel lights, soft white lights, and then it just sat or circled a certain area above the field for a few moments.

I was so gobsmacked, I was trying to negotiate the road, which was a small country lane. Eventually I dropped down and lost sight of it but certainly for two or three minutes I saw what, I think, was not a normal aeroplane.'

I was wide awake and I'm of sound mind. I was completely freaked out by it. This was a long way from Stanstead airport - at least 15 miles - and the aircraft was going westerly rather than easterly towards Stansted.

It was not the shape of a normal aircraft it was a big disc, round-shaped craft and it didn't leave.

I watched it for two or three minutes before I eventually lost sight of it. I decided to go back again through the village. It's a very quiet area and I've spoken to someone who knows it very well and they said there's no military installations in that area so I would be intrigued to hear if anybody else saw it."

The video is below:

At the time the reported UFO sighting created a lot of interest. So much so that other people reported their own UFO sightings as well. Here's a few examples:

"In 1974 I and my friends saw a large UFO at about 07:00am, it was bright and sunny when this very long object appeared flying low, it seemed to be following the power lines between three pylons, as it got near we could see that it was as big as a 747, it stopped and hovered at about 60 feet above the ground, and about 50 yards in front of us, it stayed like that for about 2 minutes, then suddenly accelerated upwards at an enormous speed and disapeared from view. What was erie about this object was that NO sound came from it, even when it sped off at a great speed! I phoned the Norwegian air force and told them about this UFO, and two weeks later an officer of the Norwegian air force and a civilian payed me a visit at home. They told me that I had not seen anything, and that I must stop telling people that I had seen anything, but I and my friends had seen it!"
~ SI Mather, Bradwell, UK

"I saw one fly over the back of our house about 8 years ago late at night, it was really low in the sky, lit up like a christmas tree and made almost no sound, just a sound like the wind, it was a still clear night. It flew off into the distance and two other distant lights flew up to it and off they went. I thought it might be a stealth bomber (there's an RAF base not far away) but this was bigger than any aircraft I've ever seen."
~ Gav, Wolverhampton, England

"Saw one of these disc shaped craft 14 years ago in broad daylight in Essex. No doubt It wasn't any conventional blimp, balloon, helicopter or aircraft due to shape and performance. If it is another species, I'm sure they are just researching the planet and our development. There's nothing that we can do about it but it's just fascinating there is something else out there. If it's just a type of experimental craft I'd be blown away. Really would a powerful enough nation produce such a thing to keep knocking out conventional jet aircraft."
~ Ben, Cambridge

"In 1982 I was standing in a field in the Wirral about 1am, having a smoke, while my partner packed away the equipment from a disco in the nearby village hall. I saw exactly what this guy saw and the odd thing was that there was absolutely no sound. One minute this object was far to my left and in seconds it was far to my right, then it just vanished. I was completly sober and have never been able to explain it. At the far end of the field were half a dozen horses and they were standing quietly until this thing appeared and when it did they ran around in circles and made a horrendous baying noise."
~ Jeannie, Deeside

"Imagine how freaked out you'd be if you saw one in the flesh....hmm well it happened to me. I'm not mad, crazy or delusional, I dont take drugs, I'm not on prescription medicine either. I saw this thing in my room, it was smallish but crouching, it had no hair at all, on its body or head. It was brownish-grey in colour, age spots on its skin. It had large, yellowish eyes with black pupils. They eyes were rounded though. It had a small nose and a slit like mouth. I distinctly remember it staring at me and pointing at me. Obviously I didn't sit and stare back at it, I ran out the room, totally freaked out. Never seen one in the flesh again although I've had feelings and went outside and saw a craft. Twice it happened. It made no sound, was fast moving, amber light. Absolutely no one believes me about the alien but I swear its all true, I have no reason to make it up."
~ Jess, UK

"Haydock, Lancashire, Friday 13th May 1977, approximately 10.30pm. It was a clear night. I know this for certain, as it was the day I left school. I was stood with quite a few friends on a street corner, when one of the lads said - "Has anyone noticed that bright light in the sky?" We all looked up to see this bright light hovering above us, high in the sky. At first, it was quite still, so the lad who had pointed it out started to get laughed at. He said; "Just watch it for a minute and you'll see what I mean". So, we did. All of a sudden it started to move very slowly, then it would move fast, then it would move in a zigzag, then it would whizz across the sky and stop suddenly, then start all over again. We must have watched this going on for about fifteen minutes, when all of a sudden, it just whizzed off out of sight, the speed of which I have never seen before, or since. Space Ship - Who knows? Unidentified Flying Object - You bet !!! We definitely didn't know what it was !!!"
~ Pat Yicker, Wigan, Lancashire

"My UFO story, for what it's worth, is that my mother phoned me up in great excitement many years ago and told me that her neighbours in our village (in the North East of England) had been awakened in the middle of the night by dazzling blue lights shining into their bedroom windows, and when they looked outside they saw that these lights were coming from a big, disc-shaped UFO which had landed in the farmer's field outside. After sitting there for a while it rose up silently into the air and flew off across the valley. There was a huge round patch left on the grass where it had been sitting. My parents didn't waken, as they had the curtains drawn. But she got the story from a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense lady who said she definitely had seen it. I was furious that I hadn't been there at the time, I'd love to see something like that with my own eyes!"
~ Susan, Manchester

"These UFOs are very real. At the end of 1999 I watched two of them hovering over the M62 near Brighouse. They were big round/oval lights. After a few minutes they were flying towards the house (heading in the direction of Leeds) so I went outside for a better look. One of them flew right over my head but really slowly. No noise, no wind, no visible infratructure, no winking lights. All I could see was just a HUGE area of soft light. It was so big I couldn't see the perimeter of it. Pictures were in the Yorkshire Post the following day but they didn't show what I saw! When you take a pic of light, that 's all you get. Not the huge noiseless thing the flew so low over my head I could almost have reached it. I wasn't afraid but I want to know what they are and where they come from. It's annoying that Government never comments!!!!!"
~ Rosy Knight, Sheffield UK

Obviously there are lots of people who do not believe in UFOs, aliens and so on. Each to their own opinions but surely all of the reports aren't fictitious. Some probably are but with the sheer weight of numbers some must be true. People have definitely seen something that governments will not admit to.

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Sunday, March 25

The Guilt Of A Moorland Pony And Guilty Quotes

Bodmin Moor Horse

I was walking on Bodmin Moor last week, where there are still wild ponies and sheep graze on the moorland. I came across the sign in the photo - does that pony look a bit guilty? Perhaps it wasn't a dog after all.

A little more about guilt from these guilty quotes:

They who feel guilty are afraid, and they who are afraid somehow feel guilty. To the onlooker, too, the fearful seem guilty.
~ Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind (1954)

Guilt, though it may attain temporal splendor, can never confer real happiness; the evil consequences of our crimes long survive their commission, and, like the ghosts of the murdered, forever haunt the steps of the malefactor; while the paths of virtue, though seldom those of worldly greatness, are always those of pleasantness and peace.
~ Sir Walter Scott

Where guilt is, rage and courage both abound.
~ Ben Jonson, Sejanus His Fall (1602)

Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

O, she is fallen
Into a pit of ink, that the wide sea
Hath drops too few to wash her clean again.
~ William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing (1598-99)

Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt.
~ Plautus, Mostellaria

The guilty think all talk is of themselves.
~ Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

He is not guilty who is not guilty of his own free will.
~ Seneca, Hercules

No disease of the imagination is so difficult to cure, as that which is complicated with the dread of guilt: fancy and conscience then act interchangeably upon us, and so often shift their places, that the illusions of one are not distinguished from the dictates of the other.
~ E. M. Forster, Commonplace Book,

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Saturday, March 24

Where To See Daphne Du Maurier In Cornwall

Mural in St Austell Cornwall showing Daphne Du Maurier

I've had a good response from my posts about the author Daphne Du Maurier. Menabilly Daphne Du Maurier's Manderley In Cornwall, for example, attracted far more visitors than normal. I thought, therefore, I would show you this mural found on the side of a building in St.Austell, Cornwall.

Daphne du Maurier
The mural, by Janet Shearer, depicts well known people (at least well known to local residents!) who lived near to St Austell, one of these being Daphne Du Maurier. She is in the premier position as the lady at the top of the art work looking out over a balcony.

Amongst the diners at the fictional 'China Cafe' are Nigel Martyn (Former England Goalkeeper), Jemma Simpson (Olympic Athlete), Richard Sharp (England Rugby Player), Beatrice Rogers (First Female Deaconess in the Methodist Church), AL Rowse (Historian and Poet), Walter Hicks (Founder of St Austell Brewery), Silvanus Trevail (Architect), William Cookworthy (Discoverer of China Clay in Cornwall), John Nettles (Actor), Bishop Colenso (First Anglican Bishop of Natal), Captain Percy Phillips (Founder of the Cornwall Aviation Compant) and Jack Clemo (Writer and Poet).

The mural is a reproduction, four times the size of the original painting. This was photographed and then scaled up and printed on aluminium sheets which were then affixed to the building.

So if you are visiting Cornwall and want to see Daphne Du Maurier go to Trinity Street, St Austell.

Famous people from St Austell, Cornwall

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Friday, March 23

Hidden Messages In Water Can Change Our Bodies

How meditation effects water crystals

Below is a six minute video I came across which got me thinking!

The video is about how water can be changed by meditation or even the right words. A Dr Masaru Emoto carried out experiments of the effect of meditation on water. In brief the water crystals changed to beautiful patterns like snowflakes. These were photographed via a dark-field microscope.

One of the messages, I guess, is: As 90% of our bodies are water imagine what our thoughts can do for us. We too can create beautiful patterns or the opposite. So it must be beneficial for us to think and speak in a proper, positive, loving way.

Anyway, enough of my waffle, here's the video:

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Thursday, March 22

Having A Pint With Jesus In Looe Cornwall

Looe river Cornwall showing bridge

I thought I'd carry on from Monday's post Did Jesus Visit St George's Island Looe Cornwall and show a few photos of the small coastal town of Looe in Cornwall.

There is archeological evidence that the area has been populated since at least 1000 BC. Looe itself probably dates back to the 1100s.

The town is old with quaint narrow streets. It was once a port used for the exporting of local tin, arsenic and granite. This ties in with the idea that Jesus' uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, visited Looe and Cornwall, as mentioned in a previous post, and may have brought Jesus with him.

There are two halves of Looe separated by the River Looe shown in the photo at the top of this post. The first proper bridge was made of wood and is believed to have been erected in 1411. The present stone bridge, with it's seven arches, was opened in 1853.

Looe is primarily now a tourist attraction.  Just don't park your car for too long or you may well find seagulls have taken up residence!

Looe River Cornwall and seagulls

The town has lots of appeal, though gets crowded once summer and the tourists swarm everywhere. Not too many people about in March though.

As we were walking towards the town I was talking to my wife about early memories of London. I was telling her about how I used to go to a special cafe for rum babas and coffee and how I hadn't seen rum babas in shops for years. And then, in a small baker's window I saw ...


Needless to say I had to indulge! Not quite as good as I remember, but that's often the thing with memories. Here's a few pics of the Looe town with it's narrow streets.

Looe Cornwall

Looe town Cornwall

Looe restaurant Cornwall

And the main street leads to a small sandy beach, which looks much better in the summer.

Beach at Looe Cornwall

There's a pleasant train ride, about nine miles, that can be taken on the Looe Valley Line. The photo below shows the end of the ride in Looe, with the train in the background. It's about five minutes walk from the town. Some people use the train as a Real Ale Trail stopping off at various pubs to taste the local beers. Well, there's worse ways to spend a day. Unfortunately there's no tales of Jesus stopping off for a pint when he visited Looe though! But after a few pints I guess you can imagine that most things are possible.

Looe Valley Cornwall train

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Wednesday, March 21

Elvis Presley And Madonna's Satanic Illuminati Links

Madonna occult symbols

I had some unexpected free time this morning so I thought I'd see if there was anything I could find on the Internet that would be suitable for a future post. I didn't have any subject in mind.

I went into my blog stats first and saw that for today I had 1111 page views so far. I felt the number significant. It came to my mind that Elvis Presley's come back album, after being in the US Army, Elvis Is Back, was GZS-1111. (I have this on a vinyl original recording). So off I went hunting the King!

Elvis Presley 1111 Elvis Is Back

I've written previously about how I like early Elvis Presley rock music and somehow while Googling this I found how Elvis was supposedly controlled by the Illuminati! I hadn't heard this before despite having quite a few books about him. The website Educate-Yourself indicated that it was okay to copy their material so here's a sample:

"Elvis Presley was ... programmed by the Illuminati. We know that at times he went by code names, one which is publicly known was John Burrows. His group, called the Memphis Mafia, have talked about his ability to go into altered states of consciousness, even to seem dead."

The web site continued by talking about Elvis' twin who died at birth and as also mentioned in my post The Twinless Twin Mystery

"Cisco points out that Elvis’ twin brother was dead at his birth, and that Elvis knew that this gave him double spiritual power (according to Illuminati beliefs)."

"The Illuminati will often kill a twin, so that the other will get the power of two souls. From what we understand, Elvis Presley’s handler/programmer was Col. Tom Parker." Who was, of course, his manager.

"Elvis belonged to a team of four Illuminati men. Elvis is publicly known to have studied yoga, numerology, drugs, and received some new age spiritual training in an academy overlooking Pasadena, CA. He was an active member in the Theosophical Society."

A little further on the website writes:

"Elvis and the Beatles were chosen by the Illuminati to introduce rock music to the United States. There is no doubt about Elvis’ and the Beatles’ musical talent. Elvis’ close friend Wayne Newton is highly suspected as also being a slave. Elvis worked with Burt Reynolds and Jerry Lee Lewis who also connect in with the Illuminati’s mind-control operations."

"The authors are puzzled why Elvis’ grave, which had millions of dollars spent on its security, has his name misspelled. We are also puzzled why Elvis, who repeatedly stated he wanted to be buried beside his mother, is buried beside his father, who he privately stated wasn’t even his real father. Why has no one ever tried to collect insurance on Elvis’ death? Once again, it seems, the front stories that the public hears are full of inconsistencies. We believe that some people in the Illuminati know the true story about Elvis Presley. For sure Elvis’ mysterious mind-control programmer/handler Col. Tom Parker would know."

Another search and I came across a post about Madonna from a Christian blogger, Stacey Dames. She writes about how she used to be a Madonna fan but ...

"I was pulled from the wreckage by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In honor of the One who saved me, I now write about this woman (Madonna) who has been used willingly since 1983 by Satan and the New World Order elites to further their end time agenda."

Stacey goes on to give a long list that 'proves' Madonna's links with Satan from when she started in show business. One of these links or associations is with Elvis Presley. By coincidence Elvis died on Madonna's birthday, 16th of August. This is what she writes:

"1987: Madonna pays homage to the King of Rock and Roll throughout her career, linking herself to Elvis Presley in various ways. Elvis' death and the continued idolatrous celebration of him also happens to be her birthday - August 16th."

"Elvis Presley is a known occultist who is very fond of satanic theosophist Madame Blavatsky, and even reads to his audiences from her books after performances. Blavatsky teaches that Lucifer is the one true god, Jehovah is satan, and the enlightened one, satan, is coming to rule the planet during the Age of Aquarius."

"Madonna pays homage to the King by kissing a poster of him in her movie, 'Who's That Girl?'"

I glanced at my clock and as it was 11:11 so I thought it must be time to move onto something else!

So should I now ditch my very old collection of vinyl Elvis records, some will be worth a few quid? And I also have a couple of autographed photos of Madonna (see below). Must that now go too?

No way, I think I'll hang onto them, but it does make you wonder who or what you can believe.

There is no reality just our realisation of how things are.

Seen on Elvis Truth.

Nearly forgot to include this!

"The Memphis Mafia spent the next five years keeping Elvis subdued, feeding him drugs that kept him disoriented and overweight. He struggled to keep up his former life, performing stage shows and spending time with beautiful women, but eventually the poisons became too much for him. Elvis Presley died in August 16, 1977, murdered by Freemasons in retaliation for the death of J. Edgar Hoover."

Of course you won't find anything of this on Wikipedia!

Again, there is no reality ...

Madonna autograph photo

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Tuesday, March 20

UFO Lights And Coloured Stars Over Cornwall

UFO photo Cornwall

There were 'things' in the Cornish sky last night. Okay, they might just be stars or planets - Jupiter can be seen near Venus at the moment for example - but these are my own photos. They haven't been retouched other than by cropping or enlarging for clarity.

The photo above was taken 18th of March, 2012 at about 9pm. As can be seen it shows a white light and also you might just be able to make out a very small green light towards the right of the photo. I have enlarged the green 'star' or whatever (and no, it wasn't an aircraft light!) as below.

A green star

I'm no astronomer so perhaps others can say what these might be - I'm not claiming it is a UFO but, I guess, as I don't know what it is then it is unidentified.

large light or UFO in sky

There was also a red star / planet, maybe Mars? Photo below, which has been enlarged and cropped to show the red blob.

Red planet or star

Going back to the green star/planet/whatever it's interesting that some 'experts' write on the Internet that there is no such things as green stars. See for example Why are there no green stars.

NASA, however, state that stars can be any colour, including green. To quote: "The reason that people do not often mention green stars is simply that green is in the middle of the visible spectrum. Therefore a star that gives off a plurality of its light in the green (similar to our Sun), also gives off lots of red, orange, yellow, blue and violet light. When we see this mixture of colors it usually appears white or yellow."

On the website Astronomy Central they say that on the 19th of March, the day after I took the photos, the following planets can be seen from the UK: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn. So perhaps what I saw were simply planets but there again ... the top photo doesn't look how I imagine a planet to look.

I must search the sky more often. I only did so last night as my wife went outside for something and then called me to look at the strange stars.

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