Tuesday, July 31

The Number 9 Always Returns To Itself

Magic of the number 9 nine

A few days back I published a post about the coincidence of the number 9. It was a story from someone called Wayne and in the end it turned out not to be true. But if got me pondering the number 9!

My pondering (it's perfectly legal if you are a responsible adult) led me to something I wasn't aware of about the number 9.

To the Chinese nine is said to be an enormously auspicious number because it represents the fullness of heaven and earth but this isn't the bit I didn't know.

What I found out was that nine multiplied by any number and then reduced to a single digit always adds up to nine.

Here's some examples:

9 x 11 = 99 : 9 + 9 = 18 : 1 + 8 = 9

9 x 34 = 306 : 3 + 0 + 6 = 9

9 x 128 = 1152 : 1 + 1 + 5 + 2 = 9

9 x 5637 = 50733 : 5 + 0 + 7 + 3 + 3 = 18 : 1 + 8 + 9

It's interesting that even when things go wrong, as with the post I published, there is always something of interest to be derived from the situation.

Not sure what good it is me (or you) knowing that nine multiplied by any number always reduces down to 9 but, you never know, one day it could come in useful.

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Monday, July 30

Discovering The Clues Of Synchronicity In The Game Of Life

And they all lived happily ever after

Children's stories so often end, "And they all lived happily ever after." But can this ever be true if we just have, say, another twenty, thirty of forty years to live? Even a Prince or Princess has to die.

So how come we aren't going about terrified of the future? Most of us carry on as if we are watching some movie and that the reality on screen has absolutely nothing to do with us personally.

The majority of us must therefore be optimistic, despite sometimes having pessimistic thoughts. We have a strange belief in a sense of security which is built in to the way we mostly think and act.

Philosophers will say that this is simply human stupidity or short-sightedness.

I was mulling this over in my mind when by 'chance' I read that Thomas Lethbridge wrote. "When looking back over the past sequences of my life, I have observed that whatever one undertook invariably had a relationship to something one was going to do, perhaps many years afterwards. Something in some archaeological investigation would explain what was found in a completely different bit of work decades later."

And what he must be talking about is - synchronicity, or some would call it coincidence!

Synchronicity links the parts of our life that matter. It also - Lethbridge's words again - "... must surely imply the existence of some kind of plan for each individual."

Behind the 'random' things which happen in our lives is a plan. We aren't running scared every day because of this: we 'know' instinctively that we will live on.

A warning though from Lethbrdige, "... those who cannot be bothered to develop their minds will have to return to earth again after death and do the whole business again."

The clues are out there, synchronicity may well provide the answers. All we have to do is solve the clues and discover our personal plan.

There might really be a 'game of life' for all of us to play - enjoy!

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Sunday, July 29

Your Can Never Find A Guerrab Water Seller When You Need One

Morocco guerrab water carrier

I've been going through loads of our old holiday and travel photos. The one above is of Karin and my son when he was eight.

It's not a particularly good picture but it stirred up some memories for me and also made me think about how it's so easy to take water for granted.

The photo was taken in Marrakech, Morocco and the gentlemen surrounding Karin and my son are traditional guerrab water sellers, some call them water carriers. It's more of a tourist attraction nowadays as bottled water can easily be bought in several Marrakech shops.

We had travelled from the Morocco coast to Marrakech on a bus, which wasn't too bad, but on our return journey the bus broke down in the Atlas mountains. The driver simply got out of the bus and walked away into the pitch black night leaving us stranded.

That's the thing about travel, it makes life interesting!

I remember thinking how we could do with a guerrab water seller ringing his bell to make his presence known - but you just can't find a guerrab when you need one! Especially in the mountains.

Luckily we had a supply of our own water. But isn't it great to be able to turn on a tap in our houses and find clean running water. Sometimes we take a lot for granted, well I do.

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I was 'conned' with yesterday's post - it doesn't check out properly which I didn't notice at the time. Apologies to readers! I'll leave the post up for a couple of days and will then delete it - Mike.

Saturday, July 28

The Coincidence Of The Number 9

Coincidence of number 9

A coincidence about the number 9 today that Wayne noticed by accident. It's interesting how certain numbers seem to play a part in our lives over and over again.

"I wonder if you will think this is a coincidence or not? I didn't notice it until I was doodling with a pencil, when I should have been working.

I was born on the 1st of February 1978, my wife was born on the 4th of June 1980 (she introduces me as her toy boy!) and we got married on the 4th of March 1992 and our daughter was born on the 2nd of February 1995. Therefore our dates as numbers are:

1+2+7+8 = 18 (1+8 = 9)
4+6+8+0 = 18 (1+8 = 9)
4+3+9+2 = 18 (1+8 = 9)
2+2=9+5 + 18 (1+8 = 9)

These significant dates all equal 18 and then reduce down further to 9. This is what I saw as a coincidence. There are two more coincidences for me attached to 9.

I met my wife on the 9th September - 9/9 - and at the time I lived at number 9 A******* Road with my parents. We now live at 9 C********** Court.

There are a lot of number 9s in my life. I think, having discovered this, I ought to try to do important things on the 9th of the month."


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Friday, July 27

1948 And 2012 London Olympic Games

1948 London Olympics Poster

As the 2012 London Olympics kicks off today here are some photos and posters from the 1948 London Olympics. Back then it was a whole different world, without the influence of the likes of McDonald's, Coca Cola and Adidas advising punters what they can and can't eat or wear.

There's also a contrast in the Olympic posters. Look at the one above from 1948 and you know what it's all about. Look at the Tracey Emin poster below - yes, it's an official poster for the games - and it could be for anything, but the lovies love the 'artist'.

1948 was definitely a different era:

1948 London Olympics souvenir poster

1948 Olympics advertising poster

Picture Post cover for 1948 London Olympics

1948 Olympics hurdles race

1948 London Olympic medal ceremony

London Olympics 1948 medal ceremony

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Thursday, July 26

Personal Coincidence And Synchronicity Moments

Samuel's birthday card

Some small personal coincidence or synchronicity moments.

Firstly it was my birthday on Monday 23rd July and we went out in the car for a drive and then a walk. I switched on the car radio and the DJ, or whatever they are known as nowadays said, "And that was played for Michael at the request of his mother." Unfortunately I don't know what the song was! 

For those who may not know my mother died a while back.

Secondly, yesterday, I was sorting out some brochures and bits and pieces I had accumulated over many years from our travels and left a big pile of the stuff on my office floor.

Bed and Breakfast business card
At dinner Karin and I were talking about holidays and travel over the years. She mentioned the time we toured the English Lake District and Yorkshire the Dales. "And do you remember that great Guest House we found and that enormous breakfast?"

I did remember and after dinner I returned to my office and on the top of the pile for sorting was a business card. I turned it over and it was for the Bed and Breakfast place that my wife mentioned at dinner. And I'm taking about 25 years plus of holiday literature, plus it's over 10 years since we went to the B&B. (I've removed the phone number as the proprietor may have now moved on).

And thirdly for my birthday my grandson made me a card - with the help of his daddy as he only turned two on the 13th of July. He selected the stickers and bits to affix to the card himself and stuck them where he wanted.

As regular readers will know I have often written about White Feathers. Okay little Samuel's feathers are coloured blue and yellow but strange how he chose to put them on the card.

And just for reference. In a book I have: yellow feathers give Intelligence, playfulness, cheerfulness, mental alertness, prosperity, and blessings from the Sun. Corresponds to the 3rd or solar plexus chakra, and the musical note E.

Blue feathers give mental abilities, health, connection with spirits, peace, knowledge, communication, and protection. Also psychic awareness. Corresponds to the third eye, the 5th and 6th chakra, and the musical notes A and G.

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Wednesday, July 25

OBE: An Out Of Body First Experience

Out of body experience

Carrying on from yesterday's theme here's an Out of Body Experience story from A Customer who wishes to remain otherwise anonymous. His experiences with OBEs started when he was 17.

"I must have willed my first out of body experience which started as a very normal dream. I stumbled and knocked my head in this dream which I suppose triggered something.

Suddenly there was a very loud whistling and crackling sound in my ears and a rush of consciousness and I stood up in my dream more awake than I had ever felt before, everything that had been present in my dream was still there, buildings, streets and gardens, none of which I recognised. What the hell was going on?

I remember the sheer disbelief and shock that this was actually happening to me, I was wide awake in a dream, conscious of all my faculties and able to make conscious decisions about where I would go and what I would do, although something attached to me from behind was definitely pulling me back as if I was wading through Ink.

I clearly remember looking down at the clothes I was wearing and then at my hands, I got really scared at that point because I thought I had died in my sleep. Suddenly without warning there was a huge tugging from behind and I was pulled backwards through some lavender bushes, I remember the smell and branches scratching in my face and the loud whistling and crackling sound in my ears again. I was pulled up in to the air and watched the streets and strange gardens pass by under me, I lost my vision and all went dark but I could still hear the whistle and then I felt a definite transition in consciousness from higher to lower, I think?

I opened my eyes and was back in my bed at home, my night light was still on, my heart was racing and my usually docile cat was going crazy, staring right at me, growling and hissing as if she had seen a ghost.

I think I would have been happy with just one Out of Body experience, but that night I opened a door I have never been able to shut and for many years afterwards they continued almost every night sometimes two or three times a night, sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying but always different. I have many times been turned and guided by invisible hands. I am not a liar!

But who honestly could I tell? I quickly realised that it was not something you can mention in passing conversation, even to ones own parents and at the risk of being branded a nutcase or a fraud. I decided to keep it to myself for many years. Yes!It was a lot for a young lad to carry.

They still happen to me now 16 years on, although they are rare and they don't bring the fear that they used to, I think I have just learnt to live with it now although I still don't really know what was happening to me."

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Tuesday, July 24

OBEs And Out Of Body Loving Experiences

OBE out of body experience

I've been reading a little about Robert Monroe and his out-of-body experiences. He wrote a book on the subject called Journeys Out Of The Body. At the same time I received another email from Kate, who I featured in the recent post The Ghost Who Wanted Sex With Kate. You'll see how this ties up later.

Monroe's experiences of OBEs began back in the 1950s when he felt as if he had been 'struck by a beam of warm light' which caused his body to vibrate. Over the following six weeks strange happenings occurred.

On one occasion he was lying on his bed with his arm and hand hanging over the side. He then had a sudden feeling that he could push his fingertips through the floor.

Then came his first proper out of body experience. He felt 'a surge that seemed to be in my head.' He opened his eyes and felt that he was floating close to the ceiling, looking down on his body.

Not expecting such a thing to happen he felt himself in shock and immediately plunged back down to his body and 'dived in.'

This awakened Monroe's interest and he started to experiment and became adapt at leaving his body and taking journeys.

In one of his first out of body trips he 'visited' a friend whom he knew would be home, as he was ill, but was surprised to see him leaving his house with his wife. His friend later confirmed that this was true. He had felt better so decided to go for a walk with his wife.

Now comes the bit that may perhaps link up with Kate's experience.

While out of his body Monroe made a visit to a woman friend and actually pinched her! She reacted as anyone else would do. When he later told her what he had done his friend showed him a bruise at the exact spot where he pinched her.

Okay, so what I'm getting around to is that perhaps Kate didn't feel a ghost touching her intimately - it was, instead, someone travelling out of his body.

If an OBE traveller can pinch and cause a bruise then, perhaps, Kate could also experience someone's hands on her body.

Astral travel, according to Monroe is not really meant for our world, that's why it isn't always easy to do or control. But there are other realms or worlds, which he calls locales.

Local II he explains: '... thought is the wellspring of existence ... As you think, so you are ... the interesting aspect of this thought world (or worlds) ... is that one does perceive what seems to be solid matter as well as artifacts common to the physical world.'

It's this Locale II where the astral body can roam freely and is where we move to following death - Heaven and Hell if you like. This locale can, seemingly, be visited by the astral body when we sleep.

Returning to Kate maybe she was asleep - though she says not - and she met this other 'man' on Locale II.

This may sound a little far fetched to some but I know of a woman who swears that she visits a spirit lover in what she calls the 'spirit world' and has now married him - in that spirit world. Her story was once featured in a UK magazine. This was many years ago and, unfortunately, I can't now trace this on Google anywhere.

Realms, levels or locales, though, seem quite feasible to me.

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Monday, July 23

Secret UFO Files Revealed

UFO drawing from National Archives 2012

The UK government have released more UFO files from it's archives and these may be viewed for a limited period at The National Archives website.

The files contain a wide range of UFO related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions ranging from 1965 up to 2008.

There's a mountain of stuff to go through if anyone has the time or the inclination. Such things as:

Welsh Triangle and silver-suited spacemen (DEFE 24/2043/1 p31-48)

A spate of UFO and alien sightings in West Wales during 1977 led to tabloid headlines linking the region with the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The local MP, Nicholas Edwards, said he was "inundated" with reports from constituents and asked MoD to investigate. He received a letter from the proprietor a local hotel who claimed she saw a dome-shaped object land "like the moon falling down" behind the hotel. Two tall silver-suited "faceless humanoids" emerged and began "making measurements". She told her MP she was left in a state of shock. MoD asked the RAF police to make "discreet enquiries" in the area and sent an officer from RAF Brawdy to interview the woman.

Men in Black visitation (DEFE24/2089/1 p471)

A member of the public from Spalding, Lincolnshire who had reported a UFO encounter to police, later went on to receive a late night visit from three tall men dressed in black suits who "seemed to move silently", according to a friend who witnessed the visit whilst hiding in the downstairs toilet. The men apparently broke in through the back door, before entering the bedroom of the UFO witness and having a conversation, the content of which was not overheard. The "petrified" friend locked himself in the toilet until "men in black" left in a black Jaguar soon afterwards.

Personally I don't believe that the government would reveal anything significant, no matter what is professed. They would retain such material as classified.

The files indicate that there are no secret UFO investigation teams. To quote from the files: " ...the idea of MoD UFO investigations tends to suggest to the public that there are Top Secret teams of specialist scientists scurrying around the country in a real life version of the X Files ...[but] this is total fiction."

If you have lots of time the files are there to be viewed. You never know, you might just discover something significant - or there again not.

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Sunday, July 22

A Donkey's Heavy Load Leads To Rambling Thoughts

Donkey with a heavy load

Readers will probably view the photo above differently. At one end of the scale will be laughter and at the other, sadness that animals are sometimes used to carry loads way beyond their strengths or capabilities.

I remember reading in an occult book many years ago about how we as individuals should never take on the loads belonging to others or should sacrifice ourselves in favour of someone else. Who, they argued, can say whose life is the most valued?

This by no means that we shouldn't help others, in fact this is probably our duty to offer assistance - but only if the load in manageable.

This follows even into the realms of business. When I first went into management my boss told me I was doing too much myself. He said he didn't care if he came in and I had my feet up on the desk (as if!) as long as the figures were good and all of the work was completed. He then told me a story:

Bob lived opposite Alan, their houses faced each other. One day Bob lent Alan £1000 on the understanding that it would be repaid on the following Saturday morning.

Alan knew he was unable to repay the debt so on the Friday night he couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned and was worried sick about what Bob would say and how he could ever repay him. He got into a terrible mental state until ...

He went to his bedroom window and called across the road to Bob.

Bob opened his window and Alan shouted across to him that he wouldn't be able to pay the £1000 in the morning as promised. He then went back to bed and slept soundly.

It was now Bob who couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned wondering how he could ever get his money back from Alan.

The load had been switched from Alan to Bob.

Sometimes it's necessary to put a little of the onus on others, as we should all play an equal part in the game of life.

Just a few rambling thoughts, apologies for the self indulgence!

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Saturday, July 21

Tragic Deaths Illustrate How Fate Has Us At It's Beck And Call

Beaminster tunnel disaster
Beaminster Tunnel
As I have mentioned a couple of times we have had some terrible weather in England and Wales. There has been torrential rain, the worst since records began, which has caused flooding, landslides and the like.

There was one very nasty disaster reported on our local south-west television news and it illustrates how easily we can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Almost as if fate has us at it's beck and call.

Rosemary Snell and Michael Rolfe were described as elderly sweethearts at 67 and 72. They had been out for a romantic restaurant meal at the Bridge House Hotel. On their way home they drove through the Beaminster Tunnel just as a landslip occurred, because of the severe weather. They, and their car, were buried under tons of dislodged earth and rubble. Sadly they both died.

The extra horrible part was that they were entombed for ten days without anyone realising where they were.

The Assistant Chief Constable of Dorset Police said, "This was a tragic, freak accident. It was a chance in a million that they happened to be driving out of the end of the tunnel when the landslide swept through."

A million to one - but there is more to the story. At the restaurant the couple decided not to have coffee after their meal, because of the 'atrocious weather'. If they had lingered as expected over coffee they would have arrived at the tunnel after the mudslide had fallen.

A member of staff from the restaurant left ten minutes later than the couple and reached the tunnel after it had become blocked - so he turned round and went another way, never realising that anyone was buried underneath the landfall.

It does almost appear that through circumstances beyond our control we can be dragged into something we would wish to avoid. Yet at other times we may be aided to miss something horrific. Who or what decides who will suffer and who will be saved?

The Beaminster Horn Hill Tunnel was opened on the 29th of June 1832 and is the only pre-railway road tunnel in everyday use today.

Dorset Police: Latest update on landslide at Beaminster Tunnel

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Friday, July 20

Money Found In Amsterdam Red Light District

Finding money in Red Light District Amsterdam

I've published several posts about finding money - the last a few days ago titled Finding Money: A Coincidence Or A Message. Today it's the same theme but a version from Sean a 67 Not Out reader.

"I used to find money quite regularly when I lived in Amsterdam. To be honest I usually put this down to people being slightly more, erm, 'relaxed' when wandering the streets.

There was one occasion however when my good fortune led to a friend declaring me as something of a warlock.

We all worked for free in a hostel in the Red Light district and were always light on funds. One weekend a co-worker invited us for a weekend to her home in Leiden. As usual we were broke and as we left the hostel I turned to my co-worker 'Philo' (I include his name because I figure that if ever there was a site that someone I haven't seen in twenty years might happen across a story in which they appear it's this one!) and said "Oh man! Travelling all that way without cigarettes! Nightmare!"

We left the hostel as a group and headed towards the station (I was listening to the Walkman that I had purchased after exchanging the 50,000 Peseta note that I had found after cleaning the room of a group of Spanish students who had just left (but that`s another story).

As we crossed the road towards the station I noticed a 50 Guilder note laying on the floor. I picked it up and turned to Philo saying, "Look what I just found".

It was only when I turned back the other way that I saw the tobacconist shop on the other side of the road. I bought cigarettes for everyone and thanks to karma my predicted 'nightmare nicotineless journey' was averted!

This, coupled with all the other money I just happened across, did however (as I said) lead Philo to the conclusion that there was something 'not quite right' about me.

I gave up smoking ages ago but I`m still quite lucky when it comes to finding or winning money. I actually won two grand on the lottery after having a dream about the amount I would win (dreaming the numbers would have been handier!) and took two mates back to Amsterdam for a lost weekend."

~ Sean

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Thursday, July 19

The Reality That Probably Isn't Actually There

Reality, there is no reality

I have mentioned on this blog previously of how I believe there is no reality. There is only our realisation of the world, circumstances and so on. There's nothing particularly original about this belief but to expand on this a little I feel a lot of this realisation comes from our unconscious mind.

At times our spirits are raised and at others they are dampened by the way we see the world. Neitsche, for example, was lifted by the mystical visions of a stable universe but depression sunk him into the depths of insanity. Van Gogh saw beauty in nature as a living flame but also became to believe that his miseries would never end, and this drove him to suicide.

We often look for stimulations outside of ourselves to find happiness when real joy comes from within and our attitude and outlook to life.

Everything is as we believe we see it. We might perhaps think of something such as lying in the sunshine in some posh resort in the South of France, while sipping a cool drink, as perfection. But is this really so very different to sunbathing in our own garden or a public park while sipping a cool drink? We see what we see - an attitude of mind.

Colin Wilson wrote about how, 'we are always declaring that things are good or bad, when we merely mean that we are wearing rose-tinted or dark-coloured spectacles.'

But is some of how we see life rooted deep inside, perhaps carried over in the genes from our ancestors or from previous lives? Nature or nurture if you like.

Having a young grandson I observe him much more than probably I did my own children. I see traits that are built into him. He always wants to share for instance. We bought him some bunny rabbit shaped biscuits, only six in a pack, but he wouldn't eat any until he had handed one to his mum and dad and to me and his grandmother. And this was when he was just 18 months old. It's in his nature.

While sitting with him on my own I showed him a £5 banknote, which he held in his hands and looked at deeply. I told him the picture on the back of the note was of Elizabeth Fry. He nodded as if he understood. I then said that on the front of the banknote was a picture of the Queen. He turned the note over, nodded again and pointed to a tin in which my wife keeps some loose coins. The picture on the lid is of a castle. How does he know this? Carried over from a previous life? Or simply me imagining something that isn't there?

£5 note banknote

Whatever I choose to see it is my reality - the only one there is. How you see it, or anything, is your reality - but there can be dozens, if not thousands, of other versions as well.

Reality is a funny old thing because it probably doesn't exist.

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Wednesday, July 18

Synchronicity Or Reciprocity

A synchronicity story today from 67 Not Out reader happiewitch.

One of my favourite stories was featured on a show about Urban Legends, this one is a true story.

A boy was hit by a soccerball at a game. The ball struck his chest and when it did it stopped his heart.

A woman in the crowd, who was a nurse, performed CPR on the boy and saved his life. She was not supposed to have been at the game that day but it was quiet at the hospital, so they sent her home. Without her being there, he may have died.

Years later, the woman was out for breakfast at a local mom and pop restaurant when she began to choke.

Just when it seemed there was no one there who knew basic first aid, one of the young men who worked at the restaurant stepped forward and dislodged the offending food chunk, thus saving the woman's life. He was not supposed to be at work that day, but decided to come in anyway.

Had he not been there the woman - who had saved his life previously at a soccer game that she was not supposed to attend - would have died leaving this amazing circle of serendipity, incomplete.

Yup, when he realized who she was and she realized the same thing, they shared an amazing moment of joy at the unbelievable coincidence in which they had unknowingly participated.

Talk about reciprocity!

~ happiewitch

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Tuesday, July 17

Finding Money: A Coincidence Or A Message

UK £10 note banknote

I have written previously about how my wife is always finding money. It's usually coins but we have a big pot full of these that she has picked up on our walks.

She has been having a a bit of a lull recently, however, but this morning (Sunday) on a walk to get the newspapers she found a one penny coin.

"Huh," I said, "You'll have to do better than that."

"It's another one for the pot," she said, "but I must be due something more worthwhile very soon."

We bought our newspapers, though I'm not sure why I still want to read them - so much negativity, gloom and doom. But, anyway, we headed home and just before we turned into our road, Karin reached down and picked up something from the pavement.

"What's that another penny?" I asked.

"No. Look."

And it was a £10 banknote (about $14) all scrunched up.

"That's a bit more like it," I joked and this time we couldn't return it to its rightful owner - as we did the last time we - sorry, she - found £10.

I think Karin finds money because she expects to find money and also because of something her father once said. Though he died when she was only four her mother told her that he had a saying about how there is money waiting to be picked up on the streets, if you know how to pick it up. It's something that has always stuck in her mind - or maybe it's her father saying, "I'm still about and looking after you."

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Monday, July 16

Nun's Cross Opposed By The Number Of The Devil

The happy nun

Sister Mary Michael is a happy nun, look at her smiling face in the photo above. She might be full of the joys of happiness but all of her neighbours don't all feel the same.

The problem is that the Sister Mary wants to erect a 24 feet high cross in the small garden of her bungalow. She wants to pray by this for two or three hours every day.

The praying is okay, but she also wants the cross to be LED lit in blue and white. Neighbours say things like, "No way, the light will shine in my bedroom;" "It will cause light pollution," and so on.

But whatever Sister Mary or the neighbours may think it's up to her local council's planning department to approve or turn down such a structure. So planning permission has been sought.

Now here's the strange bit. The Sister Mary's planning application just happens to be ... number 666!

A spokesperson for the North Kesteven District Council is quoted as saying that the number is simply 'a coincidence'. Okay, but could there other forces at work here?

Going back to the cross: Why does Sister Mary want to build this, besides it being used for prayer? As a replica of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé is the answer. I hadn't heard of this previously so I'll let Wikipedia explain:

"The Glorious Cross of Dozulé is a postulated illuminated Catholic cross coloured white and blue, 738m tall with arms 123m long, which means with an exact proportion of a ratio of 3 between the vertical and horizontal lengths. It was erected by the Friends of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé."

What I also found out was that in late 1982, the Friends of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé announced that the Apocalypse was imminent. Followers took refuge in Loire-Atlantique and precautions were followed so that they would all be saved. After the failure of the prophecy, many members left the group.

Makes you wonder, therefore, if the signs are all there for Sister Mary Michael's planning application to also fail.

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Saturday, July 14

Free Book 240 Pages Featuring Reincarnation

LE Waters author of Infinite Sacrifice
The author, L.E.Waters, of Infinite Sacrifice has let me know that - for a short period - the Kindle edition of her book is available for free - all 240 pages.

The book is a reincarnation fantasy novel which describes the journey of a reincarnated soul through time.

I have to admit that I haven't succumbed to Kindle as yet so I haven't read the book. I have a pile of paper and hardbacks still waiting to be read, but here is a synopsis of the Infinite Sacrifice story:

"Maya’s shocked to discover it’s not the heaven she imagined; in fact, a life of adventure begins the moment you die.

Zachariah, her faithful spirit guide, explains the rules of the dead: in order to regain complete awareness and reunite with loved ones all souls must review their previous lives.

Maya plunges warily into her turbulent pasts as a sociopathic High Priest in ancient Egypt; an independent mother protecting a dangerous secret in glorious Sparta; an Irish boy kidnapped and enslaved by Vikings; and a doctor’s wife forced to make an ethical stand in plague-ridden England.

All the while, Maya yearns to be with those she cares about most and worries that she hasn’t learned all of heaven’s most vital lessons. Will she be forced to leave the tranquility of heaven to survive yet another painful and tumultuous life? Or worse, accept the bitter reality of having to go back alone?"

Lauren told me why she decided to write about reincarnation: "I originally wrote this series because of all I've read on past lives. I wished someone would depict a realistic account of how reincarnation could be possible and what would it feel like to relive those memories."

If you have a Kindle use the following link to get the book for free (for a short period only) on Amazon:

Infinite Sacrifice - Kindle version

The book is also available as a paperback for $12.95 at the following link:

Infinite Sacrifice - Paperback on Amazon

While on the subject of books I'd like to remind readers that my blogging friends Trish and Rob MacGregor also have an excellent book called Synchronicity and the Other Side. This one I have read!

Synchronicity and the Other Side
It's about discovering how to reconnect to those who have passed on to the other side. As the book says in it's introduction: "You'll see that the walls operating this world and the other side are not insurmountable, that you can obtain messages from deceased loved ones, that guidance can be found, that a larger picture of life and life-hereafter is readily available. In fact, the more contact you make, the more so called realm of the dead appears to be buzzing with life, potential and promise."

Trish and Rob's book is available from Amazon at the following link:

Synchronicity and the Other Side:
Your Guide to Meaningful Connections with the Afterlife

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