Friday, November 30

Step Into The Magic And Strange Things Happen

Stationery folders and inserts

I'd forgotten this until yesterday. It's one of those odd little things that come about by what appears to be almost a magical coincidence.

A few weeks back we found a bag of brand new folders on our driveway - as per the photo above, there was also another big colourful folder but I've now used this for my two year old grandson's drawings and pictures.

I've no idea where the folders originated but we left them in a prominent position for three or four days so anyone passing would see them. We also asked our neighbours and also the local gossip but no answers transpired.

After doing our best to find where they had come from we decided it was okay for us to keep the folders.

That may not seem a coincidence in itself but the next day we were walking along our road and there on a grass verge, with no houses nearby was a pack of transparent plastic inserts for the folders. Now that was a coincidence!

As there is supposedly a reason for everything in life I've been wondering why I found these folders and inserts. Perhaps there is something I should be keeping on record. Time will no doubt tell.

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It's an interesting old world when you step into the magic.

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Thursday, November 29

Buried In A Coffin But Able To Communicate With The Living

Premature burial

There is an Urban Myth that goes something like this:

In the 1500's England started running out of places to bury people. So, they would dig up coffins and would take the bones to a house and re-use the grave. 

In reopening these coffins, one out of 25 coffins were found to have scratch marks on the inside and they realized they had been burying people alive. 

So they thought they would tie a string on the 'dead' persons' wrist and lead it through the coffin and up through the ground and tie it to a bell. Someone would have to sit out in the graveyard all night to listen for the bell. Hence on the 'graveyard shift' they would know that someone was 'saved by the bell' or he was a 'dead ringer'.

The strange thing with this Urban Myth is that it is partly true, though the date is perhaps a little askew.

In the 1700s and 1800s, during cholera epidemics, people became worried about being buried while they were still alive. This inspired Edgar Allan Poe to write The Premature Burial. Published in 1844 it contained accounts of what are said to be genuine cases of premature burial.

It was about this time that safety or security coffins were invented. Most of these were simple devices which would allow the 'dead' to communicate with the outside world - if it turned out they weren't actually dead, if you see what I mean.

The buried person was attached to a bell above ground by a chord affixed to his or her wrists and legs. Any movement would thus make the bell ring.

The best known safety coffin was created in 1829 by a German, Dr Johann Gottfried Taberger.

With Taberger's system the corpse would have strings attached to its hands, head and feet. A housing around the bell above ground prevented it ringing accidentally. This was an improvement over previous designs as the housing prevented rainwater from running down the tube. It also had netting to prevent any insects entering the coffin. If the bell rang the night-watchman was instructed to insert a second tube and pump air into the coffin with a bellows to allow the occupant to survive until the casket could be dug up.

This was all well and good but the natural process of decay can cause the body to swell or shift position and would thus make the bell ring. To overcome this Taberger created a second tube to the corpse's face so that the night watchman could take a peek to see if the person was still alive.

The safety coffin seems to have died a natural death. Hopefully, modern medicine now knows if someone is definitely dead ... Now I wonder if there was ever any safety coffins for cremation ...

Frederic Chopin, the composer, had taphephobia - a fear of being buried alive - and insisted that his own heart should be removed on his death prior to burial.

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Wednesday, November 28

Laptop Information And Toddler Coincidence

A coincidence story from Chris the webmaster at Supernatural UFO. It's about how information that we are looking for can pop up in front of our eyes in this Internet age.

"Today, something occurred which I'd class as a little weird or coincidental. See what you think.

As usual, I was searching the net for interesting stories for my website and, of course, I checked your blog and found the story She Died But Was Visited By Her Living Daughter. I’d decided that this would be the final story for now and I’d resume later as I'm looking after an 18 month old (and you know what they can be like!)

Anyway, all the time I’m working on my laptop, the little guy is sitting beside me on the couch pushing buttons and generally making things difficult so I was about to close the lid when an article popped up At the Hour of Death

Somehow the baby had managed to push a button or link and found me this story which, of course, I had to feature on my site.

After thorough searching, I did find the link hidden amongst hundreds of bookmarks on my computer, so this was obviously just a random event, but still, the subject matter was coincidental in my mind.

Most times, a toddler can be a distraction when working but this time, he got it right."

~ Chris

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Tuesday, November 27

Top Ten Regrets In Life

Regrets, I've had a few

Regrets, I've had a few but, then again, too few to mention.

It appears that most of us have regrets and we supposedly spend more than two hours every week dwelling on them.

(1) Not travelling more
(2) Losing touch with pals
(3) Not exercising enough
(4) Not saving more money
(5) Taking up smoking
(6) Being lazy as school
(7) Choice of career
(8) Wasting years with wrong partner
(9) Eating unhealthily
(10) Not asking more about our grandparents' lives before they died
Yes, it's another study, this time by the British Heart Foundation.

Dr Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancaster School of Psychology said about this, "There seems to be a certain air of resignation amongst us that living out our dreams may simply not be possible for a variety of reasons."

I don't know what you think but I find this a little sad.

The list of the Top Ten Regrets is shown on the right.

Our main excuse (33% of study) for not completing our dreams is a lack of cash holding us back. 25% feel it's loved ones stifling our ambitions but 32% are honest enough to say that it's their own lack of courage that's the downfall.

It's interesting that a quarter of the study participants did not believe it was possible to live life without regrets - and that's why we waste 19 minutes per day thinking about things we could have done differently.

Maybe our ambitions are set too high as the survey also revealed that the number one goal on our 'to do list' is winning the lottery! And that has odds of 14,000,000 to 1 against is doing this.

Looks like, if we are typical of the study, we need to change the way we see things. Everything is possible but, as Henry Ford said, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

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Monday, November 26

The Great Spirit Allowed Choctaw To Repopulate The Earth

Rainbow by Truro Cathedral in Cornwall

We were in the city of Truro a couple of days ago where I took these photos of a rainbow. We were sitting by the river with Truro's cathedral in the background.

Rainbow over the river Truro in Cornwall

The rainbow was so clear and bright and reminded me of what I had been reading recently about Noah's floods, and how God supposedly used the rainbow as a covenant to show that He would never destroy mankind and the Earth by another flood. Which is comforting as we have had so much rain this year in Cornwall!

I don't see Noah and the Ark story as being fact but, if you do, that's fine. I do think there may have been dramatic floods throughout our history as there are literally hundreds of such stories in legends and myths. So the idea came from somewhere - probably, in the case of Noah, from Mesopotamia.

The Rivers Tigris and Euphrates flooded unpredictably and these were expressed in several versions of a flood myth which is believed to have found its way into the Hebraic tradition as the story of Noah.

Both the Mesopotamia and Noah floods were seen as divine punishment on the human race - the wrath of the Gods, if you like. Egyptian gods would mete out punishments for wrongdoings whenever they felt it necessary.

Flood stories are found the world over. I quite like this one from North America, which again has Noah like qualities.

Choctaw native Americans
The Choctaw tribe tell of how in ancient times humans became corrupt and the Great Spirit destroyed the population by a flood except for one man, a prophet.

The prophet's words of the oncoming flood were ignored by other men so the Great Spirit instructed him to build a raft of sassafras logs.

When the floods came the prophet floated safely on the waters for several weeks. He saw a large black bird circling the raft and asked for help, but the bird uttered a few croaks and flew away, never to be seen again.

After more time had lapsed a small blue bird was seen which guided him to an island. Once on land the prophet was surprised to discover that every variety of animal known prior to the flood had been saved. Amongst the birds he noticed the large black bird that had visited and deserted him while he was on the raft. He named the bird 'fulushto' - the raven. Since that time the Choctaws consider this bird as a sign of an ill omen.

After a few days the prophet saw the blue bird who had guided him to safety and called it Puchi Yushuba.

Once the waters had finally subsided the Great Spirit changed Puchi Yushuba into a beautiful woman who became his wife. Their children repopulated the Earth.

From seeing the Rainbow in Truro it's good to know that it's a sign that we are not all doomed by floods - er, but I guess we could still be wiped out by some other method ... actually I don't think we will. I believe man will live on and will populate other planets one day. In the meantime perhaps we should all be kind to each other so that smaller disasters will be avoided.

Take care!

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Sunday, November 25

Random Bizarre Facts Or Factoids

Shredded wheat box

Venus planet

Peanut butter can be made into diamonds

Life's full of bizarre oddities, as the images say:

(1) It costs more to make the cardboard box that Shredded Wheat comes in than it does the cereal itself.

(2) Venus rotates so slowly on its axis that its day is longer than its year.

(3) With extreme pressure diamonds could be made from peanut butter.

Not sure what this proves but ... News Flash: Ghana have banned the sale of second hand underpants - just in case you had any for sale ...

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Saturday, November 24

Helicopter Landed In Her Garden Coincidence

London Air Ambulance

Here's a slightly unexpected story by Mollie, with a coincidence in it's tail.

"A day I shall remember for a long time is the 11th of September 2012.  It was a warm sunny day and at 2.30 pm I was sitting in my back garden, enjoying an ice-cream when I heard police and ambulance sirens in my road.

About five minutes later, a helicopter was circling above my bungalow. I could see it was the London Air Ambulance and thought it must be looking for somewhere to land.

A few moments later it hopped over the top of my bungalow.

I rushed indoors and, looking out of the front door, I was amazed to see it landing on my front lawn.

When the rotor blades had stopped turning I ventured outside and spoke to the two pilots. They apologised for blasting away my plants and troughs that had adorned the bay windows.

They said our lawn was the nearest clear space near to where they wanted to land. Neighbours appeared with cameras to capture the moment.

The Air Ambulance had been called to an accident a few houses away. Fortunately they weren't needed as the man who was injured, falling from a tree, had recovered well.

After spending two hours on my lawn and enjoying tea, the pilots were able to return to base.

By coincidence they knew my nephew!"

~ Mollie, Kent, England.

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Friday, November 23

Do Some UFOs Program Us To Forget

Enormous bug UFO

I was reading Trish and Rob's blog and their post Dreaming UFOs and it reminded me of something a friend told me quite a few years ago. For various reasons I'll have to call him by another name: James.

James told me of a dream he had about seeing a UFO, at least he thinks it was a dream but isn't absolutely sure.

He was standing in his garden late one evening. It was summer and the sky was clear and quite light. His house is one of many in a row, all next to each other.

He looked up and, as if from nowhere, he saw what he described as a UFO, but it was massive in size. The vehicle was much wider in circumference than his house. It hovered directly above his rooftop but was completely silent and seemed to cast a shadow over his own house and the houses on either side. Obviously anyone else nearby would also have seen this UFO.

He described it as a silvery-grey colour with what looked to be round windows beneath, perhaps a dozen and each glowed with a dull light. These were in a circular pattern around the edge of the UFO.

The vehicle stayed absolutely still for an indeterminable period and James felt affixed to where he was standing and developed a sense of light headedness. Then suddenly the UFO was gone. It just disappeared. No movement it simply vanished.

James went indoors and the next thing he was aware of was waking the next morning but remembering his dream.

After a few days though he began to wonder if what he saw was actually for real and not a dream. He couldn't make up his mind. One minute he was sure it was a dream but then something seemed to click in his mind and he thought it had actually happened.

James asked his neighbours if they had seen or even heard anything on that particular evening but they said that they hadn't.

Several years later, after the incident, James came up with a theory that perhaps we are somehow programmed to forget a range of happenings in our lives. Things that perhaps wouldn't be accepted by the world at large.

The only thing I can relate to this theory personally is a 'dream' or 'reality' I had as a child of about 7 or 8 and is nothing to do with UFOs or anything spooky or spiritual.

I believe I saw the road outside of where I lived with my parents covered with small insect like creatures perhaps akin to flying ants. There were thousands of them and the whole road was completely covered so that it was impossible to see the surface below. I'm sure I saw these 'insects' in reality but my parents didn't nor did anyone else. In this case, being programmed to forget, seems pointless ... or maybe it isn't, who knows.

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Thursday, November 22

Mark Master Masons Symbolism And Why This Year Is 6012

Symbols at Masonic Hall

I was walking past this Masonic Hall in Cornwall on Sunday and realised I had never properly looked at the building previously and all of it's outward symbolism.

The hall is of the Mark Master Masons, more of this later.

Masonic Hall St.Austell Cornwall

One of the things I noticed straight away was that the hall was built in 'AL 5900' - see photo below.

AL stands for 'Anno Lucis' and this translated from the Latin means 'Year of Light' and is a calender often used by Freemasons.

As I understand this, the Year of Light refers to Genesis in the Bible where God supposedly said, "Let there be light." Creationists and many old Bibles give this as happening in the year 4004 BC but the Mason's calendar places the 'event' at the year 4000 BC, which ties in with the theory that Jesus was actually born in 3 AD or 4 AD.

Whatever the reason AL is 4000 years different to the calendar popularly used today, so we are now in 6012 AL.

Masons AL date 5900AL

The Mark Master Masons have been on record since 1756 when a 'brother' was first mentioned as being made a Mark Mason at the Newcastle Masonic Lodge.

As with Freemasons the Mark Masons have a degree - for those interested in such things the full ritual for this can be seen here.

So why would anyone want this Mark Master Mason's degree? On literature I have seen they give three reasons.

"Firstly, it greatly enhances his knowledge of Craft Masonry. Secondly, it teaches, in a delightful way, many important practical lessons about life. Thirdly, it gives a greater appreciation of the Royal Arch and provides an essential qualification to other Orders in Masonry."

For more information go to History of Mark Master Masons.

Masonic Hall symbolism

Above and below are photos of some of the symbolism on the Masonic Hall in Cornwall.

Masonic Hall St.Austell Cornwall Symbols

Symbol on Masonic Hall Cornwall

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Tuesday, November 20

She Died But Was Visited By Her Living Daughter

Near Death Experience white tunnel

Many people who describe their Near Death Experiences (NDE) talk of seeing Heaven, perhaps their 'dead' relatives and so on but it was different for Amanda Cable who told her story to the Daily Mail.

Amanda didn't see her deceased loved ones but instead saw her young daughter, who was very much alive. But let's start at the beginning.

Amanda developed a severe pain in her side, which gradually got worse. She was visited by her doctor who immediately called for an ambulance and she was whisked away to hospital.

The hospital discovered she was pregnant but the baby was ectopic and had therefore developed inside the fallopian tube instead of the womb. As Amanda had lost a lot of blood she was kept in hospital. This was particularly upsetting as her young daughter, Ruby, was about to start school and she so wanted to be with her on that special first day.

It wasn't possible to go home. The next day she could hardly breath and suddenly all hell broke loose. She heard the doctor telling her to, "Wake up, stay with me." She heard an alarm bell ringing and the doctor was now shouting, "She's tachycardic"

Her bed was immediately rushed to the operating theatre. She says, "I remained strangely aware of everything around me. I remember the entire medical team swearing. I fought to stay calm and thought of my three children ... who were unaware their Mummy was dying ... death was beckoning me."

It was then that she felt, "my entire body being sucked into the white light. I found myself in a white tunnel and knew I had died ... there was a wonderful sense of calm."

Amanda tells of how she felt no fear and knew she would soon join her loved ones who were already on the other side. She felt ready to accept this.

She became aware of someone near to her and imagined it might be her late grandmother but instead - much to her surprise - it was her daughter, Ruby!

Amanda explains, "Ruby was wearing her new school uniform and had her hair tied neatly in bunches. I'd never seen her in her uniform and she'd never allowed me to put her hair in bunches."

It seems young Ruby was in control of the situation as she told her mother to follow her down the white tunnel - at the end of which was a gate. Amanda knew her relatives were on the other side. Her little girl instructed her to step through the gate. As she did so Ruby slammed the gate shut rapidly behind her. This action jolted her whole body. Amanda says, "I am sure it was at this moment that the defibrillator pads were were being used by the medics and shocked my heart back into rhythm."

She knew then that she would survive.

Her husband was allowed to see her later and had with him a photo he had taken of Ruby. There she was wearing her new school uniform on her first day but, most noticeable, was that her hair was in bunches.

Ruby had allowed her father to put her hair in bunches for the very first time - exactly as Amanda had seen while she was with her in the white tunnel.

And finally in Amanda's own words, "I will never be able to understand what happened on that fateful day. But I no longer harbour a fear about death. And at the same time, I have stopped being scared of life. I have never looked back since."

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Monday, November 19

Leaders And Politicians Linked To The Illuminati By Hand Signs

George W Bush
There was a lot of interest in my recent two Illuminati posts so another one today. Illuminati hand signs from the famous starting with politicians and leaders past and present. First George W Bush - and even his daughter is in on the act too.

George Bush's Daughter Shows The Sign
And a few others ...

Dan Quayle
Nicolas Sarcozy of France
Silvio Berlusconi of Italy
Bill Clinton
And mustn't miss out Mr.Obama, of course...

Barack Obama
... and Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
You may say that Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin aren't doing an Illuminati or recognition sign but instead are using the deaf hand sign for ILY - I love you. But there is even a twist to this.

Some say that Helen Keller, who developed sign language, was into Theosophy and occultism and because of this the deaf are innocently signing 'I Love You Satan'. Would she really have done such a thing? Most of her biographies do not mention her alleged occult interests.

But the sign is seen in the music world ...

There are a lot more examples to be found if you do a Google search. I wonder, though, how many are fully aware they are doing The Devil's Sign, sometimes known as the Sign of the Horns.

The hand sign on the right is said to be for recognition between those in the Occult.

If the thumb is placed under the middle two fingers this represents Pan or Cernunnos. Pan is well represented within rock music. Ozzy Osbourne, for instance, featured Pan on many of his album covers.

Nowadays with the knowledge to be found on the Internet secret signs are no longer quite so secret. Many seen within the music industry are perhaps false in many cases but with leaders and politicians there remains a hierarchy with great power. David Icke named George W Bush, amongst others, as an Illumanti member when he wrote, "George Bush: ex U.S. President and Vice President, head of the CIA, and with a stream of other roles in the Illuminati."

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Sunday, November 18

The Laughing Horse

Laughing horse and laughing companion
Source: via Mike on Pinterest

I liked this photo as soon as I saw it. A laughing horse and it's companion horsing around - and such similarities!

Have a happy Sunday.

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Saturday, November 17

Boxes Of Peppers Coincidence

Supermarket boxes with name of Karin

We had someone coming for a meal and my wife (she was doing the cooking) wanted some peppers, so we decided to walk to the nearest small supermarket.

On the way we met another Karen who Karin knows - same name, but a different spelling. My wife's is the German version.

Afterwards, for some inexplicable reason, we started talking about the two versions of the name, "Ah," insisted Karin, "but you rarely see Karin spelt my way (with an i) in England."

And who was I to disagree.

We went into the supermarket heading for the peppers and there it was: her name Karin (as per the photo) three times and in boxes containing - yes - the peppers we wanted!

Never, ever seen boxes like that previously. I'm sure 'someone' is having a laugh at our expense when such 'coincidences' happen.

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Friday, November 16

Words Of Immortality And The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Yesterday I rambled on a bit about immortality and the Big Bang and how the universe, as we now know it, may have come about. One of the things that bothered me was where the gases for the Big Bang came from, and what was there prior to the big event happening.

Many others have wondered this too, here are four such quotes about the Big Bang:

"The Big Bang bothers science because it clashes with scientific religion - the religion of cause and effect, the belief that every effect has a cause. Now we find that the biggest effect of all, the birth of the universe, violates this article of faith ... what came before the Big Bang is the most interesting question of all."
~ The director of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies

"Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing."
~ Arno Penzias

"There are some questions that scientists can never answer. It may be that the Big Bang happened 12 billion years ago. But why did it happen? How did the particles get there in the first place? What was there before?"
~ Tom Utley

"One may wonder, what came before? If space-time did not exist then, how could everything appear from nothing? Explaining this initial singularity - where and when it all began - still remains the most intractable problem of modern cosmology."
~ Andrei Linde

I also mentioned immortality yesterday so a few quotes on this as well:

"Whence comes the powerful impression that is made upon us by the tomb? Are a few grains of dust deserving of our veneration? Certainly not; we respect the ashes of our ancestors for this reason only - because a secret voice whispers to us that all is not extinguished in them. It is this that confers a sacred character on the funeral ceremony among all the nations of the globe; all are alike persuaded that the sleep, even of the tomb, is not everlasting, and that death is but a glorious transfiguration."
~ François-René de Chateaubriand

"Without a belief in personal immortality, religion surely is like an arch resting on one pillar, like a bridge ending in an abyss."
~ Max Müller

"The human mind cannot be absolutely destroyed with the body, but something of it remains which is eternal. We feel and know by experience that we are eternal."
~ Baruch Spinoza

"Talking to a peasant one day, I suggested to him the hypothesis that there might indeed be a God who governs heaven and earth, a Consciousness or Conscience of the Universe, but that even so it would not be sufficient reason to assume that the soul of every man was immortal in the traditional and concrete sense. And he replied, 'Then what good is God?'"
~ Miguel de Unamuno

"'Tis immortality, 'tis that alone,
Amid life's pains, abasements, emptiness,
The soul can comfort, elevate, and fill.
That only, and that amply this performs."
~ Edward Young

"If I stoop
Into a dark tremendous sea of cloud,
It is but for a time; I press God's lamp
Close to my breast; its splendour soon or late
Will pierce the gloom; I shall emerge one day."
~ Robert Browning

"'Tis true; 'tis certain; man though dead retains
Part of himself; the immortal mind remains."
~ Homer

"The nearer I approach the end, the plainer I hear around me the immortal symphonies of the worlds which invite me. It is marvellous, yet simple."
~ Victor Hugo

Though some of us may believe in immortality I'm sure at times we have our doubts. Tennyson summed up this feeling:

Ah, Christ, that it were possible,
For one short hour to see
The souls we loved, that they might tell us
What and where they be.
~ Alfred Tennyson

Positive Last Words On His Death Bed
I have been dying for twenty years, now I am going to live.
~ Jas. Drummond Burns

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Thursday, November 15

A How Did It All Begin Ramble

How did it all begin? The creation of the universe

So how did it all begin? The universe and us, that is. Some will say it was all an act of God, a God who is immortal.

Others tell us of the Big Bang. Though Brian Yanny PhD, a research scientist from Illinois, says the Bang may not have been Big at all! His words:

"Current evidence suggests that, far from being 'big', the whole, vast expanse of space and all the visible galaxies and stars originated in a dense sphere of glowing gas much smaller than a pea."

Yes, but, as I was always asking as a kid: Where did the dense sphere of gas come from? Though I used to ask about 'gases'.

As we know life there is a beginning and an end but only God is immortal, well so the Bible says:

1 Timothy 6:16 - "Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; who no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power ever lasting."

Okay! So those who say they have seen God must be telling porkies, if they believe in the Bible that is.

I've always felt that all of us, no matter how we actually started, will carry on for eternity but again the Bible disagrees, which must mean there is no Heaven or reincarnation.

Ecclesiastes 9:5 "For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing ..."

Ecclesiastes 9:10 "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might, for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest."

So that's not too comforting, is it?

Going back to 'where did it all begin'. I suppose it's because we cannot accept that the beginnings came from nothing, even if pea sized, is why mankind began to believe in a God or Gods. It seemed and seems the only answer.

There has to be some sort of everlasting, immortal universal mind. But, as many have said, man also creates God in his own image - as has been the case right from the earliest of civilisations.

So how did it all begin? I'm not sure. Supposing it was by God, what was He doing prior to creating our universe 14 billion years ago? Was He creating other Universes? Or something completely different?

My gosh, there are a lot of questions and I don't think anyone really knows the answers.

Sorry, if today's post is a bit of a ramble. I was just putting a few thoughts together and had no idea where they would lead.

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