Sunday, March 31

Happy Easter And The Little Harbour

Easter Sunday and how things should be: walking amongst the daffodils in the Spring sunshine (though it's actually very cold today in the UK).

This isn't always the case though, so a little plug for a local charity I like to support: The Little Harbour Children's Hospice, situated near where I live.

As I have two healthy, robust grandchildren it breaks my heart that such a building has to exist but, sadly, it does. The video below shows something of the hospice - it is a very special place,

"Little Harbour is set in a spectacular coastal location overlooking St. Austell Bay with beautiful views out to sea. Designed and built with a view to celebrating Cornish building traditions and its close proximity to the sea, Little Harbour has the feel of a ‘holiday home’ in a relaxed seaside setting."

Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 30

10 Posts Featuring Money In Synchronicity And Magic

Worldwide paper money and notes

Today I have collated ten 67 Not Out posts which feature money: attracting money, seed money, synchronicity in money, a money talisman and so on. I've always believed that money can go hand in hand with spirituality and magic. It's an essential of life, whether we like this idea or not, so why shouldn't we accumulate what cash we can. If nothing else, think of the positive side and the good that can be done with money.

Seed Money Brings A Tenfold Return
I've mentioned previously how I believe that once we start visualising the things we want in life coincidence or synchronicity often follows. So today I though I'd write a little about Seed Money ... Read full story

Chinese Jade The Plant That Attracts Money
I'm not obsessed by money but accept that it is necessary to keep sufficient flowing in so that we can do the things that my wife and I want to do. This is the reason why we have a money plant ... Read full story

Chinese wealth or money symbol
How To Become Wealthy: Steps To Wealth Part 1
Wealth means different things to different people. To someone on Social Security, and living in a bedsit, it could mean their own apartment and regular employment, but what would it mean to a millionaire ... Read full story

Money Folded Into Four Coincidence
As I wandered in the drizzle I bent down and picked up a piece of paper. I don't know why I did this but when I looked it was actually a £5 banknote all neatly folded into quarters ... Read full story

Loads Of Paper Money And The Cornish Banknotes
I've got a whole bunch of paper money, currency banknotes from around the world. I accumulated many of these from when I used to publish worldwide magazines. I accepted ... Read full story

Magic Talisman Attracts Money
Over the years I've dabbled in many things from yoga to Rosicrucians, magic to the occult, psychology to philosophy and so on. I've always felt there was something else besides what scientists ... Read full story

A Vicar's Prayers For Money Were Answered
The Rev Dominic Furness of the All Saints church in Hampshire, England asked his congregation to pray for help over their church's money worries - and what a response ... Read full story

Finding Money By Walking Into The Magic
I wrote a post a short while back called Pennies Falling From Heaven where my wife heard a penny drop into a small dish in our bedroom. It has happened again, but a little ... Read full story

Breast cancer charity women
A Precognitive Dream Made £56 Million For Charity
Nina Barough woke up one morning following a vivid dream. In this dream she had seen 'lots of women walking fast in a marathon, all wearing bras on top of their T-shirts, to raise ... Read full story

Money Galore From A Six Year Coincidence
I start off with a sad tale, so play those violins. Lee and Sue from Grimsby in England were strapped for cash. After having a brand new baby there wasn't much left. They had to ... Read full story

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Friday, March 29

White Feathers As Messengers From Beyond The Grave

White feather

The white feathers are still with us. Since I collated some of the white feather stories on 10 White Feather Story Posts As Examples Of Messages From The Dead I have received more experiences from readers. Here are a couple of examples.

White feather
"My beautiful mum lost her battle with cancer on 11th of February 2013.

I nursed her for five weeks and slept in the same room as her. Me and my dad were with her when she died at home in the bedroom my dad now sleeps in.

Mum always said she would let me know she was near and that she would wait for me in heaven.

I spend a lot of time with my dad at their home as I believe mum is there. Her ashes are there. I was upstairs in the bathroom and I held her dressing gown to my face and when I let it go a small white feather was on the floor. I cried my heart out as I knew mum had sent it.

The second feather was in the garden attached to my classroom. I am a teacher my mum also worked there. It was on my shoe as I looked down.

My dad does not believe in the significance of a feather. I've asked my mum to do something to show my dad she is here. They were together 53 years and he is heartbroken and not coping so I have asked mum to help him through the heartache."

~ Anon

Caron Keating
Caron Keating
There's a shop, Choccywoccydoodah, which has been featured on UK television and makes fancy, often expensive cakes, sometimes for actors and celebrities.

Their creative director, Christine Taylor, has been talking about some of the special cakes she has made including one for the singer Cliff Richard. He wanted an angel cake for the Caron Keating Foundation as a tribute to the late daughter of his friend Gloria Hunniford.

Christine explains: "There was something very special about that cake. Caron always told her friends they should think of her when they saw a white feather. Just after Cliff told me this a feather fell from the sky.

Then, when we delivered the cake, there was a hitch and one of the angel's feet broke, so I used the spare chocolate feather I had to sculpt a fresh one."

For lots more information about white feathers please go to 10 White Feather Story Posts As Examples Of Messages From The Dead.

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Thursday, March 28

The Rainbow City Built By Martians In Antarctica

Rainbow City

I like a little fantasy but maybe, just maybe, some fantasies have a little truth about them or, there again, they might be first degree codswallop. Take Rainbow City for example.

Rainbow City is an ancient Martian City right here on Earth, most of it is made from a form of plastic, a bit like Lego perhaps.

And where is this city? Somewhere hidden beneath the icy wastes of Antarctica. It's actually only one of network of Martian cities built over two and a half million years ago. The other cities are now abandoned but Rainbow City remains inhabited by a few of the original colonists who made their way to Earth.

It is said that warm springs keep out the cold and ice walls 10,000 feet high guard it from intruders.

Believable so far?

The first information received about Rainbow City arrived in the 1940s in the writings of William and Gladys Hefferlin and the document was appropriately titled the Hefferlin Manuscript.

It seems that Will and Gladys learned of the city from their contact with Rani Khatani who is supposedly one of the Ancient Three who govern this Martian refuge.

And where are Mr & Mrs Hefferlin now? Well, it's rumoured that they are now living in Rainbow City and are free from old age and death with thanks to very advanced Martian medical sciences.

Now you may be wondering why the Martians would want to build a city in such an inhospitable place as Antartica. Well this is what the Hefferlin Manuscript tells us.

Millions of years back Mars was an okay place to live but their ancients realised that the planet was dying and it's oxygen and water was getting in shorter and shorter supply. It became a necessity to move, so they packed some of their bags and headed for Earth.

Mars surface
Mars surface today from NASA
The Great Ruler of Mars sent a fleet of spaceships to Earth and they settled in the area we now know as Antarctica. Here they built seven cities each of a different colour but Rainbow City, the greatest of them all, was made up of all of the colours of the rainbow.

At the time Antarctica was a good, warm place to live, but a great catastrophe of some sort occurred and the Earth was tipped on it's axis. The survivors of this disaster had to abandon all but the Rainbow City and tmany settled in the northern hemisphere and gradually lost there technological knowledge.

Only Rainbow City remained - and remains to this day.

The original inhabitants had great knowledge, even millions of years ago. One of their most remarkable inventions was the portal a closet-like room with two doors that would warp space and deliver people or cargo to any point on the globe when the user merely concentrated on the destination.

They also built thousands of miles of subways deep beneath the Earth, going under oceans and continents. Train like vehicles would fly down these tubes by a form of vibrational power, travelling at two thousand miles per hour. The Hefferlins actually discovered the end of one of the subterranean branch lines near their home, some two hundred feet or more up the side of a mountain west of Sheridan, Wyoming.

I guess it's becoming a little harder to believe now, what with that convenient branch line to Rainbow City being conveniently placed for the writers of the Hefferlin Manuscript.

But ... Antarctica once being free of ice has some support from science and some 20th century secret occult orders say that Antarctica was once called Isuria and was home of an advanced society destroyed by an immense catastrophe. Some also claim that this was where Atlantis was positioned.

Oh, and even 1970s neo Nazi organisations claimed that the Antarctica was a base for flying saucers - secret craft designed by the Third Reich during the war and ... had links to secret underground installations in South Africa and South America.

Nazi UFO over Antarctica

So you pay your money and take your choice: complete fiction or an element of truth hidden away amongst a lot of debris. Just think, plastic houses and roads - Legoland has these! They've even got an Atlantis Sub Store ...


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Wednesday, March 27

St Denys St Dennis Cornwall 67 & 76 Coincidences

St Denys Church at St Dennis Cornwall
St Denys Church, St Dennis, Cornwall © Mike Perry
On Monday my post was about a walk Karin and I did near St Denys Church at St Dennis - this actually took place on the 20th of March.

We drove our car to the village of St Dennis and on the way we passed through an area called Foxhole. Karin said this was where one of our friends - with whom we had lost touch - had moved to, and about how we hadn't seen her for well over a year.

We didn't know where she lived but I noticed a black sports Mercedes in front of us and said, "That looks like Amanda's car." And, sure enough it was, so we followed her! How strange that we should be both driving along the road at exactly the 'right' moment.

In the evening I was reading my newspaper and looked at a set of numbers on the back page. If these are entered on their website they earn points which can qualify for certain free shopping vouchers.

As regular readers will know 76 and 67 are important numbers in my life. One of the numbers, see below, was 76. Not much of a coincidence but for some reason I added up the digits: 3+9+5+4+6+6+7+2+7+6+8+4 and they equalled 67!

I know these two small coincidences aren't exactly very impressive but, as you will have read on Monday, we also reached St Denys church at exactly the 'right time' to be able to go inside - it's normally closed during the week - but someone just 'happened' to be there to let us look round. Plus the bells in the church tower were dated 1167 and 1176!

Some days the pieces just seem to fit.

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Tuesday, March 26

Yummy Potato Peelings And Sand Sandwiches Coincidence

Sand sandwiches

Here's an amusing coincidence story from my cuttings. It's something that was in the Daily Mail newspaper and is by Ron from Liverpool, England.

"The year was 1948 and I was standing at a bus stop on Kings Drive, Liverpool. I was 15 and had just started work at the Liverpool Express.

My attention was drawn to a middle-aged man approaching. He stopped at the bus stop on the other side of the road, reached into a bag and removed a parcel which he dumped in the litter bin. He then crossed the road to my bus stop, and I indicated to him that he could go in front of me.

This happened on a regular basis, and I was getting ever more curious as to what was going on.. So one night I began poking about in the litter bin and found neatly wrapped sandwiches. Further examination revealed the sandwiches were potato peelings on bread!

Every morning, the same thing happened - the sandwiches were dumped, he crossed the road and I let him go in front of me in the queue.

The man got off at a different stop to me, but one lunch time I spotted him going into a pub in the centre of Liverpool with a young lady. So part of the mystery was solved. But the sandwich fillings still intrigued me - sometimes they weren't filled with potato peelings, but with sand or mud.

This puzzled me until the Korean War broke out. By 1953 I was a machine gunner in the King's Regiment defending the Hook, a crescent-shaped ridge that saw much fighting.

A new recruit joined me as No.3 on our Vickers machine-gun. He was a lad from the same area as me, and one night I told him about the sandwich dumper. But before I got to the part about the pub and the young lady, he interrupted and said, "That was my dad." Quite a coincidence!

He explained that his mother used to take great delight in making his dad's sandwiches and asking him when he got home, "Enjoy your lunch dear?"

He would always reply, "Smashing, great, my love." But one day she had found his sandwiches at the bus stop and put two and two together, and decided he was going to his mother's for lunch - who she could not abide. From then on she knew the sandwiches wouldn't be eaten and she wasn't prepared to waste food.

But, of course, it wasn't his mother he was lunching with. I didn't have the heart to tell the No.3 on the Vickers this - especially as he used to give me his cigarette ration."

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Monday, March 25

The Bells Toll The Way To King Arthur And St Denys In Cornwall

St Denys church St Dennis Cornwall
St Denys Church, St Dennis, Cornwall on a dark dismal day
It was a dark, dismal day but Karin and I wanted a walk. We were undecided as to where to go but headed to St.Dennis, a village well away from the normal Cornish tourist trail. I made the decision as the day before I had read 'by chance' that the two bells in the local church tower were dated 1167 and 1176. As regular readers will know 67 and 76 are important numbers for me.

The old church, St.Denys, stands high on a conical hill, over looking the village and Goss Moor. The church was originally built on the site of a fortified Iron Age settlement and this may have been how it got it's name. The Cornish word for a hill fort is 'dinas'. But, in saying that, the church was dedicated to St.Dionysius in 1327 and this could well have changed over the years to become Denys or maybe Dennis.

Whatever, the church itself has been in place since at least the 11th century and probably used for religious meetings well before this.

Old steps leading to St Denys churchyard Cornwall
Steps leading to the St Denys churchyard
The legendary King Arthur may have walked these fields. The Magalithic Portal website quotes from the Chronicles of British Kings' by Geoffrey of Gloucester:

"King Arthur, king of the Britons took refuge in the South west from the Angles, a Turkonic (sic) race who invaded Britain during the 5th century. Demelihoc was a secondary fortress of Gorlios, King of Cornwall. We assume Dimelhoc was a dinas of dennis on which the church is built. During the fight with Arthur, Gorlios put his wife Igeme in his strongest fort, Castle an Dinas, and he commanded Demelihoc hoping that he would survive. He was slain and his wife captured. She afterwards married Uther of round table fame."

View from St Denys church St Dennis Cornwall
The fields, divided by ancient stone walls, viewed from St Denys church
Going back into the St Denys Churchyard, along the main entrance path is an ancient Celtic Cross. The age is unknown but has crude markings of a Celtic Cross and an hour glass (Clepshydra) shaped design on the shaft.

Ancient Celtic Cross
Ancient Celtic Cross at St Denys Church, Cornwall
One of the strange moments of our visit was that the church is normally closed during the week, yet when we arrived there was a man sweeping the paths and the church was open for us. Those 67 and 76 bells signified the right time to venture to St.Denys.

I'll have to go back to the St Dennis church on a sunny day to take some better photos. From the hill it's possible to see for miles into the distance. On a dark day it all looks kind of creepy.

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Sunday, March 24

Coincidence Photos

coincidence photo dress same as seat

A couple of coincidence photos as it's Sunday.

Above: always dress to blend in with your surroundings and below: even dogs must do as they are told.

Coincidence photo one ear up

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Saturday, March 23

10 Story Posts Featuring Dreams

Bizarre dream stories

10 stories featuring dreams today, following on from the 10 series of posts. The stories listed are in no particular order and cover varied dream themes.

How Dreams Solve Problems And Questions
I recently wrote a post with examples of how some famous dreams produced some amazing results. Today though I'm taking a slightly different track about how we can get answers ... Read full story

The Dead In Dreams Are Very Real
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The Answer To Sexier, More Colourful Dreams
If you feel your dreams are getting dull or drab, you could do worse than follow the advice I offer to many of my clients: go out and inject a bit of action and creativity into ... Read full story

The Precognitive Dream Of An Air Crash
Precognition, which happens in dreams, is unfortunately not always good news, especially if we ignore the message. Here is such a story to which there are three ... Read full story

A young Paul McCartney
Examples Of Famous Dreams
Back in 1965, with the Beatles still at the height of their fame, Paul McCartney woke one morning remembering a tune he had heard being played by a classical string ensemble. Paul went to his piano, which was in his bedroom, found G, found F ... Read full story

Ancient Egyptians And Their World Of Dreams
Interpreting dreams was an important part of predicting their future. So much so that they compiled Dream Books. These consisted of lists of dreams and what relevance these would have in their lives ... Read full story

Dreams And Precognition Of The Aberfan Disaster
Aberfan is still remembered because of the horrific collapse of a colliery spoil-tip that occurred there in 1966 and killed 144 people, including 116 children. The slurry went into the side of the Pantglas Junior School ... Read full story

Dreams As Calling Cards From Her Dead Father
n the past I have had dreams that have come true and have twice dreamt the winners of horse races (even though I know nothing about the sport) so the following is probably ... Read full story

Precognition In Dreams: Is It Simply Paranormality
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A Dream Or An Alien Encounter?
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Friday, March 22

In Life We Are Participants Not Observers

On Tuesday I published a synchronicity story from Jeff Terrell. I thought I'd follow this up with another of his experiences. It's interesting because it is about the choices we make and how, perhaps, these determine our reality. See what you think.

Nikola Tesla
"I was reading about Nikola Tesla one night and read how he listened intently for frequencies in sounds. This allowed him to hear things in a way, or just simply hear things, that others normally didn't.

So I decided I would give it a try the next day.

I went to work in my then job as a limousine driver and listened intently to sounds. I found I could distinguish between tires in their 'pitch' or sound. Just as I did this ... one specific tire changed ... a very very subtle change, but I heard it.

I thought, 'What if that means something about the tire?' and considered pulling over to check. But because it was so slight - I had passengers in the car and could just imagine trying to explain. So I decided to 'let it go, and let whatever happens, happen'.

Just as I thought this, a very vivid vision came to me, showing the car broken down with a flat tire at a specific spot on the 60 mile journey.

I got to the destination fine. Left. On the way back ... thump thump thump thump. Flat tire. Exact same tire I'd heard - at exactly the spot I'd seen.

The next day I drove four theoretical psychologists. One made a comment about psychology that I felt compelled to respond to. My comment: was 'That's because we're participants not observers.' One of them was interested in what I'd just said and moved to the window and we spoke while the others went on about their topic of interest.

He asked what I'd meant, and to explain, I said:

'There is a psychological experiment called Schroedinger's Cat where his conclusion to the example was that at any given moment, there are futures of potential, some more probable than others, but by our observation and measurement and thereby choices, we help decide which reality is to be seen. In this way, we are participants or co-creators, not just observers.'

Then to show the point I described the tire incident which had occurred the day before, using my decision of no decision as the deciding point of that potential future. My choice (to do nothing) then caused all other potentials to collapse simultaneously as the 'path' was chosen."

~ Jeff

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Thursday, March 21

Joyce Sees Jinn Shadows Or Ghosts

Majlis al Jinn Cave, Oman: Known as the meeting place of the Jinn
Majlis al Jinn Cave, Oman: Known as the meeting place of the Jinn
A strange story from a reader today who wishes to be called Joyce. It's about, well I'm not altogether sure! The story mentions Jinn which, until I read the section copied from Wikipedia, I didn't know much about.

Perhaps someone can throw a few ideas as to what Joyce's shadows actually are. As usual the story has been accepted in good faith.

I read Kate's story on your blog about her ghost and decided to tell my story, but it may not be a ghost.

I see what I call shadows. They mostly aren't any definite shape but I see them whether it's daylight or night time. These shadows make me uneasy when there are on shiny or reflective surfaces. The shapes then appear to be more like people or some sort of being.

I feel that I get some sort of vibration from these shadows, sometimes these feel positive but at other times are negative and a little scary.

I say they are sometimes scary but they have never done me any harm, but sometimes they appear to follow me around which makes me feel uncomfortable, but never really, really frightened.

I've thought that the shadows could be ghosts or the spirits of dead people. If I am with other people and see them they can't. If I ask them if they can see anything they say no. I'm not imagining these things though.

I talked to a Muslim friend and he said they might be Jinn. I'd never heard of such things before so I looked them up on Wikipedia where it says:

"The jinn (Arabic: جن‎ ǧinn, singular جني ǧinnī; also spelled djinn), or genies, are spirits mentioned in the Qurʾān and Islamic theology who inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. Together, the jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of God. The Qurʾan mentions that the jinn are made of a smokeless and 'scorching fire', and they have the physical property of weight. Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have freewill like humans and unlike angels. The jinn are mentioned frequently in the Qurʾan, and the 72nd surah is titled Sūrat al-Jinn."

What the shadows I see are I don't know but I wish I could stop seeing them especially when I'm on my own. I have said that they have never harmed me but when I see them on reflected surfaces like windows, mirrors or shiny surfaces they feel extra real and give off a vibration that effects my mood and the way I feel.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm crazy but I really do see these shadows, and they definitely aren't my own.

~ Joyce

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Wednesday, March 20

Parallel Lives Of Synchronicity

I've written before about parallel lives and came across an example I hadn't heard before, even though it dates back to 1978. Are such lives by coincidence? Synchronicity? Or maybe something more? Anyway, enough of the waffle, here's the story. If you've heard it before, my apologies.

This story appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and told of two unrelated Maryland women who had the identical names of Wanda Marie Johnson. They had never met until introduced to each other by a reporter. It was then that the coincidences were unveiled.

They were born on the same day, 15th of June 1953, and both were the eldest sister of two sisters and one brother, but more was to follow.

Both of the Wandas were former residents of the District of Columbia before moving to Prince Georges County, where they both become mothers of two children.

Both attended the Howard Clinic and both had the births of their children at the Howard University Hospital.

And so it goes on. Both Wandas owned 1977 two door Ford Grenadas - the eleven digit serial numbers of which were identical other than the last three. Their Social Security numbers had the same first four digits, and the following two, although transposed, were the same.

I suppose this has similarities to the two girls in the Red Balloon Coincidence or the King Umberto I coincidence - though in that particular case one was a king (obviously) and the other a restaurant owner.

It's interesting how often, with parallel lives, birthday dates are shared. One of the most impressive was told by Evelyn Diebold from Muldelein, Victoria. She was born on May 24, 1940 and her daughter was born on May 24, 1961. Okay not mind blowing but it was also discovered that her great uncle (1891), nephew Dale, (1957), niece Kathy (1967) and cousins Bud (1946), Tom (1970) and Arthur (1991) were also born on May 24th. (Source: The Power of Coincidence )

So why do such things occur. Maybe Ignatius Donnelly in his diary entry for July 4, 1881 had it right: "Do we see in these singular coincidences the purpose of a supernatural power to enforce the attention of mankind to the fact that there is something more in this world than mere matter?"

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Tuesday, March 19

Grand Funk Railroad Coincidence

Grand Funk Railroad Red album

I have had some email correspondence with Jeff Terrell from Indiana, U.S.A. who has a life long interest in synchronicity. So much so that he has developed his own saying: "Synchonicity is God's way of saying you're onto something."

Jeff sent me some of his personal synchros and, with his permission, I have given one of his examples below.

A friend with whom I share frequent synchronicity runs a music website that interviews major songwriters.

Early in the day, one of my other friends sent me some videos of 'new' bands he thought I'd like. They reminded me of Grand Funk Railroad, specifically their 'Red' album, which I hadn't listened to in over 40 years. So I decided to download it and then play along with it. A one off event and unusual for sure.

Later in the day I visited my other friend.

"What's up?"

"Nothing ... I was just jamming to some ancient Grand Funk Red album stuff this morning ... haven't done that in ages...."

"Huh ... that's funny ... I just heard on the radio that they're going to be playing nearby."

"What? That's odd ... let's check it out."

So we went onto the Internet and discovered that, yes, they were playing for $90 a person, but without their star player.

That was enough for a minor event. But there's more.

My friend was made rather angry by the fact that they were charging so much without revealing that the main guy wasn't going to be with them: "Imagine paying $90 and finding out later," he said. "I'm going to post something about this on my website right now and see what people think."

So he did. Right then.

Then we go back to talking. Not long after, his phone rings ... his eyes get big ... he speaks for a few minutes before it's apparent what's happened.

Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
Mark Farner
The 'main guy' in the band was a chap named Mark Farner and his wife was on the phone. She said a friend of theirs had just been on the website and seen the post about Grand Funk, thought it would interest them, so he sent it to them. Reading it, they decided to call to discuss.

To make a long story shorter, she put Mark Farner on the phone and 20 minutes later they had made an agreement for him to come do an interview. (Which was done later that week.)

I shook my head in amazement of synchronicity and went home and called my first friend who had started the ball rolling with the sent videos.

I told him what had just happened and he said, "Well prepare yourself ... you won't believe this ... I was just out in the garage cleaning out my old van. I found an old 8 track of the Grand Funk Railroad Red album. I hadn't heard it in years, so I plugged it in, since the player still works, and listened to the whole thing while cleaning."

~ Jeff

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Grand Funk on Amazon USA
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Monday, March 18

Blake On The Green Bridge Coincidence

I had a problem with my health last year and was told I would need a check up (scan and x-rays) six months following this - which is sometime soon.

Yesterday Karin and I walked to town. We can do this in about ten minutes but took a longer route instead - about three miles - despite it being very cold.

We got talking about when my hospital appointments might be (as we want to arrange a holiday), and about the consultant I presumed I would have to see, a Mr.Blake. It gets confusing in the UK as they become a Mr. and not a Dr. once reaching the giddy heights of consultant and/or surgeon - not sure why.

As we approached town we had to cross a scruffy, green metal bridge over the railway line, by the station. As we got to the top of the steps we couldn't help but notice that someone had sprayed some graffiti - the word 'Blake'. I felt I should take a photo of this, as above. You can see the church in the distance.

After we reached town, and then finally home, there were two letters waiting in the post box for me: both via Mr.Blake with appointments for my scan and x-ray.

Okay, maybe not much of a coincidence or synchronicity, but it seemed one to me especially as I had felt it necessary to photograph the word Blake on the bridge.

Sometimes answers are out there as symbols, signs, animals and so on. It's up to us as to whether we want to see these, or even accept them, as being meaningful.

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Sunday, March 17

Suicide Coincidence Cartoon

Suicide Coincidence Cartoon

Not really a funny topic but the fish - and the two opposites - made me smile ...

Saturday, March 16

10 Stories About Reincarnation

Reincarnation stories

I've published a few post recently combining 10 stories on a particular theme, such as: coincidences, ghosts, UFOs, Cornwall and so on. As they seem to be quite popular another set of ten today, this time stories about reincarnation.

The Reincarnation Of The Cathars Priest Roger de Grisolles
A strange dream but even more bizarre was the fact that Arthur Guirdham had also had dreams since childhood similar to those of his patient. Mrs. Amanda Smith, his patient, told him that she recognised him as being Roger de Grisolles as featured in her nightmares ... Read full story

The Law Of Re-Embodiment Or Reincarnation
Re-embodiment manifests in all planes, upon all worlds and planets. That we may comprehend it better let us look at the action of this law in the several kingdoms on this world of ours. Read full story

WW1 Reincarnation
The Reincarnation Of A World War I 1914 Soldier
Under regression / therapy Terry saw a picture. "It was of a woman of about forty-five years old, dressed in early century style, sitting at, but not playing, a grand piano, which was in remarkably old wood. Standing in front of a heavily draped window was a man of ... Read full story

The Reincarnation Of Brian Blessed's Brother
Brian Blessed is a larger than life British actor who is fortunate enough to have met the Dalai Lama more than once. During one of the visits the Dalai Lama passed on remarkable information about reincarnation to Blessed. First though ... Read full story

Henry Ford And Reincarnation
I didn't realise that Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 - April 7, 1947) was a believer in reincarnation, until I came across this interview he gave to the San Francisco Examiner on the 26th of August 1928. He makes some interesting points in favour of the belief: "I adopted ... Read Full Story

The Reincarnation Of Phil Collins
Phil Collins has come out, with his belief that he has had previous lives. He revealed this in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. It seems that Phil was told by a psychic that he had fought at the battle of the Alamo in a previous life and, what's more, he fully believes this to be true ... Read full story

A Glimpse Of Her Death In A Former Life
"I had cause some years back to go and collect a load of straw from some farm buildings in Gloucestershire. A colleague, Anne, came with me for the ride, which I undertook in a small lorry, not much bigger than a pick-up truck. I collected ... Read full story

James Fletcher
The Reincarnation of James Fletcher
Edward Ryall hails from Benfleet in Essex and appears to have clear memories of a previous life when he was named John Fletcher some 300+ years ago. Edward says, "I am 99% certain that reincarnation is the only ... Read full story

Reincarnation Gave Couple A Second Chance
"When a young man I occasionally had very vivid dreams, so real that they seemed like visions. I dreamed the following when I was 22 years old and remember it as if it was yesterday. At the time I was a bachelor and had several young women" ... Read full story

The Scars And Wounds Of Reincarnation
It's sometimes said that physical defects we may be born with are carried over from a previous life. Many will strongly disagree with this, which is why religion and beliefs are a very personal ... Read full story

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