Saturday, January 23

Amazing Coincidence Of Hitler And British Prime Minister

Adolf Hitler and Anthony Eden

Berlin, March 27, 1935: Adolf Hitler and Anthony Eden (British Foreign Secretary later to become Prime Minister) discovered by accident that they were lying in directly opposite trenches on a Great War (1914-18) battlefield exactly 18 years prior to their meeting.

The amazing coincidence was realised by both men during a luncheon at the British Embassy while the peace conversations were in progress.

While illustrating a point Eden turned the menu card over and drew a map of a British Ypres sector showing exactly which sheltered him in 1917, and how the British troops were deployed.

Hitler then took Eden's card and drew a sketch of his own trench opposite, and the general arrangement of the German troops in this sector,

Eden took the menu card as a souvenir of his Berlin visit ...

... but, of course, they would be on opposite sides once more during World War II (1939-45)

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  1. Perhaps there's a second synchro here - the symbolism of the opposite trenches as where they stood during WW!!