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TE Lawrence And The Law Of Oppulence

TE Lawrence statue and memorial

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible." - TE Lawrence

I always think of the above quote by Lawrence of Arabia, TE Lawrence, as a reminder that to achieve our wishes takes more than just dreams. We have to also take action - in whatever way we choose.

Some will say that we can create our dreams, desires and wishes with our mind by imagining the things we wish, visualisation if you like. Fine - but this also takes action, or that horrible word: work.

Nothing comes from nothing. According to some occultists there are three classes of workers and we all fit into one of these categories.

First there are the physical workers, second the physico-mental workers and thirdly the purely mental workers. This third group are the people who can put the full Law of Oppulence into practice and can create wealth to meet whatever their needs and expectations.

But as Lawrence indicates we have to act on our dreams to make them possible - whether this be physically or - at the top end of the scale - mentally.

Not quite sure how I got on this theme today. I think it was looking at the photos I took of TE Lawrence's effigy while in Dorset. The quite wonderful sculpture resides in the 1000 year old St Martin's Church in Wareham. It is now said to be priceless.

I came across it purely by chance. I was driving past the small church, screeched to a halt, and thought we had better take a look. We were quite surprised to find TE Lawrence inside as the church is really tiny and would seat only about 40 worshippers at the most.

We were the only people inside other than an 'expert'. She was informative and gave us lots of facts and figures on the church's history - too much!  I was soon in overload mode and most is now forgotten, but it was difficult to shake her off.

To find a sculpture of this quality and historical importance in such a small church and town is quite extraordinary, even though Lawrence lived in nearby. It was was sculpted by Eric Kennington, the official war artist for both the First and Second World Wars, between 1936 and 1939. Lawrence died of a motorcycle accident in 1935.

The St Martin's church warden said of this, "The effigy was actually made for St Paul’s Cathedral in London. I think the political unrest surrounding his death meant that they wouldn't accept him. He was then offered to Westminster Abbey and they wouldn't accept him. Then he was offered to Salisbury Cathedral and they wouldn't accept him. That's why he came to St Martin's. They had to put him somewhere."

And that's life, we all have to be put somewhere.

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TE Lawrence St Martin's Church Wareham Dorset

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  1. Great post! The law of opulence sounds like the law of attraction. & you're right, desires and visualization aren't enough. You still have to do the work!

  2. I don't mind working for what I want to achieve. Great post.

  3. I don't know anything about
    TE Lawrence,accept a film was made about him called "Lawrence of Arabia".
    But,I never have watched it.
    Although I'm intrigued now.
    I'll have to rent it and give it a spin in the DVD player.
    Thanks for the tour,Mike.

  4. Trish: Laws of Opulence and Attraction very similar. It's just that LoO concentrates on material things esp. money.

    Suzie: I've heard that you work hard!

    Darren: TE Lawrence is perhaps an English thing though as Lawrence of Arabia he made a bit of an impact at the time. He lived in Dorset and when we were in the area we also saw his cottage - though we weren't looking for anything to do with Lawrence - he just 'appeared'.