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  1. What if the Aliens try to find me? I seen Aliens when I was six but they never did any thing to me,I have a feeling they will come back thier space ship crash that day in the woods

  2. Anonymous23:38

    Hi my mother passed away a week today and yesterday a white feather with black colouring was on my drive and it is still there and has not moved, what do you think this means?


    1. It's difficult to say what one individual feather means. In my experience several feathers are seen to make it meaningful.

  3. At 12:49pm I posted a comment on a message board in reference to a crappy film review I got for my movie.

    "No, I never went to film school. But I am an an optioned screenwriter, but that’s another story and I don’t even want to go down that rabbit hole. That is why I made my own movie, and did it all my self, from getting the costumes just right, to the make up, location scouting, writing, directing, musical scoring, and so on; because they yanked my chain with the option with all the bullshit and I figured why wait to make a movie, when you can do it yourself."

    I mentioned I did it all "myself" and that I "can do it yourself."

    At 2:37 PM headlining story on Drudgereport was:

    Obama: 'You Can't Do Things By Yourself'

    Here's the link:

    How fucked up is that? They know I check on a daily basis, and I believe were responding to my comments on a website.

    Real cute, huh? What do you think? Am I stretching it here, or is it something else?

    I first approached Billy Joel in September 2008. I am sure he knew who I was from his expressions toward me. I wrote a screenplay about Joel and personally gave it to him. Below are clippings from articles I found online of Joel endorsing Obama from Oct. 2008.

    Taken from RollingStone
    It was "Born to Run" meets "New York State of Mind" -- with a little bit of "Hail to the Chief" thrown in for good measure, as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel joined forces in a concert to raise money for Barack Obama's presidential campaign and the Democratic Party last night (Oct. 16) at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom.

    October 23, 2008 article usnews
    In fact, the Obama fundraiser was the first political one he's ever done. "People who pay for your tickets, I don't think they want to hear who you're going to vote for and how you think they should vote," Joel said. Throughout his four-decades-long career, Joel actively avoided political endorsements until now. "So I kind of blew that one out of the water," he said.
    Why the change of heart? "Over the last few months, there's a quote that keeps occurring to me, and it's a Dante quote, 'The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis,' and I thought, 'Oh, OK, I don't want to be in that place.' " Joel explained, not getting the quotation quite right. "So I did the fundraiser."

    Subject: Re: Freaky Coincidence or Done To Mess With Me?

    It used to happen more when my targeting first started 2/11 - 7/11. Billy Joel would put out press releases and news stories that always seemed to come after I would post something on Myspace, or Twitter. It's a mind game, and was a technique used by Joel (probably cia told him to do it) to communicate with me but not in an obvious way, that if I told people would think I'm nuts. I'm just making an observation.

    If you played the Obama clip, you'd see he gave that speech at 1:49pm. It says it in the left hand corner of the Cnn screen. That's about 1 hour after I posted on

  4. Anonymous21:39

    I fell completely, utterly and hopelessly in love with someone and he felt the same way. We clicked, chemistry was intense and we enjoyed each other's company so many hours passed and they weren't enough. Long story short, circumstances outside our control meant that we couldn't be together. That was 2 years ago and we haven't spoken since.

    I think about him before I fall asleep and he's my first thought waking up in the morning. I've dreamt about him, I'm reading a newspaper article and I notice the writer has the same name as my beloved, I'm browsing twitter or Internet articles and his name comes up most of the time, I see the exact model of the car he used to drive almost every day, a colleague showed me a YouTube clip and the contestant had the name of my beloved, today at work I was looking for a particular name on the visitors' register and his name jumped out at me, even when I'm not thinking about him, his name comes up in my day or I see someone who reminds me of him in some way. One day I was crying because I missed him so much and lyrics from a song called 'Come Close' came to me "and when you feel opposite I just want you to know, your whole being is beautiful, Imma do the best I can do, cause I'm my best when I'm with you" and I stopped crying and smiled.

    I saw him a few weeks ago, we didn't speak but held eye contact for what seemed like eternity and he looked away, I saw pain in his eyes and a longing. I was wearing smart work clothes and so was he. A week later I saw him again and once again we looked at each other but this time I broke the eye contact. I was wearing jogging/exercise gear and so was he. It's like we were in sync. I feel it in my soul that our story isn't finished yet and that we will find our way back to each other. I just know deep down. Whenever I think about him I smile or there's an air of positivity. Mike, I may be seeing what I want to see but my gut feeling tells me that our time together isn't over. What do you think?

  5. I wouldn't want to give an opinion in case it gives you false hope. I believe it's what we ourselves feel inside that matters, so you have to draw your own conclusions from any coincidences or signs you may have. Trust in your own instincts. Whatever you wish for, wish that it is for the good of all concerned.

  6. Anonymous00:26

    It's funny that I found this site on stumbleupon, thank god for that. I think I've had an overwhelming amount of coincidences in my life thus far. I try not to make much of them these days, I let them pass as if they are part of the grand plan of things. Let me give you a few examples:
    1. There are a lot of famous songs that come out each year. There have been many cases that I could swear I heard them before, only to realize later that they had been released recently.
    2. I was returning home from an interview and, because I'm always travelling on the subway, I was imagining a freak accident of how someone could be careless near the train tracks and have half his/her face and body disfigured from an oncoming train. At the very next stop a woman entered the train and sat opposite to me. Half her face was marred from some accident.
    3. I watched "23" by Jim Carrey a long time ago. It is a great movie about freak coincidences. Eventually I started seeing the number everywhere too. And not only that, I could point out to my friends when and where it appeared. It's on my birth certificate and passport too.
    4. Finally, 67notout. I tried looking at the home and contact section to find out why you came up with the name, but couldn't find it. 67 is a number i associate all my passwords with, because this number signifies my birthdate (6th july). Funny also that this page is about coincidences.

  7. When I met my second wife I saw a scar on her face and asked how it had happened. To my surprise she told me of being hit by a boomerang many years ago at the age of 6, I am 14 years older than her, I asked her where did it happen, she replied in Victoria just outside Belgrave this dumbfounded me as I remembered seeing it happen when I was 20 years old. My age when we discussed this happening was 41 and we were now living 2000 km away.

    1. Thank you for your story - what are the odds!


  8. Greetings Mike,

    It is tremendously exciting to find your blog and I wish I had time right now to spend several hours reading it! Unfortunately, I'm on a very stiff deadline. An ebook of my photographs of the Beatles is heading for publication in February.

    I myself have had many synchronicity experiences, several of which involve the Beatles and the text of the book will include them. I've been searching for stories by other people as well, so I was very excited to find the one you published by "Susan" about the song I Will.

    I'm currently collecting examples to submit to the editor and will add Susan's to it. If we find enough stories of similar caliber we'll proceed to the next step in which the edtior would contact you and Susan. Given the sheer numbers of people who love the Beatles, surely there are other stories out there and we dearly hope to find some more in time! Of course, if you are aware of any resources we might pursue, we would be tremendously grateful!

    You may have seen some of my photographs since they received a great deal of worldwide publicity, particularly in the UK.  Christie's NY auctioned 46 one-of-a-kind prints in the summer of 2011. Attached is a link where you can download a pdf of the Christie's catalog. 

    I really look forward to reading more stories on your site at some point, hopefully soon!

    Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any thoughts or questions.

    Most sincerely,

    Mike Mitchell's%20%22Beatles%20Illuminated%22%20Catalogue.pdf

  9. I bookmarked your blog a few months ago. I just got a chance to read it...two hours later I am fascinated with everything, particularly the stories on "coincidences." Thanks for your time putting it all together. The name: is that a reference to your age, couldn't figure that out.

  10. Never mind. Chance has it, the next blog I clicked on "976 Coincidence" explained the name. Funny how that just worked.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comments and visit. Best wishes.

  11. JonesJ08:33

    Hello! I found your site after reading an article on Empaths and seeing the word "Synchronicity".

    I believe I am a Empath to a T. Besides the lack of interaction with paranormal activity (which I don't want to interact because I don't want to breed any negative/fearing activity) I am basically everything that makes one.

    I recently started noticing small "coincidences" with numbers, and thought it was just that, a coincidence.

    Long story short-- I had a lot of fear about love/relationships/trust/self-doubt but was really starting to slowly grow in every way in 2013 and started having a lot of self realization. I met someone in march who really had an effect on my growth, I fell in love and when we broke up it pushed me in my growth significantly.

    So we met in the 3rd month in 2013. He realized he had feelings for me on the 13th of that month. We made it official on the 13th of the next month (april 13th), we officially broke up on the 13th, & I drove to confess his significance in my life to him on the 13th.

    So, when 2014 rolled around I escaped the number, that It was in the past and it was all tied to him. It wasn't until I signed up for my first Triathlon that I realized I can't escape the pattern.

    (I decided to do one to push my self-doubt away and show myself I can do whatever I put my mind to. Which is something I learned via the breakup)

    I picked one in April and decided to change it about a month before (because of where I was in my training) to a little bit smaller of a distance, I thought it said "April 15th" was the date of the one I changed it to, I wasn't paying attention. I checked back a week later and realized, low and behold... it was April 13th. I've always thought he was extremely intuitive, so he very well could be an empath as well. Which leads me to my question...

    Do you think its a coincidence or that its Synchronicity?

    Im sorry its so long :P

  12. Anonymous09:14

    Hi, I lost my friend about a week ago nd it was her funeral yesterday, and its been really hard. But today I was walking in town and past feather after feather till I go to four not seen any more. Can this be my friend telling me not to be sad. Pls help thanks karli bruce

  13. Hi,

    Who can I speak to regarding advertising today?



    1. Hello Gary - I only have my own ads on the blog: via Google etc.

  14. Hi Mike, do you have a Facebook page or Twitter feed? How about a newsletter or way to be notified when your site is updated? Really enjoying reading your entries!

  15. Mr.Mike Perry I'm so HAPPY that I found your Blog.... you are very interesting and nice person... I wish that my english is better, that I could comment and tell you some of my experiences.... of course to see what you think about them :)

  16. Anonymous03:51

    Been reading a GREAT book on synchronicity, which you should check out if you haven't read it. While the summary might sound like material you're already familiar with, the author's handling of the subject is particularly astute.

    Highly recommend: "The Power of Coincidence: How Life Tells Us What We Need To Know" by David Richo.

    On on!


    1. Thanks, I have read Richo's book.

  17. Hi Mike -- My blog post today features a Canadian coincidence from the First World War which might interest you:

  18. Hi Mike, Thanks for the great site. All my life I've had “grand dreams” and experiences of synchronicity. It’s good to be able to talk about them. It seems people I've met either have no such experiences or they have many. Perhaps it’s an introvert-extrovert thing. I recently met someone who has often had synchronistic experiences involving money. (I’m afraid I don’t have that gift.) Mine tend to involve tools. I've learned Life seems to provide me with tools and materials, but I have to do the work. I have a small pile I call “synchronistic objects”.

    Example- one day I was going on a solo kayak trip. It was six miles through a small, remote river that ended at the ocean. I packed food, clothes, a hatchet and a pair of three foot long loppers. I looked at my over packed kayak and thought “you've gotta be kidding”, so I took only the essentials and left the loppers behind. About a mile downstream my trip came to a halt. Trees and brush had totally overgrown the river. In this branch-thick remote place I regretted leaving the bulky loppers behind, then I looked to the side of the river, lying on the muddy edge… you guessed it, in the middle of nowhere, a long pair of loppers. I cut my way through and kayaked to the ocean.

    1. Thanks for your comments - also on the blog post. I'll mention you in a post on Monday Dec 1. Best wishes.

  19. Hello Mike: I am a televison production researcher for a Destination America series. We are looking for a current Mothman sighting and a witness who is willing to tell their story on camera. Do you know someone you could contact to call or email me? 757-722-1400 x215
    Thanks so much,
    Joanne Taylor

  20. Anonymous22:06

    My coincidence: we moved the family across the county border from Cambs to Norfolk. We might have moved to Timbuctoo as far as my father was concerned as he'd never left the village he'd been born in. "I seem to remember my mother had relatives in Norfolk," he said, however, but couldn't recall where and had lost contact with them. "But my mother always wrote to them." The subject never came up again. We moved house again in Norfolk to a tiny village of not more than 200 with just one crossroads by the church. Father passed not long after and we were sadly clearing out his belongings. Among the family photos were the postcards my grandmother had received from her relatives - from the very village we lived in (and Norfolk is a big county!) and the children of our "lost" relatives lived just down the road. I was too shy to ever knock on their door though.

    We'd bought the house from a man called Bernard with "wolf" in the name. We again moved, this time to Portugal and bought our present house from a "Bernardo" - that had "loba" (she-wolf) in the name.

    Personal circumstances meant we would never have considered Portugal if we hadn't first lived in that tiny Norfolk hamlet. Two coincidences that I feel have been signposts pointing us in the right direction - this is where we are meant to be.

  21. Billhook21:42

    It is starting again I feel.
    Just read your thread on Cornwall and the bit about King Arthur's Castle.
    Before that I had been reading the story of the two Flying Fortress Airmen and their synchronicity.
    My mother was a Wren at Treligga where she was marking targets for Typhoons as they practised rocket firing.
    Father was in Coastal Command at Davidstow Moor flying Warwicks and they met in the bar at King Arthur's Castle hotel.

    Mother always tells the story of how one misty day a Flying Fortress came to the airfield at Treligga with its wheels down to attempt a landing.
    Really the grass strip was only a 500 yard emergency landing field for the Typhoons in case anything went wrong with the rocket tests.
    The leading Wren went out with a Very light to ward him off but the plane landed, quite easily I believe as it was a tail dragger.
    The Wrens went out to greet the plane but the American crew aimed their guns at them as they thought they had landed in France!
    The next day they took every bit of excess weight off the plane, guns ammo,bombs and flew with just pilot and navigator. There was a holding of breath when it disappeared over the cliff and a sigh of relief when it climbed into view again.

    Exactly the same thing happened with another lost Fortress on the same day a year later.
    Mother still has the newspaper cutting.

    I went to visit some friends in Rock last summer and we thought we would go and have a look at father's old base at my great surprise there is a museum there and there is a hangar dedicated to the Wrens of Treligga and on the wall is a picture of my mother aged 17 loading a volunteer on a stretcher into an ambulance!
    A lot of synchronicity in the air around there I think!

  22. Anonymous01:39

    My sister and I were very close. We would finish each others sentences, pick up the phone before it rang if either was calling the other, knew if the other was sick or something big was up, etc. All the women in my family have this bond.

    In 2003 she was in the hospital w/pancreatic cancer. My family and I would take turns staying w/her so she wouldn't be alone.
    Every time it was my time to stay with her, I would find pennies under the glove station on the wall, without fail.

    The day she died, my mother was to relive me and was supposed to come up the evening before. She called ill, and I told her to stay home, we were fine and she could come the next night if she felt better.

    My sister and I were sitting side by side, holding hands, and talking about life, and death, and Jesus. She told me she knew she was dying (the doctors had never said that, they never had a certain diagnosis until the autopsy)

    She asked if I thought she would go to heaven. I told her there is one way - through Jesus, which she understood. I told her to talk to Him with sincerity, ask forgiveness, and ask for his blessings. She bowed her head and (I assume) talked to him.

    After a few minutes, she turned to me and said "I love you.". I said "I love you, too", back. Then she died.

    To this day, I feel I was supposed to be there, that my mother could not have handled it (being sick, etc.), and that Jesus left a way for her to be sure of her salvation. If anyone else had been there, she would not have asked, and they would not have told her.

    When the day of the funeral came, it was sadness all around - she was well-loved and she loved everyone. Mother was in heavy grief. Heavy grief.

    I drove her home from the funeral. When we got there, I went to open her door to let her out. To get to the house you had to walk up a short gravel walk 2-3' wide and maybe 10' long, then up 2 stairs to the porch.

    I walked her up to the house, made sure she was in okay and went to shut the car door. When I got about 1/2 way down the walk, I smelled the headiest, most sensational smell I had ever smelled. Like lilacs, magnolias and camellias all at once. It in one spot. I could walk into it, and walk out of it. And did, several times.

    I walked around the house to find the source, nothing was blooming. Looked up the street and nothing was blooming. It made me smile. I "knew" it was her. I walked back "into" it, then went to the door, calling Momma out. She comes out puffy eyed from crying, weak from grief. She asks, "What's wrong?". I tell her, "...nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong, take my hand, just please come with me."

    We walk down the stairs, and walk right into "the smell" and stop. Momma looked at me and her eyes got round as saucers. She smelled it, too, and she knew it was her, also. Her face lit up and she knew all was well, then.

    We went back into the house. For days the smell stayed in the walkway between her living room and the entry way. To get to the living room you had to walk through it.

    I think that was her way of letting showing Momma that all was well and to not grieve so hard. (She had already lost one daughter and a sister earlier in the year.)

    1. Thank you for telling your experience - appreciated.

  23. You may be interested to know that your article has been plagiarised:

    Mysterious Universe has already issued a takedown notice for one article of theirs.

    1. Thank you very much. You would have though they would have at least had the decency to include a link!

  24. When I was young, we lost our second bullmastiff to cancer. After grieving our loss, we decided to get a bullmastiff puppy. We drove up into New York state and visited Mimi Einstein who bred show quality bullmastiffs. The puppy we got turned out to be the great niece of our first bullmastiff.

    1. Fancy that! Thanks for your comment.

  25. In April, 2000, I lost my precious grandmother. We were extremely close. Many years earlier, she gave me a beautiful gold ring of hers with a row of six diamonds for my 16th Birthday. She was so proud of those diamonds and told me many times "Those are good diamonds. Take good care of those diamonds." I foolishly wore that ring every day while playing sports, swimming, and waitressing in college. Luckily, it survived these years of abuse with nary a scratch. My grandmother left the world unexpectedly, having a massive heart attack. At the time of her passing she was blind, angry, and estranged from her daughter (my mother). I flew home and before I went to sleep I wept and prayed aloud for her to give me a sign that she is no longer angry and that everything was okay. The next morning one of the diamonds was missing from the ring.

    1. Thank you for your interesting story.

  26. I live in southern West Virginia and we have been hit by a devastating flood. Lives, homes, possessions and pets have been lost - some never to be found again. I saw this post on Facebook yesterday, the day after I discovered this site!

    Posted by Tracy Hanes - "We have been finding small victories within this entire flood & losing our house. I remembered that my family bible my Uncle Jim handed me on my wedding day was on the bottom shelf of my nightstand. I cried I knew it was destroyed. We just lost him and now I've lost the one special thing he gave me. Today I thought to check it out and the box it came in just crumbled apart in my hands. However, my bible had not one single drop of water. I could not believe it, yet I could. I cried several times today over that. That bible should have been totally destroyed, yet it's perfectly together. Makes all of this a little easier. Thank you Uncle <3"

  27. This past year I've lost several people,but the most important were Thomas Joseph Williams(surrogate father) and son Daniel Adam Williams .Danny was my closest friend from the age of 10 till he was killed in a horrible accident in July of this year,he was 2 weeks away from his 33rd birthday.
    On his birthday,July 27th,I left work via my normal route home.About a mile into my trip I had an urge to take this side road that wasn't a shortcut,and I had never been on.I turned went down another mile or so and there was a small cemetery on the left.I had to stop for some reason.
    In a rockhound and love searching for arrowheads,as soon as I stepped out I saw this brilliant raw piece of white and purple agate.Rare find for me.
    I walked headstone to headstone until I came to the last one....ADA VIRGINIA WILLIAMS(Aka A.DANIEL.ADAM WILLIAMS) and her headstone was the only Williams,and also the only one made from the same stone I had just found.A stone that resides on my mantle now.
    The next day I researched ADA Williams and found that her maiden name was Thomas...ADA VIRGINIA THOMAS WILLIAMS...Thank you ma'am.

  28. Anonymous01:01

    Good Evening,

    I know this probably isn't the place for this, but I was hoping for some incite from somebody who may know how to help.

    You see, I am not currently going through a hard time, but I do feel lost in a sense.. I don't know if you believe in different universes, and realities, but as a philosopher I'm hoping you will be able to bear with me.

    I feel as if I missed something.. I have a constant feeling as if I should have, or will do something spectacular.. but maybe I have missed it; maybe I completed it in a different reality, and I feel as if it is being ripped out of me in this current reality. Like a piece of me, that I have never known is beginning to disappear and I'm not sure how to act, or what to do. All I know is ive missed something, or at least I constantly have that feeling.

    I'm not sure if I am the only person who has felt this way and since our world consists of billions of people, I'm quite positive I'm not the only one.. But I am curious if you have felt this feeling, and what you have done to fix it or figure out what has disappeared.

    Any incite what so ever would be incredibly helpful, even if your story is different from mine.

    Please email when ever you are able.
    Yours Truly,

  29. Anonymous23:17

    A few years ago my husband and I had vacationed in Florida and through a series of unremarkable but odd events, we arrived at the airport just as our plane home was pulling away. I went to the desk and asked what arrangements could be made due to the circumstances and was told to contact the main service office and was given a phone number to call. I tried calling this number and it was continuously busy. Since we had been able to check our luggage onto the flight, I wondered if it has actually gone since I would have to call someone at home to retrieve it. We went to the desk and I told the flight representative that we had missed the plane and asked the status of our luggage. She checked her computer and said yes, the luggage was on the plane and that it would be returning to the airport in 20 minutes. I didn't think I heard her correctly so I said, "Did you say it's coming back here? Why would that happen?" She said she didn't know but it was scheduled to return. I asked if we could board the replacement flight and she told us that had to be determined by the pilot and to wait in a certain area and we'd be notified upon its return. After the plane came in, the people getting off seemed nervous and chatty. I asked a woman who sat near us what had happened. She told us there was a fire on the plane and smoke had been drifting out of the overhead bins. Soon after, the pilot approached us and asked, "Are you folks ready to go home?" We arrived home safely later that night. Never question events that seem to take you out of your way. I'm convinced they happen for a reason.

  30. Hello, nice to see a Cornish Banknote turn up somewhere, and anybody interested in them should google *PJSymes*, his website has links pieces he wrote about these, and the infamous Welsh notes that were doing the rounds from 1996-72. The Cornish ones were issued more as a statement to highlight Cornwalls very seperate identity, which has an almost Welsh-ness about it, with a recently deceased language, flag etc. that give the locals a far greater sense of where they live than somebody in say Buckinghamshire for example....some of it is a bit provacative,there most recent note was a fiver, issued at the time when Bank of England fivers had Stephenson's rocket on the reverse, so the Corns felt hard done by, and printed one with Trevithick on it, and in Cornish the inscription read *The TRUE inventor of the Steam Engine* quite a clever dig at the Bank of England's choice in honouring Stephenson's Rocket...anyhows, enough chat, I deal in this merchandise, so if you wanna sell, forty quid, not a penny deal or no deal ?

    1. Thanks, but no deal! Good wishes.

  31. Mike Perry,

    I read your post about the possibility of Jesus being in Cornwall. I highly recommend you listen to these radio interviews with Glenn Kimball. This man researched ancient manuscripts for 25 years. Because of his studies he authored two books.

    The Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus

    The Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion
    1999-04-02 - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - Politics of the Crucifixion - Glenn Kimball
    You can find this radio interview on Spotify

    It is fascinating to hear more of Jesus’ story! Yes His father Joseph (who was actually a wealthy architect) died when Jesus was about 14-15 years old. Yes he traveled around with Joseph of Arimathea! Jesus went to the great Druid University in England with Pontius Pilot.

    Dig into this wealth of information that is as Glenn says, in the open for all to see.


  32. The Black Nun - Research
    Hi Mike,
    I'm researching a book about The Black Nun and I was wondering if it would be okay if I quoted the encounter by the anonymous author on 67 Not Out? I will of course credit the source - your website. Please let me know if this is okay,
    Kind regards,