25 October, 2014

Did She Foresee Her Own Death

Christopher Booker's sister, Serena, was murdered in horrible circumstance some thirty years ago in Thailand, but the question remains; Did she foresee her own death?

Let's look at some of the signs:

Firstly, Following her tragic death the family had to notify her friends. To quote Christopher: "As we rang round my sister's wide circle of friends, we were amazed to learn how many of them she had visited in her last days in England, almost as if she knew she might be seeing them for the last time."

Secondly. Serena had left a four page document in the desk of her London flat. This began, "If anything should happen to me when I am in Thailand ..." It went on to set out who should inherit her various belongings.

The document also stated that she did not wish to be buried. She wrote, "Just put my body on a bonfire."

Her request became a reality with the help of the British vice-consul in Bangkok. He arranged for her body to be burned by Buddhist monks in the courtyard of a Bangkok monastery, Christopher has said that this was, "exactly as she would have wished."

Thirdly. Still in England, but at the moment of her cremation, Christopher went to his local church He tells of how beforehand he, "... pulled from his shelves the poetry book T.S. Elliot. Opening at random, my eyes lighted on his poem Little Gidding"

"And all shall be well and
All manner of things shall be well
When the tongues of flame are in-folded
Into the crowned knot of fire
And the fire and the rose are one."

The vice-consul had arranged for a bunch of roses to be on the funeral pyre.

This is where more synchronicity comes more into play.

Serena, in life, had admired the work of the glass engraver Laurence Whistler. The friends and family of Serena wondered if they would be able to persuade Whistler to do a memorial window for her.

Serena had met Whistler and when the family contacted him he replied: "Ever since I heard the awful news, I have been thinking of exactly that. In fact, I have already begun to sketch out what I have in mind."

Whistler's design included a red rose but more remarkably, around the window he had, quite independently, chosen to inscribe those same lines from Little Gidding, ending 'the fire and the rose are one.'

The window was completed and finally placed in Salisbury Cathedral.

Serena's ashes were scattered exactly as per her written document. Some were to be thrown in the river Danube near to Vienna where she had worked. Family and friends climbed to the summit of the Vienna Woods, looking down on the vista below. As the last of the ashes were released a roe deer gracefully leapt down the steep hill below, until it disappeared,

"It was like a last farewell."

Often it does seem as if life is mapped out in advance.

Daily Mail 16 Oct 14

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24 October, 2014

Out Of Body Experiences: Do They Prove Life After Death

Out of body experiences: many say these are proof that we live on following death, while others will completely dismiss such an idea. It is interesting though, that if you actually talk to someone who has experienced an OBE, and even question them, they will remain adamant about what they saw and felt. They 'know' that there is life after death.

Enough waffle. Here are two OBE experiences:

"In 1975, while giving birth, I had an heart attack. I remember looking down from above my body at the room and the peace I felt was amazing.

I then found myself in a very bright place. I wasn’t afraid at all, in fact I felt so much love.

I looked up and a man had come out of somewhere. He was so bright to look at and as he came closer the love I felt from him was overwhelming. I felt he knew me and I knew him. It's difficult to explain the feeling.

He came over and sat next to me. He was like my father. He started to speak to me and I to him. He didn't move his lips, but he was speaking to me. I won't go into the whole time but I remember him asking me if I wanted to come with him or go back.

I knew I still had to finish giving birth and I had little girls at home. He told me I would have great suffering.The next thing I knew was that I'm yelling and I'm back in my earth body.

I had died but my son was still inside me. I gave birth. They told me they wanted to keep my son and me in hospital because there might be brain damage to my baby.

There wasn't any damage, to him or me. Till this day, 39 years later, I can tell you that the time I spent with the beautiful man [in Heaven] and the things he spoke to me about have helped me through everything. It changed my life. Without question there is a Heaven. I know because I have been there and it is more than wonderful!"

~ Sabra Victoria

"I have actually experienced Heaven. I am eighty years old now, but when I was 19 a man knocked on my door one night and when I answered he pushed me backwards onto the floor and proceeded to strangle me.

Everybody that I had ever known flickered through my mind with a goodbye. Suddenly I was at these gates. There was overwhelming gold - everything was gold. It was beautiful but ... some neighbours came to my house and pulled this person off me and I had to come back! It was so hard coming back after what I had seen. Definitely there is life after death! source

~ Leigh

But ... scientists will argue that such experiences have a biological basis. They claim that the same parts of the brain are activated in near-death experiences as in dreams and that people who report them are also able to slip into a dream state more easily than others. Such statements, however, will not sway those who have actually experienced Heaven.

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23 October, 2014

The Mysterious Dogon People And The Knowledge They Learned From The Fish-Like Aliens

Dogon people from Mali
Dogon people from Mali - Photo: Devriese
I have mentioned previously how the Dogon people of West Africa were familiar with the star Sirius B long before the rest of civilisation were aware that it existed.

It is strange how some races of people, often today thought of as primitive, had and have knowledge that seems far beyond their capabilities.

Lets look at the Dogon people first and their strange stories of visitors to earth and how their appearance was 'fishlike'.

The Dogon people live in Mali, with their nearest town being Timbuktu, and have religious beliefs handed down through the generations. These they say were given to them by visitors from another star system.

Sirius A and Sirius BThe star they refer to is Sirius B (small dot bottom left of photo), which was only 'discovered' by the rest of the world in 1844. The Dogon call this star Po Tolo, which means small seed (po) and star (tolo).

They call this the smallest thing there is and that it is the heaviest star and is white in colour. Sirius B cannot be seen by the naked eye - so these facts could not have been observed by the Dogon.

We now know that Sirius B is a small white dwarf star and is extremely dense and heavy. So their knowledge was pretty accurate: the smallness, the heaviness and it's colour. And also that it orbited Syrius A every 50 years.

They also say there is yet another star in the Sirius system, which they call Emme Ya but this has not been confirmed - as yet - by western astronomers.

The Dogon belief is that the Sirius B was the first star made by God and from it all souls are produced.

Their knowledge came, they say, from the Nommos who visited earth from the Sirius star system.

The Nommos also informed them of facts such as: that Saturn has rings and Jupiter has four moons.

These visitors to earth were amphibious beings and were also called the Masters of the Water. The craft in which they arrived landed 'after spinning and whirling'.

From the craft came something with four legs, more fishlike than human, that was able to drag the vessel to water, where it floated.

The Nommos became the Dogon's spiritual guardians. We then get a familiar story:

"The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them ... they gave all their life principles to human beings.

The Nommos was crucified and resurrected and in the future will visit earth again, this time in human form. Later he will assume his amphibious form and will rule the world from the waters."

There have been other amphibious visitors, this time according to Babylonian accounts of the Oannes who came to earth to assist the human race. They arrived in an egg shaped vehicle.

In the third century a Babylonian priest, Berossus, recorded a history of Mesopotamia. In this he recorded that the Oannes, "had the shape of a fish blended with that of a man ... a complicated form between fish and man."

He went on to say about the Oannes:

"The whole body of the animal was like that of a fish; and had under a fish's head, another head and also feet below, similar to those of a man, subjoined to the fish's tail.

The Being in the daytime used to converse with men, but took no food ... he gave them an insight into letters and sciences and every kind of art. He taught them to construct houses, to found temples, to compile laws and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge ...

When the sun set, it was custom for the being to plunge into the sea, and abide all night in the deep, for he was amphibious."

There is a further account of amphibian visitors, this time recorded by Saint Photius of Constantinople who tells of a story recounted by the historian Helladius:

"... a man named Oe who came out of the Red Sea having a fish-like body but the head, feet and arms of man, and who taught astronomy and letters. Some accounts say he came out of a great egg, whence his name, and that he was actually a man, but only seemed a fish because he was clothed in the skin of a sea creature."

So we see similarities between the Dogon, Ooanes and Oe visitors from other stars. They were all amphibious or fish like and arrived in eggs (space crafts). Their coverings could have been a form of space suits.

In each case they meant no harm to human life and imparted knowledge to help human mankind on their way - as did the likes of Jesus and other Masters.

How could the Dogon know about Sirius B? They couldn't see it, had no instruments - but they still had the knowledge.

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22 October, 2014

Flying On A Butterfly In Heaven

A butterfly wish
Photo: Princess Ieda - verse added
A while back I published a post, Did This Doctor Visit Heaven? It was the story of Dr Eben Alexander who claims to have visited Heaven.

In the post I wrote about Alexander's experience of Heaven:

... travelling with him was what he took to be his guardian angel: a young woman with high cheekbones, deep-blue eyes and golden brown hair. She was wearing orange, indigo and powder blue clothing.

"Her thoughts were things like, 'You are loved. You are cherished for ever. There’s nothing you can do wrong'."

Together they moved on to "the core, an inky darkness that was also full to brimming with light." Here there was "a beautiful warm awareness of the divine which was clearly what we would call God".

Dr Alexander has a book out, with a snappy title, The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife. In this he mentions the 'young woman with high cheek bones'. But, before I come to the point of this post, I have first to explain that the doctor experienced his trip to Heaven while in a coma and that he was riding with the aforementioned woman on a butterfly wing (yes, a butterfly wing).

I'll get to the point now. In the Daily Mail (dated 18th of October) there is a quote by Eben Alexander as follows:

"Above all, that image of the woman on the butterfly wing haunted me.

And then, four months after coming out of my coma, I received a picture in the mail.

As a result of my earlier investigations to make contact with my biological family, a relative had sent me a photograph of my sister Betsy - the sister I had never known.

The shock of recognition was total. This was the face of the woman on the butterfly wing.

The moment I realised this, something crystallised inside me. That photo was the confirmation that I needed. This was the proof beyond reproach, of the objective reality of my experience. From then on, I was back in the old, earthly world I'd left behind before my coma struck, but as a genuine new person.

I had been reborn"

So, there we go, the doctor realised that he met his sister while in Heaven.

I know many will scoff at such things, but who's to say. The truth is that no one, as yet, can prove there is a Heaven or conversely that there isn't a Heaven. Many believe they have answers but that's all they are: beliefs. For the record though, I believe we do live on after death.

Dr Eben Alexander's Books:
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21 October, 2014

The White Dove Was A Messenger From His Deceased Mother

White Dove

A further white dove story, this time from Greg P.

"My mother passed earlier this year from cancer. I spent the year earlier with her while I finished college. It was a great reconnection because I was always close to my mom and we did a good amount of travelling together. She stayed up many nights with me when I had pressing homework due and discussing everything. I would also take my mother to her doctor appointments and we would always go to lunch afterwards.

However I never cried I guess because I went through her chemo with her! My mother was such a care giver that even on her dying bed she was more concern about us her children than herself.

Long story short, after her passing I dreamt about her twice but on the third occasion it was a replay of her funeral. The following morning while picking up my company vehicle at the lot I started to drive off, when I noticed something white fell off the truck in my rear view.

I pulled over and realized it was a bird. I first thought it was a white pigeon but after a close inspection it wasn't. I instinctively and carefully reached for my cell in order to take a pic. I didn't want to startle it so I took the first shot through the glass. When I noticed it wouldn't fly away I lowered my window and the dove flew towards me as I took another pic then it landed on top of my cab. I jumped out the truck and stared it in the face. The dove stared back and flew away until it was out of sight! The shot I got is a one in a million ..."

~ Greg P

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20 October, 2014

Man: A Completely Different Species From Other Creatures

Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve Painting by Mabuse
I came across a Gallup Poll which showed that 73% of USA residents believe that God played a part in the creation of man.

People were asked to choose one of three options:
  1. Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God guided this process.  31% chose this option
  2. Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God had no part in this process. 19% this option
  3. God created human beings much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so. 42% this option
I was interested to see that 42% believed that God created man in his present form - and within the last 10,000 years. In a UK poll in 2006 only 22% went for a creationism option.

The poll caught my attention because I had been reading a treatise which offered a differing view more in line with option 1 above.

A Dr. Baker wrote:

"... this does not mean to imply that man descended from animal forms, i.e. from anthropoid apes, as suggested by the Darwinian theory of evolution. According to the theory presented by ancient, authoritative sources, the form that man inhabited was animal-like and 'mindless' until that Fire was applied."

By 'Fire' in the above it was meant that an energy was applied to mankind to advance him along the evolutionary path - but man was always a completely different species.

Once that 'Fire' was applied:

"... man became responsible for his actions; animals are not responsible for their actions; their cruelty, their sexual appetites etc.

This is the symbolic meaning if the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. By eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge offered to them by the serpent, Adam and Eve became self-conscious and are thus separated from the animals, who do not possess this awareness. Since they are no longer part of a Group Soul, they must pay the price for individualised consciousness; because they are now responsible for their acts, they are exiled from the Garden of Eden."

I've personally believed for quite a long time that we are responsible for our actions and must bare the consequences for how we act. Some would call this karma.

But it's for each of us to decide what beliefs we follow and to respect the beliefs of others. When you look at many religions they are not so far apart as first imagined - it's often just the interpretations that get a little skewed.

But before I close this post there is a thought that the serpent who was responsible for mankind's exile from the Garden of Eden can also lead them back to the Garden. In Hindu Yoga this would be called kundalini where the serpent is resting at the base of the spine - but maybe more on this another time.

P.S. Why do old paintings of Adam & Eve show them with tummy-buttons?

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18 October, 2014

The Ghostly Happenings At Her Bedsit

A ghost story I came across on the letters page of the Daily Mail, which sort of follows on from yesterdays theme.

"I used to have a bedsit in Brixton (London) and had a frightening experience one night when I woke to see a person I took to be one of the other tenants standing by my bed looking down on me.

I froze in terror as I realised  I could see right through the apparition. It moved away, looking annoyed, and passed through a wall.

Several weeks later one bright Saturday morning I was loafing about in bed (as lazy 20-year-olds do) when through the little archway leading to my tiny kitchenette I saw my mother, who lived in the basement, walk in with a pint of milk. She glared at me and left the bottle on the table.

Later in the day I popped downstairs to see her and she was adamant that I wasn't in the bed and the covers had been rolled right back.

Two spooky events in the same spot was more than enough and I moved out of my Brixton bedsit faster than I could say, 'Cheerio mum.'"

~ Marilyn Cameron.

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