22 December, 2014

Two Black Stick Men Sightings - They Are Still Stalking Our World!

Stick Men

Here's a coincidence: two stories in two days from readers about Black Stick Men, one from the USA and the other from the UK. You may recall that I published a post back in March of this year The Black Stick Men Who Stalk Our World At Night. As 'things' supposedly come in threes, wonder if there will be a third experience soon ...

"I don't want my name published as I don't want to be called crazy.

I actually stumbled across your blog because my husband and I were Googling stick men sightings. He has just encountered one while taking our dog out to the bathroom at our apartment complex.

He was walking by the pool area, and it is night mind you, and looked over and saw a tall stick figure of a man who, he said, seemed surprised and took an odd startled stance when he realized he'd been seen.

My husband looked at the stick man for a second and then took off, running as fast as he could to tell me.

He was out of breath and visibly shaken, so we started looking this up and are quickly finding out there are a lot of people who have seen the same.

My husband is definitely not crazy, so I just wanted people to know that this is definitely a real thing."

"We were returning home after a night out, and we had been drinking, but what we saw was nothing to do with alcohol. There were five of us, but three went off in a different direction. This left me and my girlfriend.

It was dark, after midnight, and we passed an open area between houses.

"F***!" said my girlfriend, "Look at that!"

She pointed to the open space where something thin and lollopy looking was coming towards us. Definitely human shaped but much, much taller and very skinny and completely black. I couldn't tell if he was wearing clothes, it looked like an animated stick man. I'm fairly sure he was wearing a hat of some sort.

We started to run away as fast as we could. The man was going to catch us because of his long, skinny stride. He didn't appear to have any facial features. But suddenly he changed direction, almost as if he hadn't seen us at first and headed towards the houses.

My girlfriend was shaking with fright but gradually calmed down once the stick man was moving away from us. I have to admit that I was scared stiff myself.

It all sounds unbelievable but it was as if a cartoon had come to life. I think the man must have been well over 10 feet tall. Whatever he was, looking back, we don't think he meant us any harm."

~ Roger - Bristol

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21 December, 2014

Vintage Photos Taken From My Google Plus Page - 2

Five vintage photos taken from my Google+ page, a mixed bag from cops on motor cycles to fashion and a 1910 vacuum cleaner.

1950s police motor cop and squad car
1951 Motor Cycle Speed Cop and Flying Squad Car
The image above is from a 1951 childrens' book called 'When I Grow Up'. One of the suggestions is that they become Speed cops.

Vintage photo NSW, Australia
Vintage Photo NSW, Australia 1920s
The photos above and below are police photos from NSW, Australia said to have been taken in the 1920s, but the picture below looks more like 1940s fashions.

Vintage fashion photo
Vintage fashion photo from Australia"
1050s office coffee machine
1950s office coffee machine
1910 Star Vacuum Cleaner
1910 Star Vucuum Cleaner
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20 December, 2014

The Telepathy Of Random Thoughts Of Kindness

Random acts of kindness
Daily Mail December 17, 2014
I've written several posts about how my wife seems to know what I'm thinking - which can be very worrying at times! There was an example of this today which was fortunately quite harmless.

Actually, thinking about it, this time it may have been telepathy or me reading her thoughts.

I had been upstairs, in the room I call my office, and decided it was cup of tea time. I made my way down the stairs. As I was doing so I started thinking about random acts of kindness, such as paying for someone else in a queue for something. Like paying a toll bridge charge for the car behind.

I walked into our living room and Karin was reading a newspaper I hadn't seen. She looked at me and said words to the effect of, "There's a man here who does random acts of kindness like paying for someone in a queue for the person behind ..."

I had to butt in, "That's exactly what I was thinking about coming down the stairs."

Karin showed me the article and then said, "Almost forgot, I poured you a cup of tea."

As I wrote once before, it does make me wonder who is pulling the strings!

So, to recap, I went down the stairs for a cup of tea and Karin had already made one and I was thinking about what she was reading!


It really is strange how couples, who have been together for a while, start thinking similar thoughts at similar times. Makes you wonder where the thought originated.

A couple of other posts I have written on this theme are The Sixth Sense Between Soul Mates and Telepathy Between Husband And Wife.

Now if we were to put in an effort into trying to develop telepathy, well, who knows what we might be able to achieve.

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19 December, 2014

Messages From The Dead Via White Doves, White Feathers And Butterflies

White dove

Following on from all of those other posts about white feathers, white doves and butterflies witnessed following a loved one departing this world, here are two more readers experiences. Both wish to remain anonymous.

"I lost my mum in 2007, I was with her when she passed away.

A few days later there was a gorgeous white feather on my doorstep. Unsure, I asked my neighbour what this could mean. She told me I had been visited by an angel. The feather is still in my Bible to this day. It's not a seagull feather, nor any other known bird in this area. It's a beautiful white downy fluffy feather and I still have it! xx"

"A few years ago my life changed forever. My husband showed up at my office with tears streaming down his face telling me my brother passed away. I remember him driving me home. We sat outside taking it all in, and waiting on phone calls from other family members to make driving/flying arrangements to his town (10 hours away).

I was beyond devastation when a beautiful butterfly flew directly in between us. It hovered for probably a whole minute, circled around my head..then circled around my husband;s head and then flew away.

We were actually crying and laughing, as this was clearly miraculous.

On our very long drive to the funeral I took with me my books on Angels and connecting with loved ones who have passed away.

As I'm engrossed in my book, a few hours into the trip, I was startled by the loudest sound I've ever heard. Something slammed into the windshield ... we were travelling at 70 miles an hour.

I asked my husband, "What was that?"

He said (as we were pulling off the highway into a gas station), "A white dove came out of nowhere and hit our windshield!"

The craziest part is it left no blood ... no feathers ... just this white powder that made the most beautiful image of a perfect angel wing. It was as fine as flour, dusted lightly on our windshield. I actually took my finger and touched it in amazement.

Has anyone else ever been hit by a dove? I'd like to think the dove didn't die but, at 70 mph, how could it not."

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18 December, 2014

He Discovered That The House He Bought Was Built By His Ancestor

I think that today's coincidence or synchronicity story is quite remarkable and on several layers. See what you think.

Douglas Hunter lived in Australia but his family had been in New Zealand for at least five generations. He met and fell in love with Ros, a girl from England. They became partners and consequently had two children.

When Ros was pregnant, with their third child, the couple decided they would move to England. They agreed to settle somewhere in Suffolk, near to where Ros's parents lived.

Ros went on ahead to look for somewhere they could call home. One of the places she saw was an old disused chapel. It was for sale and was ripe for converion into a family home. The chapel was in Rendham near to Aldeburgh in their chosen county of Suffolk.

Ros said, "I was pregnant and jet lagged but I thought it was wonderful. I loved the pillars inside and managed to ignore the problems."

The deal was done to buy the property and Douglas duly arrived from Australia to see what she had bought. He viewed the enormous dilapidated building with holes in the roof, broken windows and rows of pews. He looked at Ros and said one word, "Why?"

Then came what Douglas describes as a spooky surprise.

His mother came over from New Zealand for a visit and was looking through some of the very old documents that had been left in the chapel and made an amazing discovery. She found that the chapel was built with money from one of their ancestors!

As Douglas emphasised, "I didn't know any family connection with Suffolk."

Isaac Watts
His ancestor a Dr Isaac Watts was a wealthy man who was a prolific hymn writer including 'Joy To The World' and ' Our God Our Help In Ages Past'.

The chapel was built back in 1750s from a donation made by Dr Watts and has quite a history. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, made visits in the 18th century. The building was finally deconsecrated in 1979 as the congregation gradually diminished in size.

Douglas and Ros coverted the chapel into a wonderful five bedroom family home in which to bring up their children.

How strange that Douglas should meet Ros, a girl from Suffolk - where there just happened to be a link to his ancestors. Some links appear never to be broken.

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17 December, 2014

The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot

Little boy Santa Claus forgot

With Christmas fast approaching, as with many people, this makes me remember days from when I was a child.

Christmas was an important event for us. By us, I mean my Mum, Dad and me. Just the three of us, but it was always something to look forward to with great excitement. Looking back I don't know how mum and dad always managed to persuade Father Christmas to bring me what I wished for, He must have received the letter I sent up the chimney each year.

One of my memories is of Dad singing to me, especially the song 'The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot'. It always made me cry but I would still ask him to sing it one more time.

I felt so sorry for that 'laddie who hadn't got a daddy' and how the boy had to 'wander home to last years broken toys.'

Today, of course, there is a profusion of presents and gifts, and many of them very expensive. I feel disappointed that in Britain we have now imported things like Black Friday from the USA (thanks initially to Amazon). It's crazy, profit is king and we rush about like mad people having to grab the latest bargain, Is that really the spirit of Christmas?

And yet there is terrible poverty in parts of the world with many children wandering home to what? Not even last years broken toys.

I don't want to put a downer on Christmas. I love the event and can't wait to see the look on my grandchildren's faces as they open their presents. But perhaps we should also try to remember those who aren't so lucky.- and fully appreciate all that we have,


He's the little boy that Santa Claus forgot
And goodness knows, he didn't want a lot

He sent a note to Santa
For some soldiers and a drum
It broke his little heart
When he found Santa hadn't come

In the street, he envies all those lucky boys
Then wanders home to last year's broken toys
I'm so sorry for that laddie, he hasn't got a daddy
The little boy that Santa Claus forgot

You know, Christmas comes
But once a year for every girl and boy
The laughter and the joy they find in each brand new toy

I'll tell you of a little boy that lives across the way
This little fella's Christmas is just another day
He's the little boy that Santa Claus forgot
And goodness knows, he didn't want a lot

In the street, he envies all those lucky boys
Then wanders home to last year's broken toys
I'm so sorry for that laddie, he hasn't got a daddy
The little boy that Santa Claus forgot

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16 December, 2014

A Star Is Born Synchronicity

School Navity Play

Nothing too dramatic today, must be getting the Christmas feeling. Well I should be as we went to see our 4 year old grandson in his school Nativity Play last week. That's the scene above before the start.

There is a sort of synchronicity to this, but perhaps I'm pushing it a bit.

When my son and daughter-in-law chose our grandson's names they chose Oscar as a middle name. I remember Karin wondering why, and I said, "Because he's a little star."

And in his first school play he was a star - as were all of his class - the youngest pupils. Thus the star in the photo below. They all sang and did various movements.

Sammy on stage

Also at the school, for the young ones, there is a symbol next to each pupil's name where they have to keep their coats and other bits. Each child has a different symbol and Sammy's is a star! And that's my synchro for today.

My grandson on stage

Just remembered from a dusty corner of my brain. When Sammy's dad went to Uni I kept wishing and hoping that his room - he was staying on campus - would be first class. When we helped to move him in, for the first time, I realised his room number was A1 - which means 'first class' or 'top quality'. So my wish for him came true.

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