02 December, 2015

What We Give Out, We Get Back - But Not Always Exactly As We Want

Bugs in lingerie drawer

There was a woman who, when things annoyed her, would always say, "That really bugs me." One day she found the chest of drawers, where she kept some of her delicate clothes, infested with small beetles. A coincidence?

A man called Clive wanted some goldfish in a large glass bowl for his living room and - as he had read a little about the power of the mind - started demanding a bowl of fish from the universe. A few days later a neighbour dropped in to see him carrying a plastic bowl with some fish he had caught that day. "Do you want some of these fish as I won't be able eat them all?" he asked. Another coincidence?

In a way both of these people got what they asked for. Okay it wasn't exactly what they had in mind but whose fault was that?

As with everything we give out eventually it returns, either to smooth our path or slap us in the face. Words and what we say are important and it's not just a case of being negative or positive.

Florence Scovel-Shin in her book The Game of Life And How To Play It writes about how she saw some beautiful rose trees in the florist's window and set about requesting one.

Easter came, and with it a perfect rose tree from a friend as a gift. She phoned to say thank you and told her that it was exactly what she wanted.

Her friend replied, "I didn't send you a rose tree, I sent you lilies!"

The man at the florist had mixed up the order and Florence writes, "He sent me a rose tree simply because I had started the law in action, and I had to have a rose tree."

She also concludes that, "When man can wish without worrying every desire will be instantly fulfilled."

It's perhaps why we have to be careful what we say on a regular basis. If, for instance, we keep saying something or someone is a pain in the a*** it could well become one!

Parents don't always choose their words wisely (unintentionally, of course). "Don't go out without a jacket, you'll catch a cold," or, "Be careful, you'll fall." Atishoo and ouch may follow.

We are surrounded by influences from other people, the media, television and so on. I guess we have to try and make sure that our own words equate to exactly what we really want for ourselves and also what we want for our family, friends and the world in general.

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30 November, 2015

Herons As Messengers From The Deceased


I have written previously that, though coincidence and synchronicity are the most popular themes on this blog, the next most popular are white feathers and white doves - being seen following a loved ones death. Some say that these are 'messages' from those who have died. Today a new one for the collection: herons.

In my first marriage, we had a garden with four acres, and herons used to come to our wildlife pond regularly - we really loved seeing them.

Sadly, my husband and I divorced, but we remained close friends even though we both remarried In 2010, he died quickly of cancer. The next day, as I drove through an estate close by a heron appeared and landed on a roof.

I slowed down and watched it, and it turned and appeared to look at me. It stayed on the roof standing for about five minutes, watching me.

I relayed this to our son and he said a heron had landed in his garden at the same time.

I rang our daughter and she gasped. A heron had landed in her garden also.

We all live a long way away from each other, yet, we all saw a heron at the same time, the day after his death.

~ Rachael Hyde

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28 November, 2015

Nails Wanted On Machu Picchu Coincidence

Machu Picchu

...and following on from yesterday's post, another one:

My husband owned an ironmongers shop and I worked with him. One year we went on holiday to Peru and travelled to Machu Picchu, which we visited on a very rainy day.

Our group was climbing up very steep steps slowly, and stepped aside to make room for another group coming down the steps.

Suddenly a man grabbed my arm and, as he passed me said, "Three pounds of 4 inch round nails please, Mrs Potts," before disappearing downhill.

So far from home in the rain ... but who was he?

We would have loved it if he had come into the shop to tell us afterwards.

~ Kathleen Potts

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27 November, 2015

The 5,500 Mile coincidence Connection

Have had a run of similar coincidences, on this blog recently, where people have met up in unexpected places. Here's yet another one.

I was on holiday in Sri Lanka (from England) with a friend and we went on a sightseeing trip with a couple from another hotel.

We exchanged names and they asked where we were from. "Peterborough," we replied, and asked where they were from.

"Jersey," was the answer.

"My son and family live on Jersey, " I said, "In Grouville."

"That's where we live!" they exclaimed, and asked for his address. When I told them, they looked at each other and smiled.

"That was our house when we were first married," they said.

On their return home, they visited my son and showed him some photos they had taken of us from the trip.

~ Jan Tod.

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26 November, 2015

The Dollar Bill Assassination Prediction

Prediction or coincidence

It was the anniversary of John F Kennedy's death on the 22nd of this month and by 'coincidence' I came across a story in a newspaper, from that time, with an article headed: The Dollar Bill That Predicted Kennedy's Death.

I think to most it'll be a bit far fetched, but though I'd publish it any way. Here goes:

The Dollar Bill That Predicted Kennedy's Death

Two weeks before the Kennedy Assassination, the Treasury Department released a series of dollar bills. The serial number on these bills start with the letter K and end with A (Kennedy Assassination).

When Federal Reserve Districts were assigned, Dallas was assigned the letter K, which is the eleventh letter of the alphabet. John Kennedy has eleven letters. Below the serial number on the right of the dollar bill, and above the serial number on the left, are two elevens. Two elevens add to twenty-two - the day and month of the assassination. To the right of Washington's picture on the bill is "Series 1963A" - the year of the assassination/ Coincidence?

Source: Ocala Star-Banner.

Unfortunately I cannot find a $1 bill from that period on Google Photos or elsewhere.

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25 November, 2015

They Met By Coincidence In A Salt Mine

Salt mines Salzburg
Salt mines Salzburg
Today, another coincidence story I saw in the Daily Mail newspaper from Mike Matthews of South Wales.

"While studying A-levels at grammar school in Brighton I went on a school trip to Germany and Austria, led by our German tutor, Len Symes.

The trip took us to Munich, Innsbruck and the beautiful city of Salzburg.

One of the highlights of the trip was a train journey from Munich to Innsbruck, travelling through the foothills of the Alps on an old steam train that had open-air carriages at either end.

When we got to Salzberg, the school had arranged a visit to a salt mine, which involved a steep descent to a depth of 300 feet.

While at the bottom and looking at he rock formations Len, our tutor, felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned around, he discovered he was looking at his next-door neighbour from Brighton!

Neither of them knew that the other was going on a trip, let alone to the same place.

Once back on the surface, they marked the coincidence with a stein full of Austrian beer. Unfortunately, we boys were not allowed to join in."

~ Mike Matthews

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24 November, 2015

The Ghostly Woman Sat Four Feet From His Bed

1880 woman ghost

The following story was described as A Modern Ghost Story by the Hartford Weekly Times. Though this was way back in 1886, so maybe not quite so modern now! The newspaper told of a Curious Coincidence of a Death and an Apparition.

Cleveland, Ohio: At about 8 o'clock on Friday morning Mrs Emily Frayne, a widow, of Hamilton, Ont., who had come to Cleveland to visit her sister, who resides on a block on Prospect Street, died very suddenly.

Frank Lamb, a fresco painter, aged 33, who occupies apartments adjoining those in which Mrs Frayne died, relates a remarkable story.

He says that between 2 and 3 o'clock on the morning in question he was awakened, and, looking across the room he saw a lady sitting about four feet from his bed.

"What do you want?" he asked.

Raising her right hand, the lady said, "Hush! Hush!" and then disappeared,

Lamb is a disbeliever in ghosts and he at once made a search of the room and examined the lock of the door. He found the door was securely fastened, and, getting in bed, he lay for ten minutes thinking about the strange occurrence.

Suddenly the clothing of his bed and the cover were tumbled off on the floor by some unseen power, and he fell himself to the floor.

Being angry by this time, Lamb made another search of the room without finding anybody. He then opened the door, and as he did so Mrs Hadden, the sister of Mrs Frayne came from her room into the hall saying. "My sister."

Lamb declares that he was not excited and he was perfectly sober. He cannot account for the strange occurrences.

Other people in the block who heard Lamb fall also left their rooms, and they corroborate his story as to the coincidence of his fall with Mrs Frayne's death.

The coroner has decided that the woman's death was caused by heart decease.

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