01 August, 2015

The Duels Of Death Coincidence

Duels in the 1800s

A short, hard to believe classic coincidence is about the duelling life of Henri Tragne from Marseille in France.

Between 1861 and 1878 Tragne is said to have fought five duels - though I'm not sure 'fought' is the right word because, in the first four, his opponents all dropped dead before a single shot was fired.

The fifth duel had a different outcome. This time it was Tragne who died - of natural causes and, again, before the first shots had been exchanged.

The saying about being scared to death is often used but the outcome of Tragne's duels must surely have been written in the stars.

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31 July, 2015

Ghostly Hitch-hiker Talked Of The Second Coming Of Jesus

Hitchhiker thumb

Following on from yesterday's post. I have come across many other similar stories of ghostly hitch-hikers.  Back in 1980, for example, it was reported that motorists in Arkansas, USA were picking up a hitch-hiker who said he was Jesus Christ!  He then disappeared from the vehicle without trace.

By 'coincidence' I saw that this hitch-hiker may well have then moved on to Sweden. The Schenectady Gazette reported:

Police [in Ekenassjon, Sweden] said that on Thursday, many drivers reported picking up a young man who talked about the Second Coming of Christ.

Then, without opening the door, the hitch-hiker suddenly disappeared without a trace, the drivers claimed.

As a result of these reports drivers are speeding down roads without regard to traffic signals police said. Or, they go miles out of their way to avoid a spot they call the ghost's favourite intersection for catching a lift.

Police have been flooded with calls asking about the mysterious traveller, but have yet to start an official probe. However, local priests are taking it seriously and pursuing investigations.

Alcohol is not suspected by the police as Sweden's strict drunken driving laws make it an unlikely cause of the mysterious appearances.

Mighty strange!

And to finish with today, my Google + pal Mike Martin sent me details of the following YouTube video - a sad ghostly hitch-hiker song.

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30 July, 2015

The Ghostly Young Woman Hitch-Hiker

Ghost of woman

This is may be a well known ghost story, but I hadn't heard it previously. I have, though, heard similar tales, so perhaps somewhere along the line they all merge into one.

The westbound bridge near the Sumter and Richland county lines is said to be haunted by a ghostly hitch-hiker following a woman's death, near the entrance to the bridge.

The hitch-hiker waits on the bridge and requests a ride. If a driver stops she gets into the vehicle's back seat and says she is trying to get to Columbia to see her sick mother, who lives in Pickens Street. Once the vehicle leaves the bridge on the Richland County side the woman disappears.

A couple travelling to Columbia reportedly (Source: The Item Vol 112, No.17) picked up the woman in 1968. After a short time the wife turned to talk to the passenger in their back seat to find that she had vanished.

The wife fainted and it's said that while she was being revived, the husband decided to check out the address the ghostly figure had given him.

He arrived at the house and was greeted by an elderly lady who immediately said, "I know why you are here. You picked up a young lady in the swamp. My daughter was killed in an accident in the Wateree swamp several years ago, and each year on the anniversary of the accident, she appears to passers-by."

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29 July, 2015

BMW Motorcycle Coincidence

BMW Motorcycle
Photo sourcePinterest
Another short 'coincidence' example. This one I received from montgomeryrichard as a comment.

"In 1979 I was in New York on holiday from London. I saw a man with a BMW motorcycle which was exactly the same model as the one I owned in London. We chatted a bit and I went on my way.

A few months later I was riding my BMW motorcycle in London and stopped at a set of traffic lights. Waiting to cross the road on foot was the man that I had spoken to in New York, who had the same model BMW motorcycle.

We were both shocked as I got the impression that he did not believe I had a bike the same as his. We spoke and I rode off.

Never saw him again."

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28 July, 2015

Same Name Families Coincidence

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Two families with surnames Goossens, but unknown to each other, emigrated from Belgium to Australia at different times.

One of the fathers, Eugene Goosens, liked his new country and became the conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. He had a daughter, Renee, who was also very musical.

The father of the other Goosens family became the first professor of singing to be appointed to the Sydney Conservatorium. His daughter was also called Renee and, again, was very musical. She later was also appointed to the very same position as her father.

So we have two families with the same surnames, with very similar qualities and daughters with identical names - quite a coincidence. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the fathers were both called Eugene!

Source: The Age - Oct 23, 1951

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27 July, 2015

Her Front Door Key Returned By Coincidence

locked out of house

Here's a short but quite amazing coincidence, sort of makes you wonder if someone 'up there' is having a laugh.

Mrs. Willard Lowell of Berkeley, California discovered that she had locked herself out of her house. At that precise moment the postman arrived with a letter for her.

Inside the envelope was her spare front door key, returned to her by her brother, who had taken it home with him by mistake after a recent visit.

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25 July, 2015

Knitting Found In His Car Made Wife Think He Was Having An Affair

Sexy knitting

I've published a couple of stories about people driving a car belonging to someone else by mistake. Here's another such experience I saw in yesterday's Daily Mail. In my own words:

In the 1960s Dennis Rutter was issued with a new company car - a blue mini. On that same evening he drove his wife to see her friend in his new car. After dropping her off he parked his car at a public house, where he met up with a couple of friends.

After two shandies he left the pub to pick up his wife, about 13 miles away. On the journey home his wife accused him of seeing another woman! Shocked he asked, "What makes you say that?"

His wife told him that in the glove compartment there was some knitting which wasn't there before.

Dennis jokingly said that if he had been out with another woman she certainly wouldn't have brought her knitting with her!

The rest of the drive home was icy quiet.

On arriving at their home there was a police car parked. A policeman got out and asked Dennis what his registration number was. He replied that he couldn't remember, as it was the first day he'd had the vehicle.

The policeman told him the car was a stolen vehicle!

His wife started crying and his father, who was at the house, started telling the policeman how honest his son was and how he would never steal a car.

Once everyone had calmed down, the policeman explained that Dennis's car was still at the pub!

The police had found out where he lived, as the owner of an identical mini worked at the tax office and was able to find out who the owner of the car was. Dennis's employer had then been contacted and confirmed that he was the driver, and gave the police his address.

As Dennis was insured to drive any car he was allowed to drive the mini he had, and swap it with it's rightful owner - who could not get into Dennis's car.

The two drivers met up and had a laugh about the mistake. The cars were identical and ignition keys often worked in more than one car in days gone by.

Dennis eventually arrived home in the correct car - and without any knitting in the glove compartment.

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