Robins Comfort The Bereaved

I have published many posts about white feathers and how - for some - they appear to be contact from a loved one who has died. Today a similar theme but this time, instead of white feathers, it is a robin who is the messenger. The short story is from Sarah:

I have been told, when someone dies robins are a sign from the spiritual world that the person is still here. A true tale ...

A little while after my father passed, a robin flew into our house (through the kitchen back door) and upstairs into my bedroom and perched on a photo of my father! 

It was amazing and beautiful. An unforgettable treasured memory. Especially now, as a Robin always seems to appear at significant moments.

Life is wonderfully strange and unfathomable.

~ Sarah

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The Number Seven Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

From my cuttings an amusing 'Lucky 7' story which also includes coincidences. I believe it was first published in the Daily Mail a while back and was from a Bob Hunt, England.

Back in December 2002, I suffered a severe heart attack and was admitted to hospital.

The following month I ended up at London's Royal Brompton for a major operation which, thanks to the staff, was a great success.

The cardiac surgeon told me the procedure would add seven years to my life. It took seven weeks to recover and get back to normal lifestyle. I am now in my last year of a seven year period!

Not long after the op, my eldest son, Stewart said, "Dad, as you have had a bad time this year and have been a perfect patient, I would like to give you a present."

"Such as?" I asked.

He went on, "I'll get your name in every daily newspaper in the UK at the same time."

I was intrigued and asked, "Would I have to murder someone?"

My son laughed and told me to wait and see. He then asked, "When are you and Mum going to Norfolk on holiday this year?"

I told him we'd be going in the first week of July [the seventh month].

Unknown to me, he contacted Great Yarmouth racecourse and paid £1000 to have a race named The Bob Hunt Family And Friends Condition Stakes (Class C), to be held on July 3, 2003, at 3.35pm. On that day, I came down to breakfast at our hotel and picked up a Daily Mail. Looking through the racing section I saw my name!

My son's prediction was true.

When we met up, he said, "Dad, what's your lucky number?"

I explained, "When playing bingo, the caller always says, "On its own, lucky seven."  So as a bingo addict, I suppose that must be my lucky number.

"That's good," he said, and explained that there were seven coincidences:

# It had been seven months since my heart operation.

#The prize money for the horse owner was near on £7,000.

#The race was over seven furlongs.

#There were seven runners in the race.

#The horse I wanted to back, Tarjman, was number seven.

#The horse was drawn into stall number seven.

#Finally the trainer was a Mr. Stewart, the same name as my son't Christian name.

At the racecourse, just before my race, I dashed over with my son to the bookmakers to place our bet (which was now a bigger stake than normal (oh horse number seven).

There was a queue and incredibly, there were seven people in front of us! They were quickly dealt with and the bet was on.

We anxiously watched the race and, yes! our prediction was right, number seven won.

I was then due to present the winning horse's owner with his trophy. With all of the excitement I felt unwell. My son told me not to worry: he and my youngest son would do the honours. I wondered if my guardian angel had a number seven on her wings.

I was in seventh heaven!

~ Bob Hunt, Hertford.

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Lanzarote And Small Coincidences

I hadn't been experiencing many coincidences / synchronicity moments recently - must have been out of sync with the world or something!

I decided my wife and I needed a break so we went off to Lanzarote to get some proper sunshine and to switch off from computers and the like.

We arrived in the Canary Islands and wondered if we'd made the right choice for our destination. On our first morning we wandered down to the sea front and sat on a public seat. I snapped a photo of the beach and sea and then, for some reason, randomly turned to my right and took a photo of the promenade.

I checked the photo and noticed that the woman in the centre of the photo was wearing a t-shirt with a large '76' on the front.

I have written, probably many times, how 76 or 67 has occurred in my life over and over, almost symbolising good things. So I took the t-shirt to be sign that we had made the right choice.

Then when we started walking my wife said, "Do you realise that our suite number is also a 76 or a 67?"

I hadn't, but our suite was number 4216. So 4+2=6 and 1+6=7. So 67.

But also 4+2+1 =7 and the remaining 6 =76.

So all was well with Lanzarote!

We wandered along the sea front for a few miles and ended up by Arrecife Airport, which is right on the coast. The planes were arriving from the direction of the sea. It was interesting to see them arrive very low above our heads.

My wife said, "I wonder when the next plane will be as I'd like to see it land." At that precise moment a couple on bikes stopped next to us and, out of the blue, the man said to us, "Do you want know when the next plane is landing?"

We said we did. He got out his phone where he had an app and could tell when the next plane was due, and even had a picture as to what it looked like plus where it had come from. I took the photo below of that expected plane.

My wife's question was answered!

After this similar 'little' coincidences / synchros seemed to keep popping up over and over. So the break in Lanzarote turned out to be a positive experience.

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Sensing The Future, Premonition And Angel 37

Here's something strange. I woke up with the number 37 in my head and a picture of Google (of all things!) I thought no more about it, until later when I checked my Google Plus account. In the top right hand corner of the page was the number of notifications I had that day and it was ... yes 37! Normally I have more than this, so not a typical number I would have guessed.

It also amused me because before I went to bed that night I had been reading Trish & Rob MacGregor's book Sensing the Future! So were my early morning thoughts influenced by what I had read?! Had I sensed the future - who knows.

I thought I'd look on the Internet to see if the number 37 had any significance, and couldn't find much but I did come across a blog called Angel Numbers. It seems 37 has a meaning (according to the writer that is) :

Angel Number 37 is a message from your angels that you are currently travelling along the right ‘life path’, and you are encouraged to persist in this vein. The Ascended Masters are with you giving you guidance and assistance when needed. Source
So that's nice to know!

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There Are No Real Winners In A War

World War 2 Bomb Damage - St. Paul's from Paternoster Row, London
I was going through some old mementos my mother had hoarded away in a case. Amongst the photos, birthday cards and so on was a newspaper from May 8, 1945. This was VE-Day - Victory in Europe. But there are no real winners in wars. One of the articles in the newspaper illustrated this. It was written by Roma Sherris, the heading being 'Mrs.J puts out her bunting'.

Mrs. James is 60. She's small with rather a pointed face, and her eyes are dark and bright like a bird's. By profession she is a charlady.

This is not, you may think, a particularly distinguished or remarkable portrait. But for me - and I have known her a good many years now - Mrs. James is a symbol.

In 1939 Mrs. James three sons joined up [to go to war]. Tom was twenty-five, Dick was twenty-three and John, her 'baby' only nineteen.

Mrs. James was extremely proud and, like every other mother, a little frightened. Not that she ever said anything about that. It would have been 'soft.' And Mrs. James hates anything 'soft or sloppy' as she calls it.

When she came to work she would bring their photographs and presents in a canvass shopping bag. A picture of Tom, the good-looking one, standing outside an estaminet , with his arm round a pretty French girl's waist. A chromium brooch from Dick, with his regimental arms in the middle. And a gleaming apricot cushion-cover with a camel and palm trees stamped on it, from John, in the Navy.

One brilliant summer's morning in 1940 Mrs. James came to work a little late. She looked very small and pale in her old black coat and the hat she always wore, with a dagger hat-pin and black osprey trimmings.

She took a telegram out of the old canvass bag and handed it to me. Tom had been killed, fighting in France.

"That's was, that is," was all she said. Then she started to do the washing up.

A week later she had another telegram. During the evacuation of Dunkirk Dick's ship, bringing him home had a direct hit. He was killed instantaneously.

After that Mrs. James began to work furiously. "Keeps your mind occupied," she said. After her morning's charing she would go to a forces canteen to wash up. During the lunch hour she did her shopping and queued for fish and vegetables for her daughter, who was having a baby.

She seldom talked about Tom and Dick. I don't think she could trust herself and she was so frightened of being 'soft.' But she wore Dick's regimental badge proudly on her shabby coat and a pendant with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it, which Tom had sent from Paris.

Last year [1944] Mrs. James had her last telegram. John had been drowned.

After that I thought she was going to pieces. She became incredibly thin and nothing would induce her to stop working. She never talked about herself but all the life had gone out of her bright eyes.

Then the flying-bomb raids started and Mrs. James became a different woman. She was really angry about them. All her old fighting spirit came back. And the day her ceilings came down her invective and sarcasm against such an unmilitary weapon of war were a joy to hear.

Her daughter got bombed out and Mrs. James brought her and the baby to live with her. Quite soon after that she started producing photographs of the baby out of her canvass bag when she arrived in the morning.

The other day I passed her house. She was balanced precariously on the top of a ladder fixing bunting over the front door.

"You look very happy Mrs. James," I said.

"I am," she replied. "Well we've got a lot to be thankful for, haven't we? After all. we've won the war."

I wanted to say, "You've won the war, Mrs. James," but I didn't she would have thought I was being 'soft'.

Sometimes we forget what others have done for us.

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Attracting What You Want The Easy Way!


The next day, after I had completed my last post, (Attracting An Abundance Of Pens - By Coincidence?), I came across the following story in the Daily Mail newspaper from Elizabeth Wright. It illustrates how asking for something can attract what you wish for. Surely this can't simply be coincidence. I see that the writer describes it as 'very weird and utterly spooky'. See what you think., here's her experience ...

A few years ago, my daughter asked me: "Mum, what do you want for your birthday?"

As I had begun a new career as a freelance writer and was turning my back bedroom into a study, I replied: "Well, a wooden letter rack and a wastepaper basket would be most useful."

Later that day, I had to take some household rubbish along to the recycling centre. Staff directed the public to the correct areas - cardboard on the left, garden refuse at the end, metal on the right, all other rubbish to a big bay.

There was room for just six cars at a time to deposit their items, so we waited in a lengthy, but orderly, queue.

Eventually my turn came, so I pulled up and started to reverse, only to find that the chap behind me, in a noisy red mini, had decided he wasn't going to wait any longer and whizzed in, grabbing the space.

He shrugged as I loudly complained, but a few seconds later another opening became available at the other end of the bay. I opened the tailgate to dump my rubbish and turned to see where it could go on this high pile of waste - and could no believe what I saw behind my car.

Standing side by side on the concrete parking space, separate from all the other refuse, were a perfect wooden letter rack and a spotless wastepaper basket.

The hairs rose on the back of my neck. I picked up the two items and put them in the back of my car to take home. They are still serving me well, but to this day I have no explanation, but something very weird and utterly spooky had happened.

~ Elizabeth Wright.

Perhaps in life it's a case of 'If you don't ask, you don't get'. I can remember my mother saying something like this to me as a child!

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Attracting An Abundance Of Pens - By Coincidence?

Four pens

In lots of ways this is very similar to my post An Abundance Of Five Brooms Coincidence - only substituting 'Pens' for 'Brooms'. I shall explain:

I had a form to complete, tried one pen and it didn't work, tried another and that didn't write either. In exasperation I said to my wife, "We must get some more decent pens." She must have had more important things on her mind as she just mumbled, "Mmmm" or something similar.

Anyway, we went off for a walk to town that morning and while she went somewhere or other I walked up to the bank. Outside the bank was a pen on the ground - a perfect silver coloured pen. I slipped it into my pocket and walked on. There was no sign that it belonged to anyone.

The next day, walking again, we were turning into our road and there at the side was another silver coloured pen - and it wrote perfectly.

"My guardian angel is looking after my needs," I said. A similar, "Mmmm" was the reply.

I was quite chuffed with my two pens. That same afternoon a neighbour asked me if I could help him with his new computer tablet as he couldn't get the wi-fi working. Not that I'm an expert, far from it, but I went to his house to see what I could do. To cut it short, I managed to get his tablet working properly, after about an hour an a half. He was very pleased, so I went home.

About an hour or so later the same neighbour knocked on the door and handed me a small package. He said it was for helping him. Inside were three new pens!

So, from saying I wanted some pens I received five - just like I received five brooms in my other post I mentioned. Magic?

It's almost like that passage from the Bible that says: 'Ask and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over ...'

It's certainly odd though, how a throw away statement can generate five pens (or five brooms!) or maybe five anything else. Coincidence, of course, but is it? Some will say there is no such thing.

Again, strangely, I had been reading a book my friend's wife had given me about angels ... okay, I haven't gone all religious, but the gist of the book is that we can ask angels to help with our needs, health and so on - but we have to say our requests out loud. No silent pleas and, according to the book, any prayers should also be said aloud.

I'm not saying for one minute that angels supplied me with pens, and brooms but there does seem to be an underlying 'power' whereby we can influence our lives for the better. That's all I'll say ... before the men in white coats arrive.

You never know, ask for something and you might just get it - but don't dwell on what you don't want because you might just as easily get that as well.

P.S. My photo only shows four pens - as with my five brooms post - I gave one away. That sort of starts another conversation about giving and receiving - but another time, perhaps.

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