05 September, 2015

Coincidence Of The First Nuclear Submarine To Execute A Submerged Circumnavigation Of The Earth

USS Triton submarine SSRN/SSN-586
USS Triton submarine SSRN/SSN-586
USS Triton (SSRN/SSN-586), a United States Navy nuclear submarine, was the first vessel to execute a submerged circumnavigation of the Earth  - Operation Sandblast - doing so in early 1960, under the command of Captain Edward L. "Ned" Beach, Jr.

There is a coincidence attached to the circumnavigation.

As the submarine was making it's submerged journey it raised periscope in the Philippines' Magellan Bay. On doing so Captain Beach found himself staring into the eyes of a startled fisherman in a canoe!

For a long time, in the 1960s, it was wondered, "Who was the fisherman?" The National Geographic Magazine actually managed to trace him on Mactan island off Cebu. He was, at the time, a 19 year old called Rufino Baring.

Rufino told of how he was terrified when the eye of the huge nuclear submarine unexpectedly broke water and then vanished. He said, "I was tired and thought I was seeing things. But when it came back a second time, I thought it was part of a very big monster and I was frightened. I tried to get away as fast as I could because it started to move very fast."

Rufino paddled frantically for home but didn't tell his family about what he had seen.

The incident was described by Captain Beach in his log:

"Upon raising the periscope. I am looking right into the eyes of a young man in a small canoe, close alongside. Perhaps he has detected the dark bulk of our hull in the relatively clear waters of the bay ...

A few seconds later I motion for the scope to be raised once more. Sure enough there is our friend, impassively leaning on his gunwales and staring right at the periscope as it rises barely two inches out of the water.

It's a ludicrous situation: On the one hand an impassive Asian, staring with curious concentration at an unusual object in the water; on the other a US Navy Officer, equipped with all the technical devices money can procure, looking back with equally studied concentration. On one end of the periscope, an outrigger canoe propelled by the brawny arms of its builder; on the other end a $100,000,000 submarine, the newest, biggest, most powerful in the world, on a history-making cruise.

What an abyss - what centuries of scientific development lie between him and me!"

When Rufino was eventually traced he thought he must have committed some sort of crime and was very relieved to be told otherwise.

He was unaware that his photo had been taken through Triton's periscope. When he was told that he was the only person who saw Triton on it's voyage, the information was greeted simply with an embarrassed smile.

And now for an uncanny coincidence about this story.

In making the voyage, in early 1960, Triton began and ended the circumnavigation from St Peter and St Paul Rocks off Brazil.

Rufino, frightened after his experience, repainted his canoe and added two saints' names to protect it from further meetings with sea monsters. The apostles' names he chose were: St Peter and St Paul!

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04 September, 2015

Daughter Auctions Father's Ghost On eBay

It's amusing some of the items that get listed on eBay. Here's an example.

A woman comforted her son's fear of his grandfather's ghost, by selling it on eBay, It had more than 34 bids!

Mary Anderson from Hobart, Australia, said she placed her father's 'ghost' on the on line auction site after her son, Collin, said he was afraid his grandfather's ghost would return someday.

With the eBay description she headed it:  This Isn't A Joke. Mary explained to bidders that she had decided to sell the ghost because of her young son Collin.

"I always thought it was just normal kid fears until a few months ago he told me why he felt scared. He told me, 'Grandpa died here, and he was mean. His ghost is still around here!'"

Mrs. Anderson didn't want to put off potential bidders so she added: "My dad was the sweetest, most caring man you'd ever meet."

She also included her father's metal walking stick in the auction, so she would have something 'solid' to send the winning bidder. The proceeds of the auction were used to buy Collin a special present,

Mary added one proviso for the winner bidder: "I would like to ask you to write a letter after you've received the cane, and the ghost, to my son, letting him know that he's there with you and you are getting along great."

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03 September, 2015

Trixie The Cat Who Refused To Go Away


A strange sort of story from Lucy J about a cat who knew where she wanted to live. Just in case the story makes you cross, when reading the third paragraph, it does have a happy ending!

About four years ago I was living a few miles away from my parent's home. They had recently bought their house and with it came a cat, with different coloured eyes, that just wouldn't go away. We presumed she must have belonged to the previous owner.

As my mother is allergic to cats, they make her sneeze and itch, we tried everything to get this cat to go away.

In desperation - I'm now very ashamed to say - I took the cat in my car, while on my way to work, and dropped her off about ten miles away. I can remember looking in my mirror and seeing the cat standing there looking at me as I drove off. It now send shivers down my spine thinking I could ever have done such a thing.

Anyway, it's what I did and I went on to work. That night I had a bizarre dream.

I dreamt that I was lying on my lounge floor and the cat came through the front door. She came up to me while making a loud hissing noise, as she stared at me with those two strange eyes. It was a really clear dream which I put down to a mixture of guilt and my using nicotine patches to try and give up smoking, they seemed to make my dreams very vivid.

Three days later I was lying on the lounge floor, for real, and the cat came in through my slightly ajar front door!

It quite freaked me out. I was waiting for her to hiss at me or attack me but she didn't. She came up to me purring and looked like she was really pleased to see me.

I can't figure this out, as the cat had never been to my house before. It was my parent's home she wouldn't leave. Maybe her sense of smell led her the ten or so miles to my car and house, I just don't know. Maybe it was a coincidence.

Trixie, as I call her, is now living happily with me and me with her. We get on well and I've said sorry for dumping her all of those miles away. I don't know why I didn't just take her to my house in the first place. When my mother comes to visit I make sure Trixie is in another room.

I don't know what all of this means, maybe it is some sort of lesson for me.

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02 September, 2015

Her Nightmare Was True, Her Son Had Been Buried Alive

Grave digger

In the 19th century cholera was a disease that terrified parents. For decades, the almost always fatal infection swept across the United States, leaving hundreds dead in its wake.

In 1865, five year old Maxie Hoffman, contracted cholera. The doctor did his best, but there was no cure. Maxie died three days later.

His young body was placed in a pine coffin and was buried only a hundred yards from his home, in the country cemetery.

On the night after his death Mrs. Hoffman woke sweating and screaming in panic. Her husband reached to console her as she sobbed and told him of her vivid nightmare.

"It was Maxie ... in his coffin," she stammered. "But, oh, dear God, he was alive!" She collapsed against her husband. "He ,,, he was trying to get out. I saw him. His hands were under his right cheek. He was twisted. Oh! He's alive ... I know it," she wailed. "We must get to him."

Mr Hoffman thought the nightmare to be  the result of the obvious strain they had been under. He told her that Maxie wasn't alive, and digging up his body would only add to her sorrow,.

However, Mrs Hoffman's dream reappeared the next night. The details were the same as the night before.  She saw Maxie twisted in his coffin, his small hand clenched tightly under his head.

This time, her husband agreed to her pleadings. He sent his eldest child to a neighbour's house for help. Together the men exhumed Maxie's body. Mr Hoffman believed this was the only way to persuade his wife that her son was dead, as horrifying as the experience would be.

It was past one o'clock in the morning when they raised the coffin from the earth. As Mr Hoffman prised the lid off, his wife huddled, frightened behind him.

A gasp arose from her throat. Maxie's body was twisted to the right side, his hand was clenched under his right cheek - just as she had seen in her dream.

The child showed no signs of life but his father still scooped him up into his arms and rode off on his horse to the doctor, the same one who had declared him dead two days earlier.

Reluctant at first, but the doctor did what he could to revive the boy. Unbelievably he heard a very faint heartbeat ... minutes flew by and, after an hour, the doctor was sure the boy would live.

Finally the boy opened his eyes.

Within weeks Maxie was back to full health, and didn't remember anything of his 'death'. He went on to live a full life in Clinton Iowa and died at the age of 85.

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01 September, 2015

Strange Ring Necked Dove Coincidence

Ring necked doves

Here's a strange coincidence story, I saw in an old edition of the Montreal Gazette. It mentions a white dove.

About a year ago Elizabeth Scott, of Pointe Claire, Montreal, was at her sister's house in Cambridge, Ontario. They would regularly see a ring-necked dove and a pure white dove at the garden feeder. The two birds stayed util the end of the winter, and then disappeared..

However, in August, Elizabeth was back in her home in Montreal. She stared out of the kitchen window and saw ... a ring-necked dove accompanied by a pure white dove. They were gulping down her ripe mountain ash berries. The duo also visited her feeder for two days in a row.

The ring-necked dove was tame and allowed his breast to be stroked, while the white bird took to the trees. Strangely this was exactly what would happen while in Cambridge - the ring-necked dove could be stroked, while the white one flew into the trees,

The obvious question is: were they the same doves who fancied a change of scenery? If they were, it's a mighty big coincidence that they would end up in Elizabeth Scott's yard hundreds of miles away.

Maybe there is some other interpretation.

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31 August, 2015

White Doves Seen Following A Bereavement

White dove

Two white dove stories or experiences. The first wishes to remain anonymous. These posts are where readers tell of seeing doves following a loved ones death.

My wife died in hospital following a long illness. As heartbroken as I was it was almost a relief that she was no longer in pain. I hoped beyond hope that she would now be at peace.

The morning after Maggie died I went downstairs to breakfast. I hadn't slept very much and bleary eyed looked out of the window. At that exact moment a beautiful white dove landed on the grass and sat looking at the window. I opened the door to have a better look and I swear that the dove looked at me with a sad expression and then flew away.

That evening the dove returned. I had never seen one in my garden before. Again as I went outside the dove looked at me before flying and circling my house.

On the day of the funeral, there was no dove to be seen until the coffin was being lowered into the ground. I don't know if it was the same one, but it sat on a tree branch, high up, looking at what was happening.

My son says it's simply all a coincidence but I feel deep inside it was Maggie watching over me, signalling she is all right. I hope so.

My nephew passed away this past Tuesday, August 25, 2015 on a motorcycle accident. He was only 25. He was a compassionate and an ambitious young man.

Two days after his passing a white dove appeared in the yard of his parents house and would not leave even when some people tried to get him to fly away. The dove persisted on hanging around his fiancé and appeared when his aunt was praying and calling to him.

We have never seen a dove around our town or city. This is very unusual. We believe this was our nephew's spirit letting us know he is in peace.

~ xof anil

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29 August, 2015

Divine Intervention Through Casting The Burden - Or Perhaps Not!

Casting the burden

To many this will sound bonkers.

My car went in for an annual service and I was told it needed a new battery. I agreed, and this was replaced. Problem was that, by disconnecting the battery, this affected other things. It was all righted, except for the car radio, which would no longer work.

To correct this the mechanic needed the radio code, unique to my radio. He thought he had the right number, but whatever he did the radio wouldn't make a sound. The assumption being that the code was wrong.

But, no easy job getting the right code. I'd have to travel to the car's main dealer, with proof of ownership, and then they would obtain the code by attaching a special computer - not the normal diagnostic computer that car service mechanics use.

I didn't really want to do this and waste a day, but accepted I'd have to do what I was told (for a change). I tried entering the code myself, by following the instructions in the car radio manual, but it wouldn't work. Worse still, if you get it wrong once, you can't try again for at least an hour - supposedly for security reasons.

I was a bit narked, but that evening I picked up a book from the mountain in my office, opened it up and it was telling how, if you have a problem, you should "cast the burden". By this it means that problems aren't ours, they belong to the universe to solve. Okay, I said this would sound bonkers to many people!

Anyway, that night, I cast the problem of my car radio onto the universe by saying that I believed the answer would come as to how I could get the radio working again, without a trip to the main dealer.

Next morning I read my horoscope in the newspaper (something I don't normally do). It read: "You have to trust that you know what you know and you know what to do. Even if the solution to a problem doesn't seem immediately obvious to you, the right way forward will reveal itself just at the moment when you most feel in greatest need of guidance." This made me smile.

After I'd read this we had to go to the supermarket - not something I enjoy - and we parked as near as possible as it was raining. My wife got out of the car, but for some inexplicable reason I stayed where I was and fed the code number into the radio, But, instead of following the procedure stated in the handbook, I pushed other buttons as well. There was a glare from my wife - she was getting wet in the rain!

But then magically the radio started to play! Somehow I had got the radio working again - goodness knows how. I certainly didn't do what the manual said.

So - divine intervention, coincidence or pure luck?

Whatever, it pleased my wife, despite the rain, and I'd earned myself a few brownie points!

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