25 July, 2016

The Haunted House Coincidences

In south-west Nebraska a family believe their house to be haunted. Donna and her husband bought their house in 1988 but it wasn't until 11 years later that they began to first notice strange, sometimes disturbing happenings.

For example, Donna's young son, Toby, refused to sleep in his own room. She said, "He just refused to go in there and kept saying 'There's someone in there.'"

Toby told his mother that on several occasions he would hear a gun cocking beside his head, followed by the sound of a horn across the room.

There were other creepy incidents, a CD player would switch itself off, voices were heard from the basement.

Donna began to investigate the history of her home. What she learned astonished her.

Around 1935, after a flood, her home was moved to town from the country. Apparently, several people died in the house: a pioneer boy in 1886, an older woman, and a man who spent his time in a mental hospital.

The man was 42 when he died ... but there were some remarkable coincidences. He bought the house in 1888, exactly 100 years before Donna and her family moved in. The man had a daughter who was born in 1881 - Donna's daughter was born in 1981. The man's daughter graduated in 1900 - Donna's graduated in 2000, from the same high school. Their daughters also shared the same first name of Sally.

Strange things continued to happen. A friend stayed overnight, but was reluctant to stay in the house because she could see someone standing by the bed.

When the friend awoke the next morning, the necklace she wore to bed was gone and she had red marks on her neck.

Sally woke one morning with a large scratch across her forehead.

Things, however, gradually calmed and Donna said, "Lately, if we tell them to stop whatever it is they're doing, they'll behave."

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23 July, 2016

Lilies Of The Valley Connect Two Friends 3,000 Miles Apart

lily of the valley
Lilies of the Valley
Now this short story, by Joy Bridle, must be telepathy surely - coincidence and telepathy appear to collide at times.

I lived in Gloucestershire [England] and my husband was in hospital having an operation for cancer.

When I was picking lilies of the valley in my garden, I thought I would call a friend of mine who lived in Maryland, in the U.S, and tell her. I phoned her and she immediately picked up the phone and said, "Hello Joy."

I said, "How did you know it was me?"

She answered, "I was picking lilies of the valley in the garden and thinking of you."

She was more than 3,000 miles away. I thought it was incredible.

~ Joy Bridle

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21 July, 2016

An Angry Voice From Her Husband's Grave

Policemen from 1910
1910 Policemen
I guess most readers will say this is all imagination on behalf of the writer. But, who knows ... here's the piece by Pat Lawton.

My husband died 20 years ago and he is buried in the local churchyard. I have been visiting regularly, tidying the grave, placing fresh flowers there and mentally conversing with him.

One unusual thing about him was that he had a great distaste for the police, even though he was never in any kind of trouble.

Last year I was attending his grave when a retired policeman I know came over from his wife's grave to chat to me. I was astounded to hear my husband shout: "Get him away from here."

I immediately turned to the grave - I don't know what I was expecting to - but it was the same as usual.

I looked at the policeman, who obviously had not heard a word. I was not at all frightened, just amazed. Life is so strange - we don't understand lots of happenings, do we?

~ Pat Lawton

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19 July, 2016

Was Their Contacting Each Other Coincidence, Telepathy Or Precognition?

Two women for tea public domain
Picture: Public Domain
How weird is this short story? Well it probably depends on what you believe. It could be a coincidence, but there again it could be some sort of telepathy or maybe precognition was involved. But, whatever, it would appear that the two people concerned were meant to be friends for life.

My childhood best friend, Roe, and I lost touch for over 15 years, mainly because I moved to London to work and she remained in the same town, married and had children.

With little in common any more, we sadly slipped apart. But just over 15 years later, out of the blue, I decided to send her a card, to let her know I was thinking about her.

The next day, my mother called me to say that a card had dropped through their letterbox for me. It was from Roe! It had been posted the same day that I had posted my card to her.

We will never lose touch again: our friendship was meant to be.

~ Kay Blench

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17 July, 2016

National Service Parachute Coincidence

National Service Poster
National Service Poster
Coincidences can pop up in the most unusual situations, as this story from C Atkins illustrates.

During my National Service in 1954-56, I served with the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Early in 1956 in the lead up to the Suez Crisis, the Parachute Regiment asked if our regiment would provide the 'enemy' for an exercise of Bodmin Moor.

I was in a forward position in the drop zone when, just before dusk, a plane flew low over us and we watched as the occupants jumped out and deployed their chutes. One paratrooper landed close to my position and, as he unbuckled his harness and gathered up his chute, looked at me and said, "Hello, Charlie, what are you doing here?"

It was Brian Norman from Minehead, and we were in the scouts together.

An observing officer came over to us and told me not to fraternise with the enemy!

~ C. Atkins, Somerset, England

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15 July, 2016

A New Life Of Boundless Power

Boundless Power

A week ago my post was about Henry Ford and his way of dealing with problems. The writer was someone called Henry Thomas Hamblin and I believe it was written in the 1970s. I came across another piece by him, which touches on his view of spirituality. I thought it may be of interest to 67 Not Out readers. The second paragraph is one very long sentence, but I have left it as in the format written by Hamblin.

Man is heir to wonderful illimitable powers, but until he becomes aware of them and consciously identifies himself with them, they lie dormant and unexpressed, and might just as well not exist at all as far as their uses to man, in his unawakened state, is concerned.

When, however, man becomes awakened to the great truth that he is a spiritual being: when he learns the little petty self and finite personality are not the real self at all, but merely a mask to the real man: when he realises that the Spiritual Ego, a true divine Spark of, or branch or twig of the Eternal Logos, is his real Self: when he understands that his body is not himself, that his mind is not himself, that even his soul is not himself, being but the vehicles through which he seeks expression, but that he is spirit, deathless, diseaseless, eternal, forming an integral part of the One Spirit and being identical with It, he enters a new life of almost boundless power.

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13 July, 2016

The Coincidence Of The Numbers Of Life

Number 56

A while back I wrote how the numbers 76 and 67 pop up in my life over and over. Certain numbers seem to frequently appear in other people's lives as well. Here is an example from Colin about the number 56.

"My son Tim who is 27, has been, since he was around 14, beleaguered by the number 56. It appears in his life with alarming regularity, directly and indirectly.

"When my granddaughter Brooke was born just before 10am, he jokingly asked if the time was 9.56. The nurse said "No, 9.47" (but 9+47=56).

"Now you may say so what, but it goes on. All the digits of his children's birthday dates add up to 56!

"Last summer I was waiting to board a plane at Heathrow when my son called to say good bye. Just as he said hello they announced my gate had changed to 56.

"A few weeks later I was downloading a movie in the US at my wife's apartment. I woke in the morning to see its progress, it was bang on 56%, not a digit more. One moment later I had an email from Tim to say my grandson had been born weighing 5lb 6oz. His birth date also completed the 56 total.

"This has gone on for so long, we expect it, but we also look at times when it hasn't happened. There are obviously lots of them but most of the significant numbers in his life are 56 orientated.

"An addendum to the last e-mail about my son Tim and his connection with the number 56. Yesterday his 4th child, my granddaughter Harly, was born at 4.56 pm. I kid you not."

~ Colin

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