31 October, 2014

The Ghostly Sighting That Made Worms Crawl Up His Spine

Stowe House

A very long time ago, while at boarding school, Peter Lewis saw something ghostly. He describes how the experience made him feel; "Your hair stands on end. Your skin goes cold. Worms crawl up your spine. Your neck feels as though it is being clenched in an unseen grip."

Okay, so what happened?  It was at Stowe School and on a bight, clear night he went for a walk. The moon was full and as he walked along a grassy bank he saw two figures. They were headed for a big flight of steps which lead up to a portico of the boarding school.

There was no one about, everyone else was asleep, all was quiet. He must have been brave because he decided to try and confront these two people. He watched as they climbed the steps as if in deep conversation. Before he could catch up with them, however, they simply disappeared.

Lewis froze, for there was nowhere the figures could have gone. It was then that his hair stood on end ... and so on. Thinking about what he had seen he realised two things.

Firstly the two people were dressed in antique clothing. The woman had long skirts and the man a long-hanging jacket, They both wore unusual hats.

He also realised they had made no noise at all. Their footsteps were completely silent and, though talking to each other, no sound came from their lips.

His conclusion is:

"I had been watching a pair of ghosts from another century. After investigating costume history, I came to the conclusion that their dress was most like the Regency style, and that therefore they could have been the Duke and his Duchess, who inherited Stowe in that period. They had strolled up the steps as if they owned it."

Moving on 60 years following this ghostly sighting Lewis received an anniversary issue of the Stowe School magazine. In this there was another account of a similar sighting to his, Again the couple were walking along the ridge and mounted the steps before vanishing among the columns of the portico.

So it seems that other people have seen these ghosts: perhaps the Duke and Duchess from another time.

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30 October, 2014

Doubts Over Eben Alexander's Flying On A Butterfly In Heaven Story

Because it's in a book doesn't mean it's necessarily true

Last week I published a post Flying On A Butterfly In Heaven which was based on a book by a Dr Eben Alexander. I included a quote from the Daily Mail in the post.

Since then I read the following letter on the Daily Mail's letter page:

"Eben Alexander's description of Heaven is puerile drivel. His first book of nonsense, Proof Of Heaven, led to an investigation of his medical background, showing he had lost his surgical privileges after an incident at one hospital and had been the subject of malpractice lawsuits including the alleged alteration of records to cover up a medical error.

Why give this 'happy clappy' moron space to expound his badly written bunkum? His Mills & Boon style descriptions of the afterlife made me laugh out loud - but what's not so funny is that the path he now treads smacks of streetwise marketing.

Heaven will always be an emotive and interesting topic, but I doubt there will ever be any proof for the living."

~ Joy Evans, Hythe, Kent.

This concerned me as I always publish in good faith. I therefore made a few enquiries on the Internet about Dr Alexander. Amazingly the Daily Mail wrote the following about this man on 24 Dec 2013 - but still went on to promote his book in October 2014 with articles over several days.
  • 'Proof of Heaven' doctor faced a $3million malpractice lawsuit when he fell into a coma
  • Dr Eben Alexander was tied for the highest number of medical malpractice suits at the time that he fell into a coma following an E. coli infection
  • He wrote a book in 2012 about his experience 'seeing the other side'
  • He touted the book as the work of a neurosurgeon, but he hadn't practised surgery- let alone neurosurgery- for four years prior to the publication
For the full December 2013 Daily Mail article see here.

Esquire magazine also did an investigation. They write:

"... a months-long investigation of Dr. Alexander's past and some of the book's claims reveals a series of factual omissions and inconsistencies that call significant parts of Dr. Alexander’s story into question. Before he was a celebrated 'man of science' who visited the afterlife, Dr. Alexander was something else: a neurosurgeon with a troubled history and a man in need of reinvention."

Unfortunately Esquire now require payment to view the full article see here.

If we look at Wikipedia they write:

"Esquire magazine reported (August 2013 issue) that prior to the publication of Proof of Heaven, Alexander had been terminated or suspended from multiple hospital positions, and had been the subject of several malpractice lawsuits, including at least two involving the alteration of medical records to cover up a medical error. The magazine also found what it claimed were discrepancies with regard to Alexander's version of events in the book. Among the discrepancies, according to an account of the Esquire article in Forbes, was that 'Alexander writes that he slipped into the coma as a result of severe bacterial meningitis and had no higher brain activity, while a doctor who cared for him says the coma was medically induced and the patient was conscious, though hallucinating.'

Alexander issued a statement after the Esquire article's publication: 'I wrote a truthful account of my experiences in Proof Of Heaven and have acknowledged in the book both my professional and personal accomplishments and my setbacks. I stand by every word in this book and have made its message the purpose of my life. Esquire's cynical article distorts the facts of my 25-year career as a neurosurgeon and is a textbook example of how unsupported assertions and cherry-picked information can be assembled at the expense of the truth."

One of the factors about Alexander's books is that it is, to quote, "A neurosurgeon's journey into the afterlife." This gave the book a certain status.

It's still possible that Alexander did have that 'journey' but it does now feel a little tainted.

I wanted to clarify this so readers have the facts as I now know them.

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29 October, 2014

Captain Who Rescued Him In World War II Also Saved His Sister's Life

D-Day World War 2

World War II produced many unusual stories and coincidences. Louis Goldman from Hove in England has a story to add to the collection.

The scene was set in a German prisoner of war camp in May, 1945. Mr Goldman was a prisoner in the camp, one of the walking wounded. He had been injured in the D-Day invasion, and was then captured and marched from a labour camp in Poland, through Czechoslovakia to another camp near Nuernberg. Towards the end of the war an American unit moved in and took over.

Goldman was in a weak physical condition but was excited at the thought of release. He asked one of the American soldiers if, by chance, any of them were from Toledo, USA - his sister had moved there.

He was introduced to a Captain Bernard Shuer who took his name and details. .

Mr Goldman was flown home to England for a reunion with his family and for medical treatment, so he didn't think any more about Captain Shuer.

About ten years later, however, he heard from his sister, Sylvia Ziegler, in the USA, who had been seriously ill which required surgery. She told Goldman her life was saved by a fine physician - a Dr Bernard Shuer. Yes, the very same man who helped free her brother!

Mr Goldman made a visit to the USA and met Shuer, along with his sister, and they talked together of their war experiences.

Footnote: Going back to World War II Goldman was listed as being 'killed in action' during the D-Day invasion and his family even received condolences from the British government. His name was entered on his school's honour roll for men killed in action. Strangest of all though, is that he has a grave in France marked for him, where another unidentified soldier is buried.

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28 October, 2014

The Lessons From The Argonauts

The Heroes -The Argonauts & Theseus

I have written previously how I like to buy old books at Flea Markets and the like. Amongst my recent purchases was something called The Heroes -The Argonauts & Theseus.

Despite the title this is a book for children and it struck home to me how different popular literature for children is today. The book was first published about 1900 but the inside has a neatly written dedication "To Willie from Uncle Charlie Jan 1st 1922."

Book dedication

The difference in styles can be seen from this excerpt from the first part of this book.

"The noblest deeds which have been done on earth have not been done for gold. It was not for the sake of gold that the Lord came down and died, and the Apostles went out to preach the good news in all lands. The Spartans looked for no reward in money when they fought in Thermopylae; and Socrates the wise asked no pat from his countrymen, only caring to make men good.

Hylas and the Nymphs
Hylas and the Nymphs
And there are heroes in our days also, who do noble deeds, but not for gold. Our discoverers did not go to make themselves rich when they sailed one after another into the dreary frozen seas; nor did the ladies who went to drudge in the hospitals of the East, making themselves poor, that they might be rich in noble works.

And young men, too, did they say to themselves, "How much money shall I earn?" when they went out to the war leaving wealth and comfort, and a pleasant home, and all that money can give, to face hunger and thirst, and wounds and death that they may fight for their country? No, there is a better thing than life itself; and that is, to have done something before you die, for which good men may honour you, and God your Father smile upon your work."

Compare this to today's love for wealth, celebrity, five minutes of fame, fashion and possessions. Young children have such different influences nowadays. I'm not saying it's all bad, everything changes but - well, it's ... different. Different attitudes and so on. I won't ramble on, but this is the final paragraph from the book.

"So it is still, children, and so it will be to the end. In those old Greeks, and in us also, all strength and virtue come from Gold. But if men grow proud and self-willed and misuse God's fair gifts, He lets them go their own ways, and fall pitifully, that the glory may be His alone. God help us all, and give us wisdom, and courage to do noble deeds! but God keep pride from us when we have done them, lest we fall, and come to shame!"

Enough said.

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27 October, 2014

The Peculiar Rich, Ripe And Racy Coincidence

Young lady from 1902

Here's what was described as a 'peculiar coincidence' by the Bridgeport Sunday Herald of September 7, 1902. Well I like to keep up to date with the news!

All Derby was upset, turned upside down and twisted last week, by a female mind reader, who did mental and mysterious stunts calculated to make women tremble and strong men be afraid. She is gone but not forgotten, and she left a heap of trouble in her wake.

Her speciality was answering questions secretly prepared by the anxious or inquisitive, whose names she called out in the meeting, and whom she told just what they wanted to know in front of everybody.

That was bad enough, but she went even a step further and gave a matinee to which no one but members of the softer sex were admitted, and they do say that some of the things that she revealed to the nosey women present about their other halves created unpleasant scenes in more than one previously happy household.

It is positively known that it cost one man two dresses, one bonnet and a two weeks visit from his mother-in-law to square himself with his spouse, and the end is not in sight.

But the strangest experience was that of a well known man and his fascinating wife, who took their young son to see one of the performances, and who now wish they hadn't. It was rich, ripe and racy.

The lady in question has, from her youth up, even until now, been considered among the more straight laced as a flirt of the deepest dye, and her partiality for a bachelor to whom she had once been engaged has been the source of many whispered piece of scandal, especially as her trips to New York and other places seemed to be made just at the same time when the bachelor happened to be called out of town on important business. Her husband is by no means the least jealous of mortals, and has kept a suspicious eye on his wife, but has never been able to catch her in flagrante delicto.

When the time came to write the questions, nothing would do but little Johnnie must be allowed to ask one too, and as it seemed an innocent past-time, permission was readily granted, and the harmless conundrum was propounded: "Will my papa bring me here tomorrow?"

The time came for Johnnies answer and the unhappy couple were completely flabbergasted when the reply came: "Johnnie Soandso, your papa can’t bring you tomorrow. Your papa is sick in bed. Yes," went on the seer as if to prove her knowledge still further, "He sprained his ankle in getting out of his carriage."

The fair matron turned scarlet, while her husband grew deathly white.

"Come out of this," he whispered hoarsely, "Come home." And the trio left. And why? Simply because the devoted bachelor was laid up in bed with a sprained ankle, received in getting out of his carriage.

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26 October, 2014

Beware Of The Devil Possessed Toaster

This one made me smile!! The video is only just over one minute long.

Have a good Sunday.

25 October, 2014

Did She Foresee Her Own Death

Christopher Booker's sister, Serena, was murdered in horrible circumstance some thirty years ago in Thailand, but the question remains; Did she foresee her own death?

Let's look at some of the signs:

Firstly, Following her tragic death the family had to notify her friends. To quote Christopher: "As we rang round my sister's wide circle of friends, we were amazed to learn how many of them she had visited in her last days in England, almost as if she knew she might be seeing them for the last time."

Secondly. Serena had left a four page document in the desk of her London flat. This began, "If anything should happen to me when I am in Thailand ..." It went on to set out who should inherit her various belongings.

The document also stated that she did not wish to be buried. She wrote, "Just put my body on a bonfire."

Her request became a reality with the help of the British vice-consul in Bangkok. He arranged for her body to be burned by Buddhist monks in the courtyard of a Bangkok monastery, Christopher has said that this was, "exactly as she would have wished."

Thirdly. Still in England, but at the moment of her cremation, Christopher went to his local church He tells of how beforehand he, "... pulled from his shelves the poetry book T.S. Elliot. Opening at random, my eyes lighted on his poem Little Gidding"

"And all shall be well and
All manner of things shall be well
When the tongues of flame are in-folded
Into the crowned knot of fire
And the fire and the rose are one."

The vice-consul had arranged for a bunch of roses to be on the funeral pyre.

This is where more synchronicity comes more into play.

Serena, in life, had admired the work of the glass engraver Laurence Whistler. The friends and family of Serena wondered if they would be able to persuade Whistler to do a memorial window for her.

Serena had met Whistler and when the family contacted him he replied: "Ever since I heard the awful news, I have been thinking of exactly that. In fact, I have already begun to sketch out what I have in mind."

Whistler's design included a red rose but more remarkably, around the window he had, quite independently, chosen to inscribe those same lines from Little Gidding, ending 'the fire and the rose are one.'

The window was completed and finally placed in Salisbury Cathedral.

Serena's ashes were scattered exactly as per her written document. Some were to be thrown in the river Danube near to Vienna where she had worked. Family and friends climbed to the summit of the Vienna Woods, looking down on the vista below. As the last of the ashes were released a roe deer gracefully leapt down the steep hill below, until it disappeared,

"It was like a last farewell."

Often it does seem as if life is mapped out in advance.

Daily Mail 16 Oct 14

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