23 August, 2016

She Sees Her German Shepherd In Her Dreams

Alsation dog

If, as some believe, we continue following death then why not our animals as well. Here's such a story  ... or is it simply a recurring dream?

My long departed German Shepherd comes to me in my dreams and he is sometimes accompanied by my Samoyed dog, who died some years later.

I run through fields with them and I fuss them, feeling their fur and smelling their musty warm smell.

These dreams usually occur when I am worried or feeling down and I always wake with a smile on my face.

That dog was such a good friend to me, and when he died I was heartbroken. I'm sure I will see him and my other pets again one day.

~ K.B.

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21 August, 2016

Destined To Link Up One Final Time


In this story the lady, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, is of the opinion that we are perhaps destined to meet certain people at specific times during our lifetime. In this case this happened for a final time because of her dreams.

Many years ago, after a painful divorce, I had a long affair with a married man (sorry!)

It ended amicably, he went on to have a good life and I remarried.

I was on holiday in France 20 years later when I dreamed about this man for two consecutive nights, which I thought strange.

I found his telephone number and rang his wife, claiming my husband was a friend of his, and she said that he was in hospital.

I telephoned the hospital and the nurse gave him the telephone.

He immediately recognised my voice, and we had a long chat about our lives. We kept in touch for a couple of weeks, then contact stopped.

I found out that he had suddenly died.

It seemed I was destined to make contact with him again before he died.

~ anonymous

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19 August, 2016

The Dead Man Who Won His Son A Large Amount Of Money - By Coincidence

A Poker Game in the 1800s

I like some of the old classic coincidence stories. How accurate they are is hard to say, as time tends to alter the tales like Chinese Whispers. Here's the story of Robert Fallon, who won his son a large some of money - but when he was dead!

playing cards gambling coincidence
Back in 1858 a Robert Fallon from England went to San Francisco and got involved in a game of poker at the Bella Union saloon. He was accused of cheating and was shot dead after winning $600.

The belief amongst the gambling fraternity was that money won by cheating was unlucky. The other players asked a passer by to take the dead man's place at the table and gave him the $600 as stake money. They thought they would have no trouble in winning back their money.

By the time the police arrived the new player had turned the $600 into $2200. The police asked for the dead man's $600 so that it could be given to Fallon's next of kin.

It turned out that the new player, plucked from the street at random, was actually Robert Fallon's son! He hadn't seen his father for over seven years.

After proving his identity the cash was his.

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16 August, 2016

They Meet Up Again After 70 Years - By Coincidence

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, England High Street
Burnham-on-Crouch High Street, Essex
Another coincidence meeting from my cuttings by Jeff Pickard. Perhaps we are meant to reunite with some people out of the blue.

From 1945 to 1949, I attended Maldon Grammar Scool in Essex. In my first year was a Michael Letten who, like me, lived in Burnham-on-Crouch. With his brother William at the same school, we all travelled each day from Burnham-on-Crouch to Malden by bus.

On July 17, 2016, I was at Worthing Hospital with my wife, who was having an operation. While waiting for her return, I sat with about 14 people in the waiting room. A nurse appeared and called out, "Mr Letten," and an elderly gentleman raised his hand and identified himself.

Never having heard this surname since the Forties at school, I was intrigued and asked him if he had any Essex connections. He replied that he did.

I informed him that I came from Burnham-on-Crouch and had attended Maldon Grammar School with two brothers from Burnham, one of whom was in my class.

Mr Letten was surprised to say the least - he confirmed he was Michael's elder brother William and told me that Michael is now living in Dorchester.

How amazing to meet again after 70 years, Plenty of reminiscing and a meeting to be arranged.

~ Jeff Pickard.

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13 August, 2016

Slow Down, Breathe Slowly And Live Longer - Well, Perhaps!


When I was young, about 10 or 11, I had this strange idea that we only have so many breaths in a lifetime. As to how, or why I arrived at this I'm not sure, but I always tried to breathe slowly and at times hold my breath.

I then thought that if my idea was right maybe it also was true about other things, for instance, perhaps there are only so many words we can speak in a lifetime and so on.

I got over this theory and forgot all about it until, that is, I started reading Lobsang Rampa's books when in my early twenties. This is a guy who reckons he was once a Tibetan Lama. His first book The Third EyeThird Eye was particularly convincing but many thought him to be a fraud later.

Anyway, in one of his books, The Rampa Story, he wrote the following, which was told to him by the Lama Mingyar Dondup: "A human lives for 2,700,000,000 heartbeats, and so does the lowliest insect."

This got me breathing slowly again! Especially as my calculator showed that at an average 70 beats per minute a lifespan would be 73.38 years. I wanted to live much longer than this - and still do.

My resting pulse is now about 54 so, with the Lama's theory, this would let me see out 95 years. But, of course, at times my pulse rate does rise higher, even much higher.

The book went on to say that, "The life of a planet is (also) 2,700,000,000 heartbeats after which it dies, but from the death of a planet others are born."

So how long is a planet's heartbeat? To quote again, "A planet - they vary, of course - but one planet may have one heart beat in 27,000 years, and after that there will be convulsions upon that world as it shakes itself ready for the next heartbeat."

So I guess my early age theory about having so many breaths may be viable - at least if I mention it in a Tibetan monastery! It can, of course, also be shot down in flames.

In saying that some people - it's claimed - do live a long time. Thomas Parr supposedly lived 152 years, Henry Jenkins 169, Louisa Truxo 175 years and so on.

Not too sure about them, but one I do know to be true was my maternal grandmother, Lucy English, who lived to 104, despite breaking her hip while hanging new curtains. She received a congratulations telegram from Queen Elizabeth II (because of her age not for her curtains!).

So with only 2,700,000,000 heartbeats it pays to go slow - the tortoise does outlive the hare.

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11 August, 2016

The Teacher's Surprising Double Coincidence

From my clippings a double coincidence by David Mann.

When I began my teaching career, I was lucky enough to be able to teach English at Craigroyston High School.

One day while preparing for a lesson, I decided to write ten sentences for the children to copy down and then put the apostrophe in the correct place. Among the sentences was: COLIN HAS STOLEN ANDYS PEN.

I knew that the children would laugh at that because, although they were pleasant characters, Colin Reilly was invariably well behaved, while Andy Henderson could be a bit naughty at times.

A couple of hours later, I arrived at the classroom for my lesson, and found there was silly behaviour going on, so I asked what it was all about.

"Colin has just taken Andy's pen, sir!" a helpful voice called out. "Colin is naughtier than you think!"

I stared in amazement at the next sentence in my list: "COLIN HAS STOLEN ANDYS PEN".

When I told the children, they would not believe me until I showed them the piece if paper.

Thirty-four years later, my wife and I were standing at the back of a long queue at London City airport, waiting to board a plane to Edinburgh.

We began to talk to an elderly couple in front of us. For some reason, I thought I'd mention the apostrophe story.

Just after I had told the story, a guy in his 40s, who had turned round a few times during it, suddenly said: "Mr Mann! I am Colin Rielly!"

I'm sure anybody could imagine my surprise.

~ David Mann

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06 August, 2016

The Numbers Of Coincidence

Dice coincidence

A couple of number coincidences:

A.F. Kennedy of Victory Grocers has come up with a far greater than a million-to-one-coincidence.

Kennedy's firm received a shipment of canned milk, in a boxcar with the serial number of 80,061.

The car was sealed with a metal strip, also bearing the number 80,061.

A railroad man said he's never before seen seal numbers match serial numbers of cars to which they were attached.

A mathematician (who may or may not be right!) computed that with just five digits, the chances of this happening are something like one in 9,999,900,001.

And here's an out of this world coincidence from 1983.

Cosmos 1402, the Soviet spy satellite that plunged to Earth on January 23, 1983, drew more than the usual interest in Sedona, Ariz. Not only do Ann and Henry Cosmos have the same surname as the satellite, but their post office box number is also 1402.

When the couple first noticed the coincidence during a television broadcast, "We were kind of stunned about it," Mrs Cosmos said. With all the publicity, they have been kidded by friends, but they don't mind.

"Our box number is being advertised all over the country," said Mrs. Cosmos.

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