25 January, 2015

Vintage Photos Taken From My Google Plus Page - 7

The lost World Arthur Conan Doyle 1912

This weeks vintage photos and illustrations from my Google+ pages.

The photo below is an albumen silver print from circa 1860. Fancy transport for the twins!

Twin transport - albumen silver print 1860

The drawing of the Little Pink Lady is by A.Wallis Mills and was fist published in 1912.

Little Pink Lady by A Wallis Mills 1912

Is this one of the first trials for mobile phones!

First mobile phones funny photo

And finally this week, a vintage glamour photo. What is striking is the young woman's waist.

Vintage glamour photo pf woman with a very small waist

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24 January, 2015

He Witnessed Flashes Of Electricity Shoot Forth From The Mediums Body

Eusapia Palladino seance
A séance with medium Eusapia Palladino
It seems that mediums usually cause controversy. Though some will praise them and their powers, others will call them fraudulent and say they prey on the vulnerable. I was reminded about this while doing some research on Eusapia Palladino, who was investigated by several European, English and American researchers and scientists.

The first real mention of Eusapia was by the Neapolitan Professor Dr Ercole Chiaia. He was so impressed with her powers that he sent an open letter to the psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso challenging him to test her prowess. On 9 August 1888 he wrote:

"The case I allude to is that of an invalid woman who belongs to the humblest class of society. She is nearly thirty years old and very ignorant; her appearance is neither fascinating nor endowed with the power which modern criminologist call irresistible; but when she wishes, day or night, she can divert a curious group for an hour or so with the most surprising phenomena.

Eusapia Palladino
Either bound to her seat, or firmly held by the hands of the curious, she attracts articles of furniture which surround her, lifts them up, holds them suspended in the air like Mahomet's coffin, and makes them come down again with undulatory movements, as if they were obeying her will. She increases their height or lessens it according to her pleasure.

She raps or taps upon walls, the ceiling, the floor, with fine rhythm and cadence. In response to the requests of the spectators something like flashes of electricity shoot forth from her body, and envelop her or enwrap the spectators  of these marvellous scenes,

She draws upon cards that you hold out, everything that you want - figures, signatures, numbers, and sentences - by just stretching out her hand towards the indicated place.

This woman rises in the air, no matter what bands tie her down. She seems to lie upon the empty air, as on a couch, contrary to all the laws of gravity; she plays on musical instruments - organs, bells, tambourines - as if they had been touched by her hands or moved by the breath of invisible gnomes. This woman can at times increase her stature by more than four inches."

Obviously the guy was impressed! Lombroso was also impressed when he visited Eusapia. He wrote:

"Eusapia's feet and hands were held by Professor Tamburini and myself. A hand-bell placed on a small table more than a yard distant from Eusapia sounded in the air above the heads of the sitters and then descended on the table. While the bell was ringing we struck a match and saw the bell in the air."

Lambroso also wrote of his convictions of what he had witnessed in the Annales des Sciences Pschiques in 1882.

All well and good but then came claims of trickery by other investigators. They said Eusapia cheated if not properly controlled - but could still produce some incredible effects.

One sceptic, Everard Fielding, said:

"I have seen hands and heads come forth, from behind the curtain of an empty cabinet. I have been seized by living fingers. I have seen this extraordinary woman sitting visible outside the curtain, held hand and foot by my colleagues, immobile."

As with most cases it's the disbelievers that appear to have the final verdict. Wikipedia, for example writes: "Magicians and skeptics who evaluated her claims concluded that none of her phenomena was genuine and she was a clever trickster."

As to whether she was genuine, I don't know. In all honesty I have to say that, as yet, I have never witnessed a medium that I can say is definitely 100% convincing. It's the same with clairvoyants. I wrote a post back in 2010 stating Clairvoyants Just Can't Read Me. And yet, despite this, I don't rule out such powers. Like with the upcoming UK elections, I'm an 'undecided' but I probably do know where I will put my 'X' when pushed to decide.

Oh yes, I didn't mention that Eusapia Palladino was born in southern Italy on 21 January 1854,but was orphaned and taken to Naples where she grew up. As a young girl she is said to have levitated when at a seance she attended.

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23 January, 2015

The Bizarre Body Snatchers Coincidence

US Presidents William Harrison & Benjamin Harrison
US Presidents" William Henry Harrison (9th) & Benjamin Harrison (23rd)
John Scott Harrison holds a unique status. He was both a son and a father of US presidents: William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) was his father and Benjamin Harrison was his son (1833-1908).

John Scott Harrison died on May 26, 1878 and unintentionally became the centre if a bizarre happening. He was buried in an Ohio cemetery with little fuss or pomp - other than for his coffin that is. It was made of heavy metal to defend his body from the body snatchers. These were the robbers who operated at that time and made money by supplying 'fresh' corpses to medical schools. It was a profitable business.

Harrison's family were particularly worried about this because the body of a young cousin, August Devins who had died the previous week, had been stolen by these robbers.

To make sure this couldn't happen to John Scott Harrison, As well as being laid to rest in an extra strong metal coffin, his grave was dug much deeper than usual and was walled in brick. When the grave was half filled a heavy stone slab was lowered onto the packed earth and this was then covered with cement.

Once his father was safely, and securely buried his son set out to find the body of August Devins. He, along with a friend and a policeman, started their search at the Ohio Medical College. Nothing was found and the trio were ready to move on and continue looking elsewhere.

As they were leaving they noticed a small door halfway up one of the walls. They opened this and found it to be, what the medical students called, a 'dead shaft'.

When they looked down the shaft they saw a man's naked body hanging far below on a rope.

They thought they had found what they were searching for: the body of Devins. They retrieved the body by pulling it back up the shaft. But the face they saw was not that of Devlin's - it was the face of John Scott Garrison, who had been buried just three days earlier!

By an weird coincidence, almost to the very hour that he was discovered in the 'dead shaft', visitors to the cemetery also found that Harrison's grave had be broken into. The body snatchers had carried out their trade.

John Scott Harrison was reburied in his extra deep grave. This time he remained in peace.

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22 January, 2015

Young Woman And Her Dog See Grandfather's Spirit

Collie cross dog

An experience today from Margaret about how she and her dog saw her dead grandfather. At the time she was single and living at home with her mother.

"On the afternoon of his death, I suddenly had a feeling that he was gone. As I was leaving the house to visit him the phone rang. It was my sister calling to inform me that grandfather had died. I told her I already knew and was on my way to catch the bus.

At the time I had a dog called Lady. She was half-shepherd and half-collie. She was strictly my dog. She was a wonderful watchdog and always preferred to sleep outside on the front porch. No one could come into the yard without Lady alerting us by barking.

That night she howled like a banshee. I 'saw' my grandfather walk across our lawn, through the walls of the house, and come to stand in my bedroom doorway.

I felt no fear. Just warmth and love. He simply said, "Babe, be a good girl." Lady quit barking and grandfather went away. Then he came again and the same statement was repeated.

After this second visit, my mother brought Lady into my room and she crawled under my bed. Then grandfather came for a third time. Lady whimpered and fussed.

At this time I told grandfather that I would call mother so he could talk to her too. He said that she could not see him and that he would have to leave now. He did.

Lady was quiet the rest of the night. There was a phosphorescent substance that completely encircled grandfather each time I saw him.

I have never seen grandfather again since then."

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21 January, 2015

67 Not Out Reader's Coincidence Story: Coincidences As Signposts

Coincidence signposts

A coincidence story today from a 67 Not Out reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

My coincidence: we moved the family across the county border from Cambs (Cambridgeshire) to Norfolk. We might have moved to Timbuctoo as far as my father was concerned as he'd never left the village he'd been born in.

"I seem to remember my mother had relatives in Norfolk," he said, but couldn't recall where and had lost contact with them. "But my mother always wrote to them." he added.

The subject never came up again. We moved house again in Norfolk to a tiny village of not more than 200 population, with just one crossroads by the church.

Father passed not long after and we were sadly clearing out his belongings. Among the family photos were the postcards my grandmother had received from her relatives - from the very village we lived in (and Norfolk is a big county!) and the children of our 'lost' relatives lived just down the road. I was too shy to ever knock on their door though.

We'd bought the house from a man called Bernard with 'wolf' in the name. We again moved, this time to Portugal and bought our present house from a 'Bernardo' - that had "loba" (she-wolf) in the name.

Personal circumstances meant we would never have considered Portugal if we hadn't first lived in that tiny Norfolk hamlet. Two coincidences that I feel have been signposts, pointing us in the right direction - this is where we are meant to be.

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20 January, 2015

Sightings Of UFOs Two Stories High

I was looking through some old newspapers and found two UFO sightings reported. Nothing too unusual in that I suppose, but both stories say the UFO was about two stories high. A coincidence perhaps but I thought I'd publish the reports here. They are from 1980 and 2000.

Source: The Sumter Daily Item Sep 11, 1980

Jerry McAlister, a 40 year old electrician at a textile mill, has been out of work with a broken ankle said he went to the window after hearing a noise and saw the UFO. He awoke his wife, and she awoke one of their children.

The object was about two stories high and had two rows of windows, all so brightly lit that it was impossible to see anything inside.

"It hovered over the same area for about three minutes," he said. "Then it turned on its side and sped off like a streak of lightning at treetop level."

McAlister said that after sighting the object he reported it to the sheriff’s department. A short time later, he said, he heard deputies on his police radio saying they believed the sighting was a prank. He said he called them again and told them to come to his home. Then the deputies saw it.

"It was so bright it could hurt the naked eye," McAllister said, "They apologised to me. We watched it for two hours. Finally it went out of sight."

He told reporters that he nor his wife had ever believed UFOs existed before.

Source: Daily News Jan 10 2000

Millstadt, Mo, Police Officer Craig Stevens saw a UFO. A further three other officers from the Lebanon, Shiloh and Dupo, Mo. police departments also say they saw something in the sky, something that looked like a UFO.

Stevens, sitting in his patrol car in Millstadt on his overnight shift, heard the radio chatter [about UFOs] and drove to the north end of town. He scanned the sky but saw only aircraft lights. Then he looked west.

"Wow," he thought, jumping out of the car, "This thing is huge!"

He said it moved slowly, like a blimp, about 1000 feet off the ground. It was about two stories high and about three times as long. In addition to the three lights in the back, dimmer lights sprinkled the entire surface, almost like a starfield camouflage.

He grabbed his Polaroid camera and snapped a shot. The object was heading toward Dupo, and Stevens radioed dispatch. The dispatcher radioed back, reporting an officer there had spotted it too.

The Polaroid photo didn't develop well, the image only shows three bright lights.

I remember many years ago someone I knew described to me how he had seen a UFO hovering over his house in Dorset. He described it as being massive, the size of his house. But strangely no one else saw it. He wasn't though a man who would make up stories and certainly wouldn't want any publicity.

If you believe in the possibility of UFOs could it be that only some people can actually see them?

I wondered this as there was a time I was leaving a friend's house late at night and I saw this - something or other moving across the sky. My friend's wife could see whatever it was but my friend couldn't. We were saying things like, "But you must be able to see it. Look! There!" but he couldn't.

Thus my question can only certain people see UFOs?

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19 January, 2015

They Saw Their Father Following His Death

Man walking to God

Here's a couple of experiences which occurred when a loved one was at the moment of death,.

"I have had many ghost experiences, but this is the most startling of all.

One night last November I was awakened by someone kissing me on the cheek. When I opened my eyes, there stood my father, well dressed.

He said, "I am with Al."  Alfred was his dead brother’s name.

Before I could speak one word he had disappeared.

Early next morning my brother came to take me across the bay to my father’s home. He had died the night before."

Elizabeth Robinson
Seaview VA, USA

The second story I came across while trawling through some old newspapers. This is from The Afro-American, dated July 18, 1936.

"My father was very sick in bed – not able to help himself. He did not sleep well at night so one morning, after making him comfortable, he fell asleep. I went downstairs and sat down to do some mending.

My back was to the door and I was facing the window. A mirror was hanging near the window. When the door opened I looked into the mirror to see who was coming in. It was my father dressed as he usually was around the house. I kept on sewing not hearing another sound.

When I turned round to see what he was doing I remembered that he was sick in bed. I rushed upstairs to find my father had died."

Agnes H Bryan
Warren Street, Bridgeton, N.J.

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