10 February, 2016

10 Coincidences About The First Seven USA Presidents

Photo credit: Daniel Schwen
Here are ten coincidences I discovered from the Boston Transcript of 1855, about the first seven Presidents of the United States i.e. Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and Jackson. Not sure how good the coincidences are, but this is what was recorded at the time:

George Washinton
First Coincidence: Four of the seven were from the same state (Virginia).

Second: Two others bearing the same name (Adams) were from the same state,

Third: The remaining of the seven (Jackson), being particularly tenacious of his opinions and ways came very properly from Tennessee.

Fourth: All of them, except one, were sixty-six years of age on retiring from office.

Fifth: All these last mentioned served two terms.

Sixth: The one who served one term only, had he served two terms would have been sixty-six on retiring,

Seventh: Three of the seven men died on July 4, and two of them on the same day and year.

Eighth: Only one of the seven had a son, and that son was one of the seven Presidents.

Ninth: Two of them were of the subcommittee of three that drafted the Declaration of Independence, and which happened just half a century from the day of declaration.

Tenth: In respect to the names of all, it may be said in conclusion, that the initials of two of the seven were the same - and the initials of still two others were the same. But one who stands alone in this particular, stands alone also in the admiration and love of his countrymen and of the civilised world - Washington.

That's it!

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08 February, 2016

The Coincidence Of The Servant Maid's Reply Stupefied Him

Maid From 1896

They were flabbergasted back in March of 1896 over this coincidence story, so much so it appeared in several newspapers. Here's the article - which also illustrates something about life back in those days. The style of the language is also interesting.

Mr. Clinton lived in Dorchester, where he had a large establishment. One night his child's nurse was taken suddenly ill with a kind of spasm. The woman's services to the infant had been invaluable and her faithfulness had won her the respect and affection of her master.

As the coachman happened to be away that evening and the necessity for the services of a physician was urgent, Mr Clinton saddled his horse and rode hastily into town and was soon ringing the door of the family doctor, in Boylston Street.

His inquiry of the servant maid who opened the door as to whether the doctor was home was met by a reply which stupefied him for a moment, so that he fell back against the wall of the passage and forgot the exigency of his errand.

"Dr, J is out," said the girl. "Mr. Clinton, a patient of his, came in on horseback an hour ago, and asked him to come to see a nurse in his family who was in convulsions."

Recovering from the shock of an apparent doppelganger thus forced upon his conception, questioning elicited the fact that the second patient, bearing his own name, lived in Charlestown.

In all other things the circumstances concerning two persons of the same patronymic was identical. The hour, the illness, the vocation of the sufferer, the arrival on horseback, were accidental coincidences which led nowhere and meant nothing, though they might, with stimulating attributes, have furnished food for the wildest credulity.

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07 February, 2016

The Coincidence Of The Date On An Old Photo Of Her Boyfriend

Clipart woman with baby photo

A coincidence story I received a while back from Suzie Shine all about a date on a photo.

I have been living with my boyfriend for three years and a couple of weeks ago we went to see his parents. I don't really get on too well with his mother but that's another story, though his father laughs and says it's because we are so alike - ugh, the thought of that!

The boyfriend's mother dug out loads of baby photos of her darling little boy. He looked quite cute as a baby, he still does actually. There was one larger photo and for some reason I turned it over and there on the back was a date in pencil.

I took a bit of a gulp as the date was my birthday: day, month and year!

The boyfriend is two years older than me so it can't have been the date the photo was taken. This picture was of him as a very small baby. His mother and father have no idea why the date is there or what it means.

It's puzzling me as to what this might mean. Maybe our relationship is written in the stars or something. Could that be church bells I'm hearing? Finger's crossed.

~ Suzie

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06 February, 2016

Voices From The Dead

life after death

Following on from yesterday's post, here is another story, from Pam James, about hearing the voice of someone who has died. Again, is it fact or imagination at an emotional time?

Five days before Christmas 1993, my mum, aged 80, was admitted to hospital for investigations.

She told me she had discussed which hymns she wanted at her funeral with my sister.

I was quite indignant, but found myself saying that if she did go and there was 'another side', would she please come back and give me a sign. Sadly, on Christmas Eve, she died unexpectedly and we were called to the hospital.

Eventually we were given a cup of tea and I looked out of the window and thought what lovely weather it was. Suddenly, my mum shouted out: "I'm all right, I'm all right!" I put my hand to my throat as my heart was thumping so fast and hard.

However, what really surprised me was that the four other people in the room had not reacted and therefore heard nothing.

I think myself fortunate that I asked for a sign that day - I have no doubts that we survive death,

~ Pam James

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05 February, 2016

Hearing Voices From Beyond the Grave

Voices from beyond the grave

Hearing voices from beyond the grave - imagination or fact? Here is one such experience, see what you think. I'll publish another experience tomorrow.

Five years ago, my wife, Pat died. We had been together for more than 40 years and had often discussed what we thought happens when people die.

Pat had an outright belief in another life, but I used to joke that I was waiting for someone tell me. My wife's death completely destroyed me. But I survived beacuse I can hear her talking to me and I feel her presence.

I had a heart valve replaced in 2011 and I never had a moment's worry because she told me it would be OK.

I just wait until I can smell Pat's perfume and feel her touching my face, because I know she will be calling me soon.

I loved my wife totally and without question. It can be an advantage to see the other side sometimes. Love never dies.

- Geoff Prescott.

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04 February, 2016

Coincidence: The Bell That Broke On The Duke Of Wellington's Death

Dangan Castle
Dangan Castle
A coincidence I came across regarding the Duke of Wellington, (1769-1852) British Prime Minister in the 1830s. The original newspaper cutting is shown below.

Duke of Wellington
On the death of the Duke of Wellington the bells of Trim, near Dangan Castle, his father's seat in Ireland, for which, when a young man, Wellington had sat in the Irish Parliament, rang a muffled peal, when the tenor, a beautifully toned bell, suddenly broke.

It was found by a curious coincidence to have been cast in 1769, the year of the Duke's birth.

Newspaper cutting from 1879 about Duke of Wellington
Original newspaper cutting
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03 February, 2016

World War II Aircraft Engine Coincidence

Wright Duplex Cyclone aircraft engine
Wright Duplex Cyclone engine
A coincidence story from Dennis Parratt from World War II

In 1946 I was stationed at RAF St Thomas Mount, Madras and had to visit Avadi MU (Maintenance Unit). It was one of the biggest supply depots in the then British Empire and held equipment for all three services to be used in the planned invasion of Singapore (that due to the atomic bomb being dropped on Japan never took place).

White there, I went into a mess for a meal and, out of the thousands of personnel, found myself sitting next to a Taffy Jones who I had known in the UK at Stafford MU.

I asked him what he was doing in Madras, and he told me that at Stafford two years earlier, he was crating up Wright Duplex Cyclone aircraft engines for the Far East.

He had only recently arrived in India and - would you believe it - he was unpacking those same engines and smashing up them under drop hammers.

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