18 January, 2017

Attracting An Abundance Of Pens - By Coincidence?

Four pens

In lots of ways this is very similar to my post An Abundance Of Five Brooms Coincidence - only substituting 'Pens' for 'Brooms'. I shall explain:

I had a form to complete, tried one pen and it didn't work, tried another and that didn't write either. In exasperation I said to my wife, "We must get some more decent pens." She must have had more important things on her mind as she just mumbled, "Mmmm" or something similar.

Anyway, we went off for a walk to town that morning and while she went somewhere or other I walked up to the bank. Outside the bank was a pen on the ground - a perfect silver coloured pen. I slipped it into my pocket and walked on. There was no sign that it belonged to anyone.

The next day, walking again, we were turning into our road and there at the side was another silver coloured pen - and it wrote perfectly.

"My guardian angel is looking after my needs," I said. A similar, "Mmmm" was the reply.

I was quite chuffed with my two pens. That same afternoon a neighbour asked me if I could help him with his new computer tablet as he couldn't get the wi-fi working. Not that I'm an expert, far from it, but I went to his house to see what I could do. To cut it short, I managed to get his tablet working properly, after about an hour an a half. He was very pleased, so I went home.

About an hour or so later the same neighbour knocked on the door and handed me a small package. He said it was for helping him. Inside were three new pens!

So, from saying I wanted some pens I received five - just like I received five brooms in my other post I mentioned. Magic?

It's almost like that passage from the Bible that says: 'Ask and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over ...'

It's certainly odd though, how a throw away statement can generate five pens (or five brooms!) or maybe five anything else. Coincidence, of course, but is it? Some will say there is no such thing.

Again, strangely, I had been reading a book my friend's wife had given me about angels ... okay, I haven't gone all religious, but the gist of the book is that we can ask angels to help with our needs, health and so on - but we have to say our requests out loud. No silent pleas and, according to the book, any prayers should also be said aloud.

I'm not saying for one minute that angels supplied me with pens, and brooms but there does seem to be an underlying 'power' whereby we can influence our lives for the better. That's all I'll say ... before the men in white coats arrive.

You never know, ask for something and you might just get it - but don't dwell on what you don't want because you might just as easily get that as well.

P.S. My photo only shows four pens - as with my five brooms post - I gave one away. That sort of starts another conversation about giving and receiving - but another time, perhaps.

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14 January, 2017

How To Bring A Dead Fly Back To Life

Dead fly

A coincidence story which is also a lesson i.e. How to bring a dead fly back to life. My thanks to JC for this much needed information!

"A few years years ago I had just watched a David Blaine video where he picked up a dead fly and brought it back to life, in a public park, stunning some onlookers.

I did some reading on the web and found the secret. Apparently, if a fly is chilled, it will go into a kind of stasis, and if you re-warm it, it will come to 'life'. He had simply stashed a very cold fly on a public drinking fountain, quickly found his audience members, and used the warmth of his hand to reanimate the fly.

I thought this was cool, because I read an awful lot, and I had never heard of this fact about flies before, and I like learning new things like that.

So, immediately after watching the video, I went to the fridge to get a drink. I opened the fridge more quickly than I usually do, making a vortice of air.

From the top shelf of the fridge, a small black speck was sucked out of the fridge by the air, landing on the floor. It looked like an unremarkable crumb or bit of food about half the size of a raisin. It fell directly down, aided only by gravity.

I'm kind of fastidious, so I leaned over to pick it up. It was a housefly, seemingly dead.

I looked at it for about three seconds - then it reanimated and flew up into the air!

Upon learning that chilled flies look dead and can reanimate when warmed, I immediately saw it happen, in a very coincidental way."

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10 January, 2017

Graveyard Coincidence Plus Sensing The Future

Headstones in a cemetery

Here's a story I received recently. I guess you could say it's coincidence or synchronicity, but it is also about following a feeling, premonition or maybe you may say guidance. I have edited the story slightly, but the meaning and content are the same.

Over the past year I have lost several people, but the most important were Thomas Joseph Williams (surrogate father) and his son Daniel Adam Williams.

Danny was my closest friend from the age of 10 till he was killed in a horrible accident in July 2016. He was two weeks away from his 33rd birthday.

On his birthday, July 27th, I left work via my normal route home. About a mile into my trip I had an urge to take a side road - that wasn't a shortcut - and one I had never been on previously. I turned, went down another mile or so, and there was a small cemetery on the left. I felt compelled to stop for some reason.

I'm a rock-hound and love searching for arrowheads. As soon as I stepped out I saw this brilliant raw piece of white and purple agate. A rare find for me.

I walked from headstone to headstone until I came to the last one... ADA VIRGINIA WILLIAMS (I interpreted this to A DANIEL.ADAM WILLIAMS). Her headstone was the only Williams, and was the only one made from the same stone as I had just found. The stone now resides on my mantelpiece.

The next day I researched Ada Williams and found that her maiden name was Thomas (the first name of my surrogate father!) - Ada Virginia Thomas Williams ... Thank you ma'am.

~ Eturner072723


My blogging friends, the award winning authors Trish and Rob Macgregor, have a new book out on the 10th of January (13th of January in the UK). The book is called Sensing the Future. This is how it is described on Amazon:

In Sensing the Future, well-known paranormal experts and authors Trish and Rob MacGregor unravel the mystery around precognition to help readers develop their psychic abilities.

Precognition is one of the least understood but most commonly occurring psychic experiences. At one time or another, most people have had minor experiences with synchronicity or having a feeling about a future event that came true, but few understand how it happened or how to do it again. With Sensing the Future, readers learn to enhance this innate power to benefit their lives.

Trish and Rob provide tips and simple ways to coax answers to your life questions out of your dreams, and how to increase awareness of the inner realm in everyday life. They also explain the most common methods for future prediction - astrology, the tarot, numerology and stichomacy.

Along the way, Trish and Rob give hundreds of examples from history when people predicted the future, from scientists to novelists and spiritual leaders, as well as personal accounts from their own experiences and those of friends and family.

An important question many wonder after a precognitive event is whether our lives are truly governed by free will or destiny. If you saw the future and reacted, did you change the future through your own free will? Or was it destiny? If you're one of the curious seeking an answer, find out for yourself in Sensing the Future.

Sensing the Future on Amazon USA
Sensing the Future on Amazon UK

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06 January, 2017

The Magic Of Changelings And Cornwall's Men-an-Tol Stones

Men-an-Tol Cornwall

The photo above is of the Men-an-Tol stones in Cornwall, sometimes referred to as the Crick Stone or the Devil's Eye. They are said to have magical properties.

Some say they have a fairy or pixie guardian who can make miraculous cures. In one case a changeling baby was put through the hole in the stone in order for the mother to get her real child back. Evil pixies had exchanged her child, and the ancient stones were able to reverse their spell.

Changeling babies are often mentioned in ancient tales. They are typically described as being the offspring of a fairy, elf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child.

A changeling may seem a fanciful idea but one was locked up in Cornwall's Bodmin Old Prison in the 1600s. Her name was Anne Jeffries and she was born in St Teath, Cornwall in 1626. Being a supposed changeling she had legendary healing powers - and this is why she was locked up in prison!

Ann Jeffries was kept in Solitary Confinement for six months, and not given any food. The strange thing is, she was not affected by this in any way. Her health and weight were maintained She insisted that she was fed and cared for by the fairies in her cell at night. 

Ann, however, never described herself as a changeling. It is described in an old letter how her powers came about - from first seeing fairies. A quote from the letter (in old English):

In the Year 1645, (she then being nineteen Years old) she being one day knitting in the Garden, there came over the Garden-hedge to her (as she affirmed) six Persons of a small Stature, all clothed in green, which she called d'Fairies: upon which she was so frighted, that she fell into a kind of a Convulsion-fit: But when found in this Condition, we brought her into the House, and put her to bed, and took great Care of her. As soon as she recovered out of her Fit, she cries out, "They are just gone out of the Window; they are just gone out of the Window; do you not see them?" 

Source: The letter was from a Moses Pitt to the Right Reverend Father, Dr. Edward Fowler, Lord Bishop of Gloucester.

Okay, got side tracked! Lets get back to the Men-an-Tol stones.

Men-an-Tol means, in the Cornish language, 'stone and hole' which very much describes what it is, as can be seen from the photo.

The stones are believed to be from the Bronze age and, if this is correct, would mean they are over 3500 years old. As to what they actually are or signify is debatable. They may once have been part of a circle of stones - which would have given it a ritual significance - or alternatively they could have been part of a burial chamber - the hole being for access.

These ancient stones have much folklore attached to them and are said to have a fairy or piskie guardian who can carry out various cures. With the obvious feminine symbolism it is claimed that if, at a full moon, a woman passes through the hole backwards seven times she will become pregnant.

Men-an-Tor is said to heal many ills. It was famous in olden times for curing scrofula (lymphatic tuberculosis) and rickets in children. The children were passed naked three times (or some say nine) through the hole to effect the cure. Adults can gain relief from bad backs by crawling through the opening nine times. Radiation levels around the inside edges of the hole are said to be nearly twice that found in the background environment, maybe this has some significance.

The stones have been used for telling the future. In 1856 Robert Hunt wrote that the holed stone could answer any question. Two brass pins would be laid crosswise on top of each other on the stone and would move by themselves, dependent of the question asked.

Rituals may also have once been taken place here, with the hole aligning to other ancient sites, or as a window into other worlds or dimensions. It has also been suggested that passing through the stone could have signified a ritual re-birthing process, perhaps performed as a rite of passage or to ensure fertility.

Whatever mysteries the stones hold, it is a magical place.

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02 January, 2017

A Squirrel Question Answered By Coincidence

Squirrel on a tree

A short coincidence story, with thanks, from Nick.

My friend and I were sitting in a park having a smoke on a bench. We were talking about a television program we had seen, in which a squirrel had to decide if it was going to get eaten by a jungle snake or jump out a a tree from high up in the branches.

The squirrel jumped and I brought up the question to my pal: "Would the squirrel have died?"

Literally 15 seconds later a squirrel fell out of the tall tree, we were sitting under, and ran off.

I guess our question was answered!

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22 December, 2016

The Answer To How Santa Manages To Deliver All Of Those Presents

Santa Claus Father Christmas

How does he do it? How does Father Christmas (Santa Claus) manage to deliver to all of the children around the world, who believe in him? That's about 700 million children! Also, how the heck does he get all of the presents down the chimney? As a child my mother used to tell me Santa had a special pill that made him small. but I never really bought her theory.

Now though, we have an answer! Dr Katy Sheen from Exeter University has an explanation based on Einstein's theory of relativity.

The doctor started out by calculating how fast Father Christmas would have to travel by working out the number of households likely to celebrate Christmas around the world and the number of children likely to be in them. She eventually decided that Santa would have to travel at about 10 million kilometres per hour to deliver presents to every child expected to celebrate Christmas in 31 hours, taking into account different time zones.

That all sounds like quite a problem but, by Santa going so fast - according to Einstein - objects travelling at such a speed would become compressed in size. Therefore Santa would shrink! So he'd be able to pop down all of the chimneys. with all of those presents, without any difficulty.

Santa can make his deliveries without being seen because light waves get squashed at such high speeds. He would also change from red to green, appearing as a rainbow-coloured blur. At his top speed, he would become invisible to the human eye. So that's why we never see him.

Einstein’s theory could also explain why Father Christmas appears not to have aged – relativity means time slows when an object moves at high speeds.

All very good you may say, but how does Santa travel so fast? Dr. Sheen explains, "How does Santa manage to reach these phenomenal speeds? Well that’s magic! However, he would certainly need a lot of fuel – so don’t forget his glass of sherry, a mince pie or two and some carrots for the reindeer!

No matter what the explanation. it seems you can never take the magic out of Christmas. Thank goodness for that!

Have a Happy Christmas.

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16 November, 2016

What Makes A Person Evil?

So, what makes a person evil? Nurture? Nature? Or maybe something else. Here's a theory from a Doctor Lascelles, written back in 1925. Perhaps you may well say that this notion is 'away with the fairies' - and maybe even more so, when I tell you that the theory came after his death via a medium. But here goes anyway:

I should think there are very few of you who have not been momentarily influenced by a kind of incipient evil. Blessedly the results of these incursions are usually brief. The love of one's own associates and family often over-ride the evil influence, but there come moments in the lives of some people when they succumb to the downward thrust of obsessional thoughts. Their whole thinking process can be taken over and used by external forces, hence the fact of violent crime or bitterly unloving attitudes.

Police reports show that men imprisoned for mischievous and evil pranks return to society no better. They continue inflicting themselves upon their environments and even terrorising their neighbours.

Most people are peace loving, even though they often fail to achieve the peace they seek, but others cannot be changed by penal sentences. Some day governments will see the futility of jailing offenders who are actually obsessed, or rather possessed, by what I call the diaka.

These people need rescuing, not jailing. I think that a great many of so-called supernatural phenomena of today such as hauntings of premises and actual possession of individuals, the propagation of the drug traffic, immorality in general, civil disturbance and war are caused by the diaka - you might call them devils, but it is better to call them deeply disturbed etheric beings who cannot adapt themselves to their condition and seek only to wreak damage and revenge upon living people. They do this, of course, by affecting the minds of individuals and causing them to act in criminal, immoral and irresponsible ways.

 In such cases it is not the one who appears to commit the offence who is really guilty, it is the one who influences the offender. If only this were better understood the burdens of modern society would be lightened. Your high security jails are infiltrated with evil forces. The occupants of these jails need spiritual healing every bit as much as their victims need physical healing.

~ Dr. Lascelles

Evil does seem to abound within our world and, though you may not accept the Doctor's ideas, there are influences out there on, say, the Internet, for example, that can corrupt those who extensively read and view such material.

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