07 July, 2015

Did The Medicine Man Cause An Electrical Storm In New York?

Sioux warrior and medicine man
Sioux warrior and medicine man
On Saturday my post was about a witch doctor. As often happens, I have now come across a similar story dating back to 1940, again mentioning a coincidence. As this is in the language of that period, it may not be what is considered as politically correct today.

"Natives have a firm belief in the powers of witch doctors. In one Indian tribe in America some of the medicine men became widely known to control the weather.

It was reported that they could cause rain in dry seasons and make storms cease. Scientists at once set out to see the rain makers at work.

The witch doctors used rain bundles, which were piles of sticks, and these scientists returned with some to New York. They were warned by the Indians not to open them without the usual ceremony adopted by the Indians.

The bundle, however was unceremoniously opened in the basement of a large museum.

While the operation went on one of the worst electrical storms of the season occurred. The only explanation seemed to be that it was a remarkable coincidence."

But was it a coincidence? The article from 1940 also included the following cure.

"One strange cure witnessed by a missionary in West Africa, had to do with a man suffering from tuberculosis of the bones. He had visited white doctors without success, and at last appealed to a native witch doctor.

He was cured after the treatment. Asked what the native had done to him, the man could only reply that the doctor had placed something in his sores that caused them to run for days. The cure was investigated and proved, but the witch doctor kept his secret."

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06 July, 2015

The Ghostly Cat With An Old Man's Head

Here's a very odd ghostly experience from Virginia - apologies for my awful illustration above, but you'll get the idea from the story. So, with a pinch of salt, here goes:

"About two years ago, I left my home one afternoon to visit my sick uncle who, with the exception of his cat, Bitsy, lived alone in the country. It was a lovely day, so I decided to walk.

Upon passing a batch of woods, just short of my uncle's house I saw Bitsy emerge from behind one of the trees. I was about to call her when I saw, instead of the cat's head, the head of my uncle. I screamed and the ghostly thing disappeared.

Terrified, I ran as fast as I could the short distance to the house, getting no response to my several knocks, I opened the door and entered. What I saw send cold chills through my body. Sitting in his favourite chair, staring unseeingly at the floor was my uncle. Sprawled upon the floor at his feet, lay Bitsy. They were both dead."

~ Virginia

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04 July, 2015

Witch Doctor Burnt Man At Stake And It Made The Rain Fall

African Witch Doctor
Rhodesian Witch Doctor
I came across this from 1923 and found it interesting as it shows how attitudes have changed - plus it mentions coincidence (but was it actually coincidence?). Southern Rhodesia became Zimbabwe in 1980.

In Southern Rhodesia, Africa, where they have summer while we have winter, the natives recently called in a witch doctor to make it rain. The whole country was parched and withered as the result of a long drought.

The witch doctor, of course, announced that a human sacrifice must be made to the rain god, Mwari.

No one was very ambitious to be the victim, so the primitive city council turned their eyes to a worthless neighbour named Mtegedi. He was notorious for his amours with his neighbours' wives, and the tribesmen gladly seized on the opportunity to get him out of the way.

Well, they tied him to a stake and burned him alive. Millions have similarly perished in the history of superstitious humanity. By coincidence, the victim had been dead only a few minutes when a terrific storm blew along. Rain fell for days, torrents of it.

Coincidence, you know, is the ally of superstition.

If you have been following the scientific news you will know that Americans have been experimenting to produce artificial rain. The most promising method is an airplane scattering electrified sand on a 'roof of clouds'.

Marconi, some months ago, predicted that rain will come and go at our own will in the future. Then we will become lords and masters of creation on this planet. We will then be able to obtain any amount of power without effort.

The contrast emphasises how man in the primitive state seeks the solution of his problems outside himself, and how in the civilised state he realises that the solution comes from within. In other words, we have to work for everything we get on earth, and progress either individually or socially is up to us ourselves.

We still seek alibis and blame our troubles on external (often invisible) influences. But we are gradually learning that the way to get out of a hole is to climb out with our own hands and legs.

Man's fate is in his own hands, with a Divine Being ready to help as we help ourselves.

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03 July, 2015

Shaving Kit Coincidence

Shaving Kit from 1940s

Attorney Robert Abendroth opened a brown paper bag and pulled out an ancient shaving kit he had just bought in an antique store.

He told his companion, "This was my father's."

Abendroth, a lawyer, was stunned when he saw the shaving kit in the antique shop because it had his father's name on it! His father had also put the date, May 1940. He had received it as a gift, at a golf course, for making a hole in one.

Now, by a surprising coincidence, it was in his son's possession.

Original source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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02 July, 2015

Abducted By UFO And Told To Love His Fellow Man

UFO or Fying Saucer

Filiberto Cardenas says being abducted by a UFO made him a better man. Yes, following yesterdays UFO story, today's post is about a claimed abduction.

Cardenas said, "I think my conscious has been heightened. I am more conscious of the people around me, more affectionate and more understanding."

He claims that he was snatched by a dazzling, buzzing strange force. This happened at Okeechobee Road, near Florida's Turnpike Extension. He was dropped off by the UFO 12 miles away on the Tamiami Trail, near 137th Avenue. Three friends witnessed the abduction.

Cardenas then had a second encounter with a flying saucer and this time the aliens revealed several secrets about the future, including a message that asked mankind to love each other. Not sure why they would have revealed this to Filiberto but he continued by saying:

"They spoke to me of a universal love and I have learned from them that this is what I must do - love and help my fellow man. I know that I have obligations, bigger ones."

The encounter has intensified his belief in an omnipotent God. "Since the abduction happened I see God as even bigger than I imagined because I now know that there is a God for other beings on other planets. When you think about it, I find God to be immense."

Looking on Cardenas' wife, Iris, said that his physical and mental energy has increased. She also tells of how he now finds it easier to communicate with others telepathically - an example of this was given.

It seems that on a certain day he noticed he was constantly thinking of his father-in-law. Worried that something could be wrong he left work and began looking for the old man. Driving the car along a side street he found his father-in-law in the middle of the road. His car had broken down.

Of his experiences Cardenas is quoted as saying, "I don't try to convince anybody of this but I think there are a few people who, after meeting me and talking to me, believe what I am saying. Before this happened I had no knowledge of UFOs. I wasn't interested in them. Now I try to read and inform myself as much as I can.

Out of all of the abduction stories floating about the Internet I chose to write about this one because it was reported that on the same day eight animals were found found slaughtered at Newquay Zoo, Cornwall. All had been drained of blood and the corpses were said to have been radio active. I live in Cornwall! There is, otherwise, absolutely no connection between the two stories!

Animals slaughtered at zoo
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01 July, 2015

The Precognition And How A White Dove Appeared At A Car Accident

Here's another white dove story, with a difference. I feel sure there will be various interpretations as to what happened. Was it precognition, for example, and where does the white dove fit in to the story? Was it significant, or just a coincidence ... well, you decide! The author wished to remain anonymous.

"In 2007 I was in a serious car accident. But for months before, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to die in a car accident. This feeling hindered me from going out, other than to work or for food shopping - and then with fear I might add.

I decided to talk to my mother about this feeling and told her that I felt I should prepare myself for death (with a living will).

Mom, with tears in her eyes. told me not to prepare for death but to just try and live.

About two weeks later, in 2007, on my way to work, I was t-boned (a broadside collision).

By coincidence, my neighbour had a conversation with someone about a car accident she was in - and one in which she had t-boned someone (me!).

At this accident she said how she saw a white dove fly off my trunk on contact.

I just spent one day in the hospital, but I did have a skull fracture and bleeding in my brain.

I'm doing great now, almost like nothing had happened and I'm still here ... .thank God."

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30 June, 2015

The UFO That Came To Earth At Kecksburg

Photo source: Pinterest
So many UFO sightings get muddied along the way. Here's a mystery I didn't know much about until I did a little bit of research.

In 1965 something fell from the sky, a brilliant fireball with the flash being seen in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Grass fires broke out, including one just outside Kecksburg, in south-west Pennsylvania as, whatever it was, came to earth.

In Lapper, Mich., the County Sherriff  Kenneth A Parks said his office received a report that an unidentified object fell into a field about half a mile south of Lapeer, just east of M 24.
Source: Herald Journal - Dec 10, 1965

One of the firefighters at the scene was James Romansky.

James Romansky, 57, of Derry Township was then a 19 year old firefighter. He told the Associated Press that he was among those who drove to the landing site.

"Now, I'm prepared for a smashed-up airplane ... and I'm thinking, 'What the hell is this?' I'm looking for wings, propellers, motors, a fuselage - but there's none of that," Romansky said, "There's no rivet marks on it, no windows, no doors - no possible way of getting in and out of this thing that I seen.

"There was writing on it, but not writing that you or I could understand. I always referred to it as something like the ancient hieroglyphics. There was dots and dashes and circles," Romansky said.
Source: Observer Reporter - Dec 6, 2003

Other witnesses described a 'fireball' and a metallic, acorn shaped object about 12 to 15 feet high and 8 to 12 feet in diameter landed in the woods - as per photo at top of post. Military personnel quickly surrounded the site, removed the object, threatened residents who tried to enquire about it, and left - later calling the object 'a meteor'.
Source: Beaver County Times - Dec 7, 2003

Going back to 1965, Sheriff Kenneth A Parks (previously mentioned) only admitted that his men found some pieces of shiny metallic foil, each four to six inches long and about a quarter inch wide.
Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle - Dec 10, 1965

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Dec 9, 1965 reported:
U.S. Army officials and the Pennsylvania State Police Thursday night sealed off an area in south-west Pennsylvania explaining the 'is an unidentified flying object in the woods'. A spokesman from the Army's 662 Radar Squadron said, 'We don't know what we have yet.' After sealing off a wooded isolated area at Kecksberg, officers said Army engineers were being called to the scene.

No conclusions can be made from the above - but there is no doubt much more information to be found on the Internet if interested.

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