29 August, 2015

Divine Intervention Through Casting The Burden - Or Perhaps Not!

Casting the burden

To many this will sound bonkers.

My car went in for an annual service and I was told it needed a new battery. I agreed, and this was replaced. Problem was that, by disconnecting the battery, this affected other things. It was all righted, except for the car radio, which would no longer work.

To correct this the mechanic needed the radio code, unique to my radio. He thought he had the right number, but whatever he did the radio wouldn't make a sound. The assumption being that the code was wrong.

But, no easy job getting the right code. I'd have to travel to the car's main dealer, with proof of ownership, and then they would obtain the code by attaching a special computer - not the normal diagnostic computer that car service mechanics use.

I didn't really want to do this and waste a day, but accepted I'd have to do what I was told (for a change). I tried entering the code myself, by following the instructions in the car radio manual, but it wouldn't work. Worse still, if you get it wrong once, you can't try again for at least an hour - supposedly for security reasons.

I was a bit narked, but that evening I picked up a book from the mountain in my office, opened it up and it was telling how, if you have a problem, you should "cast the burden". By this it means that problems aren't ours, they belong to the universe to solve. Okay, I said this would sound bonkers to many people!

Anyway, that night, I cast the problem of my car radio onto the universe by saying that I believed the answer would come as to how I could get the radio working again, without a trip to the main dealer.

Next morning I read my horoscope in the newspaper (something I don't normally do). It read: "You have to trust that you know what you know and you know what to do. Even if the solution to a problem doesn't seem immediately obvious to you, the right way forward will reveal itself just at the moment when you most feel in greatest need of guidance." This made me smile.

After I'd read this we had to go to the supermarket - not something I enjoy - and we parked as near as possible as it was raining. My wife got out of the car, but for some inexplicable reason I stayed where I was and fed the code number into the radio, But, instead of following the procedure stated in the handbook, I pushed other buttons as well. There was a glare from my wife - she was getting wet in the rain!

But then magically the radio started to play! Somehow I had got the radio working again - goodness knows how. I certainly didn't do what the manual said.

So - divine intervention, coincidence or pure luck?

Whatever, it pleased my wife, despite the rain, and I'd earned myself a few brownie points!

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28 August, 2015

The Long Arm Of Coincidence From Bavaria To USA

Bavarian costume

Here's a coincidence story I saw in a copy of the Daily Mail newspaper.

Back in 1976, I was working for Marconi on the Exosat satellite programme. The German Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (MBB) was the prime contractor.

I had to go to a meeting at MBB headquarters in Munich, and my golf partner and colleague at Marconi was working nearby.

I rang him and asked whether there was anything I could bring him, and he replied, "I'd love a bottle of Scotch." I asked him how I would get it too him, and he said to call him when the meeting was over and he would come over to MBB to pick it up.

I duly took the bottle to Munich. My meeting overran, so I made a local call to ask him what to do, "Leave it in reception and I'll pick it up in the morning, he said.

So I did and behind the desk was a gorgeous girl in traditional Bavarian dress. Not having good enough German, I explained slowly in English that the package was for a friend who would collect it the following day and added, "Do you understand?"

She replied, "Sure I do."

I asked where she was from and she told me, "The United States."

"Yes, but which one?" 

She replied, "California."

Her next three answers narrowed the location to a little town near San Jose, which she said, I wouldn't have hear of. I had learned her name by this time and suggested, "Try me, Elizabeth."

I don't know which of us was more surprised when she said, "Los Gatos," and I replied that my daughter was at that time doing a graduation year in Los Gatos High School, near San Jose, California.

The arm of coincidence is very long for me!

~ Stan Armstrong

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27 August, 2015

A Coincidence Story


Here's a coincidence story from Sarasota.

Hortense Witker writes: "Here's one that has me puzzled. A real mystery or coincidence. It all came about when a friend of mine in New York City sent me a gift which she purchased and had wrapped and mailed from a drugstore in her neighbourhood.

When I opened it, I found a small box was made secure in the larger one by a crumpled newspaper and that paper was a copy of a Sarasota newspaper. Now, I wonder what was a small drugstore in N.Y.C. doing with a Sarasota paper almost four years old?

To add to the coincidence, in the obituary column of the newspaper, a death was noted of a woman who once owned the very same apartment building as where I am now.

Coincidence or whatever you wish to call it. It really got me."

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26 August, 2015

Daisy Marries Jesus Coincidence

Black and white daisy

A coincidence story I received a while back.

Hi Mike!

I just found your blog and thought I'd share a funny story with you.

I was born in a small ranch in Mexico and was to be named Ana but My godmother decided Deisy suited better and my mom agreed.

Eventually we moved to the US and at age 7 I found out Daisy was English for Margarita which happens to be my mom's name.

In High school I met and eventually married Jesse. In Spanish his name is Jesus, which is my dad's name.

Here you have Margarita and Jesus and now Deisy and Jesse.

As if that's not enough I should also add that my parents marriage was not the best and neither was ours, Jesse and I separated and now my parents are too.

Just thought I'd share it with you as I had not met anyone before who payed as much attention to small things as I have.

~ Deisy

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25 August, 2015

She Dreamed Of Her Grandma's Death

Grandma says goodbye

Some will no doubt say the following story is a coincidence, while others will call it a spiritual connection or maybe precognition. But, whatever, it makes you think about how such things can happen.

I had a dream the night before my great-grandmother passed away. I hadn't seen her in about a year as she lived in another state and I hadn't talked to her in about a week. I found out later this was because she was in a coma.

In the dream I had been in my room when the phone rang, I answered it and I heard my grandma. the conversation went like this.

"Hey Grandma"
"Hello Bree"
"How are you doing? I miss you a lot"
"I haven't been feeling too well, I miss you too"
"Well at least I'm coming out next month then I can see you and mom and the rest of the family"
"They will be so happy to see you. I wont be there though I am leaving this week. I love you. I have to go now"
"I love you too. Maybe you'll be back from your trip by the time I get out there."

That is where the conversation ended and I hung up the phone. The next morning my dad came in my room and told me my grandmother had passed away earlier in the morning. This happened in December of 2005. I was 11.

- Breanna.

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24 August, 2015

Bad Lord Soulis Was Boiled In A Cauldron In A Sheet Of Lead

Hermitage Castle
Hermirage Castle
The Boiling of Bad Lord Soulis
On a circle of stone they placed the pot,
On a circle of stones but barely nine,
They heated it up red and fiery hot,
Till the burnished brass did glimmer and shine.

They rolled him up in a sheet of lead,
A sheet of lead for a funeral pall,
They plunged him in the cauldron red.
and melted him lead bones and all.

Hermitage Castle, in the Scottish Borders, was built around 1240 by Sir Nicholas Soulis. His son William became known as Bad Lord Soulis and was familiar with the Black Arts. This led to tales of local children disappearing and never being seen again. It was rumoured that they were locked in his castle dungeon and used for his diabolical rituals.

There's always a straw though that breaks the camel's back. In this case it was in 1320 when the evil lord began to lust over a certain young woman with the surname of Armstrong. He was determined to have his evil way with her, with force if necessary, as he had done with many other women before.

He was on his way to to satisfy his desires when he was confronted by Miss Armstrong's father, who had became aware of William's lust for his daughter. But nothing would quench Soulis' desire so he killed the young woman's father.

Many local people saw the killing and they rose up to take revenge, but the Laird of Mangerton arrived on the scene and called for calm. He escorted Soulis back to Hermitage Castle.

Lord Soulis' pride was hurt, by the way he had been saved by an inferior man such as the Laird. He decided to get even, so he invited the Laird to a banquet. Arriving at the castle the Laird was killed.

Milnholm Cross
His grieving friends bore away his body to be buried at Ettleton Cemetery. The next morning he was laid to rest, and later, by the roadside, beneath the cemetery, a cross was erected, the Milnholm Cross, to mark the event and passing of a respected and much loved Laird.

The local people were seething at the loss the Laird and somehow this unrest reached the ears of the King who is said to have exclaimed, "Soulis! Soulis! Go boil him in brew!"

Soulis was overpowered and taken to Ninestane Rig, high up in the hills by a Druid circle. There, a huge cauldron and fire had been prepared and the Lord Soulis was wrapped in lead and placed in the cauldron where he was boiled to his death.

Of course, like a Chinese Whisper, as the years pass, stories seem to get embroidered and altered.

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21 August, 2015

The Coincidence Of A Grave Mistake

A grave mistake

Newark: The body of a Newark man lies in a cemetery near Boston as the result of a coincidence involving two men with the same name - John J Murphy.

The story began when John J Murphy, of Newark, died of natural causes at a local hotel.

The same day, another John J Murphy, who has a sister in East Boston, Mass., was admitted to St Michael's Hospital for a hernia operation.

Somewhere along the line, the body of the Newark Murphy was mistakenly identified at a funeral home as the Boston Murphy. The police asked Boston authorities to advise Mrs Mary Newman of East Boston that her brother had died.

Funeral arrangements were made and subsequently the Newark Murphy was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Mass.

However, the mix up began to unfold when Mrs Newman began to doubt that the man buried was actually her brother, although she had not seen him for 15 years. She went to Newark and found her brother quite alive at St Michael's Hospital.

The Murphy who was buried was a brother of Charles Murphy, a mason's helper employed by the City of Newark. His wife said she was making efforts to have her brother-in-law's body returned for burial. "It was all such a terrible coincidence," she said.

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