31 January, 2015

Will There Be A Generation Of Idiots One Day?

Albert Einstein

Many sayings are attributed to Albert Einstein, some are true and some aren't. I can't vouch for the one above but it's supposedly legit. If it is, are we now heading in that direction?

Everywhere we go people are looking at screens of varying sizes, rather than talking or taking in the scenery. Technology is a wonderful tool but is it taking over our lives? And what will happen if it does?

There were two friends, who hadn't seen each other for ages, and they met in the local town square. They glanced at each other, said they'd seen each others news on Facebook and scampered off.

That's it for today, got to catch up on my emails, Google +, Twitter and ....

Children using iPhones

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30 January, 2015

A Trio Of Coincidences

Spitz dog

Here's a trio of, some would say, small coincidences.

Shelby Lightfoot, driver for the Animal Protective Association, had a stray dog in his truck when he drove to a garage for repairs.

The mechanic, Leroy Chadd, asked Lightfoot if he had seen a white spitz in recent days.

Lightfoot asked for a description, then opened the door of the truck. Inside was Chadd's dog, missing for one week from his home, 20 miles away.

Blake Tussing recalls a strange coincidence.

About 30 years ago he was in Waterville with his dog and stopped in at the local ice cream store to get a cone. "Give the dog one, too," he ordered.

The man in the ice cream parlour was impressed by the thoughtfulness and said, "Pay for your cone. The dog's cone is on me."

Ten years ago, 20 years later, Mr Tussing was at the airport standing near an elderly gentleman. They both watched an unhappy dog being pushed into a carrier.

This reminded Tussing of his experience with the kindly storekeeper in Waterville. He told the elderly man about it.

"I'm sure you're telling the truth," the man said, "because I'm the guy who gave the dog a cone."

In Crawford County, a Kenneth Boyd of Florida driving though the Keystone State struck and killed a deer right in front of the driveway of another Kenneth Boyd. The two men were not related, nor were they acquainted before the accident.

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29 January, 2015

Saved From Smallpox By A Precognition

1918 NYC street traders
NYC Street Traders 1918
I'm stepping back in time with this woman's strange story. It's a mixture of themes: a dream, coincidence, a warning, precognition and probably other categories as well.

In a dream one night it seemed that I awoke and found myself lying on a mattress placed on the floor of a room entirely devoid of furniture. In my dream I felt considerable surprise at finding myself in such situation, and I looked about in dismay and alarm. Upon trying to move I found to my horror that I was weak and sick, and I fell back on the pillow exhausted and depressed.

Just then the door of the room opened and a man entered. He was extraordinarily tall and was very dark and thin. Instinctively I felt that he was my doctor. I asked him where I was and what was wrong. Slowly and solemnly he answered, "You have smallpox."

At this juncture I awoke horrified and agitated. All day my dream stood out with frightful vividness in my mind. At length in the hope of relieving myself of its unpleasantness I related it to several of my friends. Without exception they earnestly advised me to be vaccinated at once, and I did so.

A few days later I was in New York city. As I walked along I saw many fruit vendors with quantities of fine looking white grapes. The fruit was so tempting that I stopped before one of the carts and asked the young fellow in charge of it to weigh two pounds for me. As he was waiting on me I saw him cast a furtive glance behind him, then despite my request that he give me the grapes at once, he seized the handle of his cart and with most of his fellow merchants trundled rapidly away.

I looked in the opposite direction and saw a man, evidently a city official who was ordering the remaining fruit vendors to move on. He was coming in my direction and as I was somewhat incensed at the summary departure of the vendor before he could sell me the grapes I wanted, I decided to wait and give the cause of the trouble a piece of my mind.

On looking up to address him I was startled to find myself face to face with the living counterpart of the physician who in my dream had informed me that I had smallpox. Recovering my self possession as best I could, I said, "Will you kindly tell me why these fruit men are so persecuted? Instead of idling their time away in saloons or on park benches they try to to earn a living by selling fruit. I think it is entirely commendable. Why are they not allowed to conduct their business in peace?"

"All this sounds very well," replied the man, "but there is another side to this question. These people are poor and as a matter of economy live very closely, several families sometimes occupying a single room. Not long ago in one of the habitations I saw on a bed of one of their women suffering with a contagious disease. Under the bed was a stock of fruit which one of the men took out on to the street the following day to sell. At present we are obliged to watch these people carefully in order to prevent a general spread of this disease, but," - and he squarely looked at me - "if you do not mind having smallpox I see no reason why you should be prevented from patronising the fruit vendors all you please."

For several minutes we stood there, and neither of us said a word. Then the dark man walked off in one direction and I in another. When I had gone a short distance something prompted me to look around. I did so and was startled to see the man of my dreams looking thoughtfully at me. "He has had a dream of me and recognises me as I did him."

Whether or not such was the case I have never learned but I do know that so far I have escaped smallpox. Was my dream a warning, I wonder, or was it merely a dream, and was my meeting the tall, dark, thin man nothing more than a coincidence." Source: The Carroll Herald - Apr 27, 1916

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28 January, 2015

Is Dreaming Sometimes Astral Travelling?

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - a photo I took a few years back
I've always been interested in dreams; what they are, their meanings and so on. At times though it makes me wonder if some dreams are actually astral travelling, in one of its many forms. Here's an example from J.B Priestley's Man and Time:

"My dream. I found myself sitting in the front row of a balcony or gallery in some colossal vague theatre that I never took in properly.

On what I assumed to be the stage, equally vast and without any definite proscenium arch, was a brilliant coloured and fantastic spectacle, quite motionless, quite unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was an unusually impressive dream, which haunted me for weeks afterwards."

Some 6 or 7 years later.

"I paid my first visit to the Grand Canyon, arriving early in the morning when there was a thick mist and nothing to be seen. I sat for some time close to the railing on the South Rim, in front of the hotel there, waiting for the mist to thin out and lift. Suddenly it did, and then, I saw, as if I were sitting in the front row of a balcony, that brilliantly coloured and fantastic spectacle, quite motionless, that I had seen in my dream theatre. My recognition of it was immediate and complete. My dream of years before had shown me a preview of my first sight of the Grand Canyon."

Did Priestly, therefore, visit the Grand Canyon for the first time in his dreams, or through astral travelling? If it was either option was he seeing into the future? And if it was astral travelling does this signify that we can travel into the future and, if we can do this, why not 'sideways' as well into other dimensions.

So many questions and so much we don't fully understand - well at least I don't.

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27 January, 2015

The Old Postcard Coincidence

Vintage postcard of Poole Harbour

A coincidence story today via Jan. Nothing too dramatic, or maybe it is, if you think about the odds of something like this happening.

"I think you may be interested in this coincidence story as it also involves a postcard, which I see you are interested in also.

Conny, a teenager from the Netherlands, spent part of last summer with our family in Poole, Dorset. She was staying as part of an exchange student visit.

One of the places she seemed to like very much was the harbour and the quay at Poole, and the activities that went on there. I remember we had a family boat trip from the quay to Brownsea Island and on another day to Wareham. She said she would like to have seen how it looked in the olden days.

When it was time for her to return home she told us how much she enjoyed her stay and hoped to visit us and the harbour again.

A few days after she had returned to Rotterdam she sent us an email thanking us for her stay. She also sent us a picture of a postcard she had picked up that day in a flea market, which was an old photo of Poole.

It seemed quite a coincidence to me ..."

~ Jan

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26 January, 2015

It Seemed As If The Valentine's Card Was From Her Dead Husband


Here's a 'nice' coincidence story.

Genevieve Johnson's husband, George, died when he was only 62. She is now 82 but misses him greatly. He still pops up in her dreams. Just the other night she dreamed they were young again and rearranging furniture for another baby.

But a strange thing happened on February 14th, a coincidence some would say. Genevieve received a valentine card, and when she opened it she read that it was from George Johnson!

Needless to say Genevieve was overcome with mixed emotions. Her daughter said, "It's spooky."

Gradually though the 'miracle' unravelled. The local school teacher had instructed her students to make valentine cards to be distributed to local senior citizens. This they did and the cards were sent out.

The coincidence is that amongst the young boys, who made the cards, there was one called George Johnson and, by the strange hand of fate, this was the card that Genevieve received.

The card was decorated with a heart, a peace sign and the yin-yang symbol. Inside was written: 'Happy Valentine's Day. I hope my Bible verse will impress you: The Lord is with me to the end, Lord, your love endures forever.' Underneath this was the name 'George Johnson'.

Genevieve wrote to George telling him how the card had made her day She said that her Guardian Angel must have been watching over her.

There is one final coincidence to this story. It was arranged for George to visit Genevieve. He noticed her apartment number was 215 - and his class-room number at school is, yes, it's 215!

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25 January, 2015

Vintage Photos Taken From My Google Plus Page - 7

The lost World Arthur Conan Doyle 1912

This weeks vintage photos and illustrations from my Google+ pages.

The photo below is an albumen silver print from circa 1860. Fancy transport for the twins!

Twin transport - albumen silver print 1860

The drawing of the Little Pink Lady is by A.Wallis Mills and was fist published in 1912.

Little Pink Lady by A Wallis Mills 1912

Is this one of the first trials for mobile phones!

First mobile phones funny photo

And finally this week, a vintage glamour photo. What is striking is the young woman's waist.

Vintage glamour photo pf woman with a very small waist

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