26 November, 2014

Father And Daughter Re-United Through Coincidence

Salvation Army missing persons

This is the story of how Rudy Laitkep found his daughter, with the help of an amazing coincidence.

Rudy first married at Navasota, Texas and had one daughter, Debra. Sadly the marriage lasted for only two years. He separated from his wife, who then remarried and moved away taking his daughter with her.

Somehow he lost track of Debra. "Not that I didn't look," he has said, "I tried to find her but nobody seemed to know about her. It was like she had disappeared into thin air."

As time goes on, Rudy married again - to Alice - and together they raised four sons.

He still wanted to find his daughter and, by chance, read in the Victoria Advocate newspaper that the Salvation Army can assist in tracing lost kin. Alice wrote a letter to the address provided on his behalf.

She recalls, "They told me I'd have to send them either a birth, marriage certificate, or some other identification."

They then had to write to the County Clerk at Anderson in Grimes County. This is where the story becomes almost unbelievable:

The letter was opened at the County Clerk's office by none other than Rudy's daughter - who just happened to work there!

Debra felt uneasy about calling he father - it had by now been over 30 years since she had seen him - so her boss called Rudy. The next night she called her father herself and said, "Hi, pop, I heard you're looking for me."

Rudy discovered that he has a granddaughter, who he didn't know about. He and his family went to Anderson for his daughter's birthday and he saw her for the first time in 34 years.

They also found out that Aaron, Rudy's son, often drove a truck past Debra's home, not knowing his half sister lived there."

The meeting was all mean to be!

For help with reuniting families through the Salvation Army in UK please see here.

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25 November, 2014

The UFO Timetable And The Melting Man

41 years ago The Pittsburg Press published a factual report on UFO sightings. I wonder if it's still relevant today. Here are the highlights:

For some odd reason, UFOs follow a timetable.

In Holland, Dutch statisticians have found that Mondays produce the greatest number of UFO reports. A survey of 800 reports in Belgium has disclosed that the largest percentage of sightings in that country take place on Tuesdays.

In the United States Wednesdays generate more UFO reports than any other day.

Sightings in all countries tend to concentrate around the 10th and 21st of the month. But the two days that produce the most sightings of all are June 24 and September 24, and this 'coincidence' is true for many of the years since 1896. [The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting of 1947 was on June 24]

Thousands of Landings

There have been thousands of UFO sightings reported all over the world. Dr. Jacques Vallee, a French statistician, has catalogued 923 landing reports between 1868 and 168.

The creatures alleged to have emerged from the objects represent a menagerie of monsters - from 20-foot giants to tiny bearded characters only a few inches tall, From hairy creatures with glowing red eyes to animated tin cans.

England's Flying Saucer Review has been following the situation since 1955, and has compiled a massive file of worldwide landings.

Aside from the incredible bug-eyed monsters, the most commonly described UFO pilot is a being with long hair dressed in a seamless silver suit. He has oriental eyes, thin lips, an olive complexion and has unusually long fingers. Entities with these characteristics have been seen at one time or another in almost every country.

In innumerable cases, hysterical witnesses have claimed they were taken aboard saucer-shaped vehicles and given some kind of medical examination.

Apparently mysterious lights the aliens used, emit ultraviolet radiation. There are many documented cases in which witnesses suffered burns, similar to sunburn, after exposure to one of the objects.

The strangest injury of all occurred in the village of AraƧariguama, Brazil, in 1946. According to Dr Irineu Jose Da Silverira, Joao Prestes Filho, 40, was struck by a mysterious beam of light (definitely not lightning).

Within hours, in frnt of a clustered horrified neighbours and relatives, his body began to deteriorate and his "flesh started to look as though it had been vooked for many hours in boiling water."

The Incredible Melting Man
He did not lose consciousness and did not appear to feel any pain as lumps of flesh dropped from his body. His nose and ears fell off, the witnesses claimed. He died en route to a hospital.

There are other incidents in which witmesses have died shortly after a close encounter with one of the objects, apparently killed by radiation poisoning.

Until recently cases of this sort were rarely circulated beyond the pages of the UFO journals.

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24 November, 2014

Cornish Torch Light Parade Day

Children dancing in St.Austell square

Our local town had it's Torch Light Parade. Nothing like the real big ones in other Cornish towns, such as Truro, but it got people into the town centre in the afternoon and standing out in the rain in the evening.

St.Austell crowd

There was dancing in the square ...

Food stalls St.Austell, Cornwall

and food stalls in the Fore Street.


The evening parade itself started as the rain began to fall. This must have got me flummoxed as I had my camera on the wrong setting - so most of the photos were out of focus! Such is life, but these are the better ones.

Torch Light Parade St.Austell, Cornwall

Most of the school children were out in force with their lanterns and ...

St Dennis Carnival Queen, Cornwall

... one of the local Carnival Queens from the nearby village of St.Dennis made an appearance.

Torch Light Parade, Cornwall

The floats seemed to go on for ages, something for everyone

Float at the Torch Light Parade

Torch Light Parade St.Austell

Despite the rain my little granddaughter seemed to enjoy herself as she cuddled into her gran's coat for protection and waved as the floats passed by.


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22 November, 2014

She Phoned The Same Place At The Same Time As He Did

Italy postcard

It's funny how many people have a coincidence story of some sort to tell. We were out walking and met a man we often see and got into conversation. I'm not sure how we got to the subject but Karin mentioned to him that I write about coincidences. "Ah," he said, "I've got a coincidence story." This is what he went on to tell us.

About twenty years ago he had a girlfriend and for some reason she wanted to go off to Italy for several months. This was, of course, at a time when communication wasn't like it is today. There were no emails, texts etc.

She said she would keep in touch, by what we now call snail mail, plus she had his home telephone number - a land-line.

He received a few postcards from her, but as she was moving about he couldn't contact her. Out of the blue he then had the opportunity of better employment, but this meant he had to move away from his rented flat and therefore change his phone number.

It seemed to be the end of the relationship. Then he remembered that he'd also given her his previous employers phone number as well, in case of emergencies. Perhaps she would try to contact him there.

He rang his previous employer and explained to the woman on reception what had happened. The receptionist told him to hang on the line as there was another incoming call.

The incoming call just happened to be from his girlfriend trying to contact him!

So were they meant to be together, and was this the start of a lifetime romance? No, despite them making contact again and her finally returning from Italy the relationship floundered.

An interesting enough coincidence but was is synchronicity? Well it was meaningful at the time it happened so it must have been. It does seem as if there are many degrees of synchronicity.

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21 November, 2014

Nearly A Beautiful Ending As She Glimpses Heaven


The following experience is by Hollie Beattie and describes - well I'm not exactly sure, but it could have been a glimpse of heaven. See what you think.

"One evening in Italy, several years ago, I was visiting a friend and her boyfriend. We were chatting and drinking some wine when I got up to go to the bathroom.

I remember switching on the light then hearing a loud noise. Later, I would discover this was the sound of by body falling to the ground and hitting a metal bin under the sink. I'd fainted.

Suddenly I was aware of taking a step to the left and being in another place and, there in front of me, was my late paternal grandfather.

We weren't particularly close and I was surprised to see him - but there was a feeling of love that was quite overwhelming. He took me under his arm and started to show me around

There were fields and houses and people - so far, so ordinary - but the feeling of peace, of coming home, was indescribable. Then I heard a voice saying, 'You're not going to remember this,' and it felt like I was falling back into my body.

When I came to, I was lying on the bathroom floor, looking at my friend and her boyfriend, who were yelling frantically.

They had come into the bathroom and found me passed out and not breathing, and they'd performed mouth-to-mouth on me. They were desperate for me to go to hospital, but I was so unnerved that I refused.

I remember shaking with fear. Although that place had been peaceful while I was there, I didn't want to go back.

Now, with the passing of time, I feel more peaceful about it. While I'm not sure there is life after death, it has helped me to think there is some form of beautiful ending."

It's interesting how Hollie doesn't necessarily see her experience as being proof of an afterlife.

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20 November, 2014

She Sees White Feathers As Being Signs From Those She Lost

White feathers as messages from the dead

Today's touching story follows on from one I published on the 6th of February, The Dog Who Knew She Was Going To Die. This was by Marian Rusby and told of how her dog, Diamond, somehow 'knew' her mother was about to die. This is what happened next.

"This spring, every time I took Diamond for a walk, a white feather would appear on the pavement - and a few weeks later Diamond fell ill with a liver problem. The vet warned me that it was going to be a terrible few months for me.

That was in May and, as Diamond's health worsened more white feathers appeared. Every time I took her for a walk, a feather would float down, often landing on Diamond. I knew it was Mum sending me a sign that diamond wouldn't live much longer. I felt more at ease knowing Mum was trying to help me.

Diamond had a heart attack and a week later, she died. She was at home, but lying beside her was a white feather. The next day was the seventh anniversary of Mum's death.

The next morning I went into the garden and there, where she liked to lie, was a white feather.

As I stood there in tears, a butterfly landed on my arm and stayed for 15 minutes. I felt that Mum and Diamond had contacted me.

Knowing Diamond was going to die, I'd had time to think whether to get another dog. I love the Samoyed breed but they are difficult to come by and there is a waiting list for puppies. I phoned a lady in the Samoyed Association, who knew I'd nursed Diamond through illnesses, and she found someone who agreed to let me have one of a litter,

The puppies had been born four hours after Diamond died.

I didn't see any more white feathers, but on the morning I went to collect my new puppy, Crystal, there was a feather on my doorstep.

I know some people will think I'm stupid, but many will understand."

~ Marian Busby

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