Friday, January 1

Comforting Messages From Dead Loved Ones

Light beyond brilliance

Messages from the dead, can this in any way be possible? Many think so though, in fairness, many completely disagree. Here are a couple of examples, can they possibly be messages from beyond the grave?

My late grandfather was such a lovely, gentle, kind man.

When he passed on in 1991, I was devastated. For some inexplicable reason I instinctively switched on every light in the house for the first few nights afterwards.

One night, while sitting by the fire, I glanced up and there in front of me was the impression of light - the brilliance way beyond any word I can speak or write.

I immediately thought: "Grandad!" And then it was gone. Without even thinking I switched off all the 'extra' lights and felt the most amazing feeling of peace.

~ Annette Borril

My husband, Wyn, died on July 5, ten weeks short of our golden wedding anniversary. On returning home late one morning, I found a message had been left on my answer phone. The message was very short, it said: "How are you?" The voice was that of my dead husband.

The message is still saved on the answer phone, and friends and colleagues of my husband's confirmed - without me prompting - that it is his voice.

~ Jackie Roberts

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Saturday, December 5

The True Story Of The Fanny Scratching Ghost Of Cock Lane

1800s Illustration of where 'Scratching Fanny' was heard in Cock Lane
The story of the Cock Lane Ghost began back in 1760, in a house near to London's famous Smithfield market and just along from St Paul's Cathedral. Cock Lane still exists today.

Map showing Cock Lane, London

William Kent, a stockbroker, rented a house from the parish clerk, Richard Parsons. The arrangement was fine until 1762 when Kent's wife died and he began to court her sister, Fanny, who soon became his 'housekeeper'.

Miss Fanny and Mr Kent sealed their love by making wills and naming each other as beneficiaries. Shortly following this Kent and Parsons fell out following a disagreement over money, so Kent moved out of the property and began legal proceedings against Parsons. As this turmoil was happening Fanny fell sick and died of smallpox.

With Fanny dead Parsons hatched a cunning plan. He concocted a story saying that Kent had murdered Fanny to get his hands on the inheritance.

Now comes the ghostly bit, which became known as Scratching Fanny.

Parsons made claims that Fanny was now haunting the house in Cock Lane. He alleged that Fanny had come back as a ghost. What's more he said that she had contacted his 12 year old daughter, Elizabeth. Fanny told her that Kent had poisoned her.

The room where the scratching fanny ghost was heard
The room where Scratching Fanny was heard
The story spread like wildfire and seance's were held in the house. At one time Parsons invited a committee of 20 men to witness Fanny's ghost possessing his young daughter. Elizabeth, under the influence of Fanny, declared once again that she had been poisoned and that the only way she could rest would be if Kent were hanged.

This got the house more publicity and curious people wanted to hear Fanny Scratching. So much so, that Parsons began charging people to come inside to hear the ghostly sounds of knocking and scratching.

Cock Lane, London sign
Cock Lane sign today
Of course there are always doubters about anything psychic, even back in the 1760s, so an investigation was started. One member of the investigative team being none other than Dr Samuel Johnson. He wrote the following about his experience of a seance held in the Cock Lane house (it's quite long and in the language of the time.)

Dr Samuel Johnson
Dr.Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
"On the night of the 1st of February many gentlemen, eminent for their rank and character were, by the invitation of the Reverend Mr. Aldrich, of Clerkenwell, assembled at his house, for the examination of the noises supposed to be made by a departed spirit, for the detection of some enormous crime.

About ten at night the gentlemen met in the chamber in which the girl, supposed to be disturbed by a spirit, had, with proper caution, been put to bed by several ladies. They sat rather more than an hour, and hearing nothing, went down stairs, when they interrogated the father of the girl, who denied, in the strongest terms, any knowledge or belief of fraud.

The supposed spirit had before publicly promised, by an affirmative knock, that it would attend one of the gentlemen into the vault under the Church of St. John, Clerkenwell, where the body is deposited, and give a token of her presence there, by a knock upon her coffin; it was therefore determined to make this trial of the existence or veracity of the supposed spirit.

While they were enquiring and deliberating, they were summoned into the girl's chamber by some ladies who were near her bed, and who had heard knocks and scratches. When the gentlemen entered, the girl declared that she felt the spirit like a mouse upon her back, and was required to hold her hands out of bed. From that time, though the spirit was very solemnly required to manifest its existence by appearance, by impression on the hand or body of any present, by scratches, knocks, or any other agency, no evidence of any preter-natural power was exhibited.

The spirit was then very seriously advertised that the person to whom the promise was made of striking the coffin, was then about to visit the vault, and that the performance of the promise was then claimed. The company at one o'clock went into the church, and the gentleman to whom the promise was made, went with another into the vault. The spirit was solemnly required to perform its promise, but nothing more than silence ensued: the person supposed to be accused by the spirit, then went down with several others, but no effect was perceived.

Upon their return they examined the girl, but could draw no confession from her. Between two and three she desired and was permitted to go home with her father. It is, therefore, the opinion of the whole assembly, that the child has some art of making or counterfeiting a particular noise, and that there is no agency of any higher cause."

~ Samuel Johnson (1762)

The findings of the investigation meant that Parsons was put on trial for fraud - remember he had been charging people to visit the house and attend seances there. He was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.

Monday, November 30

Coincidence Of The First Nuclear Submarine To Execute A Submerged Circumnavigation Of The Earth

USS Triton submarine SSRN/SSN-586
USS Triton submarine SSRN/SSN-586
USS Triton (SSRN/SSN-586), a United States Navy nuclear submarine, was the first vessel to execute a submerged circumnavigation of the Earth  - Operation Sandblast - doing so in early 1960, under the command of Captain Edward L. "Ned" Beach, Jr.

There is a coincidence attached to the circumnavigation.

As the submarine was making it's submerged journey it raised periscope in the Philippines' Magellan Bay. On doing so Captain Beach found himself staring into the eyes of a startled fisherman in a canoe!

For a long time, in the 1960s, it was wondered, "Who was the fisherman?" The National Geographic Magazine actually managed to trace him on Mactan island off Cebu. He was, at the time, a 19 year old called Rufino Baring.

Rufino told of how he was terrified when the eye of the huge nuclear submarine unexpectedly broke water and then vanished. He said, "I was tired and thought I was seeing things. But when it came back a second time, I thought it was part of a very big monster and I was frightened. I tried to get away as fast as I could because it started to move very fast."

Rufino paddled frantically for home but didn't tell his family about what he had seen.

The incident was described by Captain Beach in his log:

"Upon raising the periscope. I am looking right into the eyes of a young man in a small canoe, close alongside. Perhaps he has detected the dark bulk of our hull in the relatively clear waters of the bay ...

A few seconds later I motion for the scope to be raised once more. Sure enough there is our friend, impassively leaning on his gunwales and staring right at the periscope as it rises barely two inches out of the water.

It's a ludicrous situation: On the one hand an impassive Asian, staring with curious concentration at an unusual object in the water; on the other a US Navy Officer, equipped with all the technical devices money can procure, looking back with equally studied concentration. On one end of the periscope, an outrigger canoe propelled by the brawny arms of its builder; on the other end a $100,000,000 submarine, the newest, biggest, most powerful in the world, on a history-making cruise.

What an abyss - what centuries of scientific development lie between him and me!"

When Rufino was eventually traced he thought he must have committed some sort of crime and was very relieved to be told otherwise.

He was unaware that his photo had been taken through Triton's periscope. When he was told that he was the only person who saw Triton on it's voyage, the information was greeted simply with an embarrassed smile.

And now for an uncanny coincidence about this story.

In making the voyage, in early 1960, Triton began and ended the circumnavigation from St Peter and St Paul Rocks off Brazil.

Rufino, frightened after his experience, repainted his canoe and added two saints' names to protect it from further meetings with sea monsters. The apostles' names he chose were: St Peter and St Paul! 

Tuesday, November 24

The Coincidence Of Meeting 40 Years Later While On Holiday

Morris Minor Van
Morris Van
A coincidence story today - there seem to be a lot about at the moment! This one is from Eric Grant in England : 

My wife and I decided to have a real holiday in 1958, the first since we married.

We'd go in our Morris Minor van-with-windows camping for two weeks, through France, Switzerland and Italy (a 4 ft mattress fit snug in the back!).

The first night we'd booked a hotel in Abbevilla and after dinner walked down the main shopping street. On the opposite pavement we saw someone who looked remarkably like a solicitor friend from home, Geoff Meopham. We decided it couldn't possibly be him, as he didn't appear to recognise us.

Six weeks later, buying petrol, in followed Geoff, and I told him he had a 'double' in France. "You fool," he said, "that was me." Oh dear!

Exactly 40 years later, having lunch in Lanzarote, with our feet dangling in the swimming pool water, in came a man who did look a bit like our old friend (whom we hadn't seen for decades due to moving), though he looked much older.

Clipart two people meeting
Without hesitation I rushed over to him and said, "You look remarkably like an old friend, Geoff Meopham from Billericay. This happened 40 years ago and we didn't approach you then, so thought I would now!"

He said, "I'm glad you did, Eric. I've lost my wife so I'm here to try and recuperate. Nice to have someone to talk to for a week!"

What a reunion!

~ Eric Grant

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Saturday, November 14

Clairvoyant Predicted Her Own Imminent Death


Nell St. John Montague was one of London's best known society clairvoyants in the 1940s. She is said to have made many accurate predictions. Friends and associates therefore become concerned when she revealed what would be her own imminent death.

She told them, "I saw a fiery streak. Then a red mist spread over everything ..."

She explained, her long experience had taught her that red mists always meant one thing: "Blood, a violent death. A fiery streak" 

A few weeks following her prediction a Nazi buzz bomb (this was during World War 2) struck her London Home. This answered the question as to what the 'fiery streak' actually was. She had accurately predicted her death.

Prior to her death illustrious clients included the former Queen Victoria of Spain and Lady Clarisbrook - whose husband was a brother of Britain's Queen at the time. Victoria's first consultation with Miss Montague was one she wouldn't forget.

She warned Victoria that her wedding day would be the occasion of a number of violent deaths. The prediction was stunningly fulfilled.

As the bridal party drove away from the church a bouquet containing a bomb, was tossed at the royal carriage. Both the King and Queen escaped injury, but 24 other people were killed and 80 were wounded.

It is also reported that someone handed her an example of Hitler's handwriting. She, not knowing whose it was, said, "Whoever wrote that is as mad as a hatter."

There are many other predictions that proved accurate. In 1944 she forecast that Lord Louis Mountbatten "... will some day find a watery grave." This was shown in various newspapers in November of 1944.

The prediction took a long time to materialise, but in 1979 Lord Mountbatten went lobster potting in a wooden boat, moored in the harbour at Mullaghmore. An IRA member slipped into the boat and planted a radio-controlled bomb. Just a few hundred yards from the shore the bomb was detonated. Mountbatten was killed.

Some people do appear to have 'the gift'.

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Friday, October 23

It's a Small World Coincidence

Quite remarkable coincidences I noticed in an article in the Daily Mail newspaper. The story was from S. Turner, Kent, England.

"Driving from Sydney to Adelaide, while on holiday in Australia, we had a number of amazing coincidences.

On an overnight stop-off at a small town, we were surprised to see someone who is a regular at our local pub.

In another town, we ran into an old work colleague from London whom we hadn't seen for 20 years or more.

Then, finally in a shopping mall food court in Adelaide, who should be sitting at a nearby table but a man who caught the same train as me each morning on our commute into London. He and his wife were on a cruise and has only just arrived in Adelaide that day. Small world indeed!"

Monday, October 19

When Time Stood Still and We Were Saved From Falling

My wife and I were on a break away and went for a walk. The route details were on a leaflet. It was about five miles through woods and across fields. Sounded fine for a mild afternoon.

We set off and soon got into our stride, not another soul anywhere to be seen - so perfect for walking and forgetting the rest of the world. 
For a while the pathway was alongside a small river, which we then had to cross using some stepping stones, and make our way up the side of the valley via some uneven stone steps. A reasonable climb and shouldn't have been any problem.

We were nearly to the top when my wife must have missed the step or slipped on the uneven rocks - whatever - she started to fall backwards. I was a couple of steps behind her ... it was then that time stood still!

Thoughts started flowing through my mind ...

"When my wife hits me I will fall backwards as well ... I'll hit my head on the rocks below. She will land on top of me but will still have a nasty fall ... what should I do for the best ... "

I was working out what to do and the consequences, as my wife was falling backwards so it can only have been a second, if that. I felt my back foot being lowered to the step below and, goodness knows how, I caught her! I didn't fall and neither of us were hurt.

The point is that time did stand still, I can't possibly have had all of those thoughts in a normal, every day, time frame. So, "What is time?"

We got to the top of the steps and looked down. My wife was shaken and in tears thinking of what might have happened and said words to the effect that our Guardian Angel must have been looking after us. I still can't explain how I caught her.

I've only experienced that sort of thing once. Oh, other than when I was riding a donkey backwards - but that's another story!

So can time stand still?