01 July, 2015

The Precognition And How A White Dove Appeared At A Car Accident

Here's another white dove story, with a difference. I feel sure there will be various interpretations as to what happened. Was it precognition, for example, and where does the white dove fit in to the story? Was it significant, or just a coincidence ... well, you decide! The author wished to remain anonymous.

"In 2007 I was in a serious car accident. But for months before, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to die in a car accident. This feeling hindered me from going out, other than to work or for food shopping - and then with fear I might add.

I decided to talk to my mother about this feeling and told her that I felt I should prepare myself for death (with a living will).

Mom, with tears in her eyes. told me not to prepare for death but to just try and live.

About two weeks later, in 2007, on my way to work, I was t-boned (a broadside collision).

By coincidence, my neighbour had a conversation with someone about a car accident she was in - and one in which she had t-boned someone (me!).

At this accident she said how she saw a white dove fly off my trunk on contact.

I just spent one day in the hospital, but I did have a skull fracture and bleeding in my brain.

I'm doing great now, almost like nothing had happened and I'm still here ... .thank God."

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30 June, 2015

The UFO That Came To Earth At Kecksburg

Photo source: Pinterest
So many UFO sightings get muddied along the way. Here's a mystery I didn't know much about until I did a little bit of research.

In 1965 something fell from the sky, a brilliant fireball with the flash being seen in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Grass fires broke out, including one just outside Kecksburg, in south-west Pennsylvania as, whatever it was, came to earth.

In Lapper, Mich., the County Sherriff  Kenneth A Parks said his office received a report that an unidentified object fell into a field about half a mile south of Lapeer, just east of M 24.
Source: Herald Journal - Dec 10, 1965

One of the firefighters at the scene was James Romansky.

James Romansky, 57, of Derry Township was then a 19 year old firefighter. He told the Associated Press that he was among those who drove to the landing site.

"Now, I'm prepared for a smashed-up airplane ... and I'm thinking, 'What the hell is this?' I'm looking for wings, propellers, motors, a fuselage - but there's none of that," Romansky said, "There's no rivet marks on it, no windows, no doors - no possible way of getting in and out of this thing that I seen.

"There was writing on it, but not writing that you or I could understand. I always referred to it as something like the ancient hieroglyphics. There was dots and dashes and circles," Romansky said.
Source: Observer Reporter - Dec 6, 2003

Other witnesses described a 'fireball' and a metallic, acorn shaped object about 12 to 15 feet high and 8 to 12 feet in diameter landed in the woods - as per photo at top of post. Military personnel quickly surrounded the site, removed the object, threatened residents who tried to enquire about it, and left - later calling the object 'a meteor'.
Source: Beaver County Times - Dec 7, 2003

Going back to 1965, Sheriff Kenneth A Parks (previously mentioned) only admitted that his men found some pieces of shiny metallic foil, each four to six inches long and about a quarter inch wide.
Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle - Dec 10, 1965

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Dec 9, 1965 reported:
U.S. Army officials and the Pennsylvania State Police Thursday night sealed off an area in south-west Pennsylvania explaining the 'is an unidentified flying object in the woods'. A spokesman from the Army's 662 Radar Squadron said, 'We don't know what we have yet.' After sealing off a wooded isolated area at Kecksberg, officers said Army engineers were being called to the scene.

No conclusions can be made from the above - but there is no doubt much more information to be found on the Internet if interested.

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28 June, 2015

The Cute Coincidence

Coincidence story

A quickie coincidence above, from my cuttings. This one originated from an old issue of the The Milwaukee Sentinel.

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27 June, 2015

Coincidence Marks Young Girl's Death

Sometimes it's as if we do things without fully realising why - as if we have had a quick glance into the future and were guided to do whatever it was. I was reminded of this when I came across this sad story in The Pittsburgh Press from October 8, 1939.

"Chicago: Jacqueline Neville, 9, was roller skating near her home last night with two playmates when two bandits drove up to the curb and parked behind an auto in which insurance agent Jack Lomas was waiting while his partner, Frank Maneely, made a collection.

One of the bandits forced Lomas into the rear of his auto. Maneely returned, saw the bandit, and ran. The bandit with Lomas started firing.

Frantic the little girls started to flee but were hampered by their skates. One bullet struck Jacqueline. She fell to the pavement. The bandits escaped.

There was a strange twist to the story of Jacqueline's death. A month ago her widowed mother, Mrs. Cecilia Neville, took out an insurance policy on Jacqueline's life. The agents were: Maneely and Lomas."

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26 June, 2015

Father Meets Son After 40 Years By Coincidence

Coincidence of name

Holly was born more than 40 years ago, but his mother died when he was only a week old. This was in New Orleans. The baby's maternal grandparent's adopted him. 

The grandfather died some years later and the grandmother married a man named Jones. Holly then became Holly Jones through adoption.

The Joneses moved away to California and Holly went to school and graduated from the University of California.

For many years Holly Jones wondered what had become of his birth father, who he knew was called Charles Beitel. By chance, his wife, through her employment, found herself addressing a letter to a Mr Beitel.

Mr Beitel ran a general store in another Californian town, so when on a trip they looked in on the store.

The store clerk said that Breitel wasn't around at the moment, but said to Holly, "... you must be a relative of some kind ... you sure look like him."

When Beitel came to the store, he immediately recognised Holly, even though he hadn't seen him since an infant. "I knew you right away," he told Holly. "I've been looking at myself in the mirror for a long time and you're me all right."

So the reunion was made. Beitel, who by coincidence had moved to California ten years ago, gained, not only his son, but also a daughter-in-law and two grandsons.

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24 June, 2015

A Coincidence Showed Her She Missed Out On Her Dream Home

White cliffs

Here's an example, from Ruth Cameron, of why we should follow our intuition, instincts or gut feelings. Some things, perhaps, are meant to be - but we miss out because of our inertia. There's a coincidence as well, to rub salt into the wound!

"Five years ago I fell in love with a lovely, empty bungalow with an immense open fireplace. It stood all alone at the foot of a high cliff looking straight out to sea.

None of the locals knew to whom it belonged, some man in the city, they said, hadn't been down for years, didn't seem to care much for it, probably.

My instinct was to pursue the matter further, find out who owned that bungalow, and if it could be bought at a reasonable price, But my own inertia, plus the advice of even more inert friends dissuaded me, and I let the matter drop.

A few weeks ago, by an odd coincidence, I met the man who had owned that bungalow, He told me that he had been ready to sell at the time, and that it ultimately went for a small price because of the lonesome location, which I so much admired. Worst of all, the new people who bought it had ripped out that magnificent fireplace.

And to think I might have had it all if I had only the gumption to ask for it."

~ Ruth

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23 June, 2015

The Paul Lynde Coincidence Or Precognition

Payl Lynde coincidence

Paul Lynde isn't someone I had previously heard of, but I understand he was an an American comedian and character actor. The following coincidence was passed on to me from a reader relating to Lynde. It does seem, though, to be more of a case of precognition. Anyway, in his own words:

"Whenever I go to New York and I'm walking along Fifth Avenue I will see someone I knew when I lived there, but as soon as I run up and say hello, I'll find myself quickly apologising: case of mistaken identity. And always the physical resemblance is uncanny.

But - and this is the curious thing - the very next person I'll see will be the one I thought I knew seconds before.

This happens to me every time I have been to New York - that is, if I'm on Fifth Avenue."

It appears that the story was published in the Bangor Daily News prior to Lynde's death. So is this perhaps a case of precognition or coincidence?

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