15 April, 2014

Mysterious Black Circle UFO Seen In The Sky

Taken from the video below and enlarged
Here's something strange: a black ring or halo in the sky. Have no idea what it actually is /was. The very short video below shows it in more detail.

The video was taken by 16 year old schoolgirl Georgina Heap. She was playing tennis with her mother, in Leamington Spa, England when she looked up into the sky and saw this enormous black ring with a smoke like appearance. The ring remained in the sky for about three minutes on Friday evening and then simply disappeared.

Georgina said of her sighting, "It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. It was just floating there like a cloud and then it disappeared. It wasn't birds. There were about ten of us who stopped what we were doing and watched."

 On an official note the Fire and Rescue Service have said that there were no reports of fires around that time and the Met Office have confirmed that it does not believe the ring was weather-related.

So what was it?

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14 April, 2014

Improbable Coincidences Happen Every Day - But Why?

Four-leafed clover

When I started this blog, way back in late 2009, my main theme was coincidences and synchronicity. Since then I've often wandered way off track and delved into all sorts of other things. However, I've always believed that there is something very special about synchronicity - it is, after all, defined as meaningful coincidences.

Classic well known 'coincidences' are fascinating. Take, for example, Anthony Hopkins, in 1972, being offered a part in a film based on the book The Girl From Petrovka by George Feifer and then - after searching to buy the book, and not being able to obtain a copy - he found a discarded copy of the book on a seat on the London Tube.

But there's more to this story as sometime later Hopkins met Feifer and told him of his experience. Feifer told him that in November 1971 he'd loaned his copy of the book to a friend who had then lost the copy in Bayswater, London. When Hopkins later checked some of the handwritten notes on various pages, it proved to be the very same book. (Another vesrsion of this story here).

If something like that happens to us we'd think of this as being something very special - unless, that is, you are a mathematician.

Law of large numbers

The mathematician David Hand reckons these sort of happenings will always occur. It's down the the law of truly large numbers. Once you start dabbling in these sort of huge figures everything is possible. After all winning the UK lottery has odds of something like 14,000,000 to 1 yet someone still wins the jackpot virtually every week.

Hand breaks down and crushes the idea of synchronicity being meaningful. It's bound to happen. For example: most clover has three leaves, but approximately one in 10,000 has four. Faced with such odds it's a wonder that anyone ever finds one, but people do. I have found several myself. He explains that if 1000 people were searching for a four-leafed clover and looked at just 10 clovers each, one of them should statistically find what they are looking for. So no magic there then. It's simply mathematics.

Most of us would attribute something like finding a four-leafed clover as being very lucky but a mathematician will say it's because we don't understand how numbers work. Everything, no matter what the odds is possible, over time - because of that law of truly large numbers. A miracle has to happen somewhere every day.

Mmmm! So there you go. There is an element of truth in the mathematicians opinion, but I still don't feel that it is the whole answer to synchronicity. There is something more. And if you have ever experienced true synchronicity you will most likely agree.

I guess we could say that remarkable coincidences can happen because of sheer numbers - but synchronicity is something else, on a different level.

Resource: The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day

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13 April, 2014

Swift Retribution For a Photobomb


Photobomb: An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph. The most common photobomb is someone in the background making a face. ~ Urban Dictionary

I came across this photo on Twitter from @SegoviAira and it made me smile.

A photo was being taken of her mother so 'Sam' stood behind her in a typical photobomb pose only to find a dog also getting into the act - who started eating her ice-cream. A swift retribution.

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12 April, 2014

The Tea Towel Spoke To Her And Led Her To A Castle Of Nuns


Jane Shilling felt that she may have a calling to become a nun, something she first felt in her teens - but two marriages and three children soon squashed such thoughts. In her late 50s the idea arose again.

A Canadian order of Anglican nuns, the Sisterhood of St John the Divine were running a month long programme for women who were seeking direction in their lives. Jane applied and was accepted.

The regimental timetable and contemplative silence seems to have been hard going for her and her faith wilted. But then something strange happened.

One evening while in the convent kitchen she heard a mysterious inner voice which seemed to emanate from a tea towel. I said it was strange!

The tea towel had a picture on it of Sneaton Castle in Whitby. The voice told her, "You need to go there."

It turned out that Sneaton Castle was home to a community of Anglican nuns known as the Order of the Holy Paraclete. She made enquiries about them and they were happy for Jane to pay a visit.

Sneaton Castle, Whitby
Sneaton Castle, Whitby, England
Before going to Sneaton Castle she arranged to go to a Benedictine order of nuns on the Isle of Wight. She found this place to be troubling, to say the least. A couple of sinister apparitions appeared to her.

The first was a strange man with 'a lascivious smirk ... and an aura of evil' who followed her into an abbey. There was also a small devil like creature 'with grey, leathery skin ... muscled legs, cloven hooves and a thin tail covered with scale-like protruberances.' Jane says of this, 'I saw it clear as day ... I had not been drinking.'

Happily her experience at Sneaton Castle was much better and the nuns allowed Jane to discover how best to follow her compelling inner voice.

Jane has written a memoir of her 'nun' experiences: And Then There Were Nuns.

And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures In A Cloistered Life on Amazon UK
And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures in A Cloistered Life on Amazon USA

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10 April, 2014

50 Things You Might Want To Know About Your Favourite Number 7

7 the magic number

It's official (well sort of) that 7 is our favourite number.

A survey was carried out this week by the mathematician Alex Bellos. The poll was of 30,000 people and they confirmed that 7 is overwhelmingly our favourite number.

It's a little strange, but we do seem to have favourite numbers. Bellos said of this:

"When I give talks about maths and ask the audience if they have a favourite number, half stick up their hands. I suppose we are all a little bit obsessive compulsive. It's comforting to have a favourite number."

Not sure if I agree with that, but 7 does seem to pop up everywhere like ...

1. Japanese mythology talks of Shichifukujin - The Seven Gods of Fortune.

2.  There are 7 colours in a rainbow.

3. There are 7 days in a week.

4. The seven deadly sins - pride, avarice, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

5. Seven notes on a musical scale

6. Shakespeare's seven ages of man.

7. There are seven virtues - humility, liberality, chastity, kindness, abstinence, patience, and diligence.

8. Seven seas.

9. Seven continents.

Sinbad the Sailor
10. Sinbad the Sailor had 7 voyages.

11. There's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

12. There were 7 wonders of the ancient world.

13. If you break a mirror it is said you will have seven years bad luck.

14. According to the Talmud, the universe is made of seven Heavens.

15. The Qur'an frequently mentions the existence of seven (Samaawat), or heavens.

16. Vedic Hindu tradition tells us that the human body features seven basic chakras.

17. According to the Bible there were seven days of Creation - God rested on and sanctified the seventh day.

18. In Genesis 41 there were Seven years of plenty and seven years of famine in Pharaoh's dream.

19. The seventh son of a seventh son has magic powers, according to Irish folklore.

20. The city of Rome was built on seven hills - Palatine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline, Caelian, and Aventine.

21. Seven days of blessings - Sheva Brachot - follow a traditional Jewish wedding.

22. Seven demons were driven out of Mary Magdelene - Luke 8:2.

23. There are seven books in J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series.

24. According to Buddhism, Buddha walked 7 steps at his birth.

25. Mammals have 7 cervical vertebrae.

26. In both the Challenger and Columbia NASA space shuttle disasters, seven astronauts were killed.

27. The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs on the East Sussex coast, England.

28. There is the 'seven-year itch' when a man is said to have the urge to roam after seven years of marriage.

29. Ian Fleming decided on 007 for James Bond.

30. Seven Sages Of The Bamboo Grove.

31. 7 was considered a God number in ancient Egypt.

32. Seven is the optimum number of hours of sleep for humans, according to a US scientific study.

33. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son was the seventh studio album released by heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

34. Seven is the atomic number of nitrogen.

35. Seven is the sum of any two opposite sides on a standard six-sided dice.

36. In the Harry Potter series of novels by J.K Rowling, seven is said to be the most powerfully magical number.

37. In Greek mythology, the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, were the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and the sea nymph Pleione.

38. The Secret Seven is a children's adventure book by Enid Blyton.

39. The diameter of the 45rpm format gramophone record was 7 inches.

40. Sevens is the 7th album by Country singer Garth Brooks, released in 1997.

41. Seven Dials in London's Covent Garden stands at the intersection of seven roads. Now part of a shopping area, it was a notorious slum in the 19th century, and hosted seven pubs on each of its apexes.

42. Sweet 7 is an album by Sugababes.

43. In Star Trek: Voyager, Seven of Nine (also called Seven for short) is one of the crew members.

44. Seven days of the feast of Passover (Exodus 13:3–10).

45. Jericho's walls fell on the seventh day after seven priests with seven trumpets marched around the city seven times (Joshua 6:8)

46. Netball and handball are played with teams of seven players.

47. Ancient astronomers believed there were seven planets in the solar system.

48. Seven demons were driven out of Mary Magdelene - Luke 8:2.

49. John Ruskin's The Seven Lamps of Architecture set out seven leading principles - sacrifice, truth, power, beauty, life memory and obedience.

50. The Seven Years' War (1756-63) was described by Winston Churchill as the first real world war.

Okay, I think 50 is enough! My favourite numbers are still 67 and 76.

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09 April, 2014

The Secret Holy Well Of Menacuddle, Cornwall And The Druid's Chair

Old picture of Menacuddle Well

Where I live in Cornwall, it's a land of legends, saints, holy wells and other mysteries. I came across the picture above and remembered that I hadn't visited Menacuddle for ages, despite it being just a 15-20 minute walk from my home.

It's a place that is not on the main tourist route so it's virtually unknown to most visitors to the area.

The Well Chapel is a housing for a Holy Well and dates back to the 15th Century - though no doubt the healing powers of the water were known long before the small chapel was ever built.

The Well isn't sign posted but if going by car take the Bodmin Road from St.Austell town. It's only  a few minutes drive but is hidden away secretly. Look out for the Elderly People road sign (see below) and the track is on the left just after this. Go slow, it's easy to drive past. Follow the track and there is a place to park a couple of cars. In saying that I have never seen anyone else at the well whenever I have made a visit.

Elderly People road sign near Menacuddle Holy Well

On the right is a river with a waterfall. The water is often a milky white colour, especially after rain, when it is coloured by the local china clay.

Menacuddle, St Austell, Cornwall

A little further and the Druid's Chair rock will be seen. It's quite comfortable - for a rock, that is!

Druid's Chair, Menacuddle, Cornwall

Across the river can be seen the Holy Well Chapel. The river looked quite white on my visit today.

Holy Well, Menacuddle, St Austell, Cornwall

A little further along the river is a small bridge so that you can walk back to visit the Holy Well.

A Gothic archway leads inside and to the clear water of the spring. The building itself, other than the roof, is made of local granite.

The Menacuddle Holy Well Chapel, St Austell, Cornwall

It's quite dark and damp inside.

Window in the Holy Well Chapel, Menacuddle

There is a local tale which suggests that visitors should drop a 'crooked pin' into the spring waters to ensure good fortune. It is said that on doing so this will cause pins thrown in by other pilgrims will rise to the top.

In saying this today's visitors tend to prefer to light a small candle and leave this to burn in one of the recesses. And you might even see a strange animal lurking as well!

Inside Holy Well Chapel, Menacuddle, Cornwall

The Holy spring water was once held in high regard for its curative powers. Sick children were regularly bathed here, and the Victorians  recommend the drinking of its salubrious fluid. It was also used to treat ulcers. Personally I just dabbed my face with the clear water and made a 'good health' wish.

Being a damp area the roof and walls of the chapel are covered with moss and lichen ...

Outside walls of Holy Chapel, Menacuddle, Cornwall

... as are the stone walls nearby.

Cornish stone walls covered with moss

There it is, the secret Holy Well of Menacuddle. The pilgrimage worked wonders for me!

Photos: © Mike Perry

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08 April, 2014

Three Dazzlingly Bright Figures As Proof Of Survival After Death

Three ghosts

A ghostly experience today by the writer Santa Montefiore.

Santa Montefiore
Santa Montefiore
"Not long ago, Miguel, a dear Argentine friend of mine, died in Buenos Aires of a brain tumour. The night I received the news, I decided to meditate - not with the intention of contacting him, but because I was sad I wanted to go somewhere peaceful. I went very deep and far away.

Suddenly, standing in front of me, dazzlingly bright, were three figures. The first was Natalie, Miguel’s first cousin, who had been killed in a canoeing accident 20 years before. The second was Miguel, and the third I knew to be his father - even though I had never met him.

The three of them were golden, smiling and radiating love. I held them there for a long time, savouring the sight of these dear friends, absorbing the feeling of joy they were communicating. Then, in my head, I told Miguel that I wanted to share what I was seeing with his mother - that he was happy, and safe, and with people he loved.

He laughed and said, quite clearly: 'She already knows.' The next morning, I decided to make some calls to see if I could make sense of it all. I called my godfather, who’d spoken to Miguel’s mother the day her son died. He told me: 'She said that she was happy to know that Miguel was now in spirit with Natalie and his father.'

I believe the three of them came through to me to confirm her belief. That message was for her. Nowadays, I often see spirits - at night and when I meditate. I no longer find them frightening: I find it reassuring to know that we survive death."

Santa Montefiore's latest book:
Secrets of the Lighthouse on Amazon UK
Secrets of the Lighthouse on Amazon USA

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