18 September, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For: A Warning Tale

Genie lamp wish

Here's a coincidence story which illustrates how we should perhaps be careful what we say or wish for.

England, March 7, 1952

A man who often said, "I'd give my right arm," to see his ailing daughter cured, lost the arm in a car crash - and she was mysteriously healed.

The odd case, with the names withheld, was described by Dr JMH Smellie of Liverpool in today's issue of the British Medical Journal.

Dr Smellie said the girl was crippled with arthritis and disfigured by a skin disease associated with it. Her devoted father tried all kinds of treatment, but she did not respond.

One day he set off on a motor trip with the girl and his wife. The car was wrecked and the father's right arm torn off.

Before the father's wound healed, the daughter's skin trouble and arthritis had vanished.

Dr Smellie offered two possible explanations - the cure might have been due to psychological factors or to cortisone liberated from the girl's adrenal glands by the shock of the accident.

In time of shock the adrenal glands, situated near the kidneys, pour out cortisone. This substance has come to the fore in recent years for the treatment of arthritis.

Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle - March 7, 1952

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17 September, 2014

Subliminal Messages To Get What You Want

Subliminal book

A not too serious post today!

In my younger years I was interested more in possessions and money than I am today. So I tried many of those 'visualisation' and 'power of the mind' techniques. Some were quite cranky, when I now look back, but the funny thing is some of them did seem to work.

I don't know why, but the following method, based on subliminal images, came to mind as I was walking yesterday.

As you'll no doubt know the first use of subliminal images was supposedly in American cinemas. A message, such as 'I must buy an ice-cream', was flashed on the screen during a movie. The result was that ice-cream sales rocketed in the interval. This sort of thing is mostly now illegal (unless it's done by the state!).

I digress, what I remembered, was a simple (silly?) method to influence our own minds to do something or attract something / someone. The message? Anything from 'I will attract a new car' to 'I will lose weight' - absolutely anything.

But how to get the message across to the unconscious in a simple way is normally difficult bit. This method though was easy.

Remember how movie cartoons used to be made? The figure would be drawn and then in each following frame the figure would be slightly altered. When all of the frames were run quickly in succession it looked like the figure was moving.

So the idea is to take a paperback book and print your message or symbols on the top right hand corner of the pages - one word only per page, perhaps leaving a couple of blank pages between the words. Then all you have to do is flick through the pages. You won't necessarily 'see' the message but your unconscious supposedly will.

It's then a case of having a flick through the pages several times a day - not trying to read anything - but just look as the pages flick past your vision. The theory is that the message / symbols will have an effect and you'll attract that amount of money, new car or will lose weight or whatever.

Okay, maybe silly - but is it? Could it be developed to be included in a video, for example, so you almost brainwash yourself into becoming more confident or lucky or ... your choice.

As I said, I remembered this from many years ago - and what I wanted came about. I was very young at the time and it had something to do with a girl. But enough said!

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16 September, 2014

Seven Days Of Photos

Spider and web

Apologies for today's post being off subject, but wasn't sure what to write - a mental block or something. So it's seven photos instead.

A while back I mentioned how I try to take a photo every day - nothing great, just a snap of something for that particular day. These are the previous seven photos.

Day 1: Spiders! They are everywhere at the moment, The one above was in my front garden, but it's the time of the year for them and we've had several inside the house as well - last night there was even one on my pillow!

Day 2: Tall Ships. The tall ships were in Charlestown harbour and these two were high up in the masts doing some repair work.

Tall ships, Charlestown, Cornwall

Day 3: Television Problems. Our television pictures disappeared so the aerial needed repair. But isn't it funny how things come in threes? My Internet connection also started playing up and we had a warning light appear on our car dashboard, so three electrical type problems all at once. But now resolved.

Sky satellite dish

Day 4: Dentist. Karin had to go to the dentist for a routine check up and this is the view as you leave the surgery - with the Truro Cathedral spires in the background.

Spire of Truro Cathedral

Day 5. Lemon Street Market. We had a look round and a coffee.

Lemon Street Market, Truro

Day 6: Rain Clouds. Can't remember seeing rain clouds appear like this before. Suddenly dark clouds to the left and sunshine to the right. Fortunately the clouds rolled on by and we didn't get wet,

Rain Clouds

Day 7: Grandson. No week is complete without Sammy (and granddaughter Lucy) being in the picture. Sammy's trying to work some sort of magic on me!

Grandson Sammy

Hopefully will be back on track tomorrow!

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15 September, 2014

The Curse Of Tutankhamen's Trumpets: Did They Start World War II?

Tutankhamen's trumpets

While trawling through the archives of old newspapers, for another purpose, I came across a story about a largely unknown curse from Tutankhamen's tomb.

Back in 2011 I wrote a post, The Curse Of The Pharaohs, about how many of those associated with the opening of the tomb appeared to be cursed. The following story, however, tells of the curse of the Pharaoh's war trumpet.

It all started, it seems, with a producer working on the staff of Radio Cairo in 1939. He had the bright idea to celebrate the Mohammedan New Year: a blast from one of the silver trumpets found in Tutankhamen's tomb - the trumpeter to stand on top of the Pyramid of Tutankhamen!

Permission was given, and the two huge trumpets, each four or five feet long, were brought from the Cairo Museum.

From the first, it appeared that the proposed broadcast was under an evil star. No musician could get a note out of either trumpet. At last one man was discovered who claimed he could make the trumpets play.

He did. Watched by a group of fascinated Radio Cairo executives, he blew into one of the trumpets and produced a piercing, ghostly wail, which no human ear had heard for over 3000 years. He also cracked the priceless instrument.

All the same, he was permitted to try the other trumpet. It responded. Again came that high, unearthly wail. The producer was satisfied. His broadcast would be a sensation. However ...

The musician fell on the steps of the museum and sprainded an ankle. The programme had to be postponed. When, some time later, the musician was well enough, he was helped to the top of the pyramid. Microphones were rigged. All was ready. But interference hadn't ceased. Twice the crew failed to reach the pyramid - automobile accidents. Then came a breakdown at Radio Cairo. Atmospheric conditions grew steadily worse. But at last, it happened. The New Year had gone by, but all radio sets were tuned for the eagerly awaited event.

The trumpet sounded. It curdled the blood of frightened listeners - an eerie, sinister, fiercely menacing howl, a note not of this world.

And next day came the letters - thousands of them - for all Egypt had trembled. The ancient silver instrument was Pharaoh's war trumpet.

Six months after that eerie blast, World War II broke out!

Coincidence? Curse of the Pharaohs? Wisest are they who grant that they do not know.

Source: The Milwaukee Sentinel - Aug 29, 1954

Below is video of a 1939 BBC recording of the trumpets.

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13 September, 2014

The White Feather Messages From Katharine's Deceased Mother

White feather

Another white feather story to add to the collection. This one is from Katharine Farrell.

"My mother died in July almost unexpectedly, so it was a big shock for me and my sister. We were all very close since our father passed away.

At the funeral we found a white feather at the graveside, right where me and my sister stood. It was my husband who saw it. He pointed it out to us because it was large and fluffy and for no other reason.

When the funeral was over some of us made our way to my sister's house. She got there before us and the first thing she said when she opened the door was, "There was another white feather on the doorstep when I got home."

Since then both me and my sister kept seeing white feathers for five or six weeks and then they got less and less until September 2, which would have been mother's birthday. My sister and her partner came to my house and when I opened the door to them there was a white feather by the front door.

Me and my sister kept thinking the feathers were somehow from mother but my husband thought that was silly. But now I've seen all of those other white feather stories I'm convinced the feathers we saw were from our mother. I find it comforting to think this, as I miss her very much and I know my sister does as well."

~ Katharine Farrell

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12 September, 2014

Born In A Police Car Coincidence

No wonder Adam Croon decided he wanted join the police, after all, he had been born in a police car.

Twenty-one years after his appearance in this world his wish came true - he became a police officer.

He lined up, along with a further 39 recruits, in front of Lieutenant Robert McLoughlin who, at that time, operated the Field Training unit at Brooklyn's 90th Precinct.

As McLoughlin looked through the names of the recruits he noticed the unusual surname of Croon. He asked him, "Where were you born?"

Croon replied, "My mother always told me I was born in the back seat of a police car."

McLoughlin said, "And I'm the one who delivered you!"

The lieutenant later told The Free Lance Star, "It's an unbelievable coincidence. You never find out what happens. It's really nice that the boy turned out well and that he became a cop."

And when Adam told his mother the news she was flabbergasted, "It's just such a coincidence that out of all the precincts, they could station him at that one. It's a one-in-a-million chance,"

Not sure about those one million to one odds, but it's a decent enough synchro,

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11 September, 2014

The Meaning Of Life And How To Attain Happiness

As I have written previously, when my best friend died his wife gave me his spiritual books and booklets. He belonged to healing groups and was a reflexologist. I was looking through some of these recently - they are all quite old - and came across the meaning of life!

Okay, perhaps only one version of what life might just be about. We all have our own ideas.

I'll quote from a booklet from 1973 called 'Within You Is The Power':

"The true object of life is that man may attain wisdom through experience ..."

It goes on to say that: "Life is a paradox; the true object of life is not the attainment of happiness, yet if we attain the true object of life we find happiness."

If we aren't simply freaks of nature, which I don't think we are, then the guy who wrote the booklet is right. We are here, at this time, to learn. It's why we have our ups and downs. If everything was always smooth sailing life would be pretty pointless. It's our experiences which make us what we are. Or, as the writer of the booklet, put it:

"... the sole object of life is the building of character and the attainment of wisdom through experience."

As for the happiness part:

"The desire for happiness is good, for it leads us through innumerable experiences so that the soul can realize, by practical experience, the emptiness of all self-seeking, and thus learn wisdom. After running the whole gamut of experience the soul learns at last that happiness is not something that can be found by seeking it, but is an inward mental state."

So there we have it: the meaning of life and how to find real happiness.


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