Monday, September 14

An Embarrassing Coincidence Meeting On A Nudist Beach


A coincidence story from a 67 Not Out reader.

"I remember an  Embarrassing Coincidence from a holiday I had in 2010.  Please don't print my full name as the thought makes me still blush today, Alice will do.

I was on holiday with my husband in Fuerteventura before our daughter was born. The island has lovely long, sandy beaches though sometimes it can be very windy as they blow in from the Atlantic. It was unknown to us before we arrived but many of the beaches are full of nudists. At least I don't think my husband knew!

At first we were very modest when we went to the beach and kept well covered but as we didn't know anyone we gradually got braver. I went topless and finally both of us took the lot off. It was a very pleasant experience sunbathing and then swimming in the sea to cool off.

This was fine, as I said, we didn't know anyone else. We walked quite a long way along the beach so we wouldn't bump into any of the other hotel guests. It was nearly 2000 miles from home, I told myself.

After four or five days I was even brave enough to go for a swim by myself. I came out of the water and I heard a voice say, "Hello Miss."

I'm a junior school teacher and there before me was one of my pupils, aged seven, looking at me. Worse still was his father standing next to him fully nude. I wanted to run away as I felt so flushed and embarrassed. I took a deep breath, which probably wasn't a wise thing to do, and mumbled something like, "Hello Timmy and what a lovely day it is Mr J****," and with that I turned round and shakily walked away.

We went to a different beach the following day! I remember the holiday fondly as our daughter was born nine months later."

Saturday, September 5

After Death Comes LIFE Not Sleep!


A while back my best friend died and his wife gave me several of his books. Some of these were published by the Seekers Trust

The other day I knocked one of the books on the floor and it opened at page 105. I glanced at the page as I picked the book up and read the quote below. This seemed very appropriate for me as, for various reasons, I had been thinking about death recently. So I was sort of led to the quote.

My friend would contact and visit The Seekers Trust when feeling low or in poor health. 

Here is the quote from their book titled The Magic of Angels. See what you think.

"Talking about death the Doctor makes a most astounding statement when he says that Death is all gain and no loss!

He knows that there is life after death, but at the same time he is more firm when he says that if you have not been holy on earth your chances of being holy after death are remote. As above so below, he insists, and is capable of acerbity and ridicule when confronted with the notion of being asleep in the arms of Jesus and maudling affections of the old fashioned church. After death comes LIFE not sleep!

He agrees that death is followed by a period of rest, restoration and recuperation but, with devastating humour he claims we are all better off dead! Whilst not agreeing with him in the immediate term we can learn much from discussions regarding the Angel Kingdom, as he calls the life hereafter."

Saturday, August 29

What We Give Out, We Get Back - But Not Always Exactly As We Want!

There was a woman who, when things annoyed her, would always say, "That really bugs me." One day she found the chest of drawers, where she kept some of her delicate clothes, infested with small beetles. A coincidence?

A man called Clive wanted some goldfish in a large glass bowl for his living room and - as he had read a little about the power of the mind - started demanding a bowl of fish from the universe. A few days later a neighbour dropped in to see him carrying a plastic bowl with some fish he had caught that day. "Do you want some of these fish as I won't be able eat them all?" he asked. Another coincidence?

In a way both of these people got what they asked for. Okay it wasn't exactly what they had in mind but whose fault was that?
As with everything we give out eventually it returns, either to smooth our path or slap us in the face. Words and what we say are important and it's not just a case of being negative or positive.

Florence Scovel-Shin in her book The Game of Life And How To Play It writes about how she saw some beautiful rose trees in the florist's window and set about requesting one.
Easter came, and with it a perfect rose tree from a friend as a gift. She phoned to say thank you and told her that it was exactly what she wanted.

Her friend replied, "I didn't send you a rose tree, I sent you lilies!"
The man at the florist had mixed up the order and Florence writes, "He sent me a rose tree simply because I had started the law in action, and I had to have a rose tree."

She also concludes that, "When man can wish without worrying every desire will be instantly fulfilled."

It's perhaps why we have to be careful what we say on a regular basis. If, for instance, we keep saying something or someone is a pain in the a*** it could well become one!

Parents don't always choose their words wisely (unintentionally, of course). "Don't go out without a jacket, you'll catch a cold," or, "Be careful, you'll fall." Atishoo and ouch may follow.

We are surrounded by influences from other people, the media, television and so on. I guess we have to try and make sure that our own words equate to exactly what we really want for ourselves and also what we want for our family, friends and the world in general.

Monday, August 24

At Odds of Five Million to One the Money Lost From Her Bra Was returned to Her


A strange  short coincidence style story from the archives of  The Fort Scott Tribune.

Casa Grande, Arizona: A housewife has recovered a roll of $230 in bills after it travelled 13 days in a sewer.

Rose Mary Sotelo told city officials she was cleaning her toilet on July 3rd, and when she reached to flush it, the money dropped from her bra and was flushed down the drain.

Officials said she had one chance in five million of recovering the money. 

On Wednesday, however, Harvey Swearingen, a sewerage employee, happened to turn off the sewerage chopper at the disposal plant three miles from Mrs. Sotelo's home.

He was amazed to find neatly rolled $5 and $10 bills, totalling $230, with a rubber band still holding them intact.

Of course the story has almost more questions than answers. Why, for example, was Rose carrying money in her bra - especially when cleaning the toilet? But, whatever, her money was returned - sometimes we need belief to bring about miracles.

Friday, August 21

Maureen Saw A Ghost Wearing A Shirt And Nothing Else

A true, scary, ghostly experience from Maureen

My family, that's me, husband and five year old child, were going on holiday and flying from London's Heathrow Airport, which is about a 200 mile journey from where we live. 

By coincidence a friend told us his father had died and we could use his now empty flat [apartment] to stay overnight. It was only about 10 minutes from the airport. What's more we could also leave our car there as well.

We thought this was great as the flight was early in the morning and it would save us on parking fees and getting up very early to travel to Heathrow

The flat was quite small but perfect for a night's sleep. In the evening we put our son to bed and, after watching a little television, decided to have an early night. I used the bathroom first and settled into bed with my book. The bedroom was virtually opposite the bathroom and I left the door open while my husband showered.

I was reading away and glanced up and saw what I took to be my husband walking down the hall-way. It looked like he was just wearing his shirt and nothing else, which was a bit odd, but I thought no more about it. I imagined he was going to the kitchen for a drink of water or something.

I got back to my book and then heard a noise from the bathroom. This puzzled me and then my husband came out of the bathroom door, wearing a towel around his waist, a shiver went down my spine, "Where's your shirt?" I asked.

He looked strangely at me (nothing unusual there) and said, "Why?"

"Well you were wearing it a few minutes ago when you went to the kitchen."

"What are you talking about? I've been in the bathroom, not the kitchen," he snapped.

Another shiver went down my spine as I explained what I'd seen: the man in a shirt. My husband went and searched the flat but everything was secure, all the doors and windows locked. "Your imagination," he said.

Then we heard our son cry out, "Mum, there's an orange floating in my room."

We both rushed to his room, next to ours, and he was standing on the bed pointing at what appeared to be an orange globe. This travelled along the wall and then suddenly disappeared.

"The man in his nightshirt left it here," said our son. He was trembling with fear.

Again my husband searched the flat but, as before, all was secure. I think even he was a bit spooked by now. The three of us got into bed, leaving the hall light on, and tried to sleep. In the morning we were glad when our taxi arrived to take us to our flight terminal.

We were going to stop at the flat overnight again after our holiday but, instead, we picked up our car from the car park and made our way home. No way was I going inside that flat again.

We told our friend about the incident but he just laughed and joked that it was probably his dad wondering what we were doing there. As for the globe, maybe a reflection from passing traffic.

I don't know what or who it was but I know what I saw.

~ Maureen

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Tuesday, August 18

Amazing Coincidence Of Hitler And The British Prime Minister

Berlin, March 27, 1935: Adolf Hitler and Anthony Eden (British Foreign Secretary later to become Prime Minister) discovered by accident that they were lying in directly opposite trenches in the Great War (1914-18) battlefield exactly 18 years prior to their meeting.

The amazing coincidence was realised by both men during a luncheon at the British Embassy while the peace conversations were in progress.

While illustrating a point Eden turned the menu card over and drew a map of a British Ypres sector showing exactly which sheltered him in 1917, and how the British troops were deployed.

Hitler then took Eden's card and drew a sketch of his own trench opposite, and the general arrangement of the German troops in this sector,

Eden took the menu card as a souvenir of his Berlin visit ... but, of course, they would be on opposite sides once more during World War II (1939-45)

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Saturday, August 15

The Coincidence of a Meeting on the Beach

A coincidence story from a reader.

I see from your other blog, Mike, that you are in Cornwall. This reminded me of a coincidence I had in Newquay.

I was on holiday and was on Fistral beach with my wife. We got talking to a couple near to where we were sitting.

The conversation flowed and the wife mentioned she once lived in Hayes. I told her my parents used to live in Hayes as well.

"Whereabouts in Hayes were they?" she asked.

"On the Barnhill estate," I answered.

"I was in Atlee Road," she said.

"That's where my parents were as well" I answered.

It turned out that when young she knew my parents, as she lived next door to them!

It's a small world at times.

~ Richard Smith

P.S. Another coincidence I was born in Hayes - Mike.

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