28 February, 2015

Ghostly Sightings In New York 1888

New York 1888
Winter In New York 1888
I like to keep up with the news, so here's an item from 1888! Ghostly sightings in New York were reported.

New York February 14, 1888. City Island in winter is a desolate spot. The sound about it is frozen inches thick, and the fishing smacks that make the summer harbour a happy scene are fast and helpless. Cold winds sweep across the flat waste. The snow lies unshovelled on the sidewalks, and half the houses are empty.

Miss Allie Sturgis, rosy cheeked and 18, who serves customers with fresh rolls on the counter of Weber's bakery, was much frightened by a spectral apparition late at night, which rapidly approached her over an adjoining field. This ghost, although it was described by Miss Sturgis as a little one, was much talked about, but now it has given place to another, a six footer.

The present ghost did not appear until the bay between the town and Hart Island was a firm and solid sheet of ice. A jolly crowd had been sledding down the only hill in town, behind the post-office. Will Darling was returning late from the sledding party, when he saw a sight that made his blood run cold.

It was on Main Street but the street was deserted and dark. What it was he never told, except that it was white and tall, and rolled along above the ground, never seeming to touch it. He ran, and did not see the thing again.

But that same night it appeared to William Applebaugh, a telegraph operator in the signal service office, and it either pushed him or frightened him, so that he fell into a snow drift on the road side. Appleburgh never seemed certain whether he fell from a push or because the creature frightened him.

Later that same night Will Drayton, son of a hardware merchant in town, caught sight of a tall, grayish white something in the street opposite Liviness's hotel. It seemed to move along about three feet from the ground, but what form its form and appearance was never told, because he never knew. He says the night was dark, and he ran after the first glance.

On Thursday night Stephen Collins saw a strange sight in Prospect Avenue, opposite the Vail property. He could not describe the appearance, except to say it was white and tall and motionless. His home was nearby, and he quickly got indoors, and did not venture out until morning. He told the story the next day, and on top of the visions seen by others it created much talk.

Collins told them it did not stand upon the ground, It seemed suspended several feet in the air. That was all he had time to notice.

On Friday last more fuel was added to the popular flame. Eugene Hallett was coming home late at night, and a dismally dark night it was. Right opposite Flynn's ice house at the Forks he saw the same white apparition. It was a good half mile from home, but Hallett started at a hundred-yard pace. He said next morning that the white being followed him, rolling along over the ground without seeming to touch it.

The last time the spectre was seen was on Sunday night. Dave Liviness saw a ghost blacker than the night on which he saw it. He was passing Von Liehn's hotel and was not thinking of ghosts at all, when he suddenly noticed something tall and black and strange on the bathing pavilion. It was six feet tall at the very least and looked like a woman's form, except that he could see no face. He stopped, and the thing moved toward him. It seemed suspended in the air. He could see a glint of water in the dim starlight under the spectre. He was rooted to the spot in terror for a moment, but as the thing approached he gained strength and ran as never he ran before. He looked around and saw it following, and finally when he reached home he was completely exhausted.

The Justice of the Peace, Peter Martin, said, "Oh, there's ground for it, of course: something is scaring folks. If it continues, I'm going to get detectives out and sift the thing to the bottom. It won't do to have women and children scared out of their wits."

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27 February, 2015

Glimpses Of Cornwall

Truro River, Cornwall

More glimpses of Cornwall today. Above is the Truro River and on a cloudy late afternoon. And below the tide is out on a grey-day at Pentewan Beach leaving the green cladded rocks exposed.

Pentewan, Cornwall

Menabilly, Cornwall
Menabilly, Cornwall - Du Maurier Country"
The ponies below roam free on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall often gathering together in groups - some can get quite frisky!

Ponies on Bodmin Moor

And finally part of the Cornwall section of the South-West Coast Path. I took this photo from Gribbin Head. A lovely place for walkers.

Cornwall coastline

More Glimpses of Cornwall here and here or enter Cornwall into the search box at the top of the blog for many posts on Cornwall.

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26 February, 2015

More Postcard Coincidences

Brighton postcard
Brighton Postcard
A couple of days ago my post was about a postcard coincidence. Here's two more! The first I had via Google+

Mike, I had a postcard coincidence which was very strange. I was looking after a friend's house while he was away on holiday. One of the things I did was to pick up his post and put it onto the kitchen table for when he returned.

One day there was a postcard amongst his mail. I know I shouldn't have, but I read the back of the card and noticed it was from a Rob Johnson, which just happens to be my name! A coincidence, but there was more as the photo on the other side of the card was of Brighton where I was born. I now live in Manchester.

~ Rob

The next one I got from an old newspaper, but I didn't make a note of the details.

"Times Realty editor Doug Doubleday bought a picture postcard of the Kalamazoo, Mich, County courthouse to send while on vacation. Taking a good look at the postcard he was surprised to discover that the man in the foreground was his own dad!"

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25 February, 2015

What's In A Name Coincidence


Marguerite Brokaw, from Sarasota, was travelling by bus to visit her son. She fell into conversation with the woman in the seat next to her. They happened to remark on how easy some names were to pronounce and remember and how difficult were others.

"I wish I had an easy name. Mine is so often mispronounced and misspelled," said Mrs. Brokaw.

"That's the trouble with my name too. I'm always having to correct people on its spelling and how to pronounce it. What is your name?" she asked.

"Brokaw," answered Marguerite. "What is your name?"

"Brokaw!" answered the other woman.

They continued talking and discovered they were related by marriage and that both their fathers went to the USA from France.

It's a small world.

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24 February, 2015

Coincidence Of 50 Year Old Postcard

Old postcards

Here's a coincidence story about a picture postcard found a long way from home.

"Looking through some old postcards at an antique show in Winter Haven, one of them had a picture of Illinois College, which is located in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Since my younger sister had graduated from this college, I asked the price. The salesperson told me the price was listed in pencil on the back. When I turned it over, I notice the postmark dated either, 1932 or 1942, The printing had obscured the date. The sales lady finally said that it was postmarked March 9, 1942, in Winchester, Ill.

I began to get excited. The postcard with a picture of the college where my sister graduated, was also postmarked in the year of her birth. Some coincidence, huh? Well there's more.

Both my two parents, my two brothers and myself and other relatives were born in Winchester. So, naturally, I glanced at the signature to see who had written the card. Of all things, it had been written by my Dad's brother, Uncle Joe. What a shock. I had lived in Illinois for about 47 years, moved to Winter Haven and found a postcard, at an antique show, that was written by my uncle many years ago."

~ Phyllis Reynold.

It does appear that postcards and coincidence, or synchronicity go hand in hand. Here's a few more examples.

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23 February, 2015

The X-Rays That Helped Him See His Father's Death

Roentgen X-ray machine
The Roentgen or Röntgen X-ray machine
Here's a story I found interesting - yes, it's old, but perhaps timeless.

Back in 1901 a pauper hearing was scheduled in Augusta, but the man concerned, named as W.H Davis, thought they would commit him to the insane asylum. So, perhaps wisely, he absconded.

Mr Davis had been boarding at the Adams House in Cony Street. The owner got very concerned one night at Davis's behaviour, and wanted his insane boarder removed. The police were called and were told that he had become light-headed,

The police decided to take him away to the City Building where they locked him up in a cell and left him to his own reflections till morning.

Morning came and they questioned him as to why he was disturbing the peace at the boarding house.

"Why," said he, in a most matter-of-fact manner, "my father died last night at twelve-o-clock, and I had to make his last minutes easier."

The police thought this was simply the ravings of a man out of control. They handed Davis over to the overseer of the poor who made made enquiries about his past life.

His previous life was traced to being at Mattawamkeag. Communications were made and they then discovered that Davis's father had lived in the town of Winn.

Remarkably, the father had died on the stroke of midnight while his son was in Augusta and lost his mental balance and claimed that he was up making his father's last hours easier.

The officials were amazed but decided this was only a coincidence - one of those combinations of circumstances and insanity.

But I have found more to the story ...

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
Wilhem C Röntgen
"When Davis was asked how he knew that his father was dead, he said it was communicated to him by way of the X-ray process.

He then went on and detailed how he had been taking the treatment for a long time and had been greatly benefited. He told with great minuteness how the electric currents felt and what their effect was on his system.

So much in earnest was the prisoner that the police called in a local physician that he might hear the recital. The physician listened attentively and said at the conclusion that it was remarkable, in that Davis had exactly described the sensation and working of the subtle rays from the Roentgen machine." Source: Lewiston Evening Journal September 13, 1901.

So what was it? Telepathy? Spirit communication? And how does the Roentgen machine fit into the story? X-rays were said to have been discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German physicist, on November 8, 1895.

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21 February, 2015

Glimpses Of Cornwall

Photos I have snapped of Cornwall, where I live.

Below, the small village of St. Clement in Cornwall, situated in the valley of the Tresillian River.

St Clement, Cornwall

To show that everything isn't perfect in Cornwall, a rusty fence post. In the background is a brick built bridge which the London to Cornwall train crosses several times a day (and Cornwall to London, of course!)

Railway bridge, Cornwall

An old Notice from 1894 showing various shipping charges for the Fowey River, Cornwall. 

1894 sign for shipping charges in Cornwall

The Bodinnick ferry which travels across the Fowey River from Bodinnick to the town of Fowey and return. Carries cars and foot passengers. 

Bodinnick Ferry, Cornwall

The wonderful Minack Theatre at Porthcurno, Cornwall. An amazing venue to enjoy a play, with the sea and cliffs as a backdrop - in the summer, of course!

More Cornwall photos on my Google+ Page

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