Friday, October 23

It's a Small World Coincidence

Quite remarkable coincidences I noticed in an article in the Daily Mail newspaper. The story was from S. Turner, Kent, England.

"Driving from Sydney to Adelaide, while on holiday in Australia, we had a number of amazing coincidences.

On an overnight stop-off at a small town, we were surprised to see someone who is a regular at our local pub.

In another town, we ran into an old work colleague from London whom we hadn't seen for 20 years or more.

Then, finally in a shopping mall food court in Adelaide, who should be sitting at a nearby table but a man who caught the same train as me each morning on our commute into London. He and his wife were on a cruise and has only just arrived in Adelaide that day. Small world indeed!"

Monday, October 19

When Time Stood Still and We Were Saved From Falling

My wife and I were on a break away and went for a walk. The route details were on a leaflet. It was about five miles through woods and across fields. Sounded fine for a mild afternoon.

We set off and soon got into our stride, not another soul anywhere to be seen - so perfect for walking and forgetting the rest of the world. 
For a while the pathway was alongside a small river, which we then had to cross using some stepping stones, and make our way up the side of the valley via some uneven stone steps. A reasonable climb and shouldn't have been any problem.

We were nearly to the top when my wife must have missed the step or slipped on the uneven rocks - whatever - she started to fall backwards. I was a couple of steps behind her ... it was then that time stood still!

Thoughts started flowing through my mind ...

"When my wife hits me I will fall backwards as well ... I'll hit my head on the rocks below. She will land on top of me but will still have a nasty fall ... what should I do for the best ... "

I was working out what to do and the consequences, as my wife was falling backwards so it can only have been a second, if that. I felt my back foot being lowered to the step below and, goodness knows how, I caught her! I didn't fall and neither of us were hurt.

The point is that time did stand still, I can't possibly have had all of those thoughts in a normal, every day, time frame. So, "What is time?"

We got to the top of the steps and looked down. My wife was shaken and in tears thinking of what might have happened and said words to the effect that our Guardian Angel must have been looking after us. I still can't explain how I caught her.

I've only experienced that sort of thing once. Oh, other than when I was riding a donkey backwards - but that's another story!

So can time stand still?

Monday, October 5

The Creature: Half Human, Half Beast With Great Bat-Like Wings


Van Meter, Iowa, 1903
Van Meter, Iowa, USA 1903

I was flitting through the channels on my television the other night and came across a programme that was describing a monster seen in Van Meter, Iowa in the early 1900s. I'd missed most of the details so I did a bit of research this morning. 

I found a report in The Evening News of October 12, 1903 titled Half Human, Half Beast, With Great Bat-Like Wings

Here's the report - I always like the way they worded newspapers back then. 

The town of Van Meter, conta1ning, 1000 persons is terribly wrought up by what is described as a horrible monster. Every man, woman and child in the town is in a state of terror, and fully half of them fail to close their eyes in slumber except in broad daylight. 

Friday night while the population was keeping the dreadful vigil every electric light in the city was kept burning to satisfy the most timid. 

The monster put in its appearance Monday night. U.S Griffith, an implement dealer, drove into town at 1 a.m. and saw what seemed to be an electric searchlight on Maher & Grigg's store. While he gazed it sailed across to another building and then disappeared. 

His story was not believed the next day. But the following night Dr. A.C Olcott, who sleeps in his office on the principal street, was awakened by a bright light shining in his face. 

He grabbed a shotgun and ran outside the building where he saw a monster, seemingly half human and half beast, with great bat-like wings. A dazzling light that fairly blinded him came from a blunt, horn-like protuberance in the middle of the animal's forehead and it gave off a stupefying odour that almost overcome him. 

The doctor discharged his weapon and fled into his office, barring doors and windows, and remained there in abject terror until next morning. 

Peter Dunn, cashier in the only bank in town, fearing bank robbers, loaded a repeating shotgun with shells filled with buckshot, and prepared to guard his funds next night. At 2p.m he was blinded by the presence of a light of great intensity. 

Eventually he recovered his senses sufficiently to distinguish the monster and fired through the window. The plate glass and sash were torn out and the monster disappeared. Next morning imprints of great three-toes feet were discernible in the soft earth. 

That night Dr. O.V White saw the monster climbing down a telephone pole, using a beak much in the manner of a parrot. As it struck the ground it seemed to travel in leaps, like a kangaroo, using it's huge featherless wings to assist. It gave off no light. He fired at it and he believed he wounded it. The shot was followed by an overpowering odour. Sidney Gregg attracted by the shot, saw the monster fly away. 

But the climax came Friday night. The whole town was aroused by this time. Professor Martin, principal of the schools, decided that from the description it was an antedeluvian animal. 

Shortly after midnight J.L Platt, foreman of the brick plant, heard a peculiar sound in an abandoned coal mine, and as the men had reported a similar sound before, a body of volunteers started an investigation. Presently the monster emerged from the shaft, accompanied by a smaller one. A score of shots were fired without effect. 

The whole town was aroused and a vigil maintained the rest of the night, but without result until just at dawn, when the two monsters returned and disappeared down the shaft. 

A watch was kept again last night, but without result. The town geniuses are devising various plans to capture the monsters. 

Note: The coal mine is no longer in existence.

Friday, October 2

Stepping Through A Time Slip And Into Her Previous Life

An experience  from a Mr. Thomas which is about a time shift and seeing into the past and perhaps a former life. 

I had cause some years back to go and collect a load of straw from some farm buildings in Gloucestershire. A colleague, Anne, came with me for the ride, which I undertook in a small lorry, not much bigger than a pick-up truck.

I collected the straw and took this to the lorry. I noticed that Anne looked a little strained when I got ready to drive back, but I didn't mention the fact to her.

After we had delivered the straw she told me what had happened at the farm.

She said that as soon as I had left the cab, to load the straw, the whole place changed. She was now in a courtyard with other buildings at the side of the yard.

She saw herself as standing in the centre of the courtyard but as a young woman of about fifteen or sixteen years old (whereas in fact she was in her early twenties).

The young woman she saw in the courtyard in no way resembled her and was dressed as a servant girl from past centuries. Despite this she instantly knew this woman was actually herself and she suddenly found herself standing in the courtyard, and she 'became' the servant girl.

A horse came galloping into the courtyard, the rider dressed in old style clothes and wearing a three cornered hat. The horse reared up into the air close by her, frightening her, then another horse and rider galloped in and did the same thing.

She was aware that the second horse and rider had chased the first one into the courtyard. She was terrified and knew that they were going to fight.

She could not get from in between the two prancing horses, as the two men fought with swords. She did not experience being killed, but knew she was trampled to death under the hoofs of the horses.

Anne said the whole incident appeared to take about ten minutes but, in reality, she knew it had only been a few seconds. She swore she had not been to sleep.

Later I discovered that the place concerned was, centuries ago, a manor house farm and the foundations of the original buildings were where my lorry was parked.

I believe that the reason why she had this vision was because her subconscious was excited because she was on the exact spot where she was killed so many lifetimes ago. This glimpse of a previous reincarnation may have been to give her a shock so she would start thinking about what her present life was really for.

Don't know if readers will agree with my explanation.

~ Mr Thomas

Wednesday, September 23

Fact of Fiction : Astral Travel Via Hypnotherapy


In the 1970s a guy called Terry Thomas did several experiments regarding, what he claimed, was astral travel. Terry operated from a 'clinic' in Wales and practised hypnotherapy.

His view was that hypnotherapy differed from hypnosis. Under hypnosis, he argued, the subject is under the complete control of the hypnotist and does only what he commands. Whereas, under hypnotherapy, the subject's subconscious (unconscious) is controlled more by their conscious mind.

Whatever the case isn't really too important. What I want to write about is the fact that Terry Thomas recorded lots of people while under hypnotherapy. The following is one such case.

The subject was a man called John who didn't believe in God, astral travel or any other such 'nonsense'.

John, however, agreed to let Terry use hypnotherapy on him as an experiment. After a ten minute session Terry asked him what he had experienced.

He replied, "Nothing really, only stupid imagination. I heard you telling me to take my Astral body out of my physical body and go and visit my brother. I felt myself leaving my body, then I saw my brother, who was with my mother and my other brother. It was only imagination." 

Terry got John to phone his brother, who lived 40 miles away, and to ask him what he had been doing for the last ten or fifteen minutes. John was staggered to find out it was exactly as he had seen and heard while under hypnotherapy.

Because of this John agreed to another session but this time, to make sure Terry wasn't cheating, he chose a friend who wasn't known to the hypnotherapist.

Again, to John's bewilderment, what he saw and heard under hypnotherapy checked out. He had seen his friend in a building which he himself had never visited, yet he described it all perfectly.

There were several more sessions and then Terry 'sent' John to see his dead father, who had died many years earlier.

The whole 'visit' lasted under two minutes. Afterwards he was asked what he had seen.

John, who was accompanied by his mother at the session, replied with tears in his eyes, "Mam, you have no need to worry, Dad is very happy and has no marks on his face, he looks beautiful, no marks whatsoever, not even lines or wrinkles, he looks much younger than when he died."

It seems that John's father had marks on his face through coal mine injuries.

Astral Travel

John continued, "I went and knelt before him, my father put his hand on my shoulder and then seemed to go into me and I became part of him. I am surprised beyond words that I was only there for minutes, as I felt that I was there for what I can only describe as a thousand years, a long, long time. I saw many wonders, things I could never imagine, I was told so much, but I knew I would remember nothing of these wonders on my return. The only thing I remember is my father fetching me and putting me back in my body."

I don't want to make this post too long but in further hypnotherapy sessions John recorded previous lives and even the moment of death in one of them. He is on tape as saying, "I'm laying here bad, aren't I? My heart has stopped beating, I feel myself going cold, my heart is going hard. I am dead! ... I am looking down hearing and watching my family grieve over me, but I feel no grief, I am happy."

John is also said to have made 'visits' to Mars and the Moon via hypnotherapy.

As I often say, it's up to the individual as to what he or she makes of this post. Rubbish or an element of truth?

Imagine though, if we could fully believe that we aren't bound by distance or time and that life is eternal. Would we, perhaps, alter our way of life?

Saturday, September 19

Did Actress Joan Collins Have a Communication From Her Dead Sister Jackie Collins?

The writer, Jackie Collins, died five years ago in September 2015. Her sister, the actress Joan Collins, believes she has had a communication of sorts from Jackie.

According to Joan, when she first heard of her sisters death there was a power cut in the village where she lived and the lights went out.

Joan, 84, who was on ITV's Loose Women programme, said that exactly five years later  the lights went out again in her village, and there was a complete black out.

 She went on to say that, "It was really scary, and exactly five years before. I do believe there was some kind of force that was saying I'm here. I don't know".

Monday, September 14

An Embarrassing Coincidence Meeting On A Nudist Beach


A coincidence story from a 67 Not Out reader.

"I remember an  Embarrassing Coincidence from a holiday I had in 2010.  Please don't print my full name as the thought makes me still blush today, Alice will do.

I was on holiday with my husband in Fuerteventura before our daughter was born. The island has lovely long, sandy beaches though sometimes it can be very windy as they blow in from the Atlantic. It was unknown to us before we arrived but many of the beaches are full of nudists. At least I don't think my husband knew!

At first we were very modest when we went to the beach and kept well covered but as we didn't know anyone we gradually got braver. I went topless and finally both of us took the lot off. It was a very pleasant experience sunbathing and then swimming in the sea to cool off.

This was fine, as I said, we didn't know anyone else. We walked quite a long way along the beach so we wouldn't bump into any of the other hotel guests. It was nearly 2000 miles from home, I told myself.

After four or five days I was even brave enough to go for a swim by myself. I came out of the water and I heard a voice say, "Hello Miss."

I'm a junior school teacher and there before me was one of my pupils, aged seven, looking at me. Worse still was his father standing next to him fully nude. I wanted to run away as I felt so flushed and embarrassed. I took a deep breath, which probably wasn't a wise thing to do, and mumbled something like, "Hello Timmy and what a lovely day it is Mr J****," and with that I turned round and shakily walked away.

We went to a different beach the following day! I remember the holiday fondly as our daughter was born nine months later."