Friday, January 20

A Sign From The Gods Showed Him The Right Road

B1246 near Broadbridge

A coincidence story today from a 67 Not Out reader, Brian of Guildford, England. If you have a coincidence story you would like published on this blog please use the contact button at the top of the page - thanks, Mike.

"I was travelling from Guildford to a small place called Broadbridge, quite near to Chichester on the south coast.   A friend had given me instructions, which I forgot to take with me on the journey, but I thought I had memorised them quite well.

I somehow went wrong and felt I shouldn't still be on the A3 which I knew headed for Portsmouth, west of where I wanted to go. I decided to take the next left turn and did so at Petersfield, I was then confused as to what way to go.

I saw a road sign for the B2146. I didn't know where this would lead but felt I should take this road. This is why:

'B' because my name is Brian. '21' because I was born on the 2nd of January and 46 for the year I was born, 1946. So there it was Brian 2-1-46. (Mike's note: In UK we put the day before the month).

This may appear to be somewhat silly, taking a B road instead of a better A road, but the peculiar thing is that, unknown to me at the time, the B2146 went right to my destination of Broadbridge.

A coincidence I thought of at the time as being quite remarkable. A sign from the Gods."

~ Brian

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I found the photo of the B2146 road near Broadbridge on Google images: © Basher Eyre and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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  1. Good synchro! I like the way Brian took the cues.

  2. Trish: Brian has since sent an email saying that he did look at a map after a while of being on the B road. It was then that he was amazed to see that it would take him to where he wanted to go.