Saturday, July 16

The Most Fearsome Predator Ever Seen In The Sea

Two days ago I wrote about Durdle Door, The Jurassic Coast and fossils in general. By coincidence I came across the BBC video below which tells of a pliosaur fossil found in the cliffs in the area I was talking about in my blog post.

The pliosaur skull that was found was enormous, being 7feet 10inches (2.4metres) long. As for it's body length this was an amazing 52feet (16 metres) long. Palaeontologist Richard Forrest said, "I had heard rumours that something big was turning up. But seeing this thing in the flesh, so to speak, is just jaw dropping. It is simply enormous."

This must be the most fearsome predator ever found in the sea on Earth. Can you imagine swimming happily and then coming across this pliosaur, those sharks would seem to be nothing in comparison. Anyway, here's the video. It's only 1.5 minutes long.

Photo: Ghedoghedo

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  1. Scary thing! Those teeth look like the length of a person's arm.

  2. Wooh...that thing is huge....and scary looking. It reminds me of the enormous alligators found in Australia living in salt water. Pretty awesome creatures. We sure live in an amazing world. Thanks for sharing this Mike.
    Have a wonderful weekend!