Sunday, May 29

The 1939 Boy Using A Mobile Phone

1939 mobile phone
Surely not. The small boy in the left foreground of the photo looks like he's on a mobile phone! How come he looks a bit different to the other spectators, with their hats and coats, in this 1939 picture of a football (soccer) match at Dean Court, Bournemouth.

The photo is from a 1939 brochure called 'Bournemouth - Britain's All Season Resort' and hasn't been altered.

Perhaps the boy is phoning the future with the bad news that the Bournemouth team are 2-0 down.

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  1. There are quite a few pics like this over the internet. Perhaps time travellers are amongst us...

    Here are two posts about my contribution:

  2. I love mysteries like this. The boy doesn't fit with all these people, looks different, and who is he staring at? Time travelers? Why not?

  3. Tobias16:18

    OR, he could just be scratching his face, and since he's not interested in the soccer game, was looking around and noticed someone behind the crowd taking a picture.

    Do you actually see something in his hand? Because I don't.

  4. Very mysterious indeed! This picture gives me chills.

  5. GreggR2104:41

    The boy looks out of place ? what ? he looks the same as every one else, if he had some timberlands on and a hoodie maybe. also many other people are not wearing hats. Finally the bot is clearly just touching his face as Tobias said. Come on people use your brain and stop looking for Dr Who

  6. Tobias and Gregg: I think Mike's written this very much with tongue in cheek! One of the labels is 'Humor'. Smile.

  7. Aaron17:18

    If you click on the photograph to enlarge it, it is very evident that the child in the picture is mierly scratching his face.

  8. Anonymous22:40

    Who the fuck would he be calling since there were no cellphone towers during that time. Even if you did have a cell phone it wouldn't connect.

  9. Anonymous01:12

    Oh that is just me.... Was attempting to call the mothership so they could beam me up.

  10. Don't you need a cell tower and a whole telecommunications backbone to support a cell phone .. seems like a lot of work.

  11. Anonymous20:51

    someone should photoshop a cell phone into his hand. Preferably one of the big ones from the eighties.

  12. Anonymous21:03

    TIME LORD!!!!

  13. Anonymous21:23

    It's an ancient hearing aid.

  14. Anonymous21:27

    Dont you think if they had the technology to time travel, they would have something more advanced than a cell phone? c'mon people

  15. Anonymous21:32

    Umm...I assume there were no cell phone towers back then. I highly doubt his phone would even work, if he WAS a time traveller. This is bull-oney.

  16. Anonymous21:34

    Firstly, all you who say that if you zoom in you will see he's scratching his face, good job. We appreciate your technical savvy. The majority of you who point out the obvious actually look less intelligent. To those who say that it would be impossible to connect to anyone else are trying to apply our technical limitations to something which people are inferring is futuristic. In that case, the "cell phone" may not need cell towers and may be invisible. Who's to say that the boy isn't from farther in the future than us and uses technology that is beyond our comprehension. I don't profess that this picture is really someone from the future. Simply that your logic is useless in a picture that is not meant to make us believe we are seeing things from the future, but actually to make us see how our minds associate body language with actions constrained by our time. Basically, we see a boy on a cell phone because that is the body language we associate with that. If we were from 80 years ago, we'd see something very similar to what is ACTUALLY happening. Don't be silly. Just enjoy the picture.

    1. Yes and Abraham Lincoln killed vampires. Your retarded for going into it this much get a life.

  17. Anonymous21:37

    Theres nothing in his hand.

  18. Anonymous21:47

    The spookiest thing about this picture is that the mobile phone is invisible. Nothing scarier than a time traveler with a ghost phone. He probably forgot his haunted ipad back in his spooky time machine of the undead.
    People used to scratch their faces and sometimes it would get caught on camera. Stop giving yourself the willies over nothing.

  19. Anonymous21:53

    Old fashion hearing aid

  20. open the picture in a new tab and use ctrl + to zoom in...he doesnt have anything in his hand. "mystery" solved.

  21. Anonymous20:18

    Maybe someone went back in time and put satellites in space that can send phone signals to the future at , thus creating a way for people to communicate through time! CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!! lol