Monday, May 24

The Red Balloon Coincidence

It seemed the obvious thing to do for a 10 year old. Laura Buxton was at her grandparent's golden wedding anniversary and there was a helium filled balloon going spare. So she wrote on a label her address with the message 'Please return to Laura Buxton' and released the balloon to fly off in the sky. Laura was in Staffordshire, England.

Ten days passed and a farmer in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire pulled a balloon out of the hedge that separated his fields from his neighbour's house.

He noticed the name of Laura Buxton. As this was the name of his neighbour's daughter he handed over the balloon straight away, thinking it must belong to her. But this was a different Laura Buxton, though she was also ten years old, but she lived 140 miles away from the girl who had released the balloon.

Laura Buxton from Milton Lilbourne got out her pen and wrote to Laura Buxton in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. As this was such a coincidence their parents allowed them to meet up ... and then it got a lot more of a bizarre coincidence.

The girls, both tall for their age, were the same height and both decided to wear pink sweaters and jeans for their first meeting. Their hair was brown and they both wore it in the same style ... but there's still more!

Both girls had three year old black Labrador Retrievers dogs and grey pet rabbits. They also had guinea pigs, which were the same color and even had the same orange markings on their hindquarters.

It was almost like these were identical girls, two halves brought together by a balloon.

This all happened in June 2001 but the girls are still friends as they feel the circumstances that brought them together are too significant to be written off as mere coincidence - and who can argue with this!

The story was first seen in the Swindon Advertiser newspaper.

I'm told that there was a similar incident where a young girl sent a mermaid balloon, with a note attached, to her deceased father in heaven. The balloon travelled over 3000 miles and was found by a hunter in Mermaid Lake, Canada, who eventually located the little girl. The movie Mermaid is supposedly based on this incident.

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  1. The layers in this synchro are astonishing! What's even more incredible is that the balloon didn't deflate.

  2. Anonymous17:42

    Wow. I love that the girls have remained friends and are aware it was important that they meet.

  3. Anonymous21:12

    I would certainly like to see some citations for this story. This sounds far too much like another "Urban legend".


      Interview with both Laura Buxtons in the opening segment.

  4. juden07:35

    The balloon did deflate, according to the original article.

  5. Hi, I don't usually do this kind of thing but feel I have to! Laura Buxton that released the balloon is my daughter and she is now 19 years old. The balloon did deflate and was found in the garden hedge. The girls are still very good friends and meet up as and when time and commitments allow them - in fact, they are meeting again at the end of September before they both go back to University. There have been many things written and many questions asked - we have no idea why this happened but it did and out of it has come a wonderful friendship.

  6. Niles22:53

    Hi, I don't usually do this either, but I am the father of both girls, and I am married to both women who are the mothers. Except until now they didn't know it. It has been hard to avoid the confrontation that would happen if I were there when both of my wives met. But I think enough time has passed that I shall let the cat out of the bag, as they say.

    1. Anonymous23:28

      You're hilarious.

  7. Anonymous04:38

    Isn't it also likely that someone in the town who knew the second Laura Braxton may have came across the balloon, taking note of the name and not the address. This someone could have then left the balloon on the porch where it subsequently blew into the hedges for the neighbor to find. It's would still be an amazing coincidnce but just not quite as far fetched.

  8. Glad I found your blog.... nice stuff here..

    PS Check out this post about sync and Balloons of mine....

    'Synchromystic Symbolism: BALLOONS'

  9. Anonymous11:31

    Laura Buxton is the daughter of Glenn Buxton of the alice cooper band.

  10. Anonymous23:30

    It seems so strange that something like this could happen naturally...fate?

  11. In 1979 was in New York on holiday from London. I saw a man with a BMW motorcycle which was exactly the same model as the one I owned in London. We chatted a bit and I went on my way.
    A few months later I was riding my BMW motorcycle in London and stopped at a set of traffic lights. Waiting to cross the road on foot was the man that I had spoken to in New York that had the same model BMW motorcycle. We were both shocked as I got the impression that he did not believe I had a bike same as his. We spoke and I rode off. Never saw him again.

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