Saturday, May 29

Speaking To My Dead Father

DadI'm not too sure what to make of this. Last night I was meditating, nothing unusual there, as I often do this - though mostly in the mornings.

My wife had gone up to bed and I just had a feeling that I needed to meditate. I remember checking the clock and telling myself that twenty minutes would suffice.

I followed my usual routine and after about 15 minutes I heard a voice in my left ear. This has never happened previously.

The voice simply said, "Your dad is listening to you."

It was absolutely clear - though I didn't recognise whose voice said those words.

I was still relaxed in my meditation pose so I followed my instinct and spoke softly, telling my dad how I missed him, and my mother, and said a thank you for all they did for me over the years, especially while I was growing up. I also spoke about my son and how he was doing.

I then opened my eyes and that was it.

It was all a strange moment.

I can only think it goes back to the time when my dad died and how, regrettably, I wasn't there. It's something I've always had on my mind, even though he moved on over twenty years ago.

As for the voice I heard, I'm not sure what to believe. Maybe, as it was late at night, I had simply fallen asleep and dreamt it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't.

I'd like to think that dad heard what I said.

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  1. We're so brainwashed to disbelieve. The fact that you heard this voice clearly - that speaks tomes about the genuineness of the experience. I was with my dad when he died, but not with my mother. I understand your regret, Mike. For those of us who had great parents, I don't think the missing them ever goes away.

  2. PS thanks for posting the link for the UK sale, too!

  3. ...brainwashed to disbelieve - how right you are. Yes, I 'know' I heard the voice. Thanks for putting me straight!

  4. Daisy17:14

    Hi. I remember you Mike from your celeb blogs. They were great, why did you stop doing them? Not that this blog isn't great as well. I'm sure I've heard voices as well of my mother. Best wishes to you.

  5. Hello Daisy.
    Thanks for the comment. I published the celebrity blogs as a money making venture but in the end realised I didn't really like celebrities and their silly, artificial lives. So I simply stopped publishing them. Pity in some ways as I used to get over 10,000 visits a day. Wish I could do that with this blog!
    Best wishes back to you!

  6. Anonymous07:14

    I've heard the clear voice a few times in my life, once in the middle of conversation with someone!

    I trust it because:
    1. It's not telling me to do something, just offering an insight that enhances my life.
    2. I've never felt any fear or shock at the time of hearing the clear voice - I just hear the words clearly
    3. No matter what short message I hear, I make a point to consider the import of the message - this often leads to me forming a new goal followed by synchronicities that make me feel good

  7. Terri: Thanks, that's very interesting. This is the only time I have heard a voice and I agree with what you say in (2) - it was clear and I didn't feel any fear about it.

    Thanks again,

  8. J.P Stein20:44

    What a beautiful story. I discovered your blog late last night Mike and I haven't stopped reading it since. Some of these stories are so moving I am sometimes brought to tears. Thank you for creating this blog and sharing.