Wednesday, June 23

Meeting Three Young Birds In One Day

A couple of days ago I wrote that we seemed to have goats everywhere invading our lives. Well that's stopped. It's now birds! Not that we mind.

bird on wife's hand
There's the baby bird in the photos, for instance, who flew onto my wife's hand while she was gardening - that's why she's wearing the dirty gloves. He must have needed a rest and was quite happy to remain where he was while I went indoors to fetch my camera.

Later we walked down the road where we live and there was a young girl waiting. She asked if we could help her. She'd found a fledgling bird and didn't know what to do. We sorted that out and, after a walk, returned home.

That evening we were heading, on foot again, to our son's house and at the side of the road a young black rook was ahead of us. He stopped on the pavement and, as we caught up with him, ran next to us looking up at the banked wall at the side of the road.

He ran sort of sideways, looked up, ran a bit further, looked up and so it continued. Almost something like a dog would do. My wife gently picked him up, he didn't struggle, and put him on the high bank. He looked at us as if to say thank you, turned round, and walked off into the undergrowth on the bank.

bird sits on hand
The birds were all remarkably tame despite being wild. They appeared to trust us, which was a lovely feeling.

Just thinking: I'm posting this on my late mum's birthday - perhaps that's got something to with the birds, some sort of connection. As she got older she would often sit in our living room and say she was happy to sit quietly watching the birds in our garden.

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  1. Sure sounds like a 'feather' connection to me! Lovely for y'all. Also a synchro with the pic of Megan MacGregor and the sparrow hawk on the Synchronicity book site that I viewed just last night!

    wv: stetir

  2. Mike - I like to think these birds are related to your mom's birthday. Perhaps something really good is coming to you and your in three? 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months?

  3. what great photos. have never had that happen to be. you and your wife must like animals and they sense this.

  4. Most birds and animals can sense which humans to trust.

    Last week I had been admiring a female mallard down at the creek near my apartment complex. For three nights in a row she made her way to the front window of my suite (on the ground floor) and quacked until her mate came to join her. She seemed to be looking for a way in, and eventually would leave. This week there has been no sign of her near the apartment building. Interesting creatures.