Sunday, October 31

Scottish Flag Seen In The Sky

Scottish St.Andrew's flag over the Bank of ScotlandScotland's flag was spotted in the sky over the Bank of Scotland building - probably created by the jet streams of two planes.

The Bank of Scotland is in Edinburgh on The Mound - which connects the Old and New Town - and was built in 1801, though the bank itself was created long before this in 1695.

St Andrews flagThe St. Andrew's flag or Saltire, a white cross on a blue background, has a long history.

One legend goes back to the 8th century and a battle with the English known as Athelstaneford. It seems that King Ungus (though also referred to as King Angus Mac Fergus or ร“engus II of the Picts) saw a cloud shaped formation like the Saltire - white clouds on the blue sky background - and took this to be a sign that St.Andrew was watching over them and would lead them to victory.

As to whether the cross seen over the Bank of Scotland has any significance, who knows. A symbolic meaning perhaps or just a coincidence of two planes on opposing flight paths?

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