Wednesday, February 16

The White Feather Message From The Dead

White featherMy wife and I had the pleasure of looking after our 7 month old grandson, Samuel, while his mum and dad did some home renovations - they are fitting a complete new kitchen.

He's something special and has a smile to make you melt. I feel I've known him all my life. I see all sorts of things in his face and movements that remind me of ... well, I'm not exactly sure what, I just know they are familiar.

When he sees my wife or I he goes, "Ahh!" and strokes our face with his tiny hand. But I won't bore you with how wonderful he is!

That night when I got home I meditated but, for some reason, felt quite emotional and wondered if my mum and dad, now sadly both dead, knew all about Samuel. I know how much they would have loved him. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek but pulled myself together and continued with my intended meditation.

First thing the next morning I went into my home office to collect something I needed and there on my desk was a white feather. Goodness knows how it could have possibly have got there.

I have written several times about white feathers and their meaning, a couple of links are below. They seem to appear to my wife and I as messages from loved ones who have passed on. In this instance I interpreted it as a message from my parents confirming that they knew all about Samuel.

All of this reminded me of how once before I'd asked if my dad knew all about my son, after he had qualified as a chartered accountant. I have published a post about this here. It tells of how my father's old watch stopped at 3:20, the exact time my son had been born.

I take these sort of happenings as showing that our loved ones are still with us. I'm not sure exactly where, perhaps another dimension or plane, but they seem to know about us and how we are progressing with our lives.

Some will say such an opinion is very fanciful and is because the bereaved clutch at straws for comfort. That's fine, but I believe life is eternal. Those who have gone before are always with us.

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  1. I like these white feather stories and find them comforting. I don't like to think of my dead relatives as being gone forever.

    And thanks for your help with my lens.

    1. He never will be gone. Never as long as you remember him.

  2. Anonymous13:03

    I've read this sort of stuff before but it can't really be true can it? How can a dead person possibly leave a feather somewhere. Interesting blog. Allison

  3. Of course it can be true. mike has experienced this before. There's an underlying order in the universe,

    Great story, Mike. Do you think Samuel is the reincarnaiton of your dad?

  4. Thanks Suzie and Allison.

    Trish and Rob: That's got me thinking! I don't feel Samuel is my dad but, there again, I do feel amazingly close to him. It'll be interesting watching the signs as he grows.

  5. Anonymous17:59

    A white feather in the middle of your desk, awesome.

    I also felt a lot of my dads energy with my grandson and see comparisons in his body type and more. I'm sure there will be many times when he'll remind me of my dad but this little boy has his own flavor. Of course I never knew my dad as a little boy...

  6. Terri: So you didn't know your dad as a little boy. Well, well well!

    I feel similar to you - there is a likeness with my grandson but also something different and individual as well.

  7. Anonymous08:46

    Well I don't think white feathers are necessarily connected with the dead. My practice has been suffering from constant harassment by local people also in business. I was driven to shouting back at said perpetrator unfortunately in front of other people this was part of a definite tactic to undermine my work (as a healer). Having been very upset about it I locked up to go home and found 2 white feathers on the doorstep .Presumably one for me and one for my volunteer helper.My father died 9yrs ago but I am not sure if that would be a link.Keep the stories coming

  8. The other morning I go to my car and I find a small white feather in my car. Neither my daughter or put it there nor knew where it came from. There has been loss of family members that we're dear in my family and changes going on in my life since.The pain that reside in my heart has eased as I find peace and find some one special. The white feather was just there in my car. Wasn't sure what it meant but I knew it meant something