Thursday, February 17

Money Galore From A Six Year Coincidence

baby crying clip artI start off with a sad tale, so play those violins.

Lee and Sue from Grimsby in England were strapped for cash. After having a brand new baby there wasn't much left. They had to hunt for bargains, cheap supermarket deals and so on. The baby needed nappies. I think that's diapers in the US, so the couple had to forgo their usual flutter on the UK lottery. The £1 ($1.40) had a more practical use for that particular week.

Lee and Sue always kept to the usual numbers for the lottery, so surely one week missed wouldn't hurt. Sadly it did. Their six numbers came up and they would have won £8 million, that's about $11.5 million.

They carried on with life for the next six years, they had no choice, and went back to hunting bargains at car boot sales, discount houses and the like. They also increased the size of their family.

Ah, but now we can cut those violins and play some happier music.

money bags clip artA few weeks ago the couple started doing the lottery again, but this time the Euromillions draw, same numbers as before, of course. The good news is they have just won a share of the top prize, and have received a cheque for a cool £5 million! Okay, not the £8 million they missed out on, but they aren't grumbling. What's £3 million amongst friends.

Lee Mullen said, "We missed out on £8 million and were gutted. We finally started doing the lottery again only a few weeks ago. It's an amazing outcome." And who can argue with that.

So was there a reason they missed out on the big money six years ago? Was it the wrong time for them to become millionaires and perhaps now is the right time?

Or are you one of those who would say: 'Well the odds of winning the UK lottery are 14 million to one but someone still has to win it, and does win it most weeks. And some of those winners are bound to have some sort of coincidence story to tell about their success.'

I guess it all depends on your beliefs and outlook on life.

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  1. Anonymous08:13

    I'd say congrats.

    I also hope they enjoyed the past six years of their life and that flavor remains while no longer being strapped for cash.

  2. Six years later, so what? They won! And maybe they needed those 6 years of struggle so they wouldn't blow through their winnings!

  3. Lotteries are 'iffy' things...not so sure it's a bad thing to not win because all that money can bring out the worst and 'the stupid' in otherwise sane, grounded folk!


  4. id be happy to wait 6 years for such a win.

  5. I do believe it was just not their time........