Thursday, June 23

The Ghost Who Chased A Thief

ghostA 67 Not Out Reader's Ghost Story experience today. My thanks to Tara W. for e-mailing this to me.

I know you sometimes ask for coincidence stories but after reading your post on Anne Diamond's Ghostly Experience I wondered if this experience of ghostly happenings would be of interest.

A few years back, before I lived with my partner, I was living at home with my parents for the summer after University. They were going away on holiday and left me with the responsibility of looking after the house.

I didn't mind being alone but I asked a girlfriend to stay over with me as company. My mum and dad are real worriers, when they go away and leave the house, but I assured them I would make sure everything was okay.

And everything was okay for about ten days. Then it happened.

We were both asleep in our beds when I heard a sound from one of the spare bedrooms. Suddenly this turned into almost a shout and there was a crashing noise. I'm not very brave but I got up to see what was happening. As I did so I saw a man climbing out of the window saying something like, "Leave me alone, leave me alone."

He wasn't saying this to me and I stood almost paralysed with fear as the man continued out of the window. He jumped to the ground and I could then see him running like a mad man up the road.

I stood there in my pyjamas and felt as if someone was watching me but I didn't feel frightened any more. The tension seemed to flow out of me and my heartbeat slowed.

At that moment my friend came to see what was happening, she'd just woken up. "Who was that old man she said."

"What old man?" I answered.

"The one who came into this room."

I was beginning to get a bit spooked again now as she explained that what looked like an old grey haired man had walked into the room where I was standing.

"There was no old man," I insisted.

I called the police and they came round, took statements, and checked the window where the man I had seen, a young man about 18, had escaped.

My friend didn't mention the old man she had seen and thought it must have been a trick of the light or something.

Nothing appeared to be missing so the police went away. As no damage was done either I decided not to phone mum and dad as it would spoil their holiday.

Next morning bright and early my mum was on the phone to me. She'd had a dream and was worried about me and the house. I told her about the attempted robbery and she said, "That explains it."

"Explains what?" I asked.

"My dream," she answered. She told me how she had dreamt of her father, my granddad, who had died nine months ago. She said he was standing in front of the house with a big walking stick, like he was on guard duty, and was keeping people away from the house. The dream ended when he chased this young man up the road waving his stick.

I know it sounds far fetched but mum and I, and dad to some degree, think that granddad was looking after our house and it was him, or rather his ghost, which chased the young man who had escaped through the window. It was granddad my friend had seen.

Normally, when mum and dad went on holiday, it would be him who moved in to look after the house. He always did this ever since my grandma had died about ten years ago.

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  1. I've been away so now catching up with your posts, there have been some great ones. Liked this ghost story, interesting how the dream and the ghost link up. Must get on with some work as my dinner hour is now over.

  2. Love this ghost story! The dream, the ghost, the synchro of the two... Wonder if the intruder ever recovered? :)

  3. thats a story and a half. i dont know what to think about it. truth or a little bit of fiction thrown in but an interesting post

  4. Anonymous17:07

    Saw this on Twitter you have an interesting blog. Im always interested in ghost stories. Dave

  5. My family had a similar experience, after 1 year of the decease of my granpa, a person identical as him, ,dressed in the same way, visited the house, was my sister, along with her was a dog,
    the dog was so friendly with everybody but when saw him become furious against that person. Also the dogs of the neigborhood were as crazy barking an awling. He said to my sister that name, Pedro Simon and that call her granny. When was going said for himself that the granny didn't cared the plants. He talked some with her but my sister never know what said. When asked to the neigbours if they saw some extrange they becomed pale and say that saw nothing. That's not a joke, happened, was another extrange experience in my family.

  6. Find this very interesting, sounds plausible as ghost stories go. Maybe just a nice touch but the fact that the father was somewhat of a skeptic("mum and I, and dad to some degree") seems to make for a more fitting family setting. Women are meant to have a keener sense of paranormal activity and also there will always be a logical thinker who will come up with alternatives to explain these things.
    Nice story, stumbled upon it and having a browse now. Great site

    1. Thanks Tom for leaving a comment - Mike.