Sunday, June 12

Ghostly Photos Exposed

Ghostly picture
Nothing too serious today, just a bizarre photo of a 'ghost' using a computer. Yes, they keep up with technology!

Of course, a lot of readers will say that it's probably a double exposure - but who knows. Such things have been happening since the beginnings of photography. Below is the great magician Houdini who has managed to conjure up, or should I say materialise, non other than President Abraham Lincoln on the chair next to him. What a chat they must have had.

Houdini and President Abraham Lincoln
And the bloke below, from a long gone age, thought he had seen the last of his dead wife but up she popped in a photo with him. He looks none too pleased. Especially as there seems to be an alien in the photo as well over his left shoulder - as seen in the small photo on the right - or, depending on how you look at it, another face.

Ghost photo
In life, of course, there is only what we believe to be true. There is no reality, there is just our realisation of how things are.

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  1. like the photos you dig out but i think some take them all too seriously. enjoy your sunday

  2. Pretty cool photos...I like what you had to say about there being no reality, just our realization of how things are. Very true...have a good day...hopefully filled with sunshine.

  3. Love the photos./ Have you ever seen Hans Holzer's books of ghost photos? The book was published years ago, but has pics similar to these.