Monday, June 13

67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Stories - 16

A couple of 67 Not Out Readers coincidence stories today - many thanks to the contributors.

McDonalds signThe Burger King meeting
Near to where I live there is a McDonald's and a Burger King and I made my way to McD for a coffee. Once inside I had a strange feeling that I should go to Burger King instead. I followed my instincts and made my way there.

I bought a coffee, sat at a table and was about to read my newspaper when I saw a familiar face from my past. I felt sure it was an old friend from my Uni days. I went across to him and said, "Hello Dave."

Dave looked at me a little puzzled and couldn't place my face. "I'm Howard from our Uni days."

He then realised who I was. It had been the best part of twenty years, and we started talking about the 'good old days.'

Dave was passing through town so we exchanged email addresses and mobile numbers and I didn't think I would see him again.

Two days later I had to got to the local supermarket with my wife and parked next to a smart BMW. Sitting in the car was Dave and his partner!

They had decided to stay in town for an extra couple of days. That evening the four of us went out for a meal - not Burger King or McDonald's!

Since then we have been regularly in touch. I'm still not sure why we were drawn together again after twenty years. Maybe the reason will become clear in the future.

- Howard

Richard FeynmanThe name rang a bell
I have a story quite fresh in my mind that you may like.

I was online watching lectures at when I heard someone quickly mention Richard Feynman and the name stuck out to me.

Shortly after I saw a video link of a close friend of his speaking about him on a personal level. I started watching and all of a sudden, about 15 seconds in, I had a compelling feeling that this man was speaking about me.

I had the urge to look up this man and found that his death date was the night before I was born.

I called my friend and told him about this and he said he had just seen the video and felt like he knew this man.

I later went on to find overwhelming and numerous striking similarities between himself and myself all the way down to the smirk I often have where only one side of my mouth is used.

- Brad

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  1. Good ones! I like that Howard followed his instincts. The second one is intriguing - a case of reincarnation??

  2. nice stories again mike. the 2nd one puzzles me though seems too quick for reincarnation from what i have read

  3. It's funny that straight after reading The Burger King story,I went back to reading my Veritas magazine only to read an article by Erin Pavlina called "Who are They and How Do You Connect with Them",where she says,
    "Your guides sometimes get together with other people's guides and try to create a meeting between their charges.Perhaps you are thinking about someone from college and the next thing,you see them innthe bookstore later that day.Chance encounter? Probably not."

    Coincidence ? Probably not.-)