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White Feathers After Someone Dies

White feathers after someone dies

On Wednesday I wrote about white feathers again in my post White Feathers As Contact With The Dead. As I have said previously I get more emails and the like about this subject than anything else I write about.

Below is a story I received following the mentioned post, the lady concerned wishes to remain anonymous.

"I heard about white feathers from a friend who had lost her Grandma. I thought it was nice that she believed they were a sign from the person who had passed away but I also thought, 'yeah right...'

Then I lost my Mum, I was devastated, she had been ill but we had been assured she was on the mend and I was thousands of miles away on holiday when she died. The guilt and pain were so incredibly hard to bear.

The first of my white feathers floated to the ground in front of my eyes one afternoon, not long after my mum died. It was a very still winter's afternoon and I was sitting in my garden talking to my husband about my Mum.

The second was on the floor just outside my back door.

The first white feather took my breath away, the second I looked at still in denial but starting to think maybe....

For two and a half years after this I still found the feathers every time I walked my dog regardless of the season, the weather, the time of day. I am in no doubt it was my mum saying its okay.

A few weeks ago I was packing to go on holiday. I had spent a sleepless night worrying about my eldest daughter who had gone to work abroad and seemed to be in with a bad crowd. God knows how she was surviving, and my youngest who I was leaving on her own for the first time.

I got up early to finish packing and there in the mesh inside my case was a perfect white feather. No way was it there the night before, the windows had been closed - it was inside the mesh.

It was my Mum telling me everything would be okay. I am sure of this. Suddenly I felt good again.

And funnily enough my youngest was fine while I was on holiday and my eldest is holding down a job, making her way, and earning enough money to live on - not sure what else she is up to - not sure I want to!

I find fewer white feathers now, but every so often there one is. And now I smile when I find one and say - 'Thanks Mum' x"

White Feathers Comfort The Bereaved

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  1. A wonderful, affirmative story. The white weather really does seem to be a classic signature of spirit communication.

  2. Oops, that's supposed to be white FEATHER, not WEATHER!

    1. We haven't had any white weather here - but it's certainly wet weather - awful for June.

  3. Hi Mike. I thought about this since your last post on white feathers. I was reminded of the biblical scripture pertaining to 'God huddling His children under His wings, like a mother hen protects her young.' ~And the photo is of a feather found from underneath the wings or body. :)

    1. That's a nice image 'huddling His children' - the feather was one that I found, and is quite meaningful to me.

  4. In 2010 I gave birth to my angel baby Khloe Renee' she was perfect and the most beautiful baby I have ever seen but a blood clot formed inside the umbilical cord causing her to pass away while I was 33 weeks pregnant. I was completely broken and didn't know how I was going to go on with my life and while I was still in the hospital my dad was leaving from holding her for the first and last time and while entering the elevator he saw a white feather and picked it up and put it into his pocket later that night my mom called me at the hospital and said she had little white feathers all over her house and they was clearly not there before I kinda believed her but thought she was mainly trying to make me realize she is still with us so I didn't think much of it until the next day when I was released to go home my husband and I went to my mom and dad's because we was living there at the time and in Khloe's nursery there was around 10-15 feathers in random places in her room and not normal feathers either the tips are very soft unlike pillow or bird feathers and they are a very bright white. I was amazed and so blessed my baby girl was home with me and I kissed every feather and put them all into one of her boxes from her room. About a week later they started showing up again like one time I was home alone laid my phone on the table went to the restroom and came back to pick up my phone and a feather was right on top of it, the blanket she was wrapped up in when I held her I had it folded up into a zip lock bag because it smelled like her and I was crying and upset so I got it out and unfolded it and out fell yet another feather, the first time I checked my fb after she passed a feather fell from mid air right onto my keyboard, the list goes on and I still find them every once in a while but not as often and every time I still kiss them and whisper I love you too Khloe. Two months later on what was my 1st mother's day I found out I was pregnant and now have a beautiful happy healthy little girl who also brings me feathers she finds in her toy box :)