Monday, December 24

Happy Christmas Everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Mike,it's been great reading your blog throughout the year.

    Now speaking of Christmas,I'd like to get the opinion of your's and your reader's here as to whether this song which was written by another blogging buddy of mine King Uke -

    is any good or not?

    If you like it give it a thumbs up on the
    You Tube link...and of course if you don't like it,give it the thumbs down and I'll send in the lions.-)
    But seriously I really like this song and think it could be a big hit next year...maybe not this version...but imagine say Keith Urban,or someone like that singing it.
    And don't laugh Keith is only 3 degrees away from me on the 6 degrees of separation equation.-)

    I'd really like the feedback of your readers here as to whether they like this song or not,just so I can convince KU that he is on a winner with this song.

    Oh,well if nobody else likes it,at least I'll be having a ball singing it in the sweltering Aussie heat tomorrow night.-)

  2. Happy Christmas Mike and to your family. Thank you for your help over the last year and also for the pleasure I have gained from reading your posts. Suzie x

  3. and the same to you mike. have a happy time. hope your health is good Im doing ok

  4. have a wonderful Christmas and thanks so much for all the great posts this year. You've deepened my understanding of synchronicity!

  5. Anonymous09:15

    Happy Christmas to you. I've enjoyed your writing very much. Thank you for the interesting subjects. All the best. Grace