Tuesday, August 14

Worse Things Happen At Sea

Newquay Cornwall beach

For the first time since starting this blog I have missed three days without publishing a post. There was, and still is, a reason. Unfortunately I have a health problem.

On Thursday of last week - just as I was about to step into the shower - the phone rang.

I knew my wife would answer the call but I also knew - absolutely 'knew' - that the call was from the hospital.

Karin handed the phone to me and the caller asked me to attend an appointment the next day to see a consultant.

On Friday I made my way to Newquay hospital where it was explained to me that I have kidney cancer and would have to have my right kidney removed. I have been booked in for this for the 19th of September 2012.

Needless to say this has knocked me back a bit, but the way the problem was discovered was by a touch of luck - if you can ever describe such a thing as being lucky.

I have been healthy all my life, take lots of exercise, follow a good diet, have never smoked and so on but earlier this year my local doctor thought I might have symptoms of colon cancer. So he booked a colonoscopy for me - the thought of which wasn't too pleasant. But it wasn't quite as gruesome as I imagined.

There was a problem, however, the consultant was unable to reach the far end of my colon - otherwise everything was okay but they took a biopsy to make absolutely sure. Though I am of average height it seems I have an extra long colon (I won't say what my wife said about this!). This meant that I had to return to the hospital again to have a scan to double check all was well with my colon /bowel.

I had the scan but the technician must have noticed something as she also scanned more of my body, including the kidneys.

It was this that led to the hospital phoning me and the consultant telling me the bad news at Newquay hospital.

The 'lucky' part was that if I'd have had a normal sized colon the kidney cancer would not have been found. Not exactly a silver lining but at least the problem can now be treated before it can spread.

Friends and family have been very sympathetic and keep telling me about people they know who have only one kidney or have got over kidney cancer. The funniest - in a sick sort of way - was from Karin's best friend.

Her mother had to have a kidney removed about ten or more years ago and had to remain in hospital for a while to recover. The first night, after her operation, the nurse came round and asked her what she wanted for an evening meal. The main choice was steak and kidney pie! A true story. Good job I'm vegetarian.

As for the photo at the top of the post this is one of the many beaches at Newquay, Cornwall. Karin and I walked along the coastal path and had some lunch sitting on the cliffs enjoying the view after I had seen the consultant.

The house to the left of the photo is an island, the only access being the small metal bridge. I've always thought it would be a novel place to live.

The Whale On The Cornish Beach

Last night I heard that a whale had beached at Carlyon Bay, which is near to where I live. I drove down to take a look as my information was that the whale was still alive.

Fin whale on Cornwall beach Carlyon Bay

It was a sorry sight.

The fin whale was about 65ft long and had been injured somehow on the head.  I've read since that fin whales are the second largest animal on the planet and are an endangered species.

The idea was to float him out to sea but this turned out to be impossible.  Police, coastguards and maritime experts were soon on the scene but were unable to help.

I stayed about two hours willing the whale to somehow survive.  The weather turned for the worse and the rain poured down, almost as tears for this wonderful creature struggling for his life.

Fin whale on Cornish beach

When I left it was quite dark on the beach. Sadly the whale died during the night.

Injured fin whale in Cornwall

As is often said: "Worse things happen at sea."

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  1. I had emailed Daz, asking if he'd heard from you. I sensed something was up. I'm sure you, of all people, will come through this surgery just fine, Mike. I've marked 9/12 on my calendar to send many healing thoughts your way.

    1. Thank you Trish but would you alter the date. it should be the 19th of September. Wouldn't want to miss out on any healing thoughts!

  2. Poor whale. What magnificent creatures they are. I'm sure your presence was comforting.

    1. Towards the end the whale had been mentioned on the local news so there were swarms of people on the beach including a couple of TV crews. It made the incident sadder.

  3. Oh Mike, such news. I shall be sending you good wishes on September 19th as well. And here's some for today as well ...
    Suzie xx

  4. I've also marked my calendar and {{{hugs}}} for your good health. The whale tragedy is sad but shows how many gather to encourage life and healing.

    1. Thanks Terri, there are usually positive aspects to everything.

  5. I am praying for you Mike.

    God Bless!

    Scott McMan

  6. My best wishes for a speedy recovery Mike, I can tell from your posts you have an optimistic nature and they say that positive thoughts bring a positive outcome. Thoughts go to your family also at this time.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words.

  7. Re:
    " Friends and family have been very sympathetic and keep telling me about people they know who have only one kidney or have got over kidney cancer. "

    I was going to tell you about my aunty who had a kidney removed and lived for about another 20 years,but when I saw the above line,I decided not to.
    But I just did didn't I ?-)
    I don't think I have to wish you luck Mike,because I think you will get through this thing alright,but unfortunately a little sore as well.
    I think you still have a lot of work to do on this side yet.So I can't see you getting pulled off life's stage anytime soon.
    Maybe there's a book in this adventure ahead of you ?

    1. Thanks for not telling me about your aunt! I feel positive after the initial shock. A book? In life you never know where anything leads, there is usually a reason hidden beneath the surface.

  8. Anonymous04:48

    My day just wouldn't be the same without something new and interesting from your blog. It's hard to find interesting news in this world that isn't filled with negativity, so your blog is always refreshing. I agree with one of the other comments regarding how much more likely an optimist is to heal than a pessimist. You won't have any trouble recovering at all.

    1. Thank you anon, appreciate your comment.

  9. good luck mike know what you are going thro

  10. Mike, good luck with everything. We're thinking of you. XO

  11. All the best Mike!

  12. Many thanks Tom, Terri and King Uke.

  13. Anonymous02:22

    I 'chanced' upon your website the other day and read about your kidney cancer. (I've made a note to light a candle for you that day.)

    This morning I heard that Neil Armstrong had died. This reminded me of Edgar Mitchell who founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. On a whim I did a Wiki search on Mitchell and was interested to read about the remote healing of his kidney cancer by a young healer in Canada named Dreamhealer.



    I felt I had to share this with you ... blessings from Perth, Australia

    1. Anonymous: thank you for the links and taking the time to leave the comment - appreciated.
      Best wishes - Mike.