Monday, March 16

The Ghost Only Seen By Women And Children

A ghostly tale from Nottinghamshire.

Families have told of how they see the ghost of a woman. It's claimed that she is the spirit of a woman who killed herself several years ago..

A local vicar was called into action and has been comforting women, who say they have seen the ghost move through their homes in an apartment block..

The ghost reaches out it's arms appealingly to women and children it meets and moves articles from tables and cupboards. Only women and children have seen the ghost..

Reginald King, whose family live in the block said, "We have children staying here. The other night the baby was asleep in it's cot, and suddenly started laughing. In the morning her sister asked if the strange woman would be coming back. She had seen her tickling the baby.".

One family want to move out of the apartment block, Leslie Weatherill, said, "My wife has seen the ghost twice. She spoke to it and asked if she could do anything to help. The ghost dtifted away without answering.".

Another little girl pointed and said to her father, "Who is that lady over there?" He saw nothing.

Wonder why only women and children can see this ghost?

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