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King Arthur's Burial Place At Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey

The photo above shows some of  the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. It is said that the famed King Arthur was buried here. To quote a sign nearby:

In the year 1191 the bodies of
King Arthur and his Queen were
said to have been found on the
south side of the Lady Chapel.
On 19th April 1278 their remains were
removed in the presence of
King Edward I and Queen Eleanor
to a black marble tomb on this site.
This tomb survived until the
Dissolution of the Abbey in 1539.

Glastonbury Abbey was founded in the 7th century and enlarged in the 10th. It was destroyed by a major fire in 1184 but subsequently rebuilt, and by the 14th century had become one of the richest and most powerful monasteries in England.

Sign about King Arthur at Glastonbury Abbey

The abbey was suppressed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries under King Henry VIII of England. The last abbot, Richard Whiting (Whyting), was hanged, drawn and quartered as a traitor on Glastonbury Tor in 1539.

Glastonbury Abbey

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  1. Wonderful! I had hoped you would do something on Arthur's burial spot.

    1. Thanks Trish. The old Abbey has beautiful gardens now, takes an age to walk round and from a seat we sat looking at Glastonbury Tor, high on a hill in the distance.