Saturday, January 14

Cornish 15th Century Chapel & Holy Well

It was a dull, damp day but I decided to walk to Menacuddle, where there is a small chapel and  holy well. When I arrived at my destination all was quiet, with no one else about - perfect!

I snapped a few quick photos as I walked. The White River and the waterfall always fascinate me. The whiteness comes from the local china clay.

Looking back over the waterfall, to the right of the next photo, a chair can be seen. This is full size and is made of granite. It is known as the Druids Chair and sometimes even as King Arthur's seat.

The next two photos show the small 'chapel'. Visitors have left flowers.

The Chapel dates back to the 15th century and is now a Grade II listed building.  It is aligned east-west with the east wall built against the natural rock face. 

I followed the White River, there was a dampness in the air.

Water ahead but ...

... be careful as the water can be quite deep.

I took a different route on the way back but the river came with me.

Green topped water.

As the rain was determined to continue I was soon looking down on the waterfall once more.

The old bridge on the way out of Menacuddle.

Below is a newish part of Menacuddle, quite pleasant but a little too neat and organised for my taste. 

The rain started getting heavier so I made my way homeward bound.

As I walked I did stop when there were glimpses of the White River making it's way to the sea.

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