Sunday, December 6

About 67 Not Out


Thanks for the visit.

I'm Mike Perry and I live in Cornwall, England and have been on the blogging scene for a few years. '67 Not Out' is my latest blog and is a bit of a self indulgence as I intend to only write about things than interest or annoy me - the subject matter of my posts could be about anything: politics, people, sport, current affairs and so on.

At the moment I have a fascination for coincidences and synchronicity. You know, those certain moments or events in life when you wonder at a so called 'coincidence'. Perhaps you are thinking about someone and they phone at that very moment or maybe you are scratching your head about a problem and the answer pops up in a book that you accidently open.

Is there more to such events, or are they purely a coincidence? Can you, perhaps make coincidences happen? Is there a 'power' of some sort behind them?

Maybe we'll find out - or maybe we won't!

Thanks again for the visit and look forward to you popping back again.


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  1. Anonymous17:39

    Hi! Mike thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I really dig your blog and enjoy checking out the vid's & pic's. I look forward to a fruitful friendship. Wishing you bountiful blessings in the New Year!

  2. Hello Robminx.
    Many thanks for leaving a comment and I hope we can assist each other in the future.

  3. Hello from Summerland, California!! I stumbled across your incredibly interesting site purely by...coincidence; I merely typed in the words "cannibalism" and "UFOs" and magically, here I am...

    Thank you for this!!


    Christina "Harlow" Marlowe

  4. HI Mike
    I've been following your Mike's Money Mission for ages and decided to pop in a visit today to find that you have this blog too which I also find interesting.

    Keep up the good work!