Saturday, January 23

The Art Of Finding Coins Or Anything Else

The photo below shows a few of the coins my wife has found. There are hundreds of them and she keeps them all in a big pot.

money found
No, my wife isn't one of those metal detector obsessives. She simply found the coins walking the streets. Perhaps I'd better phrase that differently!

My wife and I walk a lot, we usually do a routine three miles daily where we live in lovely Cornwall. We then have longer walks along cliff paths, through the countryside and like to visit Austria where we ramble in the Alps all day long.

But my wife doesn't waste her time on our walks she finds coins. So we get the enjoyment and benefit of the scenery plus the fun of finding a coin or two.

I say 'we' but it's her that finds the coins. I never see them myself, but she spots them without trying.

I put this down to the fact that she expects to find coins.

The coins usually arrive in batches of three. They, whoever 'they' are, say things come in threes. And this seems to be true with coins. If she finds two coins, she expects - and therefore gets - the third.

My wife even found a coin in the snow high in the mountains of Austria, where I took the photo below. We were walking along and she suddenly bends down in the snow and pockets a coin!

Austria Alps
I know my theme on this blog is generally about coincidences and synchronicity but I wanted to mention the coin finding as it is a form of coincidence - especially as it's only my wife who always finds the coins, even though I'm with her.

It's the belief thing. If you believe something it invariably comes true. But, of course, really believing something isn't easy.

It's easy enough to believe you will find a few coins, when walking, but not quite so easy to believe that you will, say, attract several million pounds or dollars. It's all about getting yourself into the right frame set, well that's what I feel. And also concentrating on, reading about, meditating on, thinking about, whatever it is that you hope to bring into your life.

Doors open once we definitely decide on something. It's like when someone mentions a certain make of car to you. Suddenly you start to see them everywhere. They were there before but you didn't see them.

It's the same with absolutely anything else.

So talking about coincidences and synchronicity brings them into focus and they happen. It doesn't take effort, you don't need to go looking for them they happen all by themselves.

Sometimes we just have to let go.

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  1. Another interesting 'coincidence'. I think your wife will always find coins because as you said, she expects to find them. What we believe in must come to fruition.

  2. Carol: Thanks so much. It's all about belief - so we have to be careful what we wish for!

  3. Hello Mike,
    Great thoughts on coincidence. Your illustration of coincidence with your real life coincidences is incidently well conveyed.

    Great blog with very good thoughts in your posts. love to be here quite often.

  4. Belief is really the bottom line. But even skeptics experience coincidences. The difference seems to be that where a skeptic might dismiss a coincidence as just a curious anomaly, a believer examines and deciphers it, and usually finds meaning or guidance or even a warning. Cool post!

  5. Seema: Thank you for your kind words. Look forward to 'seeing' you again.

    Trish & Rob: Belief mingled with a bit of curiosity works wonders!

    Thanks for the comments.