Friday, January 22

How The Past Can Link To The Future

British shillingThis is an example of a coincidence which I find interesting. It was initially reported in the New York Times by John Stickney back in 1975.

It's the 1960's and an eight year old girl, Helen Montgomery, was playing in a London (England) park when, quite by 'chance', she found some money hidden under loose earth. She was hiding while playing hide and seek. It amounted to just over eight shillings - quite a prize at the time for a young girl. As the money was never claimed Helen was allowed to keep this.

Now we move forward 13 years and Helen is walking through the same park with her boyfriend. She mentioned her find to him and amazingly it was her boyfriend who buried the money years before! He told her that he had stolen the money from his mother and knew he would be in serious trouble if she ever found the coins on him. So he buried the cash to retrieve later.

Problem was, for Helen's boyfriend, when he went to dig up the cash it was gone ... Helen had got there before him ... and now they are sweethearts - ahhhh! Well they were back in 1975, hopefully they are still together.

As I see it, this coincidence indicates how the past and present are interlinked as are people, especially important people in our lives.

Can such things be, and overcome us like a summer's cloud, without our special wonder?
William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act III

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  1. Anonymous22:15

    I absolutely LOVE this story. To me there are NO freak incidents; Stuff happens for a reason. I've learned to stop and pay attention to the things that catch my attention now because, for some reason they show up to teach a lesson, or to bless someone else, as well as myself. Great Blog You! ;-o

  2. Hello from America.

    I found your blog from the SYNCHRONICITY site. I'm looking it over and I like your stories, all very interesting.

    I have my own Synchronicity site, I've added the link below.

    Peace from Idaho,
    Mike C!

  3. robminx: Agreed - things happen for a reason and we can miss a lot if we don't realise this.

    Mike C: I'll be over to see your blog.

    Thanks both for your comments - appreciate your time.


  4. Great story. How'd I miss this one? And Mike C's blog is infinitely intriguing.

  5. Anonymous12:09

    Obviously they were meant for each other. Are such things coincidence, or are they destiny?


  6. Argentum Vulgaris: Now there's a question! I guess it's up to each of us to decide.