Thursday, January 28

Dead Mother Sends Her A Slice Of Pizza

Today's coincidence is from author David Richio, writer of such books as The Five Things We Cannot Change.The Five Things We Cannot Change by David Richio What this coincidence illustrates is (perhaps) how questions can be answered by the most basic of every day items - in this case a pizza!

slice of pizza"One evening, my friend's cousin, Concetta, a middle aged woman, whose mother died recently, was sitting with her father in the house where she had grown up. Her husband would be coming later to pick her up to return to their home.

As her father dozed off, Concetta was reminiscing about her mother and was wondering if their was a heaven or any afterlife. Suddenly she found herself saying, "Ma, if there is another world, send me a slice of pizza."

Shortly thereafter, Concetta's husband called from a pizzeria to tell her he would not be able to pick her up but that her brother would come instead. She said, "That's fine," and was about to hang up when Tony added, "And, by the way, he's bringing you a slice of pizza."

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  1. My version of heaven *always* has a good pizzeria (and New York style, too--not Chicago!).

    I loved this little piece!


  2. Anonymous19:56

    lovely, that is sentimentality on just the right level for me... :-)

  3. That's kind of freaky, disturbing and funny all at once.

    Nice blog. First time for me being here.

  4. Melinda, alicemsage and Kelly:
    Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad you all like pizzas!