Saturday, February 13

Sorry But Sylvia Browne Doesn't Ring My Bell

Sylvia BrowneI was given a book by Sylvia Browne called Exploring the Levels of Creation as a Christmas present and I've just got round to reading it.

From what I gather Sylvia Browne is well known in the USA, though I had never heard of her previously myself. I got an immediate feeling, when starting to read the book, that it didn't ring true.

I'm interested in reincarnation as I believe it could be one of the answers to what life is all about, especially if this is tied in with Karma. It explains some of the apparent injustices in the world. Sylvia Browne writes about herself, "I've personally incarnated on this planet 54 times, and I've decided that I'm either stupid or a glutton for punishment." No comment!

She goes on to give an example of proof of life after death as follows:

"My own grandson Willy, who was born after my father's death, found a picture of him in my drawer. He then turned to his father (my psychic son Chris) and me and said, 'Look here's Old Poppy.'

Old Poppy was what we called my father in later on in his life! Then Willy got a strange look on his face, and in a deeper voice than usual said, 'That's my girl' - which was my father's favorite thing to say to me."

Browne explains further by saying, "I realized that my father had been able to get through Willy's pliable and innocent mind for a moment to send me a message."

Stories like this should have had me going, "Wow!" but they didn't because I find it difficult to believe many of her claims and stories. Apologies if this upsets her fans.

I have since looked at Sylvia Browne's website - much too slick and commercial for me - and also other stuff about her on the Internet. James Randi, for example, claims that her predictions are no better than educated guessing (but there again, if you know anything of him, he would say that).

I suppose, what her book has impressed on me, is that we have to find out about life, coincidences, synchronicity, reincarnation, messages from the dead et al by personal experience. It simply isn't enough to read and accept what any authors write or say.

Real truths ring a bell and can be sensed inside.


  1. I saw her once on TV and wasn't impressed at all. Decided then not to other with her books. She reminds me of what Rob and I call "old time psychics." You know, the type who say, "As I come into your vibration..."

  2. PS - As for James Randi, he's really not a measurement of anything.He makes his living as a skeptic.

  3. Trish and Rob: I toned down considerably what I actually think about Sylvia Browne!

    Agree entirely what you say about James Randi - he's been doing this since the early Uri Geller days. I think, though, it's good to have sceptics as it's so easy to believe because we want to believe. And there is a lot of dodgy stuff about.