Friday, April 23

The Kissed Goodbye Coincidence

A short coincidence story today sent to me by George from Bristol, UK.

kissed goodbye coincidenceWhat are the chances of this happening?

Back in 1997 I split with a girlfriend on August 14th. Three years later I parted from my next partner, the lovely Anne, on the same day and month - but this time in 2000. The date, therefore, is fixed in my memory.

The last time I therefore spoke to Anne was August 14th 2000 (which happens to be the first evening that The Weakest Link was broadcast on British television).

A few weeks after we had seperated I came across the first letter Anne had ever written to me - by another coincidence it too was dated August 14th, 1998.
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  1. Another good one! Love it when dates repeat themselves.

  2. Hahaha. Allright, this is nice. I'm going to follow your blog.