Saturday, May 8

Famous Coincidences: Michael Jackson's Will And Memorial Service

Perhaps you may have seen this before but it's new to me, it's about the death of Michael Jackson.

There is a coincidence between the dates of Michael Jackson's will and also of his Memorial Service.

As per the funeral ticket on the right, Michael's Memorial Service was held on July 7th last year. We can then see below that his will was also dated the 7th of July - but this time 2002.

Should you wish to see Michael Jackson's will in full it can be seen here in pdf format.

Michael Jackson will
I never believed that anything was a coincidence. There's a reason for everything that happens.
-Elvis Presley


  1. This one is new to me, too. Fascinating. A number synchro.

  2. George16:21

    As far as the number 7 goes Michael was also the 7th child of 9. Quite a coincidence.

  3. And there are 7 letters in both Michael and Jackson.

  4. Anonymous23:36

    This is all new to me too. Thanks!