Wednesday, June 2

Becoming Aware Of Synchronicity And Whispers

Rays of lightReading one of Trish and Rob's posts they write, "When you're aware of synchronicity, those meaningful coincidences seem to materialize more often."

This is one of the themes of their book The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity and is something that I absolutely agree with.

By coincidence (well it would be, wouldn't it!) someone had given me Gill Edwards' book Stepping into the Magic. I opened it up and on page 105 she writes about 'Listening to the whispers':

"The world is not filled with random, meaningless events. Every aspect of our physical reality is rich with meaning and significance - even the national and international news that we 'happen' to hear, or snatches of overheard conversation. What is more, if we learn to 'listen to the whispers', then our Higher Self does not have to shout at us. It won't need to send the same messages in louder, more obvious (and more distressing) forms such as illness, accidents and traumas."

Gill goes on to give examples about interpreting life when we see happenings as 'symbols', such as:

A flood on the kitchen floor might be a whisper about unresolved grief or sadness.

A speeding fine might be a reminder to 'slow down' our pace of life.

A parking ticket might be a warning about clinging to the past

... and so on and so on.

I sometimes say that I think we can analyse life too much, but coincidence and synchronicity can be valuable tools if we notice them - as are Gill's whispers (as long as we don't get too obsessed and spend all our time analysing every minutia).

I learnt a long time ago: There is no reality, there's only our realisation of how things are.


  1. Sounds like terrific book. It now goes on my list! Years ago, Rob and I started a book like this, about the symbolism of daily events, but it somehow never got finished!

  2. The symbloism of daily events is an interesting subject but perhaps it's more up to the individual to find the meanings. I feel they are more likely to be personal than standard.

  3. Yes, yes and yes, Mike.

    All that is required of us is to listen... and not just 'to' but 'for' and 'with.'

    Thanks for popping over to my blog the other day... am glad to have found yours, too!


  4. Mike, I just wrote a post about synchronicity and found your blog while I was searching for others who were thinking about the same thing. It is not coincidence that many are focusing on synchronicity; I believe it's consciousness evolving. I try to be aware of synchronicity in my everyday life. It's the little things that all tie together to create the miracle of our lives. I would love your feedback on my post. Namaste, Sherry