Saturday, June 5

Find Your Birth Date In Pi

Pi signNothing too serious today. It's about how you can find your birth date in Pi.

Why on earth would you want to do this? Because someone suggested to me that doing so proves that coincidences have no significance - which, of course, is a load of twaddle.

Anyway, back to Pi.

Pi, as you'll no doubt remember from school days, is the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter. Or something like that. But, whatever, it's a big number that goes on forever. Some clever clogs have computed this to more than a trillion digits ... but still it goes on.

Back again, this time to finding your birth date within Pi. Simply go to the Pi-Search Page and fill in any birthdate that you wish.

Suppose, for example, you fill in the birthdate 01 08 76, you'll find this is in position 325,484 counting from the first digit of Pi, after the decimal point.

Or if you use 4 7 65 its in position 7,215 (counting from the first digit of Pi, after the decimal point) and so on and so on.

Is this of any value? Nope, not really and it certainly doesn't say anything about coincidences. It's purely a novelty item for those of us with nothing better to do - huh, I wish!

One 'interesting' thing I learnt was that if you search the number '169 on the Pi-Search Page, it appears at position 40. If you then search for 40, it appears at position 70. Search for 70, ... and so on. The sequence found is: 40, 70, 96, 180, 3664, 24717, 15492, 84198, 65489, 3725, 16974, 41702, 3788, 5757, 1958, 14609, 62892, 44745, 9385, 169, 40...' In other words it becomes a loop sequence within Pi.

Zzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz .... sorry, I'm getting a bit sleepy now ... zzzz ...

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  1. Hmmm. This is a weird one! Not sure I understand now it disproves synhcronicity, though. Maybe we need a mathematician to explain that.

  2. Weird's a good word. Unfortunately I'm not that good at maths.

  3. Sorry, but that makes my head ache!!!

  4. Hi there 67 Not Out,

    I have just 'fallen' upon your blog and wanted to alert you to Christopher Knowles' "The Secret Sun" blog which really rates coincidence or should I say 'synchronicity'. We seem to be moving into a time of Greater Synchronicity and he advises we all keep a journal of our synchronistic stories etc. #

    Please carry on your good work.

    Flossy x