Friday, December 24

Her Grandmother Visits Her From Beyond The Grave

An experience from Holly (quite an appropriate name as Christmas is tomorrow) about her grandmother, who she believes visits her in her dreams, and in other ways, since she passed away in September.

bedside lampIn 2005 my grandfather died of cancer. Five years later I had a horrible dream that my grandmother would die on the same day as my grandfather had passed away, the 6th of September. Sadly this came to reality and she died also of cancer on the exact same date.

I then started to have some more strange dreams. One in particular was that my grandmother was trying to communicate with me via my bedside lamp. I realise this sounds a little crazy but when I woke and switched on my lamp it flashed on and off and then on again. Even crazier still I asked the lamp to flash if my grandmother was present. The lamp flashed on and off and then on again as it had done before.

I wasn't sure if I should be scared or happy that gran was about, maybe watching over me.

I still live at home with my mum and dad and when I went downstairs for breakfast I told mum about what had happened. She didn't make much of it.

I then went upstairs to get dressed for work and my bedside light was shining bright and then faded out all by itself. I tried to switch it on again but it wouldn't work, the bulb must have blown or something.

We replaced the light bulb and it worked okay. I know many will argue this meant that the bulb was faulty and that it wasn't my gran but there was one more strange thing. As I went downstairs again, dressed and ready to go to work, I found some red rose petals on the carpet. My gran and grandad always had lovely roses in their garden.

I'm sure that from time to time my gran visits me to make sure I'm okay, we were always very close and I know she thought the world of me.

- Holly

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  1. just got home from a few drinks with fellow workers but thought id quickly wish you a happy christmas and say thanks for all your interesting posts including this one.

  2. Love this story. We had a story on our blog about communication through flashing lights that was similar to this one.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I wish you and your wife a very special Christmas. Don't drink too much!

  4. Your posts are always so interesting, especially this one.

  5. Merry Christmas Mike to you and all of yours---nothing beats having a little baby around at Christmastime!