Sunday, December 26

Woman Walks After 23 Years Through Spiritual Healing

Delia KnoxAs this is a Christian time of the year I thought this video about Delia Knox would be appropriate.

Delia had been paralysed from the waist down following a severe car accident back in 1987. Since that time she has, therefore, not walked or had any feeling in her legs. She had virtually given up on ever walking again.

Delia agreed, however, to attend a Christian evangelistic meeting in August of this year. At the meeting with preacher Nathan Morris she said, "... all of a sudden I felt a voice which I knew was the Holy Spirit saying to me, 'Get up,' and I felt a feeling in my legs and then faith came on me to walk. I wasn't going to let anyone take this away from me and I knew this was my night to walk out of the chair. I walked and walked and felt I had entered another realm."

Delia Knox walksDelia Knox can now walk through a 'miracle moment' which can be seen in the video below. Delia continued, "This has turned my world upside down. I can stand in my kitchen and walk around my house. I am in awe at seeing the power of God not just in my life but all over the world as a result of this miracle."

As I've often said, I do not belong to any organised religion but I do believe in the power of belief and the possibilities within us. If the video is all that it seems, perhaps this is an illustration of what is possible.

The video was captured at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival on August 27, 2010 in Mobile, Alabama.

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  1. thats amazing. happy boxing day/

  2. Tremendously amazing!

  3. It's all belief, isn't it? She believed and was cured.

  4. That great!!!

    To know the love of JESUS CHRIST is the most powerful knowledge we can ever receive. May you be blessed in HIS LOVE AND GRACE. Everlasting hugs and smiles Love in CHRIST,Cherry