Tuesday, January 25

The Giant Rubbish Alien Monster

The rubbish alien monster
A bit of a sidetrack with this Giant Rubbish Alien Monster. Okay, it might not be quite what you imagined but I photographed this creature when I last went to the Eden Project near to where I live in Cornwall, England (see also yesterday's post). Below is how this alien looks when standing tall.

The Rubbish Giant Alien
As you will see, perhaps more from the photo below, the alien is made up mostly of electrical items that have been discarded and dumped by us earthlings. You can probably make out a washing machine, a cooker hob, a microwave, vacuum cleaner suction tubes etc. etc. It's quite an enormous figure.

As with most things at Eden there is a message with this Giant Alien about the environment. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Anonymous09:04

    Awesome. Thanks, Mike. It would probably take a whole book to explain how this post and your pictures were exactly what I needed at this point in time.

    The title is absolutely perfect! The title of another blog I follow was: "For a Creator, There’s no Benefit to Romantic Preoccupations"

    so to also have: "The Giant Rubbish Alien Monster"


  2. Love the photo!! Eden Park is now on my bucket list.

  3. keep reading about eden proj recently looks a great place

  4. Oh wow Mike! When this post first came up and I took a look at the title and the picture, I thought, what in the world????? This is awesome.

  5. Thanks so much everyone for the comments Terri, Trish & Rob, Tom and Neva. Must admit I love the Eden Project as I've watched it grow and develop from a germ of an idea to what it is now - with lots more still to come.