Wednesday, January 26

A Present Received From Beyond The Grave

Wooden signA coincidence story today from the Amarillo Globe News.

Chester Smith decided that for a change he would shop early for his wife Sandra's Christmas present. He was true to his word and told his step-grandson, Brent, how he had ordered a present for her in the summer. Chester told Brent that, "He had got something that would really touch her heart." No one else knew of the purchase.

Sadly Chester Smith died on July 23rd last year following a massive stroke.

In November Gloria, Sandra's daughter, her son Dylan and niece Nikki decided to take trip to the local flea market. This was something that Chester and Sandra often liked to do themselves.

One of the first stalls they saw was one run by a man who made wooden and metal signs. Dylan noticed one of the signs in particular because in the middle of it was written 'Smith Family'. He thought this would make a great Christmas gift for Sandra, his nanny.

Dylan explained, "I asked him how much for one just like that one. The man said that someone had ordered it a while back but never came by to pick it up. He said that I'll give it to you pretty cheap. I was excited. I got my grandma a Christmas gift."

Dylan bought the sign for $20.

Christmas arrived, the present was wrapped and given to Sandra at the family gathering. She was quite taken aback by the gift and there were tears in her eyes.

It was then that Brent said, "Is that the one Chester ordered?"

The room fell silent and you could have heard a pin drop. Brent went on to explain the conversation he had with his step-grandfather back in the summer, before Chester had died.

Sandra said, "Looking back now, it was so much like something Chester would do. It just blows me away. Every time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes. When I start to try to figure the whole thing out oh, my gosh, it makes the hair stand up on your arms."

As for Dylan, who found the sign he commented, "It's just weird how it all unfolded. It just shows you how close me and Grandpa were. It was like he led me to it."

For Dylan, this was otherwise an unexplainable coincidence. Normally, when he enters the flea market, he goes the other way from the wooden sign booth. If he had followed his normal route he probably would never have got to the see the sign.

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  1. Great story. It seems these objects - whether lost or bought - always manage to find their way to the owner or to the person who is supposed to have it. I wonder, too, if this might qualify as spirit contact?

  2. What a wonderful story........coincidence or of a spiritual nature? hmmmmm

  3. Trish & Rob and also Neva: Synchro with a touch of spirit contact. Could well be as they sometimes seem to go hand in hand.

  4. beautifully touching story - one has to wonder of how many such stories there are like that every day that we just don't here about -

  5. Anonymous03:43

    Thought you and your readers might enjoy these links, Mike:

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    -- TC

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