Friday, March 11

The Loneliness Of An Earthly Life

Coincidences, synchronicity and experiences in life seem to indicate how we are all inter-linked to each other, along with the past and future. And yet we are still very much alone on our journey through our earthly life.

"But I have family, friends and all sorts of people in my life," you may argue. That may be true but nevertheless we still tread a lonely path.

Think of a time of great pain or sadness. Though there may be someone to hold our hand, and say words of comfort, what we are feeling is very much a solitary, personal experience deep inside.

Suffering is something we have to overcome as individuals, for that seems to be our role as individualised parts of the whole - who some will call God.

We are like light bulbs linked to a generator, all with the same power source and all linked to each other via this power. Some of us glow brightly, some barely show in comparison while others are flamboyant and colourful. But each has to glow in our own special way to learn our individual lessons.

Like a very small stone thrown into a tranquil lake we are always making ripples, sometimes gentle and not very far reaching. Other times a larger stone will make a bigger splash, the ripples, like time, also moving downwards and upwards.

We all touch on each others lives depending on the strength of our thoughts and actions. Sometimes we'll be like the gentle breeze but at others we may make an impact which causes a powerful reaction.

But still we are essentially alone buffeted by others near and far and by those from our past and our future.

We are alone until, that is, we merge once more, ready to return to the whole, our individuality and personal needs conquered.

We suffer a lot in our society from loneliness. So much of our life is an attempt to not be lonely: 'Let's talk to each other; let's do things together so we won't be lonely.' And yet inevitably, we are really alone in these human forms. We can pretend; we can entertain each other; but that's about the best we can do. When it comes to the actual experience of life, we're very much alone; and to expect anyone else to take away our loneliness is asking too much.
- Buddhist Monk

Image: © Loneliness by Anna_Maryniak

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  1. absolutely......excellent post

  2. after reading that i feel that you are right we are each on our own.

  3. Deep stuff today Mike. I see what you are getting at. Even though I am gregarious with lots of friends there are times when I feel very much alone. I shall be thinking about this for the rest of the day.

  4. Have a question. Do you know what happend to the synchronicity blog of Trish? It is now almost a week and the blog is still not appearing again.

  5. Elizabeth: Have answered on your blog about Trish.

  6. Anonymous20:11

    I don't feel alone as I have found my soul mate. We will always be together and share everything.

  7. I'm a loner and never really feel lonely. I love what the Buddhist Monk had to say...enjoyed this much truth here.