Wednesday, May 4

The Law Of Change

Law of Change statueI'm not the man I was, but there again you aren't the person you were either. All of nature is in a state of change - and we are included within this law.

Without change nothing could exist and progress would be impossible. There is a constant development and evolvement, a tearing down and building up. Even that which is decomposing is actually something that is becoming anew. Everything, and that includes us, is in the process of becoming something else. Even our bodies are altering constantly.

Ages of some of our body parts: Intestines 2-3 days old; Heart 20 years old; Liver 5 months old; Lungs 2-3 weeks; Nails 6-10 months; Skin 30 days; Stomach lining 4 days and so on. Various media sources may give different ages but it's the concept that is important.

Our minds, attitudes and beliefs are also changing. We are constantly becoming something or someone else. We are completely different to what we were ten years ago. If we've had a rough time in the past - though hopefully it's been good - such as shattered dreams and misfortune, this can be used as the base for a new birth and becoming something else.

We are bound by the same laws as say matter but there is one big difference. We have the power of choice. We can decide to change our way of thinking and how we use out available energy. We can build upon the platforms of our past with new thought forms and higher ambitions. We can choose to become not simply something else but something better.

Maybe one of our purposes in life is to refine our nature and expand our consciousness. In doing so we may just discover who we are and our real spirituality.

Who or what we become in the future is up to us. We are going to change anyway, so we might as well make it for the better.

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  1. Excellent post Mike, I hope you are enjoying your trip

  2. Wonderful post. Hope the trip is going great!

  3. I had to laugh over the first two lines. I'm sure not what I udes to be, either! Having kids in your 40s will knock that right out of you.

    I was told my life lesson was in the area of "consciousness." I had to look it up at first, I didn't even know what it meant! "The state of being awake and aware." Been working on it ever since.