Thursday, May 26

The Mystery Of The Borrowed Car And The Robbery

moving with a carKarin and I were out for a walk this morning and got talking to another couple we sometimes meet. Al told us a story which happened to his friend - the outcome of which, is unlikely to be a coincidence.

Al's friend always parks his car in the road outside of his house and has done so for many years. The other week he woke up, looked out of his bedroom window and the car was gone.

He wasn't sure what to do so he did the obvious and contacted the local police. They came round and went through the motions of completing a stolen car report. Just another statistic for them but he was rightly annoyed and upset.

That day he managed to get to his work by bus and follow his normal routine - other than not parking his car outside of his house.

The next morning he looked out of his bedroom window and there was his car! He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming, dressed quickly and went downstairs to his car.

Everything looked fine, no damage and when he opened the car door he saw a note stuck on the drivers seat. Along with this were two tickets to the Hall of Cornwall - this is a theatre and playhouse in Truro which hosts all sorts of shows throughout the year.

The note, included, read:Note from car thiefBut this isn't the end of the story.

A couple of weeks later Al's friend took his wife to the Hall of Cornwall on the night for which the tickets were dated.

The tickets were perfectly genuine and for good positioned seats. The couple enjoyed the show and thought about the man who had 'borrowed' their car and how he must have been a genuine sort of bloke. They made their way home in the car, which was running well, after an enjoyable night out.

They got home, opened the door and ... their house was virtually empty!

Thieves had taken everything of value from electrical goods to furniture to personal effects and jewellery.

So was it a coincidence that this happened on their night at the Hall of Cornwall?

Probably not.

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  1. Wow, this story is incredible.It sounds like a clever ploy for robbery, but layered with synchros.

  2. ok, i am LOL LOL! too funny! love the synchros! what a story!!!

  3. great story

  4. YIKES! I can't even believe it. What a scheme! Definitely not a coincidence.