Wednesday, June 15

The Magic Of Austria

I mentioned Austria when I wrote about coincidences from my recent holiday in Crete. Two completely different countries, in many ways, and someone asked me what was so good therefore about Austria. So I thought I'd publish a few photos I took when I last holidayed in Austria to explain.

Austrian Alps mountain track
My wife and I love walking along mountain tracks like the one above as the views are magnificent plus it's so quiet and peaceful in the Alps.

Austria Alps
You never know what you might see - even a few cows with their bells clanging as they too enjoy the scenary.

Cows in the Alps in Austria
And sometimes even a restaurant. They use the cable cars to get their supplies.

Austrian Alps
The Alps are also a great place to take off from!

Austria Alps
When returning from the mountain heights, midway, we found this lake and spent ages just sitting and looking at it - almost a meditation. There was no one else in sight - perfect.

Lakes in Austria
The cable cars are amazing as they can whisk you off to another world, even in Spring.

Cable car in Austria
Snow topped mountains, for instance, for a different style of walking.

Snow in Austria
I've written before how my wife, that's Karin in the two photos following, is always finding money. She found a coin just after this photo was taken. Goodness knows how she saw it beneath the snow. X-ray eyes or something.

Austria snow mountains
The thing about Austria is that it often rains. We always say if we go for two weeks it will rain on three days. But, so what. We have our rain gear and maybe stay in the valleys on such days enjoying the rivers ...

Rivers in Austria
... and waterfalls.

Waterfall in Austria
When the sunshine returns the lower meadows and fields are full of wild flowers ...

Wild flowers in Austrian meadows
... and you might just come across a church down a lonesome track.

Church in Austria
The last time in Austria we stayed at the village of Neustift - photo below. We were in a small Hotel near to the church in the center of the picture.

Neustift Austria
And that's why we like Austria, as Alice E. Leslie wrote:

"What and where is beauty? Perhaps in the eye of the beholder ... I have found it in many places and things. Sometimes I seek it - sometimes it just appears and I behold it with reverence.

Photos: © M.Perry

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  1. beautiful photos and such a wonderful post

  2. Wow, these photos are gorgeous! So if you two are hiking through snow, does that require snowshoes??

    Beautiful quote, too, Mike.

  3. and now you are promoting austria :) great pics looks a lovely country

  4. What an incredibly beautiful place. It has been on my bucket list for years. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ed and I also love Austria for all the above reason. On our trip in 2008 we stayed two days in Salzburg because I'm a city girl at heart.

  6. Your photos are wonderful...what a beautiful trip. These photos had me singing tunes from The Sound of Music...The hills are alive! Beautiful Mike...thanks for sharing.