Wednesday, June 29

Mysterious Symbolism In Mijas Spain

Mijas Spain
While in the south of Spain my wife and I went into the mountains to the village of Mijas. It was a lovely place full of tradition, unfortunately one of these being bull fighting, which is something I abhor. It seems very cruel to my eyes.

Square bullring Mijas Spain
But, in saying that, I was a little hypocritical as we had the opportunity to see inside the old bull ring - but with no bulls or fights in sight. It is supposedly the only square bullring in Spain.

Mijas bull ring Spain
I'm always interested in traditions from a bygone age. What I did notice was the symbolism of the ring. As we wandered round on our own the symbols were everywhere, though I wasn't able to find out what they actually meant or referred to.

Mijas bullring, Spain
Mijas square bullring Spain
After looking around the bullring we walked through the village. There was a building that looked like a museum so we wandered inside. As we did so a woman came from upstairs and, without saying a word or looking at us, locked the door behind us leaving the key in the lock. It was as if we were invisible to her.

She wandered off and we were left on our own. Not being too sure what to do or where to go we wandered into one of the rooms and then another ... and so on. We ventured upstairs, bizarrely there was no one else about. It was then that we came to the room pictured below.

It was full of symbolism again and people dressed in very strange attire. We left the room, returned downstairs, unlocked the solid door with the big, heavy key. We've still no idea what the building was.

Strange costumes in Mijas Spain
Now the small church we did understand! The symbolism more obvious.

Mijas church, Spain
That's the thing about travel you never quite know what you'll find. It's what makes life interesting.

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  1. How eerie that the woman would lock the door while you and your wife were inside. Was she dressed oddly, like, well, from another time?

    The symbols are intriguing. When we were in costa rica, I had a long conversation with a woman from Barcelona, who said that bullfighting in that city is now illegal. She thought it's a barbaric sport.

  2. that woman locking the door is very eerie. like the photos

  3. Anonymous19:19

    The mystical symbols are branding irons for the bulls and the symbols are the unique design of each bull farm.

    I went today and wondered what they were also. As soon as the lady explained, it all made sense :)