Saturday, September 17

Don't Look At The Clouds Of Tomorrow Through The Sunshine Of Today

Mick JaggerThis is something I came across yesterday: an attitude towards life. It's in the words of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger - quite a deep man in some respects.

Mick has been putting together an album, SuperHeavy, as part of a 'super group' which includes the likes of Dave Stewart, AR Rahman and Damian Marley (son of reggae legend Bob).

Invariably though, when he is interviewed, reporters want to look at the 'old days' of the Stones and this is what he replied:

"Don't look back. I live in the now. But I don't ever think, 'This is amazing, I can't believe I'm still doing this.' I am doing it. I'm just doing it. And I don't think, 'It's all gone so fast', because for me it's still happening. When I started it was a different century and it seems like that. You move on, it's all good."

Mick went on to say, "You watch what you eat, you exercise, you have a bit of fun. You keep going forward. Don't stop. Do what makes you happy. Don't look at the clouds of tomorrow through the sunshine of today. That's it."

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  1. Well said, Mick!!

  2. not a stones fan but what mick says all makes a lot of sense. never really considered him to be deep previously

  3. Anonymous16:11

    Tom, Mick is 'deep' as you put it he is very literate. His gift to Joss Stone after making the album mentioned in the posts was an old book of Shakespeare's sonnets. Sure he ahd a bit of history when young but haven't we all.

  4. Anonymous17:43

    Him deep? lol. Dream on