Tuesday, October 4

Is This 13th Century Cottage Haunted With Orbs

Room in 13th century cottage in Rye showing orbs and a white streak
I don't profess to know much about orbs but when I was going through my photos for yesterday's post I noticed the picture above. This is from the time my wife and I had a holiday in an old 13th century cottage in Rye, England. It was quite a spooky place, as was the town itself.

The wooden trap door, you can see part of in the ceiling, (top left of pic) was the only way to get coffins and large items from the bedrooms above. The stairs were much too steep and narrow. And, as can be seen from the photo at the bottom of this post, the cottage was opposite the church and graveyard - very creepy when it got dark in the late evenings.

Anyway, what I spotted I have marked on the photo below.

There is the white streak, which I have put a box round, as well as lots of orbs - a few of which I have indicated.

Orbs captured on photo
I don't know what these are, all I can promise is that the photo hasn't been doctored (other than the red marks) in any way. It's exactly what my camera captured.

Photo showing orbs and a white streak
Below are two cropped sections, showing the orbs - or whatever they are - in more close up. If interested you should be able to click on any of the photos to get larger versions and click again to make them bigger still.

Orbs on photos
The white streak which the red box is around is different to the orbs, I have no answer for sure as to what it may be.

Photo showing Orbs
I realise that many will simply right all of this off as dirt or damp on the camera lens, or something similar. But others give these orbs a spiritual significance. What I can say is that the photo I took after this one doesn't have any orbs, blobs or other marks. Most odd, to say the least.

Church yard in Rye, East Sussex
See also yesterday's post and Ghostly Rye: The Most Haunted Town In England.

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  1. I captured an orange orb similar to the one in your photo,in August this year.You can view it here if you scroll down to the last photo at the bottom of the post;


    I didn't see it at the time I took the photo,but I did feel an other worldly presence at the time,which tends to make me believe it was not just some form of lens flare.
    I took three photos of the same sunset with my 2 meg cell phone camera and all three contained a single orb.
    you can view the other two on this post and enlarge them to full screen by right clicking once to make bigger and right clicking again to make a full screen sized image.


    They are the last two photos on the post.
    I can see how someone could claim lens flair on my photos,but I don't see how they could explain it on your photos Mike.
    Interesting post.

  2. There're a LOT of orbs in this photo!
    Daz's orb was a good one, too! In Cassadaga, they actually have orb hunting photo tours.

  3. We like to take two pictures in a row to make sure and get a good one of either all the people or for a difference focus/lighting. This is where the orbs become obvious as they move from one shot and the next even though it is the same camera/lighting and only a few seconds between shots.