Wednesday, November 16

Was This A Sign From Aunt Liz In The Spirit World

A follow up today from Suzie about the her story I featured in the post Money Folded Into Four Coincidence.

"This is an update to my story about how I found paper money folded into four, and so did my mother. I wondered at the time if there was a reason for me finding the money or maybe a message as Neva Flores suggested in a comment. I think I may have an answer.

Two instances have happened which combined refer to quarters, money and the number 4.

The main one is that my great-aunt Liz died recently. We got on well together and often talked about religion and the like. In her will she left a quarter of her savings to me. The rest went to my brother, mother and father in equal parts. So we each received a quarter of the total money. It wasn't a lot: hundreds not thousands, but it touched me greatly that she should do this.

Her name incidentally was really Elizabeth, the same name as the Queen on our banknotes.

Having read lots on your blog I wondered if finding the paper money folded into four was a message from great-aunt Liz. I remember you found white feathers when someone died and someone else found strands of wool.

The second instance was my brother having a baby, well his wife did. They have named her Poppy and she was born at a quarter past four on the dot. Maybe this has nothing to do with the folded money but there is a quarter and a four. Besides I wanted to mention it as I've never been an aunt before. My brother put his quarter share of great-aunt Liz's money into a savings account for Poppy.

That's it!"

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  1. I think it probably was a message from your aunt, Suzie. I think all these incidents form a cluster of fours. Clusters are one type of synchronicity. Very cool!