Thursday, November 10

Money Folded Into Four Coincidence

A coincidence story today from Suzie who often leaves comments on 67 Not Out.

"As you know, Mike, I was away for a holiday in France and ventured across the English Channel by ferry with my car and, oh yes, my boyfriend, I nearly forgot!

We had parked our car at the docks and I got out to have a walk about after our journey down from London.

As I wandered in the drizzle I bent down and picked up a piece of paper. I don't know why I did this but when I looked it was actually a £5 banknote all neatly folded into quarters. My lucky day, I thought.

After about an hours wait we drove our car onto the ferry with my findings safely in my bag.

Once in France we set off driving to our destination. I decided I wanted a cup of French coffee so we pulled into a service station and went into their cafe.

Coffee over I went to find the loo. As I did so there on the floor was another folded bank note, but this time it was a €5 european banknote. The funny part is that this was also folded neatly into four quarters just like my £5.

We had a good break, the weather wasn't too special but the gite was in a romantic setting, so we managed to put our time to good use, if you know what I mean.

Holiday over and back in London I phoned my mother to tell her how we got on while in France, some of it that is. We talked away and at the end she said, "I found a £5 note this morning. It was on the pavement outside our house, all folded in four."

For some reason it sent a shiver down my spine."

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  1. Wow, what are the odds? This one certainly qualifies as a cluster!

  2. Mike, this must have been some kind of message to both of them. I would think hard if I were them and try to figure this one out. Excellent post.

  3. quite a story from suzie always amazes me when i read about this sort of thing

  4. I use to find money around in strange places, like a coin in the center of my made up bed, on the dashboard of my car. I haven't had any in awhile. Great write!